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Apple GarageBand Weekly Roundup 2/17/04

This week's belated Weekly Roundup comes to you courtesy of the Valentine's holiday which, fortunately, had Admins Simon and Miguel away from their computers for a short while. In this week's installment we bring you a helpful GarageBand tip on deleting the beginning portion of a Software Instrument loop, a contest update, up-to-date stock information on the popular Edirol PCR-30 keyboard, and some brief announcements and the latest and greatest features added to the MacJams site. Read on for the full scoop.
Tip on shortening the beginning of Software Instrument loops

One "bug" that's been discovered with GarageBand is its seeming inability to cut the beginning of loops that are made with software instruments (i.e., MIDI loops). One poster to the fabulous MacOSXHints.com website suggested a work-around, however several people noted that the suggestion did not work. In our own MacJams labs, we've found that the beginning portions of Software Instrument loops can be shortened, however you must clear all MIDI/note data in the portion you want to delete from the beginning of the song. This is easily done by double clicking the loop to bring up the editor where you normally find the loop browser. You will see your MIDI data presented in a timeline fashion. You can select multiple notes by clicking the elongated bars and while holding shift. Select all notes in the area you want to delete. Then simply hit delete and they'll be removed. Now you can shorten your loop as desired, removing any portion of the section without any note data.

Contest Update

Many people are likely wondering what the results of our Valentine's Day contest are. Please know that we are working steadily to formulate the results of the contest, using an exact snapshot of the vote database on midnight of February 14, 2004. Please know that any songs submitted after this time will be considered eligible for our next contest. We'll have updated rules and prize information for our next contest soon.

Edirol PCR-30 back in stock at top retailer (lowest price available)

We noticed that our favorite music equipment retailer, ZZounds.com has renewed its stock of the ever-popular PCR-30 MIDI keyboard, which is the better of the two keyboards that Apple itself sells for use with GarageBand. However, unlike Apple's $199 price tag and unkown shipping date, ZZounds.com sells the PCR-30 for $169.95 including free shipping. Please click the link in this story to purchase your Edirol keyboard (or any other equipment at ZZounds) and support MacJams! If you'd like to read more about the PCR-30, check our PCR-30 In Depth article.

Good article on common GarageBand issues

We noticed that Robert Munafo has posted a nice article called "Getting the Most out of GarageBand" on his website. It covers some common issues that he resolved in his use of GarageBand.

MacJams.com Improvements

And finally, we wanted to toot our own horn a bit here. Simons has been working deep in the MacJams labs to bring you all a TON of awesome improvements to our site. In particular, we've been constantly refining the Community Creations component of our site to respond to user feedback (thank you!). We now feature the following excellent functionality:

  • Now voting AND commenting can be done dynamically, without interrupting your listening session. These two features cap a significant effort to drastically improve our voting and commenting system over the past few weeks. We hope you enjoy!
  • Thumbnail images may now be submitted with each song, so bring on your "album art" or other images.
  • Users can now EDIT their own songs, allowing you to change song URLs, comments, or other information (please note: Title information cannot be changed). Users can also delete their songs from the site, if they wish.
  • New Discussion Forums have been added. We've added several new topics to our forum, including several related to discussing collaborative efforts with other MacJams users, and to discuss general MacJams site issues. Please check out or increasingly active forums if you haven't already!
The above improvements are just some of the many additions and modifications we've added in the past month. As our regular visitors know, we are working EVERY DAY to improve the site and we feel have created an excellent resource. Please help us build the community by spreading the word of MacJams.com and participating in our forums, user ratings/comments, and song submission activities!

Until next time, keep on Jammin!

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