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Tribute to Fran Dagostino (Ziti)
Fran Dagostino aka "Ziti", a long time friend and member of MacJams has passed away. Here is a photo from a live show in 2008 that Simon and Miguel and a few other New England MacJammers attended. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to check out some of Fran's music on his profile. You can also leave your regards in the forum for friends and family.
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VicDiesel uploaded a Baroque song called "Prelude XVIII" 10 hours ago
Ultrabeast commented "Great sounding acoustic guitar." on the song "Voile Sur Le Soleil" by PeterB785810 hours ago
PeterB7858 commented "going to california" on the song "going to california" by renecalvo12 hours ago
VicDiesel commented "Solo" on the song "Solo Bass Looking Glass" by Nikos12 hours ago
PeterB7858 commented "TV show sound track" on the song "TV show sound track" by Hydrogen312 hours ago
PeterB7858 commented "NIKOS" on the song "NIKOS" by Bowman12 hours ago
Ultrabeast uploaded a Classical song called "Rhombus" 14 hours ago
Warren Smith commented "Tinkering with sound" on the song "Voile Sur Le Soleil" by PeterB785817 hours ago
Relic67 commented "nice" on the song "I Will Listen" by PaddyNavinCaryatid1 day ago
Relic67 commented "channel zero" on the song "world turns to blue" by kingbee1 day ago
Relic67 commented "cool pop song" on the song "I Wanna Drive An Aston Martin" by springclock1 day ago
Relic67 commented "great" on the song "In Training To Die" by falo1 day ago
stratcat commented "Love " on the song "Voile Sur Le Soleil" by PeterB78581 day ago
stratcat commented "Nice" on the song "Self-Help Laundromat" by Warren Smith1 day ago
stratcat commented "Nice" on the song "Lady Loves To Dance (with Norm Grimmett)" by Philip181 day ago
PeterB7858 uploaded a Fingerstyle Guitar song called "Voile Sur Le Soleil" 1 day ago
PeterB7858 commented "All of Me" on the song "All of Me" by bjack1 day ago
davisamerica2 commented "This draws out our tears." on the song "BURN IN HELL" by KCsGROOVE2 days ago
Daugrin commented "Au Natural" on the song "Dusty Days" by Martin_Leroy2 days ago
Daugrin commented "Crunchy goodness " on the song "In Training To Die" by falo2 days ago