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Hello everyone!

DarkPlanet's Songs (3)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
07.02.10 Summer Glaze (With cchaplin)  (---) 5866 (60) Alternative Rock 10.01.12 Active
06.16.10 Both Fade Away (with alackbass)  (---) 3037 (37) Alternative Rock 08.26.10 Active
02.21.10 The Beat  (---) 4299 (62) Alternative Rock 01.30.11 Active
Favorite Songs (604)
Title Artist Date Genre
Time Marches On lavalamp 06.21.14 Alternative Rock
Transmission Earth Vic Holman 06.20.14 Alternative Rock
Human Light FEEL/DarkPlanet/Lester Long FEEL 10.15.12 Progressive Rock
let up egobandit 10.13.12 Psychedelic
Control lavalamp 10.13.12 Alternative Rock
Pick Your Battles w egodays & finkledink Loob 10.09.12 Rock & Roll
Champagne Cinderella ( lyrics by Damroze) Moviz 10.07.12 Art Rock
Square Pegs Lennon714 10.07.12 Indie Rock
Square Pegs Lennon714 10.07.12 Indie Rock
She Walks Vic Holman 10.06.12 Alternative Rock
Ink Lennon714 09.30.12 Shoegazer
Guide track rabittwhole 09.29.12 Open Collaborations
Until You Join Me There alackbass 09.29.12 Acoustic
beautiful surprise egobandit 09.28.12 Psychedelic
Then There Were Four (with Scofugate) Moviz 09.28.12 Art Rock
Before it's too Late (Garni + Alannah) Alannah 09.22.12 Other
Grace (Sisters/VicHolman/awigze mix) davisamerica 09.22.12 Art Rock
Find Your Way Bob Rodgers 09.22.12 Acoustic
Nullify Religion Aemyn 09.16.12 Rock
A Lame Tame Crane alackbass 09.16.12 Children's Music
I Found Love Moviz 09.16.12 Latin Pop
Curtains of Curiosity Vic Holman 09.15.12 Acoustic Rock
Curtains of Curiosity Vic Holman 09.15.12 Acoustic Rock
Dirt Oasis (rough mix) Kicbal 09.15.12 Rock
ur sucha egobandit 09.14.12 Art Rock
Wasteland Loob 09.13.12 Progressive Rock
No Goodbyes with paralax and apb FEEL 09.11.12 Rock
It Was All in a Daydream I Had (w/ Five Extra Arms) lavalamp 09.27.11 Alternative Rock
California, Please TAKE 2 rockstar89 09.17.11 Folk (contemporary)
A Matter Of Time Loob 09.14.11 Acoustic Rock
Living on the Fringe w/ Ryan, gadzooks, ktb, & Loob alackbass 08.12.11 Country-Western
Take One egobandit 08.12.11 Art Rock
Roll On (To You) aclarke 08.11.11 Acoustic Rock
Ride the Wind w/RC Andrews FEEL 08.09.11 Rock
to pour ste 04.09.11 Pop (Alternative)
Fufu-Beat Elevator_Funk 04.08.11 Open Collaborations
Chihuahua"s in the Backyard BlueFlameRoom 04.08.11 Folk (contemporary)
Ginga (w/egobandit) yrp 04.08.11 Alternative Rock
Get COW Tonight egobandit 04.08.11 Rock
Don't Wait For Me MarcusPerry 04.08.11 Folk (contemporary)
The 173rd Song of L mikkinylund 04.08.11 Indie Rock
larger life dimm witness 04.08.11 Alternative Rock
Waiting For The Sun To Come Out Vic Holman 04.07.11 Indie Rock
Desert King Loob 04.07.11 Heavy Metal
Guy In The Sky five_extra_arms 04.07.11 Other
BE FREE Philos60 04.03.11 Acoustic
Mission (stevel, kevmikwa, Hectorious) ktb 03.30.11 Rock
Smackdown 3 w/awigze & scofugate magnatone 03.27.11 Pop Orchestral
Tell Me lavalamp 03.25.11 Alternative Rock
If I Had My Way (You'd Be Alright) Loob 03.23.11 Rock
Careful Man FEEL 03.21.11 Punk-Grunge
Winter Is Over (W/Andrew Lack and Steve Stone) Gaylen75 03.21.11 Acoustic Rock
She Is Ready For The Call Skunkwrx 03.23.11 Art Rock
Cafe de Nuit thetiler 03.14.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
shakes ste 03.13.11 Pop (Alternative)
The Customer is Always Wrong stevel 03.13.11 Alternative Rock
Shame on You lavalamp 03.13.11 Alternative Rock
Better Find - Open Collab FEEL 03.12.11 Progressive Rock
Newfoundland Loob 03.11.11 Folk (traditional)
McZorro LIVE 2-15 ziti 02.19.11 Latin Jazz
There Isn't Anything w/ Alackbass & Scofugate hackneybloke 02.13.11 Jazz (vocal)
Dark Sun Rising fasteddie 02.13.11 Psychedelic
MJCC11 Losing in Miami (davisamerica2 cover) lavalamp 02.06.11 Acoustic Rock
Your Mind is My Drug Alannah 02.05.11 Easy Listening
Bitchin' Sled fasteddie 02.05.11 Hard Rock
She Seems So Real MarkHolbrook 02.05.11 Progressive Rock
Fragile Men Hickling_Stan 02.03.11 Acoustic
MJCC11 The Beat (Dark Planet Cover) lavalamp 01.30.11 Alternative Rock
Hey Baby with blamm FEEL 01.29.11 Rock
One Last Time (Scofugate + Alannah) Alannah 01.29.11 Other
Some Daze Vic Holman 01.28.11 Indie Rock
Embrace w/KTB/Sigmund/Scott Fugate Gaylen75 01.28.11 Alternative Rock
Earth Girls are Easy Six-Nail-Coffin 01.28.11 Rockabilly
Straighten Out PaddyNavinCaryatid 01.27.11 Indie Rock
YO (Regret feat Spitlogic) Skean 01.27.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Pharisees tempie 01.26.11 Soul
Again The Infinites 01.25.11 Rock
Get It On (Feat Morgan102 & bigdaddycee) RAVENS 01.24.11 Rhythm and Blues
Crazy with you (w/ hackneybloke and scofugate) tonestones 01.24.11 Jazz (vocal)
Ecchymoses au jardin blaky smith 01.21.11 Pop (mainstream)
Gangsta Boogie tadashi 01.21.11 Funk
MJCC11 Sally (by bud) five_extra_arms 01.14.11 Electronic
What Can I Say? w/Alackbass & Scofugate hackneybloke 01.14.11 Jazz (vocal)
(MJCC11) semi [by ste] Elevator_Funk 01.13.11 Indie Rock
MJCC11 Sailortown (Bud/Echoroom cover) Vic Holman 01.12.11 Alternative Rock
MJCC11- Never Ever Wanna Be Like Them (Death:Arrow Cover) w/ maure, rok41, mh awigze 01.12.11 Folk-Rock
Unnoticed & Contained-KTB/FEEL FEEL 12.31.10 Progressive Rock
If There Are Angels (remix) Moviz 12.31.10 Ballad
Treading Water Hickling_Stan 12.31.10 Acoustic
rock and roll roots egobandit 12.28.10 Alternative Rock
Linus and Lucy Hit the Freeway w/Scofugate ziti 12.22.10 Rock (instrumental)
minus infinity positive forever egobandit 12.17.10 Other
Rip off 2.0 / by Ibstrat and a ridiculously good bass player friend of his scofugate 12.17.10 Jazz (instrumental)
He Moves Through The Fair (a capella) PaulaMunk 12.17.10 Open Collaborations
Oh Moody Night bud 12.15.10 Holiday
Riding On Stone Ponies Vic Holman 12.11.10 Rock
If You v2 (final w/ Scott Johnson on bass) papag 12.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
Dream Of Love Comes True Philos60 12.08.10 Acoustic
Rapture Gaylen75 12.02.10 Art Rock
Que Saudade! Elevator_Funk 12.01.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Rain Rain (Head In The Clouds Mix) w/ OSW The Infinites 11.13.10 Open Collaborations
Lighten Up Kicbal 11.08.10 NUjazz
Billy The Kid Re-al 11.04.10 Pop (Alternative)
Fall Rising magnatone 11.03.10 Pop Orchestral
Live With Me /W Darkplanet scofugate 11.02.10 Alternative Rock
No Matter What You Say fambroski 08.30.10 Rock
Easy Come, Easy Go w/Anne & paddler alackbass 08.29.10 Rhythm and Blues
Keep The Pace PaddyNavinCaryatid 08.29.10 Punk-Grunge
Keep The Pace PaddyNavinCaryatid 08.29.10 Punk-Grunge
Alone & Wasted TERRAPLANE 08.27.10 Blues (contemporary)
4 seconds down/Billy Kirsch tokai 08.25.10 Alternative Rock
The List lavalamp 08.25.10 Alternative Rock
semi ste 08.25.10 Pop (Alternative)
semi ste 08.25.10 Pop (Alternative)
Cupid Went Postal (Gaylen) ted23 08.24.10 Rock
Time Lapse Z293 08.22.10 Rock (instrumental)
Spiral Man Vic Holman 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
And Now It's Dark echoroom 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
Lonesome Souls and Cheap Grace Revival Outtaorbit 08.21.10 Jazz (vocal)
Summer Sizzle (T4S) w/ SISTERS awigze 08.21.10 Ballad
Always Surrender (T4S) w/kicbal & ted23 Kicbal 08.21.10 Pop (Alternative)
Phosgene w/mike_d fasteddie 08.19.10 Heavy Metal
Still My Heart Bob6stringer 08.13.10 Rock
Keep on Truckin' tempie 08.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
I'M A MAN five_extra_arms 08.09.10 Electropop
Irrational Exuberance magnatone 07.06.10 Pop Classical
Eyes Open bud 07.03.10 Industrial
Repeat The Scenery eleveneyes 07.02.10 Indie Rock
Cat Mama Blues (With Roxylee, Davisamerica, Awigze, Feter) davisamerica2 07.02.10 Blues (contemporary)
From Cathedral To The Castle Skean 07.02.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Putting on the Ritz (with FatChance) michaeljayklein 07.02.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
He Was a Geek With a Guitar sloparts 07.01.10 Country-Western
alive egobandit 07.01.10 Alternative Rock
A Kick in the Teeth fasteddie 07.01.10 Hard Rock
Blues Jam @ MacJams w/Ryan, paddler, awigze, Jerry_Quinn, & ziti alackbass 06.27.10 Blues (contemporary)
Girl on Fire RAVENS 06.22.10 Pop (Alternative)
Who are the Pure in Heart? awigze 06.21.10 Classical
You Can't Take It With You (alackbass collab) MarkHolbrook 06.21.10 Rock
Marital Bliss (w/RG Paddler) davisamerica 06.21.10 Art Rock
Falling Stars Forgotten (Final) Kicbal 06.17.10 Trip Hop
Do you dare? apb 06.08.10 Electropop
Capish scofugate 06.08.10 Film Scoring
Pick Yourself Up (for Skean) michaeljayklein 06.08.10 Easy Listening
Disillusion Skean 06.08.10 Experimental
Willow Weep For Me (with Lilmom and Awigze) Moviz 06.06.10 Blues (contemporary)
Don't Be So Blind alackbass 06.05.10 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
On and On (Revisited) lavalamp 06.05.10 Acoustic Rock
make it happen egobandit 06.04.10 Open Collaborations
The King of Europe moorlandt 06.03.10 Pop (Alternative)
Indigo B Vic Holman 06.02.10 Blues (contemporary)
Requiem rabittwhole 06.02.10 Ambient
East Virginia Blues (with Alec/Relic67) tempie 06.01.10 Bluegrass
Sea Of Life Moviz 05.30.10 Pop (mainstream)
Slow Burn / I'm Uneasy by michael2 and guygrooves guygrooves 05.30.10 Indie Rock
My Trip to Planet "Ex" Cantor 05.30.10 Children's Music
5.13 j3 airportseven 05.29.10 Rock (instrumental)
Night Doadars Uncle 05.29.10 Ambient
blingland/Gaylen/Ktb tokai 05.29.10 Alternative Rock
tanbudfx bud 05.28.10 Experimental
Through The Garden (w/ DarkPlanet) lavalamp 05.28.10 Alternative Rock
The Horse Outtaorbit 05.27.10 NUjazz
Away (Acoustic) rsorensen 05.27.10 Indie Rock
No Woman of Mine (with Gaylen75) alackbass 05.26.10 Rock
It's A Delay by Bob and The Revolution Sir Bass 05.24.10 Reggae
Stab Me with cchaplin lengold 05.24.10 Other
Kullu Haze (w/Tokai) billykirsch 05.24.10 Alternative Rock
Evolver pt.2 scofugate 05.19.10 Open Collaborations
I Never Climbed A Mountain Moviz 05.19.10 Ballad
Forsaken deadbeat egobandit 05.19.10 Alternative Rock
The Old Thumper mikkinylund 05.14.10 Indie Rock
Should I? michaeljayklein 05.14.10 Swing
No Helicopters (Particle Dots Mix) five_extra_arms 05.14.10 Other
Saturday Love Gaylen75 05.14.10 Art Rock
This 1 Goes 2 11 alackbass 05.13.10 Open Collaborations
Infinite Summer (collab with scofugate) Relic67 05.13.10 Rock & Roll
Don't Drag Me Down by S. Kindel pablatone 05.13.10 Acoustic
Repeat my beat Skean 05.13.10 Breakbeat
To Believe Again w/Alannah, DavisAmerica, Outtaorbit & Mike_D awigze 05.11.10 Pop (Alternative)
Tuba Sex mikkinylund 05.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
killer bees ste 05.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
Evolver billykirsch 05.10.10 Open Collaborations
LIVE from Club Bombeaux michaeljayklein 04.29.10 Smooth Jazz
Queen of the Streets Gaylen75 04.28.10 Electropop
Do You Wanna Waste Some Time? w/kevlar of JOAN bud 04.25.10 Dance-Club
Two In One Skean 04.25.10 Experimental
Soul Jazz scofugate 04.25.10 Jazz (instrumental)
"Whens Zenner"? Outtaorbit 04.25.10 Other
It's a Bob in the Lamp! mikkinylund 04.24.10 Folk-Rock
1-2-3-5 Overdrive Bob6stringer 04.23.10 Rock & Roll
Drive me wild egobandit 04.23.10 Alternative Rock
Sunset Girl lavalamp 04.23.10 Alternative Rock
la Cour de mon Ecole blaky smith 04.23.10 Blues (contemporary)
I Just Want The Time To... five_extra_arms 04.21.10 Electropop
I Just Want The Time To... five_extra_arms 04.21.10 Electropop
Down This Old Dirt Road (Remix) lavalamp 04.13.10 Acoustic Rock
Shadowland (w/Awigze) Plumefall 04.11.10 Alternative Rock
Love, oh, love, love, love! mikkinylund 04.11.10 Indie Rock
She's All Mine with Jerry Quinn alackbass 04.10.10 Blues (contemporary)
Turn to Me Bob6stringer 04.09.10 Bossa Nova
Heroes (2010) apb 04.09.10 Pop (Alternative)
Alman/Ballad/Jig (Ibstrat cover) BirdmanWayne94 04.08.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Sometime I Get Drunk sloparts 04.08.10 Country-Western
keep your head up egobandit 04.06.10 Alternative Rock
$12 Hooker (non-explicit version) fasteddie 04.06.10 Alternative Rock
You And You Alone Moviz 04.04.10 Romantic
The Devil Plays in all the Best Bands (Revised) fasteddie 04.03.10 Hard Rock
I'm Sorry You're Such a Loser (Alannah + Scofugate) Alannah 04.02.10 Other
When You're Smiling michaeljayklein 04.01.10 Easy Listening
One Moment Vic Holman 03.31.10 Alternative Rock
Planet Faraway (stolen from Cheeto) awigze 03.30.10 Hard Rock
Moment,Cherry blossoms front tadashi 03.29.10 Jazz Fusion
dont bring me down egobandit 03.25.10 Psychedelic
Hands Up All Moviz 03.24.10 Rhythm and Blues
March Jam dave_b 03.24.10 Rock (instrumental)
March Jam dave_b 03.24.10 Rock (instrumental)
Mack the Knife michaeljayklein 03.24.10 Swing
A Round and Bach Again, version 5 (New Bass sound) drakonis 03.23.10 Baroque
Uno/I Like The Way... (with Macaudion, SISTERS, ktb, and ziti) Ed Hannifin 03.22.10 Blues (contemporary)
Already Mine Gaylen75 03.22.10 Other
Half Over Now (Goodwillys ride again w/Holman, Wark & Dancy) Dadai.2 03.21.10 Rock
That E Thing bud 03.21.10 Other
Gable without Gods mikkinylund 03.21.10 Acoustic
Fingers scofugate 03.20.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Click Me! Rhythm Exercise Doadars Uncle 03.20.10 Jazz Fusion
Irina from Nevsky Novgorod mikkinylund 03.20.10 Indie Rock
another egobandit 03.20.10 Progressive Rock
Time For Bed (w/ Vic Holman) lavalamp 03.20.10 Alternative Rock
Playin In The Backyard thetiler 03.19.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Beach Walk kassia 03.19.10 New Age
F-----gS--t Skean 03.19.10 Hard Rock
Oh Babe, What Would You Say? michaeljayklein 03.18.10 Easy Listening
Alien, Blonde and Blue..... and all Mussed up. Outtaorbit 03.17.10 Other
Lunar Eclipse (w/ tonestones, awigze, scofugate) SmokeyVW 03.17.10 Jazz (vocal)
in medias res (version 1) rabittwhole 03.16.10 Psychedelic
Sometimes Cheeto 03.16.10 Alternative Rock
Make Ya Feel Bad Relic67 03.15.10 Rock
Chelsea mikkinylund 03.13.10 Indie Rock
The First Time lavalamp 03.13.10 Alternative Rock
Spring Feelings Skean 03.13.10 Dance-Club
Monster Sloth Herders Alannah 03.12.10 Metal
BeerFriday Toe Jam MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.12.10 Blues (traditional)
some sort of expert egobandit 03.11.10 Psychedelic
Meade Lux Lewis Stomp michaeljayklein 03.16.10 Piano
All Fall Down w/Particledots bud 03.09.10 Shoegazer
A People of Many Nations scaustrita 03.08.10 Native American
Armed Robbery fasteddie 03.07.10 Hard Rock
Don't Let It Slip Away (w/thetiler-Bill Furner) Dadai.2 03.07.10 Folk-Rock
Don't Let It Slip Away (w/thetiler-Bill Furner) Dadai.2 03.07.10 Folk-Rock
Avatar WharmtonRise 03.07.10 Downtempo
Smokin' Pickin' BirdmanWayne94 03.07.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Daddy's Boyfriend renecalvo 03.06.10 Electropop
Sex Education (Radio Edit) DeathArrow 03.06.10 Pop (mainstream)
Sex Education (Radio Edit) DeathArrow 03.06.10 Pop (mainstream)
Confluence magnatone 03.05.10 Pop Classical
BeerFriday MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.05.10 Rock
The Deep Blue Sky lavalamp 03.05.10 Alternative Rock
Cosmic Thing Vic Holman 03.04.10 Alternative Rock
Big Fonk Nasty (the edhara version w/Hectorious, Karmatoburn) Hectorious 03.03.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Dark Winter Kenta_and_Linda_Rocks_together 03.03.10 Alternative Rock
Higher Skean 03.03.10 Hard Rock
let down egobandit 03.02.10 Art Rock
Tell Your Other Girlfriend ramonaji 03.02.10 Alternative Rock
Sure Enough w/Awigze bud 03.02.10 Jazz Fusion
Old Chicken Doadars Uncle 02.27.10 Blues (contemporary)
Original Sin (collab w/ woofer 3) johnwhitehead 02.25.10 Rock & Roll
The River of Time by Jerry Quinn alackbass 02.25.10 Blues (traditional)
(a reading of ) Annabel Lee [remaster] starring Char Vaisvil 02.24.10 Spoken Word-Poetry
A Beautiful World Moviz 02.24.10 Hawaiian
Reborn (w/ Bubba Hotep) mike_d 02.23.10 Heavy Metal
HELICOPTERS five_extra_arms 02.22.10 Other
Last Words Boogie (Featuring scofugate) Relic67 02.22.10 Rock
A Little Crazy with cchaplin lengold 02.22.10 Other
forgot about love egobandit 02.21.10 Psychedelic
Baboons and Loons Alannah 02.21.10 Alternative Rock
Lament VicDiesel 02.21.10 Renaissance
Slave Cell (collab with echoroom) DWL 02.21.10 Electropop
I need, I had, I want (w/ ramonaji) Son-of-lavalamp 02.21.10 Pop (Alternative)
It's a Good Night for a Fist Fight fasteddie 02.21.10 Hard Rock
Eastern Promise WharmtonRise 02.20.10 Film Scoring
Lunar Eclipse (w/ awigze, tonestones) SmokeyVW 02.20.10 Jazz (vocal)
The Only Ghost Who Cares dolby 02.20.10 Alternative Rock
Crossover Skean 02.20.10 Dance-Club
The Fox alackbass 02.20.10 Blues (traditional)
Anything You Want michael2 02.19.10 Pop (Alternative)
crushed JOAN 02.18.10 Alternative Rock
snowfall (w/Gaylen75) ktb 02.16.10 Rock
Darkman PrototypeEightyOne 02.16.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Ghost (in my mother's house) renecalvo 02.15.10 Art Rock
Jennifer A. Vic Holman 02.15.10 Indie Rock
Permanent light (feat. Echoroom) with Guygrooves craft 02.14.10 Other
SOME GO • SOME STAY w/Tobin Mueller (MJRF2010) thoddi 02.14.10 Soul
Raining Every Day lavalamp 02.14.10 Alternative Rock
yep egobandit 02.13.10 Psychedelic
Little Tiki Bar (Russo Mix) aclarke 02.13.10 Folk-Rock
l'antidote (MJRF2010) blaky smith 02.13.10 Blues (contemporary)
Rock forever (MJRF2010) Skean 02.13.10 Rock
Worlds gone mad (w/Lengold) (MJRF2010) apb 02.13.10 Experimental
Twist of Fate Z293 02.13.10 Blues (contemporary)
Valentine II (MJRF2010) Pete_NB 02.12.10 Rock (instrumental)
Concrete Tango (FSC) bud 02.12.10 Tango
Laura (MJRF2010) Cameron 02.11.10 New Age
Pirulito Doce MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 02.13.10 Samba
The Death of Gaia fasteddie 02.10.10 Hard Rock
Resurrect (collab w/ fasteddie & Fioretti) mike_d 02.08.10 Hard Rock
1 4 ME His_Boy_Sherman 02.08.10 Alternative Rock
March of the Mushrooms Dharma_Logos 02.08.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Golden Rule tempie 02.08.10 Rock
Snow Circus Relic67 02.08.10 Indie Rock
Like a Drunk Falling Down Stairs Outtaorbit 02.08.10 Art Rock
like a leaf egobandit 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010) Mcboy 02.07.10 Acoustic
The Same (MJRF 2010) lavalamp 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
Give in to Love (w/t Birdman Wayne: MJRF 2010) echoroom 02.06.10 Alternative Rock
Live With Me Plumefall 02.10.10 Alternative Rock
Milonga Bolacera billykirsch 02.06.10 Tango
The far side of the moon mikkinylund 02.05.10 Indie Rock
Forever fasteddie 02.04.10 Psychedelic
when you smile buckhorn 02.03.10 Lo-fi
bobbabledee(MJRF2010) egobandit 02.03.10 Psychedelic
I'm a Dreamer( MJRF2010) Moviz 02.02.10 Rock & Roll
Falling MJRF 2010 BeccaJohnson 02.02.10 Alternative Rock
Sailortown w/echoroom (MJRF 2010) bud 02.01.10 Alternative Rock
Away In Black (MJRF2010) Vic Holman 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
Glacially Inevitable Music Video (MJRF2010) ic42 01.31.10 Ambient
Glacially Inevitable Music Video (MJRF2010) ic42 01.31.10 Ambient
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Echolalia (w/ sonnyjim) racerat 01.23.10 Downtempo
Farewell Fair Weather Friend w/Alannah and Awigze scofugate 01.23.10 Smooth Jazz
Chickadee Chirp cplacito 01.23.10 Acoustic Rock
8 Days Son-of-lavalamp 01.23.10 Acoustic
Timeless Skean 01.19.10 Experimental
not something you say egobandit 01.18.10 Psychedelic
Sunset Bob Rodgers 01.16.10 Acoustic
Ghost Riders (standing up w/ 2 cameras) thetiler 01.13.10 Folk (contemporary)
Magic GB Slow Blues(2) (with dave_b) dave_b 01.08.10 Blues (contemporary)
Spirit Haunting ( A day in the Life of a conscious Ghost ) PrototypeEightyOne 01.06.10 Experimental
Prowlers Creed scofugate 01.03.10 Swing
Not My God Death_Valley_Sahara 01.01.10 Alternative Rock
Feel it Comin' Moviz 01.01.10 Pop (Alternative)
Wyatt Not with awigze bud 01.01.10 Jazz (instrumental)
January lavalamp 01.01.10 Alternative Rock
Breathing Cyborg Z293 01.01.10 Rock (instrumental)
Mom's Favorites BirdmanWayne94 01.02.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Masochistic Love (Lennon 714) racerat 12.31.09 Alternative Rock
Capitalist's Drag (w/dantimmermans and awigze) Doadars Uncle 12.31.09 Rock
Jeserine dream egobandit 12.31.09 Art Rock
(Shake That Thang)/Collab- Fasteddie / Scofugate scofugate 12.27.09 Rock
Everything Now (w/t Tokai) echoroom 12.27.09 Alternative Rock
Free moorlandt 12.27.09 Pop (Alternative)
cupid went postal ted23 12.26.09 Alternative Rock
Shine (MJ Collab) davisamerica 12.17.09 Ambient
Allezone SmokeyVW 12.14.09 Progressive Rock
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (collab w/ scofugate) fasteddie 12.11.09 Rock
shine on egobandit 12.11.09 Alternative Rock
Orange Scream w/z293 ktb 12.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
THE FIRST TIME THAT I SAW YOU five_extra_arms 12.08.09 Electropop
12 after scofugate 12.07.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Cloudy Sunday Sigmund 11.29.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Trains and Plains scofugate 11.15.09 Jazz Fusion
salience #2 buckhorn 11.14.09 Folk-Rock
The Seven Year Itch mikkinylund 11.14.09 Pop (Alternative)
Rappatack suite cchaplin 11.14.09 Classical
Something Is Missing Son-of-lavalamp 11.13.09 Acoustic
November Vic Holman 11.12.09 Alternative Rock
Sur le sable (w Jiguma) blaky smith 11.12.09 Acoustic
Lullaby for the Inner Child drakonis 11.11.09 Ballad
Michael Pool five_extra_arms 11.10.09 Punk-Grunge
sweet potatoes ste 11.08.09 Pop (Alternative)
Hold mikkinylund 11.07.09 Pop (Alternative)
Shaolin Munk Funk (w/ musichead & awigze) maxruehl 11.07.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Yours and Mine Bob6stringer 11.07.09 Acoustic Rock
Pensás (Silent Tango) (w/michael2) billykirsch 11.06.09 Alternative Rock
Shadowland FrankAxtell 11.06.09 Jazz Fusion
October Project dave_b 11.04.09 Rock (instrumental)
A Soldiers Dream (Remix/record) Moviz 11.03.09 Pop Orchestral
glassware poetry egobandit 11.02.09 Psychedelic
Lazy Days Z293 10.31.09 Rock (instrumental)
Caroling on the Darkest Night Vaisvil 10.30.09 Other
Outside the Corral guitapick 10.30.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
How It Happens Jim Bouchard 10.29.09 Acoustic Rock
Expanding Toys (Halloween Remix) bud 10.29.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Fallout johnnyblues 10.29.09 Rock (instrumental)
Paper Sack five_extra_arms 10.27.09 Alternative Rock
My Blue Genie sloparts 10.27.09 Blues (contemporary)
One Step Over The Line Vic Holman 10.27.09 Indie Rock
Another's Shoes(with Scofugate) Moviz 10.27.09 Rock
bye-bye goodnight Gaylen75 10.27.09 Alternative Rock
Oooooooh, Sad Lover ramonaji 10.24.09 Alternative Rock
Capitalist's Drag Doadars Uncle 10.24.09 Rock
unheard in the distance egobandit 10.23.09 Experimental
Homage to Wattage (1991) Son-of-lavalamp 10.23.09 Lo-fi
The Equation Vaisvil 10.23.09 Alternative Rock
The Last Goodbye PaddyNavinCaryatid 10.23.09 Alternative Rock
tired apod 10.21.09 Easy Listening
Apocalypse Eyes (Sons of Hypnos) ageofthedeathtree 10.21.09 Alternative Rock
Bon Voyage w/ Bob6stringer tonestones 10.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
Bon Voyage w/ Bob6stringer tonestones 10.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
A minor Complication bud 10.20.09 Art Rock
Warm Silver Moon Moviz 10.20.09 Folk (contemporary)
WEIGHTLESSNESS five_extra_arms 10.19.09 Electropop
Wake Up Nick_Flash 10.19.09 Hard Rock
Oh, see. mikkinylund 10.17.09 Pop (Alternative)
The Dealer Gaylen75 10.17.09 Alternative Rock
Walking seeking & depressed Skean 10.17.09 Trance
WHEN egobandit 10.16.09 Alternative Rock
No Son(egobandit band) davisamerica 10.16.09 Art Rock
Googolplex Times Zero lavalamp 10.16.09 Alternative Rock
earthquake ste 10.16.09 Pop (Alternative)
Melody w/Emily Rohm Gilmore FEEL 10.13.09 Ballad
The Lunatics Salvation Outtaorbit 10.13.09 Alternative Rock
Terrible Hands Gaylen75 10.13.09 Art Rock
Clumsy Kisses (Alt) dantimmermans 10.10.09 Indie Rock
whats next egobandit 10.08.09 Psychedelic
OFF YERSELF five_extra_arms 10.05.09 Alternative Rock
Shaken, Not Stirred (Bond Challenge) rsorensen 10.05.09 Film Scoring
Dodgy Doughnut lengold 10.05.09 Alternative Rock
Life Is Short - Never Say Goodbye - Bond Challenge apod 10.04.09 Film Scoring
MAYDAY (space race) Vic Holman 10.03.09 Art Rock
Pigeon voyageur blaky smith 10.03.09 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
One Day JayLCiazz 10.03.09 Acoustic
Shield My Kinsmen elfdaughter 10.03.09 Classical
Never Say Goodbye - Bond Challenge MarkHolbrook 09.29.09 Film Scoring
we come in peace apod 09.30.09 Informational
Sweeter No Doubt(French Toast Sweet79) SweetMutantFrenchToast 09.27.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Two of a Kind Moviz 09.27.09 Latin Pop
How Long? airportseven 09.27.09 Alternative Rock
empty hands egobandit 09.25.09 Psychedelic
My Creation (W/ Vic Holman) lavalamp 09.25.09 Alternative Rock
I Think You Rule michael2 09.19.09 Indie Rock
Doodle Tree Pete_NB 09.18.09 Alternative Rock
Undone Son-of-lavalamp 09.18.09 Alternative Rock
off the deck (w/Z293) ktb 09.17.09 Rock
off the deck (w/Z293) ktb 09.17.09 Rock
Without The Sun Vic Holman 09.17.09 Rock
6 billion people egobandit 09.17.09 Alternative Rock
LOVE WHAT YA GOT SweetMutantFrenchToast 09.24.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Hurt Me Gaylen75 09.16.09 Alternative Rock
Count mikkinylund 09.12.09 Indie Rock
Way Down Inside Son-of-lavalamp 09.10.09 Experimental
tonight egobandit 09.04.09 Psychedelic
Machine Man (w Beastie Boys) perceptualvortex 09.04.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Alaska Son-of-lavalamp 09.04.09 Acoustic
A Night With Feter feat'(Roxylee sloparts crissew johnwhitehead and Yamin AL Yamani ) Feter 09.03.09 Acoustic
You Want ramonaji 09.02.09 Dance-Club
My Yiddishe Momma ( byJack Yellen) Moviz 09.01.09 Ballad
Sometimes I do, Sometimes I don't, Sometimes I get drunk sloparts 08.30.09 Country-Western
Another One airportseven 08.30.09 Rock
today egobandit 08.29.09 Psychedelic
The Deepest Bite Vic Holman 08.29.09 Indie Rock
Don't Get Lost Skean 08.28.09 Experimental
All the Way to China lavalamp 08.27.09 Acoustic Rock
All the Way to China lavalamp 08.27.09 Acoustic Rock
There's No Tomorrow Moviz 08.25.09 Pop (mainstream)
Day-Glo The Infinites 08.25.09 Electropop
Shriner Parade His_Boy_Sherman 08.24.09 Alternative Rock
What Did You Do This Summer? - LioLi 9 five_extra_arms 08.22.09 Electropop
as serious as egobandit 08.22.09 Psychedelic
Hard Rock Woman - Woodstock II sloparts 08.22.09 Rock
Open Thoughts (2003) Son-of-lavalamp 08.19.09 Art Rock
Gold Digger abfkingsport 08.18.09 Hard Rock
Juan Song LIOLI 9 sheilad 08.17.09 Romantic
Bordertown (LIVE) Re-al 08.16.09 Rock
Viva La Vamos Vic Holman 08.15.09 Punk-Grunge
Company The Infinites 08.14.09 Other
Empty River Son-of-lavalamp 08.17.09 Experimental
Cats and Dogs (w Drew Kopr, KTB, ziti, Bill Birney) perceptualvortex 08.12.09 Rock (instrumental)
a subtle way (to say i'm sorry) michael2 08.12.09 Indie Rock
You're Driving Me Mad (But I'm Not Crazy) Heroin_Marys 08.06.09 Indie Rock
Kerouac Drives to Paris......Texas.... or.... (Tant de Plaisir) Outtaorbit 07.31.09 Alternative Rock
Feter's O Babe 2009 [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 07.29.09 Folk-Rock
testcard (enhanced by hoshi) namio 07.20.09 Other
namio: instrumental namio 07.20.09 Other
Namio Loves Women namio 07.20.09 Other
Nuthin' Much (live) w/A7 bud 06.17.09 Lo-fi
We Grew Up Together guitapick 06.09.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
My Dear Lady (Feter Cover) five_extra_arms 06.09.09 Indie Rock
Black Hole / Last Light Vic Holman 06.08.09 Alternative Rock
Into your Arms (Roxylee,Relic67,kappy) Feter 06.07.09 Acoustic
with out you egobandit 05.31.09 Alternative Rock
The Nightingale (music and lyrics by Oceans) Leon 05.31.09 Progressive Rock
Its The French Toast(Colab W/WillBill808) Dj French Toast 05.31.09 Hip Hop-Rap
The Bump Squad doing the Time Hectorious 05.30.09 Funk
Mr Tribuzio egobandit 05.24.09 Psychedelic
Passion And Fury Vic Holman 05.22.09 Psychedelic
A Tambourine Man Rollin' in the Wind mikkinylund 05.17.09 Pop (Alternative)
That's Life Three_Below_ZeroZ 05.17.09 Alternative Rock
Heart Like A Drum The Infinites 05.16.09 Downtempo
enough egobandit 05.15.09 Rock & Roll
Good Time Girl sloparts 05.15.09 Rock
Feed Me (w/Char) bud 05.14.09 Alternative Rock
Feed Me (w/Char) bud 05.14.09 Alternative Rock
Get out from the jungle Skean 05.12.09 Jungle
Walking MarkHolbrook 05.11.09 Alternative Rock
like a dead weight egobandit 05.10.09 Psychedelic
Morning Sunshine / YouTube thetiler 05.06.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Paint It Red Z293 05.02.09 Rock (instrumental)
Timsons Theme V1 MarkHolbrook 05.01.09 Classical
another fool buckhorn 04.27.09 Rock & Roll
Brenda Govenda lengold 04.27.09 Alternative Rock
The Singer (with Roxy) Moviz 04.26.09 Folk-Rock
And Then Daylight Skean 04.26.09 Trip Hop
She's a Soldier - redone w/GuyGrooves sloparts 04.25.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
At the Waves of Mercy lavalamp 04.25.09 Rock (instrumental)
My Rose fambroski 04.23.09 Other
Little Buddha davisamerica 04.23.09 Experimental
Speeding abfkingsport 04.22.09 Alternative Rock
Inside A Plastic Bag Vic Holman 04.19.09 Alternative Rock
196669 (by the monggz) cjdaley 04.17.09 Rock
Water Slide (On The Lake Of Fire) five_extra_arms 04.17.09 Other
What reasons do you have egobandit 04.16.09 Psychedelic
Time Marches On lavalamp 04.15.09 Alternative Rock
Rock and a Hard Place (With Adam Clarke) (NEW) EEFliess 04.13.09 Rock
The Orange Blossom Special sloparts 04.12.09 Bluegrass
I Wish It Was You racerat 04.12.09 Downtempo
Legacy, A song for my mother Alimar 04.12.09 Classical
SouthlandOne (Feel) echoroom 04.12.09 Rock
Lost Idols Vic Holman 04.11.09 Rock
left it right egobandit 04.11.09 Alternative Rock
Dissatisfied w/ Echoroom bud 04.10.09 Alternative Rock
Hail from the Chimp Relic67 04.08.09 Rock & Roll
Doors SmokeyVW 04.05.09 Twentieth Century
Unwanted racerat 04.05.09 Art Rock
March of the Night Z293 04.04.09 Rock (instrumental)
Golden (Tomorrow Will Shine) kassia 04.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mountainside (W/Char & IGM) Skean 04.04.09 Pop Classical
mountain of garbage egobandit 04.04.09 Alternative Rock
What If? (Re-Mix) lavalamp 04.04.09 Ballad
introducing...TROPICAL FEELINGS DeathArrow 03.31.09 Pop (Alternative)
Sal Nuzzo's Dad Says He Met Babe Ruth, But I Have My Doubts Lennon714 03.28.09 Indie Rock
The Door Man Skean 03.26.09 Ambient
Here With You - Better MIX eleveneyes 03.24.09 Folk (contemporary)
Aunt Esta egobandit 03.20.09 Art Rock
Innocence Project [w/ Dj French Toast/damiengh/outtaorbit] davisamerica 03.12.09 Art Rock
Downgraded rsorensen 03.07.09 Experimental
Somewhere in Between Nick_Flash 03.06.09 Alternative Rock
DETROIT bud 03.06.09 Open Collaborations
Im sorry but thats dumb Dj French Toast 03.06.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Ballad of The Little Tiki aclarke 02.22.09 Folk-Rock
What You'd Be Like Boris the Bull 02.22.09 Folk (contemporary)
Ah Ah Jim Bouchard 02.21.09 Experimental
Insane Skean 02.21.09 Industrial
Sex lengold 02.20.09 Alternative Rock
Going Down [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 02.19.09 Folk-Rock
Get Up and Go lavalamp 02.14.09 Alternative Rock
Curieux Territoire (MJRF) blaky smith 02.10.09 Blues (contemporary)
New Century Girls MJRF five_extra_arms 02.10.09 Electropop
Psychophant rsorensen 02.08.09 Alternative Rock
Rain of Love (Dadai.2, Jiguma, Roxylee, Vicholman) (MJRF Mix) Feter 02.08.09 Acoustic
Rainy March (MJRF 2009 recharge mix) drakonis 02.07.09 Game Soundtrack
Pain In Empathy (W/Hightened&TepTep Skean 02.07.09 Industrial
alpha male (by the monggz- 2007) cjdaley 02.07.09 Rock
Jesus and California (MJRF) racerat 02.05.09 Hard Rock
Oh My God! (MJRF) lavalamp 02.04.09 Alternative Rock
Free Fall (MJRF) perceptualvortex 02.03.09 Rock (instrumental)
Then the Rain (MJRF) guitapick 02.03.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Tecmo Superbowl 2009 w/ Dead End (MJRF 2004) TennesseeVic 02.03.09 Pop (mainstream)
Dru (MJRF remix) sonnyjim 02.03.09 Ethnic-International
Another Golden Autumn (MJRF) Moviz 02.02.09 Pop (Alternative)
fine fine fine (MJRF) egobandit 02.01.09 Alternative Rock
Across the Wire (MJRF) dajama 02.01.09 Rock
Three Below Zeros (MJRF - 2005/06 & 09) Three_Below_ZeroZ 02.01.09 Open Collaborations
Meeting The Alien (MJRF) Vic Holman 01.31.09 Rock
Permission to Dive (MJRF) echoroom 01.31.09 Alternative Rock
Macjams Re-Uni' Parade (MJRF) Moviz 01.31.09 Other
black coat john [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 01.16.09 Bluegrass
Sunny Side of the Street Ibstrat 01.15.09 Jazz (instrumental)
CONFIRMATION SISTERS 01.13.09 Pop (mainstream)
Galaxy Band 9 Skean 01.13.09 Ambient
WRONG GUY five_extra_arms 01.12.09 Electropop
If I Ruled The Universe Vic Holman 01.12.09 Alternative Rock
VARIO Sweet79 01.11.09 NUjazz
Say a Prayer Moviz 01.11.09 Ballad
situation critical egobandit 01.09.09 Alternative Rock
Still On Her Mind Vic Holman 01.04.09 Alternative Rock
Nothing in the Way - Vic Holman remix bud 01.04.09 Alternative Rock
Won't You Tell Me lavalamp 01.04.09 Psychedelic
Heros( aclarke/mcboy) Mcboy 01.02.09 Alternative Rock
Sweet Strawberry DeathArrow 12.24.08 Alternative Rock
got no credit egobandit 12.23.08 Psychedelic
MAID OF METAL (MIRx/michael2) five_extra_arms 12.23.08 Other
Regret W/Spitlogic Skean 12.23.08 Trip Hop
twenty seven bonnieprincejohnny 12.23.08 Disco
Amy's Chasing Clouds Vic Holman 12.21.08 Alternative Rock
Dragon Scales - story drakonis 12.19.08 Spoken Word-Poetry
When We First Met DeathArrow 12.19.08 Alternative Rock
Abracadabra blaky smith 12.19.08 Folk (contemporary)
goin down egobandit 12.17.08 Hard Rock
Afraid of Love (w/estellie) rsorensen 12.16.08 Indie Rock
Tracing the Sky guitapick 12.16.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
It's Christmas Moviz 12.16.08 Holiday
Silent Night (Acoustic) Leon 12.15.08 Holiday
Tick Tick Tock mikkinylund 12.14.08 Pop (Alternative)
Winter (Aclarke/Mcboy) Mcboy 12.13.08 Acoustic Rock
The Real Lazarus The Infinites 12.11.08 Dub
Tears Re-al 12.05.08 Pop (mainstream)
Chronicles of a Dysphoric Translator SatelliteTragedy 09.18.08 Alternative Rock
Bowery Boys The Infinites 05.02.08 Punk-Grunge
Without You (w/VicDiesel) aclarke 02.13.08 Folk-Rock
Ultraoverdrive (katchoolik & rschletty) Postludes Trio 10.09.07 Rock
Skankland The Brave! TheSkankBrothers 08.31.07 Other
Tallahassee Tartan TheSkankBrothers 08.14.07 Indie Rock
Through it all w/Mimi/Mcboy&Thoddi Macaudion 01.06.07 Art Rock
Soledad's Return tatin 09.19.06 Acoustic
ZigZag(collab: Z293/mcboy) Mcboy 05.28.06 Hard Rock
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