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Member Since: Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 04:21 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://nj-pop.jp/
Location: , Tokyo (No, not New Jersey) Japan
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Jun (Singer) and Nori (Trackmaker) met at GaragebandUsersClub.net (Japanese local equivalent of
Macjams.com) and formed a pop duo, "n.j." in April, 2005.

"n.j."'s goal is to find its own musical style bridging the different genres such as Pops, R&B and Rock.

Our music is like your regular tee shirts you always like to wear when you want to relax.
Our music is a sketch of the scenes you see and the feelings you feel in your everyday life.
It might be the uneasiness that you feel when you fall in love.
It would be the pain you feel.
Or it would be the joy when your heart reaches to someone you care.
It's about the time, distance and heartbeats you have until the-it-kiss for you.

We hope you feel them through our music, although we sing in Japanese.
n.j.'s Songs (3)
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11.09.07 selfish 8.67 (3) 2366 (5) Drum n Bass 10.29.08 Active
08.09.07 Prayer 9.44 (4) 3136 (6) Ballad 08.23.07 Active
07.06.07 No More Tricks 8.96 (7) 3211 (13) Rhythm and Blues 04.05.10 Active
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Music Background 2 time winners of Apple Store Garageband Contest in Tokyo Releasing our music online and podcast. We also play live regularly in Japan. 1st Album "Kiss&hug" on sale from our website. 2nd Album "freely" will be available from 21 July, 2007.
Music Skills Lyrics, Compose, Arrangement, Track-making, Mastering, Guitar, Piano, Vocal
Music Hardware
Music Software GarageBand
Keywords Japan, Tokyo, Asia, Love Song, Vocal, Pops, R&B, Rock, Ballade, Natural