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(Austen Brauker)

Member Since: Wednesday, January 16 2013 @ 06:07 AM CST
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Homepage: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvLFjryc3aU6VVybV_VZeDw
Location: Onekama, Michigan United States
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Austen Brauker is an advocate of spiritual unity among all of Earth’s peoples as we evolve together as human beings in our collective world consciousness. He is married with his beautiful love, and best friend, his wife Victoria.

Austen Brauker is an award winning artist, musician and writer from the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Michigan. He is the author of two fictional novels and two locally produced theatrical plays. He is published in short story anthologies, poetry compilations and regular newspaper articles. His feature screenplays have won awards at more than two dozen film festivals, with one script scheduled to be produced into a feature film. He also works as a Peacemaker/Probation Officer at the L.R.B.O.I. Tribal Justice Center where he operates a wilderness cultural camp for youth.
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01.26.13 CHANCE PREDETERMINATES 0.00 (0) 1159 (0) Rock N/A Active
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Music Background Played for over 30 years.
Music Skills Guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, hand drums, crystal crucibles.
Music Hardware Tascam 8 track.
Music Software Austen is the author of two full length fiction novels, several theatrical plays, much poetry and regular newspaper articles at three separate publications in Michigan. Two of his short plays, “Crocophile” and “Look What the Cat Dragged In,” have been produced by West Shore College, where he was also published in Dark Matter, as best fiction writer for 2008. His work has won several writing competitions and is posted at various places on the internet, on writer’s sites and bookselling sources. He has been printed in numerous hard copy anthologies. Austen currently works as a Peacemaker/Probation Officer at the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Tribal Justice Center and as an artist, painting murals, like the well known piece at the entrance of the Willows restaurant at the Little River Casino and Resort. He creates many different traditional native crafts and various other forms of visual art. His work was used by the National Congress of the American Indian for the N.C.A.I. conference logo in 2011 and the original hangs at their embassy in Washington D.C. Austen is a long time musician and has performed regularly since he started playing music over twenty eight years ago. Austen plays many different styles of music on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, bass guitar, lap steel and slide blues. He plays the Native American flute and sings with a traditional Odawa drum group in Manistee, Michigan. He recently scored the soundtrack for an educational sturgeon documentary that was filmed locally, spotlighting the L.R.B.O.I. sturgeon rearing program. He has numerous CD’s of different styles of original music, most of it available online. Austen is a tribal member of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. He hunts and fishes as an expression of tribal sovereignty and to feed his family, physically and spiritually. In 2011 he was the first L.R.B.O.I. tribal member in recent recorded history to harvest a lake sturgeon, caught on hook and line, weighing 108 lbs. and measuring 6 ft. 1 in. In 2009 he was gifted with an 8 pt. bull elk. At 17 yrs. old, he brought home a 350 lb. black bear. He shares these special gifts with elders and other tribal members whenever possible. For Austen, hunting provides a direct connection to nature, builds deep reverence and respect, and ties him directly to the web of life. He is an advocate of spiritual unity among all of earth’s peoples and seeks to focus on our similarities as brothers and sisters, rather than arbitrary and divisive differences, hoping for acceptance and sharing as we evolve together in our collective world consciousness, as human beings. Austen is married to his beautiful love, and best friend, his wife Victoria. Hardcopy Published Work: Voices on the Water: Great Lakes Native America Now, ISBN: 978-0-9840179-0-4 The Zharmae Anthology: Ends of Man, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-937365-00-4 Mega Era: Issue #27 Perfect Paperback, ASIN: B002ACNFC6 Vicious Stories, Colpa Press Dark Matter Magazine, 2009, 2010, 2011. 2011 Annual Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Writing Anthology The Copperfield Review Motley Press: Vol. One, Issue Two Motley Press: Issue Four Aquill Relle: Magazine Four 221 B Magazine: Summer Issue 2011 E-zine Articles Indict Circle: Issue #25 The Taking of Wings: Lulu Online Publications: The Cortland Review, Author Me- Editor, Anthologies Online- Featured Author, ABC Tales- Cherry Picked Author, Writers Pub, Nice Stories, VerbSap, One of Us Creative Writing, We Read, Poets and Writers Speakeasy, Fantasy Writers, The Online Writer, Suite 101, Every Poet Showcase, E-Zine Articles, The Free Library, Post Articles, Writer’s Relief, We Book , My Book Live, Smashwords, Author’s Den, Booksie, Free Stories Center, Writing.Com ,Writer’s net , Writer’s Café
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