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One Hundred Sixty-Five


paul f. page

 Genre: Piano

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I wrote and recorded this piece just about a year ago. Having recently purchased Ivory's American Steinway plugin, I thought I would see how the original data would translate to a new plugin. To my ears, the lines between "real" and "digital" are beginning to blur significantly. THIS piano is a sampled 1951 American Steinway, apparently an iconic instrument of its time that was favored by Vladimir Horowitz among other notable pianists. NOW it has become my own favorite, albeit in its digital form. ... I hope those who hear this will enjoy the composition as well as the general sound. And, as always, the score can be found on my website here:

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Warren Smith said 477 days ago (August 20th, 2016)
I can't tell the difference, but then I don't have much of a discriminating ear. If asked, I'd say "Paul's playing a piano." Of course, when any instrument is played as well as you play .. any nuanced differences simply melt away into virtual performance. Nicely done!
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woofer3 said 477 days ago (August 20th, 2016)
One Hundred Sixty-Five
As usual a beautifully written and beautifully played composition.
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grah3am said 476 days ago (August 21st, 2016)
Both the composition and the sound of the piano.
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Parichayaka said 476 days ago (August 21st, 2016)
Expressive and with the added warmth of the wonderful piano sound this is just so enjoyable! It does make a difference - the sound of the piano - in terms how you enjoy a performance, and I seem to appreciate the nuances and perfect flow of the composition even more!
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DWL said 476 days ago (August 22nd, 2016)
Lovely work Paul!
And a great sound.


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H3nry said 475 days ago (August 22nd, 2016)
Beautiful piece of music, and a good vehicle for the Ivory Steinway. The samples follow your expression and dynamics well. If you hadn't told us it's a sampled piano, I wouldn't have guessed. This performance flows effortlessly and naturally. Lovely.
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J_Gretch said 474 days ago (August 23rd, 2016)
One Hundred Sixty-Five
It's a wonderful time to be alive as a musician.One day people will take for granted all of this new digital stuff. I still get excited and inspired to play when I run across something like this. Thanks for sharing Paul, and a lovely composition.
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J.A.Stewart said 473 days ago (August 24th, 2016)
Sounds Great!...
... Tastes Great, Too!

Any tool is only as good as the hand that holds it. In this particular case the Ivory plugin has found itself in very good hands, indeed and sounds superb.

It's always a pleasure to hear your work, Paul. This is no exception. You have the rare gift of conceiving and delivering beautiful music, as if drawn from a sonic fountain. ;)

--- Joe
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davidsmith99 said 472 days ago (August 26th, 2016)
165 composition
Beautiful, well balanced within the style, and played with style.
Nice Paul.
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Doug Somers said 471 days ago (August 26th, 2016)
Only 165?? :)
First - sublime melodies and musical arcs of fancy. Comme d'habitude. And I have to say that the sound of this piano has a lovely tone. Much better than the Ivory packages I bought about a decade ago. Of course there's noting like having a master at the keyboard... Lovely Paul. Lovely.
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egobandit said 466 days ago (September 1st, 2016)
good morning sketching music! Thanks lovely as always
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Ed Hannifin said 462 days ago (September 5th, 2016)
It is often the case...
...that when I click on one of your pieces I have the sense that I have always heard it in the background, as if it was always playing on my dad's FM radio in the background when I was a kid and when it plays I'm back in that house, or in the Springfield library music room with piano music coming from the huge ol' AR speakers mounted on the walls...

It always sounds as if it's always been there...
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Philip18 said 459 days ago (September 8th, 2016)
One Hundred Sixty-Five
Beautiful work, Paul. Lovely lilting melody and warm tone from the piano.
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PeterB7858 said 456 days ago (September 10th, 2016)
One Hundred Sixty-Five
The plugin sounds great, Paul, especially in your deft, yet delicate, hands. Lovely piece. Lovely sound. Thanks. Take care.
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richard13 said 437 days ago (September 30th, 2016)
Delightfully delicate
and decidedly delicious. I'm sure there are no superlatives you haven't heard before Paul, but you deserve every one. Not only do you compose easily (apparently) and you play exquisitely (obviously), but you continue to be supportive to members old and new. Bravo!
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MikeRobinson said 436 days ago (September 30th, 2016)
One hundred sixty-five favorites and counting
Paul, I must say that your many compositions continue to be an inspiration to me ... especially, and specifically, because you are kind enough to supply the scores.

Yes, it is truly amazing how good digital samples have become ... although I have had the most-incredible experience of playing a (rather-ungodly long ...) Bösendorfer Grand Piano beneath my own two wondering, awe-struck hands . . .   Digital can re-create the sound, but never the experience.
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Narad said 415 days ago (October 21st, 2016)
Beautiful listen ! :)
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scaustrita said 399 days ago (November 6th, 2016)
One Hundred Sixty-Five
Very dynamic, wonderful performance
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