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(Yoshi Sizemore)

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Been at this music thing for a while (6 years), but havent ever delved into the net side of things.
now that I have, I regret not having done so sooner.
This has to be the koolest way 2 share music and get feedback (hint, hint) and you find out things about the stuff you've been useing for years, but never understood how they worked.
I am totaly into working with other people and would like to perform live at some stage in my career. (not mixing other ppls tunes)
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08.22.05 Little Silver Box O Trix 7.58 (3) 2811 (2) Dance-Club 09.09.05 Active
08.21.05 More Toonz 7.50 (1) 1626 (2) Dance-Club 08.25.05 Active
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Music Background My mum is a Muso and so is my dad (alltho both are non pro)
Music Skills I was a DJ for a while and I play the keybord, but now it's mostly about samples and loops (gotta love those funky noises)
Music Hardware Roland MC-505 groovebox, Behringer DJX400 Mixer & an iPod mini
Music Software GarageBand & Peak (i think thats what it's called)