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I'm Scottish, I bleed red just like everyone else on the planet and I love music! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (the golden rule) Kindness is much less demanding and way more fun to dole out than cruelty, just as it is better to give than to receive. In a nut shell, I believe in being
R-E-A-L.........I gave up pretending when I was boy, that is if I ever really was one?

My physical drive has been reformatted! I'm like a blank piece of paper waiting for the creator to begin creating again..... It sucks to be starting over, reinventing my life once more! This shall take some time..... but isn't that all we really have?

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Axgrinder's Songs (9)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
01.12.09 Dark Circus 8.75 (2) 4975 (20) Other 12.15.12 Active
09.27.08 CMC 8.50 (2) 3264 (18) Heavy Metal 09.18.14 Active
05.09.08 Flexinit collab. remix (N.G & Ax)  (---) 3296 (15) Experimental 06.02.08 Active
05.06.08 "The Ean Bardsley Song"  (---) 4106 (50) Experimental 01.14.09 Active
04.22.08 Tarnish  (---) 2680 (18) Heavy Metal 08.17.08 Active
04.13.08 Flexinit  (---) 2607 (33) Experimental 04.27.08 Active
04.07.08 Blapper  (---) 2463 (27) Experimental 04.11.08 Active
12.24.07 From the Moors  (---) 4192 (43) Experimental 03.29.08 Active
05.11.07 Through the Eyes of a Child  (---) 6812 (62) Other 12.20.12 Active
Favorite Songs (180)
Title Artist Date Genre
The Angel Sleigh Moviz 11.29.12 Holiday
Without Means dantimmermans 05.05.09 Rock
Search and Destroy Einarus 05.03.09 Techno
Timsons Theme V1 MarkHolbrook 05.01.09 Classical
Wailing Guitars RyanHolbrook 03.18.09 Rock
Stop it ! ....You`ll Go Blind (MJRF)/ Axgrinder Norman Goodman 02.06.09 Rock (instrumental)
Heart On The Road (w/Bob Rodgers) Feter 01.08.09 Blues (contemporary)
Jackknife TracyVosh 12.11.08 Experimental
Heartbreak City BossHook 11.06.08 Rock
Clouds rsorensen 11.04.08 Alternative Rock
Hand Colored Photograph (w/Lavalamp) five_extra_arms 10.28.08 Alternative Rock
Rainbows Butterflies and Moonbeams Norman Goodman 10.25.08 Funk
The Dream Ends (Internet People) by radiorebelde (feat Alannah) Alannah 10.24.08 Acoustic
SEVENTEEN five_extra_arms 10.20.08 Indie Rock
Garden of Wire Vic Holman 10.19.08 Alternative Rock
Light guitapick 10.18.08 Alternative Rock
CMC Axgrinder 09.27.08 Heavy Metal
Diamond Eyes c4rson 09.20.08 Alternative Rock
Progulation #1 (w/perceptualvortex and ibstrat, with ziti remaster) Ed Hannifin 06.17.08 Progressive Rock
the mystery eanbardsley 05.15.08 Acoustic
The Secret(w/Roxylee) Feter 05.12.08 Acoustic
Flexinit collab. remix (N.G & Ax) Axgrinder 05.09.08 Experimental
wild mustang rumba eanbardsley 05.08.08 Acoustic
Amber Rain Blue Fire 05.07.08 Jazz Fusion
"Away" mowguy3 05.07.08 Acoustic
1415 ic42 05.07.08 Ambient
GOOD FOR YOU five_extra_arms 05.05.08 Punk-Grunge
Underdog (CBGB) michael2 05.05.08 Indie Rock
ferry meadows bonnieprincejohnny 05.05.08 Acoustic
Boy Candy (CBGB w/gregd) ledebutant 05.04.08 Alternative Rock
My Cat, my cat (Feter's Blues with DU) Doadars Uncle 05.04.08 Blues (contemporary)
My Limbo [vox/ Linda] Electric Lobster 05.03.08 Trip Hop
Dirt Roads VicDiesel 05.03.08 Native American
State of Desire (cbgb) bud 05.03.08 Hardcore
AND WHY? CBGB DEMO five_extra_arms 05.02.08 Punk-Grunge
Don't Call Us (CBGB) Peter Bauckham 05.02.08 Punk-Grunge
Pretty Ones/CBGB Vic Holman 05.01.08 Punk-Grunge
Flexinit...Again ( Axegrinder ) Norman Goodman 05.01.08 Progressive Rock
I'm Stayin' Roxylee 04.30.08 A Cappella
I Feel For Our Lost Of Droop Skean 04.23.08 Pop Orchestral
Tarnish Axgrinder 04.22.08 Heavy Metal
Meus Gratia, CD version cthayes 04.22.08 Rock
WHERE WERE YOU? (Oh Baby) w. Geo Barretok 04.22.08 Blues (traditional)
Summer Comes Back w/Michael 2 Vic Holman 04.17.08 Alternative Rock
Noises Beats Skean 04.09.08 Alternative Rock
Industrielle #3: NOISE sonic_magpie 04.07.08 Ambient
Down In the River To Pray *Woodstock MJ choir* Feter 04.06.08 A Cappella
Angel Convention magnatone 04.04.08 Pop Classical
Guitar Mayhem alanfraser 02.01.08 Rock
From White To Gray Vic Holman 01.31.08 Alternative Rock
Bring It On Home Norman Goodman 01.22.08 Progressive Rock
So Easy To Read michael2 01.15.08 Alternative Rock
Cold Meds SmokeyVW 01.11.08 Electropop
Deep (w/t Racerat) echoroom 01.08.08 Ballad
I Think Too Much Vic Holman 01.06.08 Alternative Rock
Tailor Made (remix) guitapick 01.03.08 Acoustic
Free your mind Dj French Toast 12.30.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Shady Grove Feter 12.28.07 Folk-Rock
Still Waters NorthPoint 12.28.07 Alternative Rock
Do It For Reasons 2 w/Michael2 Vic Holman 12.27.07 Indie Rock
THEY NEVER FELL IN LOVE (michael2/estellie) five_extra_arms 12.27.07 Alternative Rock
Auld Lang Syne spannerotoole 12.26.07 Art Rock
Caminho craft 12.23.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Vermillion cliffs VicDiesel 12.22.07 Native American
Don't You Father Christmas bonnieprincejohnny 12.15.07 Indie Rock
God Only Knows (LSP Challenge) michael2 11.30.07 Alternative Rock
a mandelis a bajo eanbardsley 11.16.07 Acoustic
Resolve Crash Control 11.07.07 Hard Rock
rosa rica eanbardsley 11.06.07 Acoustic
Life(Colab W/ Spitlogic and Stevie J) Dj French Toast 10.29.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Tomorrow Knows w/Bud/Micheal Wark/Michael2 Vic Holman 10.19.07 Psychedelic
Mountain (w/vocals) michael2 10.18.07 Alternative Rock
Funky World of daFunk sloparts 10.13.07 Funk
My House art 10.11.07 House
Like A Stone Vic Holman 10.10.07 Indie Rock
Carnival knowledge apb 10.10.07 Dance-Club
la oja rosa eanbardsley 10.10.07 Acoustic
Next Wave Rocker (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 10.09.07 Alternative Rock
Next Wave Rocker (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 10.09.07 Alternative Rock
Fly Birdie Fly Dj French Toast 10.09.07 Hip Hop-Rap
THE DOOR ***itiswotitis*** 10.08.07 Trip Hop
Sleep'r Doadars Uncle 10.06.07 Art Rock
where you are (edit) nevermine 10.04.07 Rock
colores de paz eanbardsley 09.30.07 Acoustic
... and I will have my revenge on Chicago (w/t Biba Nova) echoroom 09.28.07 Experimental
roja, rosa,naranja,y amarilla eanbardsley 09.28.07 Acoustic
Mount Fuji Reinholt56 09.27.07 Experimental
NO CURE ***itiswotitis*** 09.25.07 Alternative Rock
Cloud 39 announcer 09.24.07 Smooth Jazz
Mic Minister(Mike2,Werd,Spitlogic) Dj French Toast 09.24.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Beautiful Morning gail60 09.23.07 Piano
Wanting, Waiting II Mystified 09.23.07 Ambient
October Vic Holman 09.23.07 Alternative Rock
Just Smile Moviz 09.22.07 Pop (mainstream)
Sally bud 09.22.07 Pop (Alternative)
Sally bud 09.22.07 Pop (Alternative)
Waters Edge (w/ Buckhorn) michael2 09.21.07 Ambient
Universal Hug Dj French Toast 09.21.07 Hip Hop-Rap
The Same But Different dolby 09.21.07 Alternative Rock
watch you die (with bass as requested) nevermine 09.20.07 Rock
A Jazz Story art 09.18.07 Jazz (instrumental)
A Morning On The Edge Of Time Norman Goodman 09.18.07 Progressive Rock
Septembre crisbarber 09.18.07 Ballad
SAFETYDOG dynoMYSTIC 09.20.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Metamorphoses Estella 09.15.07 Other
This Desert Earth dolby 09.15.07 Alternative Rock
Converging (AlexEchoRat) echoroom 09.14.07 Art Rock
agasajo del palacio eanbardsley 09.13.07 Acoustic
Something Short Audiologic 09.12.07 New Age
Hermannsburg dolby 09.12.07 Alternative Rock
i'm alive (edit) incl guitar and intro nevermine 09.12.07 Pop (Alternative)
Delay on Ten (w/Mystified) michael2 09.11.07 Experimental
Kneeling Under The Mountain Feter 09.11.07 Classical
i'm alive nevermine 09.10.07 Alternative Rock
shumi crisbarber 09.10.07 Hard Rock
por tanpuras shiftatelli eanbardsley 09.10.07 Acoustic
Happy You Vic Holman 09.09.07 Acoustic Rock
Happy You Vic Holman 09.09.07 Acoustic Rock
For The Diamond dolby 09.07.07 Alternative Rock
brilla y triste 2 eanbardsley 09.06.07 Acoustic
Funk Wit Me (With Music by Bud ) Dj French Toast 09.06.07 Funk
Adoro como o fazes craft 09.06.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Level of Actual (w/Bud) michael2 09.05.07 Experimental
Electro Friend (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 09.05.07 Pop (Alternative)
you amaze me (edit) nevermine 09.05.07 Ballad
Drunk walk 1 haribo 09.05.07 Classical
Triple Trouble (by Hectorious/guitapick) guitapick 09.04.07 Rock (instrumental)
Black Forest Dance drakonis 09.03.07 Romantic
Bienta cjhoose 09.02.07 Ambient
Pharaoh Montgomery California 09.01.07 Heavy Metal
You Breathe God (W/Vic Homan) michael2 08.30.07 Alternative Rock
Spin Peter Bauckham 08.27.07 Alternative Rock
Out of Time Einarus 08.27.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Anthem Gato 08.26.07 Film Scoring
Black Dance Frogmorton 08.25.07 Acoustic Rock
Fragile (Echoroom/Mystified/Rebsie/MissChaos) MissChaos 08.25.07 Downtempo
good to see you pablatone 08.24.07 Acoustic
In Praise of God Moviz 08.24.07 Inspirational (contemporary)
Do I Look Mortal To You? falo 08.24.07 Heavy Metal
Precognition Dj French Toast 08.23.07 Folk (traditional)
Level of Actual bud 08.23.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Leaves Phoenix Jr. JessO666 08.27.07 Psychedelic
Why We Travel Tiny_Man_Inside 08.22.07 Rock
behnam, rahnmon, ian eanbardsley 08.19.07 Acoustic
Steel Serpents of Sanagoon Diviner 08.19.07 Trance
The Rains Of Love announcer 08.18.07 Rock
melted ribcage Stun Nutz 08.17.07 Experimental
Dontcha Think? five_extra_arms 08.08.07 Alternative Rock
Analogpalooza - All Strung Out Norman Goodman 07.29.07 Rock (instrumental)
Gartan Mother's Lullaby ceilidh 07.25.07 Folk (traditional)
World Order Brass Quintet Mv.1: Anxiety tbivans 07.20.07 Twentieth Century
If It Feels Good (Do It) Armatron 07.05.07 Hard Rock
opening elektronix 06.10.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Forbidden Alannah 06.10.07 A Cappella
Manhattan Hangs echoroom 06.09.07 Indie Rock
What's With The Long Legged Face? Paranoid Android 06.08.07 Indie Rock
Confunked In Seven FrankAxtell 06.08.07 Jazz Fusion
Fault Lines Montgomery California 06.06.07 Heavy Metal
Seaside In San Tropez FrankAxtell 06.06.07 Jazz Fusion
Warcrime Thompa 06.05.07 Heavy Metal
Steady chakeres 06.03.07 Rock (instrumental)
The Gonad Song (explicit metal improv comedy) Dharma Logos 05.31.07 Hard Rock
Dat Du meen leevsten bist elektronix 05.28.07 Folk (traditional)
Sweet Jesus Make me beautiful (collab with Willywagga) echoroom 05.28.07 Pop (Alternative)
Lace Panties Alannah 05.25.07 Ambient
Thinking Out Loud Mokus 05.25.07 Alternative Rock
FIVE NINTH five_extra_arms 05.23.07 Alternative Rock
piano nine elektronix 05.17.07 Piano
The End Estella 05.15.07 Other
The End Of Ot All C.O.Jones 05.14.07 Heavy Metal
"The Fighter" mvh9591 05.06.07 Rock & Roll
Icy Sharp - Glacially Inevitable 0x01 ic42 04.28.07 Ambient
House Carpenter Feter 04.24.07 Folk (traditional)
Together 8piscean8 04.05.07 Indie Rock
(Let Me Be) Incomplete Crash Control 03.05.07 Hard Rock
Long Journey 1rwhite1 02.27.07 Acoustic
Rachel Said echoroom 02.25.07 Indie Rock
The Unseen Aaron David 01.12.07 Pop (Alternative)
My Angel- Live Version aclarke 07.20.06 Folk-Rock
Favorite MacJammers (24)
Fans (25)
Music Background I come from a talent latent family. My folks played in a honky-tonk band with my late uncle Lee (my dads only brother) before I was born and my mother often suspected that those vibrations emanating from her guitar had an impact on my musical attributes while in her womb! They called themselves "THE HOGLAN TRIO" Pop on the piano, Mom on the guitar and my uncle on the trumpet. They were quite popular and played all over the N.W. I picked up the guitar at the age of 12 after my mom showed me the E chord. The rest is history! I also play about anything I decide to pick up, but then I'm sure you've heard it all before! ;-p
Music Skills I took some violin and piano when I was 8 but they didn't quite hit the spot! I stuck with them though until I snatched up the guitar. My folks tried there level best to steer me away from it because both of my sisters, my mom and my brother play guitar and my father really wanted one of his boys to take after him and play piano. I guess you could say that I'm pretty much self taught but I have been at it for 30 yrs! God gave me an excellent ear that came fully developed, so to speak, unlike my brain!
Music Hardware M-AUDIO FASTTRACT as stated above. An "Ibanstein" mongrel electric that I built using an Ibanez body and hardware with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position, bolted to a custom Warmoth neck w/ an ebony fret board topped off with a set of Spertzal machine heads. (tuning keys) I play through a VOX AD50VT which I scored a smoking deal on at a pawn shop and it's amazing! I'm quite pleased with it. For the money you simply can't go wrong! One Rogue mandolin an ancient Fantasia classical and a fiddle my late uncle Allen Macdonald built me. Oh yea, and one not so "hot" Shure microphone! (New addition) Evolution MK-249C midi keyboard/controller. (New addition as of 09/13/07) An ART Tube MP USB Pre-amp and a desktop boom mic stand. Whoopie! ;-P "New addition" Pocket Pod by Line 6 F*cking amazing! Hopefully you'll be hearing it soon. I think it's M-A-G-I-C!!! SHHHHH.
Music Software GarageBand, Logic Express, Logic pro, Reason 3.0, Audacity, idrums suck, and Ezdrummer that makes my dual 500MHz CPU "grand mal" when used with Logic, So.......back to GB for the time being. (Once you've experienced EzDrummer/GrooveMonkey, you'll never go back,) unless of course you are in fact an actual drummer. I must get that 1.5 GHz processor! $$$ (Pipe dream! Although hell could finely freeze over when heaven thaws? I just assume it must be frozen.)
Keywords &Ignition, Skeleton, House, Drum, Padlock, Activation