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Bright orange pez dispenser



 Genre: Electropop

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Just fooling around with synths and effects. This was an entry in the KvR competition about food stuffs.
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Uploaded: Dec 04, 2006 - 12:12:21 PM
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Just my trusty G5
Apart from Logic: Automat, Swarplug, EVE, Mda piano, bunch of effects.
drakonis said 3798 days ago (December 4th, 2006)
A real pez-zler, this...
Weird amalgam of synthetic aural fabric... the hissy-synth and the repetitive piano riff began to chafe my ear lobes a bit, but it was a fun experimental romp into plastic electro-pop-land. I liked the slow sequencing up in the middle there, felt like a rising bubble.
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said 3797 days ago (December 4th, 2006)
How did you use Swarplug? I don't hear anything obvious (to my naive ears) Indian in the sound palette here.
Good mellow electronica, a bit repetitive but the genre supports/encourages that.
VicDiesel said 3797 days ago (December 4th, 2006)
This man reads the small print!
Swarplug contains an indian harmonium. With that in mind, listen to the last 20 seconds again.

Thanks for commenting.
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said 3797 days ago (December 5th, 2006)
Ah (light goes on over head), thanks
I mistook that for an accordion sound and didn't make the connection.

Ars longa, vita brevis.
Macaudion said 3797 days ago (December 4th, 2006)
I like...
Not as technically astute as the others, I'll just have to leave it with, that was cool! - I liked what it did to my lobes, but I happen to like repitition -

Thanks! - D
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borisluxx said 3796 days ago (December 6th, 2006)
Very Interesting
Hello Vic! I liked the piano riff and the experimental nature of this track. Nice aural candy. Repetitive, yes. But, it was still a nice treat, never-the -less. I'm not adventurous enough to try something like this, (as far as writing goes). I should give it a go sometime. Thanks for sharing this with us. Peace!

-Boris Luxx
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VicDiesel said 3796 days ago (December 6th, 2006)
Thanks for listening and comenting.

This track was a bit of an experiment in one part not really knowing what the other parts are doing. I never wrote down chords, just tried to add parts that would fit in with the rest. I kinda like the feeling that you can never really say what chord or tonality you're in.
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borisluxx said 3795 days ago (December 6th, 2006)
I know this was time consuming and you were probably pulling your hair out, but you are really, very good at this. I think you should do more classical pieces in the future (time permitting, of course). It would be a fantastic addition to the site. Keep up the great work, my friend! Take care!

-Boris Luxx

Boris Luxx
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jgurner said 3795 days ago (December 6th, 2006)
oh yeah
Nice interesting sound experiment, especially from the middle where the dissonance kicks in. Fun.
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Komrade K said 3794 days ago (December 7th, 2006)
This tune accurately illustrates...
...what orange Pez does to most kids (sugar rush!!!). Very lively with lots of twists and turns and whilst it may seem repetitive to some there was always enough going on to keep me hooked.


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jmt said 3790 days ago (December 11th, 2006)
...mmm... tangy, yet sweet... and crunchy, too! Yum!
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LightTronics said 3778 days ago (December 23rd, 2006)
its funny...
When I listened to this song it actually reminded me of PEZ. I haven't had any for quite some time. It's good stuff. Cya around.
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said 3755 days ago (January 15th, 2007)
off kilter
but how nice I would have said experimental bec it seems to travel out of the realm of anything pop A great tune glad I checked it out
grah3am said 3755 days ago (January 15th, 2007)
But it's mostly blue!
I was attracted to the title. Aurally I'm reminded of Frank Zappa's G Spot Tornado and Thomas Newman's soundtrack for A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Busy and fun, yet simple. Like a Pez dispenser.
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onesweetworld said 3752 days ago (January 19th, 2007)
Go Vic Go!
Weeeee that was fun!!!!
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TripeWagon said 3637 days ago (May 14th, 2007)
Quality. Top man - welcome aboard.
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DeathArrow said 3040 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
hej wow i heard the first tick and i asked myself "what the hell is this ?" and take it as a compliment because i never expected that after listening to your folksong to hear some electro-stuff!! =D
you really do some varied thing really cool!!
keep it on !!
cheers, luke

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ToddBrodman said 2914 days ago (May 5th, 2009)
Some of this reminds me of KC
Some of the piano patterns remind me of Fripp's rock gamelan thing in the eighties.
paul f. page said 1256 days ago (November 18th, 2013)
Gonna go with "groovy"
Very much UNLIKE anything else I have heard your compose. The piano rhythm is what drives this, and that syncopated beat is engaging from the very first note. With the amount of repetition going on, it was nice to hear the rising piano around the 1:15 mark and following. What would really make this sing as a rhythm track would be a complete and sudden tonal shift up to a much higher key right around 1:30 or so. Depending on the application, this could be an effective background for a commercial. And you may think this is odd, but my favorite part of this track is the bass line which, to me, has a wonderfully lively little part all its own with many variations as it climbs through all the rest of the effects you've created. Now, throw in a soprano recorder playing riffs on a Bachian theme and you'll have nicely melded the baroque with the electro-modern. Oh, and any reminder of Pez dispensers is absolutely the way to bring a smile to my face! Nice, Vic.
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Electropop (also called Technopop) is a subgenre of synth pop music which flourished during the early 1980s, although the first recordings were made in the late 1970s. Numerous bands have carried on the electropop tradition into the 1990s and 2000s.

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