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Bryan Bishop
(Bryan Paul Bishop)

Member Since: Friday, July 08 2005 @ 10:44 AM CDT
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Location: Boston, Mass USA
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I have been playing Professionaly since the age of 11.Having started backing up striptease acts in Boston and,have played with numerous bands and acts from just about every jaundra you can imagine.It has been quite a unusual ride but I am quite the unusual individual.I am now Playing with My brother Fran Bishop on drums and Fran Dagostino on guitar who,most of you know as Ziti,quite the talented fellow and good golpher.We have been recording in our studio and I also write original material as well which I will be posting in the very near future.I would like to thank you for allowing me to join your family.


Fran says, "The music Bryan makes in his home studio is really life-affirming. Like seeing a UFO, it's undeniable proof there is another reality. A better place out there somewhere. And I mean out-there. Bryan was put on this planet to make music. He is one of the warmest, funniest, honest people you'll ever meet. And his music is just like he is. Wacky, dangerous and harmless, funky and corny, jazz and ice cream truck music.

We have had fun from the first moment we met until the present day, and I enjoy his playing and singing a lot. We look at each other on stage sometimes and just start to laugh. We try and play little funny stuff to each other, and I'm always there to tease him when he forgets the lyrics. He loves and can play all kinds of music, which seems to me, is like knowing how to speak many languages. I hope you get a nice little look into Bishopworld from this clip."

I wrote this about Bryan for the Taylor Brothers web site. It is true...I love ya Brother B.....

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Music Background My life
Music Skills Guitar,piano, trumpet, drums, vocals.harmony aranging, trombone,and for the last 45 years bass.
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Music Software my head
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