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 Genre: Jazz (vocal)

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Just a quick little jazz tune with me singing and imitating a trumpet (when you can't play an instrument, improvise!).
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It's hot
I'm sweatin' sitting still
The temperature feels like
A jungle in Brazil

I'm hot
I'm glowing from every pore
Can't ignore
Got to cool down
Before I drown
Cool down
Having me a meltdown

Don't leave me hanging here
In white hot heat
Don't leave me sweating here
Just move your feet

Baby, I can't stand the heat no more
It's hot

Can't stand no more sweating
Don't you start forgetting
Can't stand no more sweating

©Copyright July 2004 by Joanna Sandsmark
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Uploaded: Oct 09, 2004 - 09:32:59 AM
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eMac using the pinhole mic
regulus said 4763 days ago (October 9th, 2004)
Yes U R
hot and a lot of fun too. Great voice for the theme. Welll
projected and clear with a lot of classical jazz singer of
the past in quality to it. The trumpet is a blast, pun
intended. I've tried one of the same but didn't get the
same results as you have. I did a sing waw-waw guitar on
my Going Going Gone piece. There is a live quality in the
overal production and the steam jets really add to the
sense of heat. Sound as though this was written in late
August in some big city.

Hope you will continue to entertain us with such great
calibur material.
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Joanna said 4763 days ago (October 9th, 2004)
Yes U R
Thank you so much, regulus! I'm brand new to the site, and that was such a
nice, warm welcome. You're also dead-on with your guess about the big city.
It was written in July in Los Angeles. Thank you so much for taking the time
to listen and comment on my song. -- Joanna
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iG.STUDiO said 4763 days ago (October 9th, 2004)
Classy hot :{)
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Joanna said 4762 days ago (October 9th, 2004)
Classy hot :{)
Thank you, IG!
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SlimGirlFat said 4762 days ago (October 10th, 2004)
What a pleasure to listen to your voice!
Fantastic track, although using the pinhole there is a little
too much external hiss, a minor quibble though!
Nice Bass line!

Joanna said 4761 days ago (October 10th, 2004)
Coming from one of my favorite vocalists, SlimGirlFat, that's high praise
indeed! And yes, this was one of the first things I ever recorded, so I didn't
know about the gate, nor did I have any headphones. It took me awhile to
work out some of the built-in mic tricks (it's tough to think when it's so darn
hot, too!)
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Suzanne said 4762 days ago (October 10th, 2004)
nice jazz voice
like peggy lee singing fever. restrained, sexy, understated. it faded too fast for me... could've listened a bit longer! great vocals for using a pinhole mic. mix gave me a happy sense of cabaret atmosphere.
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Joanna said 4761 days ago (October 10th, 2004)
nice jazz voice
Thank you, Suzanne! Although I wasn't trying for Peggy Lee, I have had other
people tell me that I sound like her, especially when I sing jazz, so you have a
good ear. It is a short song. My only excuse was that it was too hot out to do
any more. (ha!)
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BlackLily said 4747 days ago (October 25th, 2004)
you were born in west side story/streetcar

You have a definate style and its working for you
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said 4621 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
It is Chill Here in Colorado.......
Very Hot song!!!! I am absolutely impressed with your lyrics as always. They
are always great!!! I draw upon your talent a lot in my new attempts to roll
out lyrics, because you seem to have quite the handle on it!!!

I also love the trumpet sounds and think that they went very well with your
voice here. I am amazed at the sound your achieve with the pinhole mic on
an emac!!! While that says to me a lot about the quality of the emac, it is also
true that that you are only going to get as good of a sound as you put in. So
in that sense compliments to you!!!

I am not thinking that the weather here in Colorado is as Hot as it must be
there in LA, but I can't complain as we have had an unusually mild winter with
hardly any snow even. I am still envious as I picture you on the beach
perhaps........or maybe you aren't a beach goer. I am not a skiier as many
people think that all Coloradans are, so perhaps this case holds true in
reference to Californians and the beach.

Thanks for sharing Joanna. With this song there is not a thing that you should
change, in my mere opinion anyway.

Best reguards for you and your music as always.
Joanna said 4621 days ago (February 28th, 2005)
It is Chill Here in Colorado.......
Thank you, MMM. It's not so hot here now, either. The song was written on a
sweltering summer day in L.A. I'm glad you liked my fake trumpet, as I always
have fun doing that. Thankfully, I'm now using a better mic, so my pinhole
days are behind me.
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