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(Dane Carmichael)

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I currently play in and write music for two original bands. The first is The Rob Deposit Band. The band name was not my idea, we're thinking of a new one. We're a Blues/Rock/Funk trio. I play the bass and sing backup, Jon Russo is the drummer and Matt Russo is the guitarist and vocalist. We've been a band for about four years and we are finally coming to our senses and recording an album. That may sound like we are lazy and unambitious because we are. But we kick asses, melt brains and blow doors down almost every weekend. My other band is called Mythology. We're a little harder to classify. We don't play any one style of music for too long before changing genres and we don't have a "sound". We are sort of like musical schizophrenics, we play straight rock, prog, fusion, swing, pop, metal and whatever else we feel like. I play bass and sing backup, Brynen Sosa is the guitarist and vocalist and Jason Turner is the drummer. We've been together for about two and a half years and are very close to dropping an album that will make you want to laugh, cry, turn your life around, serve your country and hopefully buy another album for every member of your family.
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