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Tenor Sax/Guitar Evening Mix



 Genre: Smooth Jazz

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I've been playing this chord progression for a couple months and today had the chance to play some tenor sax along with them. In this demo I'm mainly fleshing out the melody and getting the cobwebs out on my tenor playing... If you have any suggestions for song development, offer them up. I am interested in someone adding a bass line and also a midi drum track, and keyboard, and... This particular session wasn't recorded with a metronome or drum track, so... well it's just the demo.

Jack Miller: tenor sax and guitar
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Uploaded: Feb 22, 2009 - 09:25:14 PM
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Grand tenor saxophone, Martin DM guitar, Ovation/Applause AE148 guitar, H2 recorder, Shure M57, M-Audio MobilePre, MacBook 2.4,
sloparts said 3194 days ago (February 22nd, 2009)
Great sound on the sax Jack
I'd be tempted to give a go at the drums and Bass, but without a real set of drums to use it might be a bit much to do in MIDI. It can be done, but I'm not sure I'm up to the task right now.

The main thing is you've got a really good line going here that wants to be fleshed out with the rest of the band. Can't wait to see where you go with it.

Great job on the Sax part, Jack.

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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 22nd, 2009)
so does that mean...

your in for a stab at the bass part? :)

This will probably have to be recorded again from scratch, at which time a fixed beat can be used and drum software can be used. But the bass awaits! Thanks Ed.

Feter said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
Tenor Sax Light Jazz
You know i still cant believe how much talented you are but ...its all true
there ..nothing like guitar and a sax ...SO FOLKIE ...dunno about jazz this
is speaking to me ..awesome ..it need a female vocalist set this as a sunset
at the horizon ....well done my friend ...thnx alot for sharin such gem !!!!
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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
a sultry female vocal and some good lyrics. That's the ticket. I may end up doing two versions... instrumental and vocal with a sax break.
Thanks my friend.

Roxylee said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
First song I listened to this morning, dreamy and wistful melody, really nice playing. I see you used the H2 and the Shure. Is one preferred over the other for the particular instrument you are playing, or is it a matter of better placement, or what? Just curious...
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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
two mics
I used the H2 to record the guitars. The condenser stereo mics in that little unit do a nice job with guitar and vocal. The shure m57 really works well with instruments like saxophone... so m57 with the tenor... gives it just a bit more warmth.

Glad you like this dreamy tune... just the beginning.

ziti said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
i love this
chord progression....i am a sucker for the maj 7 feel....we do a lot of material that has this type of feel to it.....these chords are gorgeous.

my only problem with the piece at this point is in intonation...the guitars sound a bit out of tune with each other and the horn...but that's easy enough to fix....

I would love to hear my drummer and bass player lay down there latin stuff on this.....maybe you could send me the chords and i can get the boys to do a track for you. Then you could
add your sauce. The sound you get from the horn is very sensual. I haven't yet tried to record saxophones, and i cant wait to try it. I know a couple of killers!!

anyway, this is really gonna be sweet when it's done, you have the raw material here for a very nice piece.


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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
I just sent you an email... hoping the email address I have is still the one you're using. Give the chords a spin and see what the lads in the band think. I'd like to hear your take...

lengold said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
This already
sounds lovely to be - but it's going to be great.
I love the sound of that sax.

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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
Thanks Len...
for the encouragement. Hoping I can see this through to a more complete song... I should pull out my horn more often.

Ed Hannifin said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
That's one romantic horn line...
...and it's dying for a romantic lyric.... It's a very singable sort of line...

I think you're getting a really nice recorded tone on the sax... I think the acoustic sounds a bit dry in comparison... But as you said, it's the demo....

The ziti idea sounds awesome...

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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
romantic lyric...
that would be sweet... part two?

Ed, before I started the horn part yesterday morning I would play these chords and sing fake lyrics to them to flesh out the melody (I usually do that with a new song then later on write lyrics). So, yes, this is also meant for some nice singing of some nice lyrics.

The acoustics were too dry. After I recorded them my attention was really on the sax part. It took a while getting a decent take down. I am very rusty... I rarely pull the horn out. The fingers don't want to go where they should, heheh.

I sent the chords to ziti... I like his idea also.

Thanks for your encouragement and input.

Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
You know....
One of the things that really got me inspired to finally lay down a tenor track with these chords (Sunday morning and afternoon), was watching the movie, "The Fabulous Baker Boys" on Saturday. Good movie with a lot of good music.

magnatone said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
Tenor Sax
well isn't this just beautiful! You've got a sublime touch on that sax - i always thought that would be a cool instrument to learn - makes such amazing sounds. Very lush - i like it just as is!
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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
sublime thanks....
Well Karen, as I've said already in above comments... I should pick up this horn and play it more often. Your words are an encouragement to do just that. Much thanks. And hopefully this song will develop.

drakonis said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
This is soft and relaxing, and the sax just seems to be singing along. Very nice, I can see why this was rattling around in your head for awhile. Yes, it does need a differentiating chorus/refrain thingie, and a soft acoustic plucked bass would be great... but otherwise, nice and gentle.
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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
refraining the refrain....
or something like that.

Yeah Drak, I think you are on to something. Some interlude or chord change break may be the ticket. I think Fran is going to play around with this one... I want to see what he comes up with. I appreciate your careful listen and suggestion.

Char said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
Ah, Jack,
..sultry and warm at the same time. Very "saxy" and it is going to be great. It should be easy to write lyrics for this. The sax is already singing. Thanks.
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Dadai.2 said 3194 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
Thank you Char....
I'm glad you like this. The tenor is a great instrument, very expressive. Whether this stays an instrumental or gets some lyrics... well either way, the sax will pay a main role.

Vic Holman said 3193 days ago (February 23rd, 2009)
excellent melody line, Jack. could be a bosa nova type of tune.
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Dadai.2 said 3192 days ago (February 24th, 2009)
"blame it on...
the bossa nova with its magic spell"...

A bossa nova type tune? That it could, and may be. Nice of you to chime in. Vic... you're a pro... musician and person. Thanks.

mvh9591 said 3192 days ago (February 24th, 2009)

This makes me want to pull out the old Trumpet. :)

Enjoyed, Thanks for sharing,

mvh : )
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Dadai.2 said 3192 days ago (February 24th, 2009)
pull out the trumpet. Boot it up and give it a toot. You never know what will result, eh?


scaustrita said 3192 days ago (February 24th, 2009)
Sax on the Beach
I hear myself on a Brazil beach listening to a Bossa Nova. Great sax work, I just may dust off my old King tenor. Some lite harmony on the sax would be nice.
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Dadai.2 said 3192 days ago (February 24th, 2009)
tell me more. I am interested in your thoughts... and I would always encourage that one dust off their old King tenor... :-)

Thank you.
Patriotpizzaman said 3192 days ago (February 24th, 2009)
Very romantic
Bottle of wine, candlelight. Serious mood music bro!
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Dadai.2 said 3192 days ago (February 25th, 2009)
bottle of wind, candlelight...
I think I'll set it up for the wife tonight... Thanks and,

thoddi said 3191 days ago (February 26th, 2009)
nice melody
Nice and smooth playing on that sax. A sort of jazz standard tune feeling, the chord progression played on the guitar makes a good foundation for the melody. Will be interesting hearing this with some more band members sitting in.
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Dadai.2 said 3185 days ago (March 4th, 2009)
well, stay tuned...
I will. A jazz standard... boy would that something. I thought this had that feel. Nice to know you did too. Let's see what comes of this demo...

Cameron said 3190 days ago (February 26th, 2009)
mournfully good
Your sax playing reminds me of Astrid Gilberto's vocals in a way -- sort of melancholic, reflective, almost blasé. I don't really mean "rote" -- it's more a settling-in, a casual, easy feeling...a mellow sound that is easy on the ears.

It is a treat to hear this, actually.

Since I haven't been around MJ much over the past decades (LOL - slight exaggeration) I don't know if you've posted other pieces with sax (I'll have to check your playlist now) but I *WILL* say that I encourage you to do a lot of sax playing in future submissions, because you have a gift with it. As, by the way...you do with your voice.

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Dadai.2 said 3168 days ago (March 21st, 2009)

Astrid Gilberto... sad to say I'm not familiar with him. But given your reference, I should catch up on him. I am listening to this for the first time in about 3 weeks. It is still holding up as best I can judge. Your comments are an encouragement to follow through and develop the song. So thank you for that. You've always been a constructive encourager for the amateurs like me.

I do have a few other tenor sax song linkss listed on my profile page, though not presently available at MJ. Hope things are good with you.

mowguy3 said 3189 days ago (February 28th, 2009)
Tenor Sax
Sounds great right now. I can only imagine what the finished product will be like. Your sax playing is tops,free and easy. I will be looking forward to the finished track. Love what you did so far.
Be well, Russ
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Dadai.2 said 3168 days ago (March 21st, 2009)

Boy, am I glad that I've come back to read these last couple comments. Yours is a great encouragement to finish this tune. Thank you. And much thanks for dropping in to listen. Take care.

TilSupper said 3188 days ago (March 1st, 2009)
good job.
if you like come to our site http://www.macjams.com/artist/TilSupper
but first have some breakfast, please.


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Kicbal said 3165 days ago (March 23rd, 2009)
Cool smokey night club vibe to this. Very nice and understated sax playing. Love the chord changes. The guitar and sax work very well together here.
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guygrooves said 3162 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
Always loved tenor sax
Doesn't sound like there were to many cobwebs Jack. This is really smooth.
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awigze said 3043 days ago (July 24th, 2009)
oh ya....
nice intonation on that Tenor- nuanced.... this is one of those tunes that can rest easy and just appears suddenly and starts humming itself...
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richard13 said 2685 days ago (July 17th, 2010)
Gorgeous, as usual
I've actually been going through your back catalog of sax tunes and even this "dusted off" horn piece is gorgeous: mellow, warm, sultry. Delicious. Thanks, again.
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MikeRobinson said 2107 days ago (February 15th, 2012)
Yup, I can see the glass of very good Scotch in my hand ...
"Neat," of course, as is my custom.   Tapping my feet to the music; the long day is done.   Thanks for taking me there.
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