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Tribute to Fran Dagostino (Ziti)
Fran Dagostino aka "Ziti", a long time friend and member of MacJams has passed away. Here is a photo from a live show in 2008 that Simon and Miguel and a few other New England MacJammers attended. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to check out some of Fran's music on his profile. You can also leave your regards in the forum for friends and family.
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Bowman commented "You know " on the song "You've Brought a New Kind of Love to Me" by michaeljayklein2 hours ago
Warren Smith commented "Running" on the song "Running for the Border (WIP)" by Fire_Angel4 hours ago
jottdee uploaded a Ballad song called "Million Dollar Babe" 4 hours ago
Warren Smith commented "Pressure" on the song "High, Low, No Pressure" by Vic Holman4 hours ago
Saltaireguru77 commented "New kind of love" on the song "You've Brought a New Kind of Love to Me" by michaeljayklein5 hours ago
Warren Smith commented "Excellent work" on the song "Home" by grah3am5 hours ago
Les_Kloo commented "C" on the song "disappear" by carbon6 hours ago
Warren Smith commented "Coastal breeze" on the song "Tekkin' a Waalk" by davajonah9 hours ago
Daugrin commented "Good Morning Day" on the song "In a good mood" by Narad9 hours ago
rok41 commented "My Name" on the song "My Name (by the Speakeasy Sway)" by Gaylen759 hours ago
Daugrin commented "We know, we've been there before" on the song "The Great Purification" by springclock10 hours ago
billdancourtney commented "Liked it right off the bat" on the song "Legato for the one I love on a Distant Planet" by Ultrabeast11 hours ago
billdancourtney commented "This is why I like this site" on the song "SHELTER ME 2" by KCsGROOVE11 hours ago
billdancourtney commented "Could be used as a Tarantino type soundtrack" on the song "oddball" by ste11 hours ago
billdancourtney uploaded a Psychedelic song called "Back to Samsara (Just One More Time)" 12 hours ago
Saltaireguru77 commented "Shelter me" on the song "SHELTER ME 2" by KCsGROOVE14 hours ago
bobnisbet commented "Creative" on the song "Out Of The Fog" by SmokeyVW21 hours ago
awigze commented "JD sent me" on the song "Rock My Way to You (Featuring the Joe Wentz Project)" by MikeHuntingford21 hours ago
rickbacoustic uploaded a Rock song called "Creative Chaos" 1 day ago
bud commented "Cool concept " on the song "Out Of The Fog" by SmokeyVW1 day ago