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Imaginary Numbers PIO 2011

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It's finally time to unveil the results of the Pass It On Challenge, which kicked off at the beginning of July.

The idea for the challenge was to start with a basic track, which would go from person to person on the list of those who signed up, with each person putting their own spin on the the track, adding to, subtracting from or changing whatever the person before them had done.

The list of those participating and the order in which they got the track was:


Each person only had a few days to work on the tune before they passed it on.

This is the original track I wrote to start the whole thing off. It's a very basic track: drums, bass, guitar and one vocal track. The track posted here is exactly the way I sent it out - EQing or mixing or anything.

As of posting this, I have not heard what any of the others have done, but I'm anxiously looking forward to hearing the results.

I can't thank everyone who participated in this enough. My part was over relatively quickly, but the anticipation of seeing not only what everyone did with the tracks, but in seeing how well the whole concept worked has been great. Even the technical stuff of figuring out how to share files was very informative.

Thanks a bunch, guys. I owe you all many, many beers!

Here are links to all of the tunes submitted in the challenge, in order, including an "extra" tune by SmokeyVW.

Imaginary Numbers (original track) - jgurner

i - SmokeyVW

Stage 3 - davisamerica

Stage 4 - MarkHolbrook

Pass it on (Stage 5) - VicDiesel

1mag1nary numb3rs - bud

And here's Bill's "unauthorized" version:

Listen to them - SmokeyVW
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Imaginary numbers

Lyrics ©2011 by Joseph Gurner

Powers that be tell us what is real and make believe

Hiding the truth beyond the sky

Planets align sending gravity waves through our bodies

Filling the fissures in our minds

Spending our days counting
Imaginary numbers
Watching the sun
Burn through the sky
Multiplication tables
Stretch on to the sunset
Finding the truth
While we hide

Philosophers tell us nothing is real or make believe

The truth still hides beneath the sky

Stars align sending cosmic rays across the cosmos

Merging our mind into our soul

Spending my days counting
Imaginary numbers
Watching the sun
Burn through the sky
Multiplication tables
Stretch on to the sunset
Finding the truth
While we hide

Everything is relative as we move into the future
Faster than thoughts move through our mind
Light waves shift through colors thought to be unreal
As everything is left behind

Spending my days counting
Imaginary numbers
Watching the sun
Burn through the sky
Multiplication tables
Stretch on to the sunset
Finding the truth
While we hide
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PaulaMunk said 2070 days ago (July 29th, 2011)
Thanks, Joe.
I can't wait to see how this evolved. But they had gold to work with. I'm sure the finished piece will shine. Thanks.
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VicDiesel said 2070 days ago (July 29th, 2011)
Such modest beginnings
I already know what I did with it, now to see what others did.

I really like this simple original version of the song. Good thing I didn't listen to it because I wouldn't have added as much crap as I did, knowing that less is more.
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Jarvoid said 2070 days ago (July 29th, 2011)
forward to seeing how this will develop........

SmokeyVW said 2070 days ago (July 29th, 2011)
the simplicity works
i listened to your version so many times i thought i might not be able to comment here, but i guess enough time has passed to gain a little perspective...

the simplicity fits the concept like a glove. it brings to mind the idea of how ultimately we must each deal with the vast universe
alone and on our own terms

i wouldn't change a thing! oops, well, you know what i mean :-)

thanks again!
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bud said 2070 days ago (July 29th, 2011)
Joseph - I love this project
and so far I've only listened to your track now - and Vic's back when I got it to work from. You created a wonderful basis for the challenge and I had fun working with your excellent vocal track.
Thanks for hosting the party.
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MarkHolbrook said 2070 days ago (July 29th, 2011)
This is my first time hearing the original! After I got Jack's version I could not get it out of my head. Catchy little tune ya got here!
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magnatone said 2069 days ago (July 29th, 2011)
Imaginary Numbers
GREAT work Joe - very cool project that you've ushered to completion here - congratulations!
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dave_b said 2068 days ago (July 30th, 2011)
Imaginary Numbers PIO 2011
Some nice changes. Cool imagery in the lyrics. I like the bubbling bass, it holds everything down. It'll be interesting to hear all of the other parts.
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egobandit said 2068 days ago (July 31st, 2011)
across the cosmos
humble beginnings, but still a great song as is, I like the way this is unfolding great challenge!
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alackbass said 2067 days ago (August 1st, 2011)
Imaginary Numbers PIO 2011
You're showing your Neil influence again to great effect! I'm off to check out version 2 now!
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lengold said 2066 days ago (August 1st, 2011)
I've been
enjoying listening to the alternative versions of this, great idea.
But with all of them - the thing that stood out most was what a lovely song they had to work with.

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Doug Somers said 2034 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
Late to the party, but regardless...
this is a GREAT song and I can understand why the other versions had such a great kick start out of the gates. I like the questioning nature of the lyrics and the almost 60s feel that comes through here and there.

Nice post and thanks for setting this project up and spurring on such wonderful creativity.

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