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I was Born In Mexico City, Mexico, on January 27 of 1992. I grew up with my parents Sergio and Joyce and with my brother Sergio Carlos and my sister Christy. We are a great family. Since I was like 2 years old I started kicking a soccer ball and since then I love soccer, its everything for me, I am a goalkeeper of Two Teams one is Pumas and the otherone is Tuyo. My position is the hardest one since I recieve all the knocks and responsability in all of the team. Another thing I love a lot is WRESTLING, I started watching it like 2 years ago and now I am a great fan, WWE(American) and CMLL(Mexican) are my favourite wrestling companies. My dream was to go to a live WWE show and In January(5 days before my birthday) WWE decided to come to Mexico City so that was my birthday present and I had such good seats that I could shake hands with the wrestlers. And another surprise was that my brother was here because he lives in USA so he went with me it was absolutely AMAZING. Music:Well I like it a lot cause all of my family are musicians except me(funny and strange)My father has a very famous band called "La Tierra Prometida" (Christian Band) so I´ve been to a lot of places to go listen to my dad sing and play. My brother and sister had bands too, not anymore, but all of them were awesome. My favourite groups are Black Eyed Peas, Allison, Avril Lavigne, Claroscuro, La Oreja de Van Gogh, John Cena, Marto, Daddy Yankee, Calle 13, Shakira, Manu Chau, Vico C and all of the WWE themes. As you can see I like music that I can sing not like that kind of music that they dont sing they seem like they are barking like Black Metal and that stuff. And well that's my life. Thank you for spending time reading about me.
But now I am trying to continue the legacy of my family in music who knows maybe its in destiny that i am a musician.
Daniel (DaroMode)
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03.25.10 Como El Vapor 0.00 (0) 1937 (3) Pop (Alternative) 03.31.10 Active
02.19.10 Otra Vez Remix 0.00 (0) 1394 (2) Electropop 02.20.10 Active
12.31.09 Pobre Corazón 0.00 (0) 3040 (4) Rock 01.04.10 Active
02.16.09 Sueño 10.00 (1) 3288 (4) Pop Classical 06.27.09 Active
08.12.07 Sonido Chido 8.33 (3) 4916 (7) Hip Hop-Rap 08.14.07 Active
05.07.07 Luna Llena 8.63 (4) 3935 (7) Hip Hop-Rap 05.29.07 Active
02.27.07 Sube A Diez 8.33 (3) 3072 (9) Hip Hop-Rap 03.17.07 Active
02.07.07 So Confusing 8.00 (1) 2893 (6) Rock 12.31.09 Active
01.07.07 Otra Vez 8.33 (3) 3220 (6) Alternative Rock 04.10.07 Active
01.03.07 Zorro 8.42 (6) 4790 (21) Hip Hop-Rap 02.03.07 Active
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