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Billy Sugarfix

Member Since: Wednesday, August 25 2004 @ 03:23 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.customserenade.com
Location: Carrboro, NC United States
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Instead of being born like most people, I was hatched from a bubble. I grew up in Shangri-La but moved to Carrboro, North Carolina in the late 1980s. I currently live in a castle with an English Butler, a French Maid, and a Mexican Audio Engineer.
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09.06.06 I'm Not Going To Drink Tonight 7.88 (4) 1513 (3) Progressive Rock 10.24.06 Active
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Music Background I learned to play guitar at a rock quarry where I was swimming. A hand came up through the surface in the middle of the quarry holding a Fender Mustang. I proceeded to start a band called Evil Wiener with a giant catfish and a meteorite. I still play with those folks, but do my own thing too. I have a Custom Song website: http://www.customserenade.com
Music Skills I am a decent drummer, can pass on rhythm guitar, not so good at bass. My singing is really a matter of opinion, some love it some don't like it a bit. The thing I consider myself best at is playing the Theremin.
Music Hardware M-Box, M-Audio Keystation, Glyph External Hard Drive
Music Software Pro-Tools LE, Garageband
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