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Been here since the place opened. I hope you enjoy yourself here at MJ.
In fall 2009, I erased the 60+ tunes I had posted since day one. MJ had changed, becoming hateful and repressive, and I needed to respond appropriately.
What happened? The administration of the site determined, after multiple sincere attempts, there was no money to be made, and surprise, stopped acting to shepherd the site. Mental illness, disguised in small group dynamics ran amok, and crippled the social fabric of the site.
A clique of self-identiying members, utilizing interlocking armies of sock and meat puppets destroyed the credibility of the site by elevating mediocrity and dismissing things musical which failed to agree with the appropriate social trappings.
The Clique simply sucked all the oxygen out of the site and it died. Online competition made sites available without this clique activity and most independent citizens left.
As of Jan 2017 the climate of hate and repression which started growing here in 2008 reached full flower in the mass culture. What should you know about me? I bark. You will find I bite when provoked. Mine is an honest nickname... I got more Lps than you do too lol.
I hope you have a wonderful time at MJ, let us agree to make it the place it could have been...

Daug's Camp Elite award for online advocacy recognizes Mjers for acting musically within established socio/political norms. (I don't agree with the sentiments most times, but respect the musicality)

The Camp Elite 2018 Daug Picks: "Can't Believe a Word" DJShadowkat https://www.macjams.com/song/84168
The Camp Elite 2017 Daug Picks: "Dancing in the Rain" PeterB7858 http://www.macjams.com/song/83159
The Camp Elite 2016 Daug Picks: "Go Away Sam" Dadai.2
http://www.macjams.com/song/82426- co/winner "A Dark Day has Fallen" by Grathy http://www.macjams.com/song/82638
The Camp Elite 2015 Daug Pick: "David Sloan for Mayor" Davis Gloff http://www.macjams.com/song/81446
The Camp Elite 2014 Daug Pick: "Addicted" Aemyn http://www.macjams.com/song/78869
The Camp Elite 2013 Daug Picks: "What a Life" Tmcfate http://www.macjams.com/song/77382
& "Honest Man" Lennon 741 http://www.macjams.com/song/76713
The Camp Elite 2012 Daug Picks:
Kevin's Steamroller " Lost" http://www.macjams.com/song/73364
& Julian The Hackneybloke's "Everyone" http://www.macjams.com/song/72513

If you wanna try yer hand at a Daug tune some backing tracks are available for download. If you ask I might send you the one on the top of the board, it did happen once...

Some Co-lab history;
"Pillow With Otsu" files available on request
"Alcohol and Saturday Morning Cartoons" with the brilliant Shavingronaldscar/Otsu files
"Wolfpack on a Flow" with sonic experimenter IC42 http://www.macjams.com/song/54354
"Rocha with Daug" with Rocha and sax soulman Awigze http://www.macjams.com/song/54813
"Orchid and Andy After Party" with Awige, or Andy Sax http://www.macjams.com/song/55692
"Hot and Spicey" featuring Ramonaji http://www.macjams.com/song/55989
"Daphne" Saxophone delights from Andy Wigzell http://www.macjams.com/song/56215
"Personal Space" with Steve Stone of Tonestone http://www.macjams.com/song/56383
"Fall Breakup" with Char http://www.macjams.com/song/57334
"Smoking or Non?" with Andy Wigzell http://www.macjams.com/song/59837
"'Bout Time" Siren's Headband with Andy Wigzell
"Mr. Wrong" Siren's Headband with Andy Sax and the charming Char
"Groovin' with Andy" Siren's Headband Andy Wigzell soulful sax solo
"Boca Chica" Siren's Headband featuring Andy Sax http://www.macjams.com/song/61176
"Sensory Overload" Siren's Headband http://www.macjams.com/song/64569"
"I Could" with Philip 18 http://www.macjams.com/song/81000

Download for your personal use only, higher quality format available by request.

All material and performance available at the Daug House is copy write protected by Smiling Dog Productions, downloads are intended solely for the personal use of this audience, and may not be reproduced and/or released in any format without the written consent of Smiling Dog Productions.


Daugrin's Songs (135)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.14.19 A.O.C.  (---) 239 (19) Alternative Rock 02.17.19 Active
01.23.19 Phil's Exit  (---) 245 (10) Easy Listening 02.10.19 Active
01.01.19 Yellow Vest For Yer Head  (---) 264 (18) Inspirational (contemporary) 01.21.19 Active
12.25.18 What Will You Do?  (---) 197 (4) Experimental 12.31.18 Active
12.14.18 Freak of the Week  (---) 260 (12) Country-Western 12.18.18 Active
12.12.18 Q the Giant  (---) 243 (14) Alternative Rock 12.29.18 Active
11.19.18 Camp Ends Badly  (---) 264 (1) Easy Listening 11.19.18 Active
11.15.18 Live Muppet Jesus Message  (---) 305 (9) Gospel 12.08.18 Active
08.11.18 canis et in cathedra inanis  (---) 523 (8) Piano 08.21.18 Active
05.22.18 Can You Stay Awhile?  (---) 745 (19) Inspirational (contemporary) 07.22.18 Active
05.12.18 Low IQ  (---) 471 (12) Funk 05.19.18 Active
04.06.18 Pantie Dropper Part ll  (---) 735 (23) Jazz Fusion 04.29.18 Active
03.31.18 There Above You  (---) 450 (3) Inspirational (contemporary) 04.04.18 Active
03.25.18 Live @ Number Station 41217  (---) 441 (6) Informational 03.30.18 Active
03.15.18 Hate Like You  (---) 656 (18) Inspirational (contemporary) 04.24.18 Active
12.25.17 Chicken Pokey Special  (---) 916 (10) Holiday 02.07.18 Active
10.17.17 TCYB/U Got No Mind  (---) 1198 (10) Inspirational (contemporary) 11.27.17 Active
09.08.17 Lian-Hau Lotus  (---) 1100 (9) Ethnic-International 09.24.17 Active
08.31.17 Hater's Honk 0.00 (0) 1113 (8) Inspirational (contemporary) 09.07.17 Active
08.18.17 Hate Beret  (---) 1100 (13) Inspirational (contemporary) 08.29.17 Active
08.15.17 Something Wrong Fergie?  (---) 964 (14) Inspirational (contemporary) 08.22.17 Active
08.06.17 Ghoulardi Rocks Doe Peep/Black Swan Shuffle  (---) 1065 (14) Inspirational (contemporary) 08.14.17 Active
08.03.17 Rescue You  (---) 963 (10) Electronic 08.12.17 Active
05.26.17 Medea Don't Matr H8 Party  (---) 1507 (13) Inspirational (contemporary) 07.14.17 Active
05.19.17 At Starbucks...  (---) 1131 (15) Inspirational (contemporary) 05.25.17 Active
04.27.17 Games For May  (---) 1354 (20) Alternative Rock 05.14.17 Active
04.12.17 Too Hip to Trip  (---) 1190 (17) Trip Hop 05.20.17 Active
03.17.17 Clearing in the Forrest of Feeling  (---) 1252 (15) Piano 03.28.17 Active
03.14.17 Valentine's Dance  (---) 991 (7) Experimental 03.16.17 Active
03.04.17 Prayer Blanket  (---) 996 (13) Gospel 03.14.17 Active
02.16.17 Monkey Burn  (---) 857 (8) Progressive Rock 03.13.17 Active
02.10.17 Pickup Valentine  (---) 1338 (13) Jazz Fusion 02.19.17 Active
02.04.17 Pussy Hat Snap  (---) 1280 (7) Jazz Fusion 03.21.17 Active
01.25.17 Gooogles de' Trooph  (---) 1225 (18) Informational 02.03.17 Active
01.18.17 Ride Donald  (---) 1131 (18) Psychedelic 01.27.17 Active
01.08.17 Rabbit Line Whiplash  (---) 1222 (17) Experimental 01.19.17 Active
12.24.16 Glimpse Awakening  (---) 1380 (23) Experimental 01.04.17 Active
12.01.16 How You Gonna Hate It Now?  (---) 1499 (20) Rock & Roll 01.17.17 Active
10.26.16 Haunted House Election  (---) 1367 (16) Holiday 11.28.16 Active
09.11.16 Captive Consciousness Lecture  (---) 1592 (17) Experimental 10.20.16 Active
08.05.16 '66 in '16  (---) 1768 (22) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 09.11.16 Active
07.24.16 A Fez Fer Yer Head/ Mr. Fab Sax  (---) 1698 (23) Disco 08.09.16 Active
06.15.16 Break On Through  (---) 1417 (12) Rock 06.23.16 Active
06.09.16 Third Date Panties  (---) 1742 (18) Jazz Fusion 06.15.16 Active
12.24.15 Second Glimpse  (---) 1778 (11) Experimental 01.19.16 Active
11.29.15 Glimpse 0.00 (0) 1072 (6) 12.20.15 Active
11.29.15 Glimpse 0.00 (0) 1120 (3) 12.01.15 Active
11.01.15 Lucy in the Gallery  (---) 1825 (15) Rock & Roll 11.25.15 Active
10.31.15 Lucy in the Gallery 0.00 (0) 973 (6) 11.08.15 Active
10.24.15 Molly on the Beach  (---) 1862 (25) Rock & Roll 11.18.15 Active
10.24.15 Molly on the Beach 0.00 (0) 875 (0) N/A Active
09.14.15 Ladies' Special  (---) 1981 (19) Rhythm and Blues 10.12.15 Active
07.31.15 Freakin' Beacon Blues  (---) 2065 (19) Blues (contemporary) 08.31.15 Active
07.17.15 Spirits of Observable Light  (---) 1825 (26) Jazz Fusion 08.12.15 Active
06.06.15 New Things to See  (---) 2326 (21) Experimental 08.12.15 Active
05.25.15 BIG Reboots/HWYBF?  (---) 2024 (15) Experimental 09.02.15 Active
05.15.15 Audience With King  (---) 1794 (13) Blues (contemporary) 05.23.15 Active
05.10.15 Cretin Dance Chance for Psalm 46  (---) 1307 (1) Experimental 05.14.15 Active
04.26.15 Bad Steward Take 1 & 2  (---) 1871 (12) Blues (contemporary) 05.18.15 Active
04.26.15 Bad Steward Blues  (---) 896 (0) Open Collaborations N/A Active
04.23.15 Great Society Shuffle  (---) 1639 (12) Jazz Fusion 04.26.15 Active
04.02.15 Bitches' Lil Sister Meets Daug  (---) 2315 (28) Blues (traditional) 04.11.15 Active
03.12.15 Bitches' Lil Sis Won't Quit  (---) 1881 (12) Open Collaborations 03.17.15 Active
02.08.15 Urgent Rondezvous  (---) 2343 (17) Jazz Fusion 03.03.15 Active
12.05.14 "Callin' Santa"/ with Moviz  (---) 2410 (21) Holiday 12.28.14 Active
11.27.14 Double Tap  (---) 2055 (21) Jazz Fusion 12.12.14 Active
11.18.14 Stampede From Utopia Blues  (---) 2011 (20) Blues (contemporary) 11.28.14 Active
11.01.14 H1 B Work Visa  (---) 1536 (12) Informational 11.10.14 Active
11.01.14 Hen Party Time!  (---) 3338 (5) Open Collaborations 11.11.14 Active
10.14.14 Rabbit Line Observes Crows  (---) 2138 (19) Experimental 12.06.14 Active
10.06.14 Harold's Light  (---) 2599 (37) Gospel 12.19.14 Active
09.28.14 Juke Joint Hanna/ Sax Mr. Fab  (---) 1601 (11) Rock & Roll 10.03.14 Active
09.21.14 'lil wet thang  (---) 1879 (24) Dance-Club 09.29.14 Active
09.07.14 Slender Man Encounter  (---) 2464 (30) Informational 09.30.15 Active
07.18.14 False Flag Boogie /Mr. Fab Sax  (---) 2789 (36) Jazz (instrumental) 09.01.14 Active
06.27.14 The Dummy Up  (---) 2486 (32) Dance-Club 08.24.14 Active
06.19.14 Cobalt Sunset  (---) 2167 (21) Informational 08.01.14 Active
04.05.14 Herbert Absurd/ Mr. Fab Sax  (---) 2994 (29) Rock & Roll 05.09.15 Active
03.08.14 Oh, Caroline No  (---) 2618 (41) Progressive Rock 03.21.14 Active
02.08.14 4 D Glasses  (---) 3217 (64) Experimental 02.24.14 Active
12.24.13 Soft Crash Xmas  (---) 3039 (27) Experimental 02.03.14 Active
11.17.13 The Duomatic/Welcome to the Semiosphere  (---) 2144 (19) Experimental 03.30.14 Active
10.17.13 Rumspringa/ Mr. Fab Sax  (---) 3039 (33) Cinematic Soundtrack 11.16.13 Active
09.19.13 Rockin' Big Sister  (---) 2972 (37) Rock & Roll 01.27.14 Active
09.05.13 Toxic Affairs  (---) 1886 (9) Ballad 09.18.14 Active
08.29.13 Rogers Meets Detroit  (---) 2532 (23) Experimental 09.03.13 Active
07.28.13 Carlos Danger & Lady Weiner  (---) 2346 (25) Ballad 08.23.13 Active
06.27.13 What If Your Not?  (---) 2490 (40) Experimental 07.28.13 Active
06.21.13 Soul Party/ Live from the Digital Ghetto  (---) 2322 (34) Soul 11.13.18 Active
06.01.13 Other Mutha Brother's Reggae  (---) 1815 (15) Reggae 06.22.13 Active
05.02.13 Ride Yer Bike  (---) 2228 (26) Jazz Fusion 07.23.13 Active
04.21.13 Scene Control  (---) 1907 (15) Informational 04.27.13 Active
04.11.13 Sheep Bacon  (---) 1996 (25) Dance-Club 04.16.13 Active
03.23.13 Last Hot Summertime  (---) 2596 (31) Easy Listening 09.02.17 Active
03.13.13 Spill The Grain/Grain House Drag  (---) 2205 (26) Experimental 04.09.13 Active
01.26.13 Kool Daddy Free/Sax Mr. Fab  (---) 2983 (37) Jazz Fusion 02.05.13 Active
01.13.13 Collab Mr. Departure  (---) 1945 (20) Jazz Fusion 01.25.13 Active
01.05.13 Mr. Departure  (---) 2048 (24) Jazz Fusion 01.19.13 Active
12.24.12 Hanswurst's Circus Date  (---) 2024 (21) Experimental 01.01.13 Active
10.07.12 Ship of Fools  (---) 3926 (46) Experimental 01.26.13 Active
09.06.12 'Tader Heads/ Sax Mr. Fab/ Program Skean  (---) 3106 (40) Jazz Fusion 09.22.12 Active
08.31.12 Who Dat? (The Imperial Pt. lll)  (---) 2060 (24) Pop (Alternative) 09.06.12 Active
08.26.12 The Imperial (Part One)  (---) 2105 (27) Comedy-Satire-Parody 08.31.12 Active
08.11.12 Chocolate Moose/Sax Mr. Fab  (---) 3495 (38) Jazz Fusion 08.21.12 Active
07.30.12 9/11 VBS Memorial Stand By  (---) 2250 (12) Informational 08.08.12 Active
06.27.12 Wee Weed Up in Oz  (---) 2610 (24) Informational 07.24.12 Active
06.16.12 Kawaiku Nai Yo  (---) 2809 (33) Ethnic-International 06.27.12 Active
06.04.12 Big Ears Put The Panic On!  (---) 2232 (8) Indie Rock 06.10.12 Active
05.31.12 Whz Yr Hdrsr?  (---) 2677 (21) Progressive Rock 06.03.12 Active
05.18.12 Sympathy  (---) 2575 (21) Hard Rock 11.11.13 Active
04.07.12 Thirty Seconds  (---) 2289 (23) Pop Orchestral 04.18.12 Active
03.24.12 Postcard (Upscale Version)  (---) 2486 (30) Jazz Fusion 04.04.12 Active
03.14.12 Postcard from Daug  (---) 2812 (40) Jazz Fusion 03.22.12 Active
12.30.11 Saul's Blue Tickle  (---) 3184 (38) Blues (contemporary) 02.18.12 Active
12.15.11 Soul Pack  (---) 4818 (38) Jazz Fusion 01.14.12 Active
12.07.11 HMX Pancakes  (---) 3176 (52) Experimental 12.15.11 Active
10.22.11 Roland OTC/Sam Dixon Voc/Mr. Fab Sax  (---) 3437 (27) Jazz Fusion 12.06.11 Active
09.23.11 Sunflower Headspace  (---) 3187 (43) Experimental 11.02.11 Active
09.09.11 Elite Polka/Septic Truck Part II  (---) 2554 (18) Experimental 09.23.11 Active
08.24.11 Septic Truck at Camp Elite Part One  (---) 4245 (26) Jazz (instrumental) 09.11.11 Active
08.11.11 Meet the Dissidents/ Sax Mr. Fab  (---) 3206 (34) Jazz (instrumental) 09.11.11 Active
08.04.11 Brace, Get Down, Stay Down/ Sax Mr. Fab  (---) 3715 (55) Jazz (instrumental) 09.11.11 Active
05.12.11 "The Little Blue Dog"  (---) 4296 (65) Experimental 08.12.11 Active
05.07.11 Righteous Meeting/Andy and Damien Sax  (---) 4253 (60) Jazz (instrumental) 06.25.11 Active
03.27.11 "Let's Go Cow Tipping"  (---) 12841 (74) Experimental 11.06.13 Active
03.17.11 Where The Vacant Are...  (---) 3917 (49) Experimental 03.25.11 Active
02.26.11 "Ike's Kids" Solo Andy Sax  (---) 3738 (41) Jazz (instrumental) 03.16.11 Active
02.01.11 "Daddy's Little Girl" PC11/Richard 13  (---) 4107 (63) Experimental 04.20.11 Active
01.15.11 Two Bitches  (---) 5145 (72) Jazz Fusion 06.22.11 Active
01.10.11 MEDIOCRATES  (---) 3232 (36) Experimental 01.18.11 Active
12.09.10 SEASONS GREETINGS!  (---) 3517 (62) Jazz Fusion 01.18.11 Active
11.03.10 New Morning Gospel  (---) 3918 (59) Gospel 01.18.11 Active
05.21.10 Wake Up Call  (---) 3875 (54) Experimental 01.18.11 Active
03.02.10 Daugerel  (---) 4126 (72) Jazz Fusion 02.08.11 Active
02.12.10 Xallarap  (---) 3651 (44) Jazz Fusion 01.19.11 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Can You Hear Me? Skean 02.14.19 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mr. Tarver Revisited/Gra3ham sammydix 02.13.19 Funk
Let Freedumb Ring stratjmp 02.13.19 Progressive Rock
Bass Time Narad 02.13.19 Acoustic
Chibbers For Bros ft jzsuperstar Loob 02.11.19 Rock & Roll
Moving Forward Shivers 02.10.19 Folk (contemporary)
Experimental Track mike_d 02.08.19 Experimental
Blonde Chief Thunder Bear 02.07.19 Pop (mainstream)
Falling Underground AllenDean 02.04.19 Hard Rock
Fascist in my Soup DWL 02.04.19 Alternative Rock
So Convinced jobu 02.03.19 Acoustic
The Smell of Victory grah3am 02.02.19 Rock
Mr. Tarver sammydix 02.01.19 Funk
Bought a Watch Now groovehounds 01.31.19 Alternative Rock
It's Only Love that matters Hickling_Stan 01.31.19 Acoustic Rock
Is It Any Wonder steveg 01.29.19 Other
Gulfstream Narad 01.28.19 Psychedelic
Nowhere to Feel Safe papag 01.27.19 Pop (Alternative)
Chicken Boy DWL 01.26.19 Romantic
The Crossing (farewell to Phil) Dadai.2 01.25.19 Folk-Rock
Save Your Bait Chief Thunder Bear 01.25.19 Pop (mainstream)
STARLIGHT Calchas 01.24.19 Rock
The Long Arm of Grace Scott Carmichael 01.23.19 Rock
Mork and Mindy Chief Thunder Bear 01.22.19 Pop (mainstream)
night blue charlieknight 01.22.19 Jazz (instrumental)
An Important Step 2 steveg 01.22.19 Indie Rock
Autumn Leaves (Philip Gardner and the Hounds) groovehounds 01.21.19 Jazz (instrumental)
chaos and destruction HairyJohnson 01.20.19 Electronic
Polythene Parade grah3am 01.19.19 Electronic
Inferno Narad 01.19.19 Film Scoring
fEELIN' ALRIGHT groovehounds 01.18.19 Alternative Rock
Runnin' On Empty crissew 01.17.19 Rhythm and Blues
This BREXIT Mess philonnie 01.16.19 Political
Bird Courtship Narad 01.16.19 Ambient
Jump Back Calchas 01.15.19 Rock
WILLIN' KCsGROOVE 01.15.19 Rock
Broken Mirror scottghorwath 01.14.19 Ballad
A Reasonable Freakout Chief Thunder Bear 01.11.19 Pop (mainstream)
An Important Step steveg 01.11.19 Indie Rock
Stay With Me DonStevens 01.10.19 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Project Megastudio1- test AllenDean 01.10.19 Rock (instrumental)
Walkin' Calchas 01.08.19 Rock
Power 2 DonStevens 01.06.19 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Marching Ants grah3am 01.06.19 Cinematic Soundtrack
Britain in Bloom DWL 01.06.19 Romantic
Born of necessity Narad 01.03.19 Ambient
2019 Breathe In, Breathe Out Dadai.2 12.29.18 Rock (instrumental)
ANTHIMOS Bowman 12.26.18 Classical
Utopian christopherpsly 12.24.18 Classical
Runnin' (semi acoustic) KCsGROOVE 12.23.18 Rock
Journey to the Unknown Narad 12.19.18 Ambient
How Far Is It to Bethlehem kristyjo 12.18.18 Holiday
hangover groovehounds 12.18.18 Alternative Rock
Big Damn Lie (Ballad Of Red Rocks) Calchas 12.18.18 Folk-Rock
Purply Pink Christmas Moses 12.17.18 Acoustic
Dog Me, Dogma grah3am 12.16.18 Rock
just walk on by charlieknight 12.16.18 Alternative Rock
Christmas is Never The Same Mike_Lynn 12.16.18 Pop (Alternative)
Handshake egobandit 12.13.18 Alternative Rock
THE WORLD KCsGROOVE 12.13.18 Acoustic Rock
Carol of the Bells jgurner 12.12.18 Alternative Rock
Trump's America ramonaji 12.08.18 Pop (Alternative)
Black Train Narad 12.08.18 Ambient
Black Train Narad 12.08.18 Ambient
All the Tea in China VicDiesel 12.07.18 Twentieth Century
The four gates of heaven Narad 12.07.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
running away charlieknight 11.30.18 Acoustic Rock
Jump Back Calchas 11.28.18 Rock
Black Train groovehounds 11.28.18 Blues (contemporary)
Vintage Narad 11.27.18 Ambient
Beautiful Rose tmcfate 11.26.18 Alternative Rock
You're not really gone kingkenny 11.23.18 Acoustic
Squirrel fixation VicDiesel 11.18.18 Ambient
Devilish Stranger grah3am 11.18.18 Folk-Rock
National Anthem Of Christurbia christopherpsly 11.17.18 Classical
I Catch Myself jobu 11.17.18 Electropop
Those were the days (rock version) KCsGROOVE 11.13.18 Rock
Not A Sparrow Falls Calchas 11.12.18 Folk-Rock
Fall Storm Narad 11.12.18 Classical
Fall Storm Narad 11.12.18 Classical
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! KCsGROOVE 10.11.18 Pop (Alternative)
Guia christopherpsly 10.06.18 Classical
Low blow VicDiesel 10.06.18 Ambient
Apathy Moses 08.30.18 Acoustic Rock
Complechtre VicDiesel 08.21.18 Twentieth Century
2 a.m. boogie charlieknight 08.17.18 Bluegrass
Sweet Veronica pharmakeus 08.15.18 Alternative Rock
Sweet Veronica pharmakeus 08.15.18 Alternative Rock
Holy Ghost DWL 08.13.18 Alternative Rock
They got you now egobandit 08.11.18 Art Rock
Refuge Philip18 08.07.18 Acoustic
Back in the Trenches Moses 08.03.18 Blues (contemporary)
Looking-Glass War Warren Smith 08.03.18 Alternative Rock
Looking-Glass War Warren Smith 08.03.18 Alternative Rock
Looking-Glass War Warren Smith 08.03.18 Alternative Rock
Looking-Glass War Warren Smith 08.03.18 Alternative Rock
Looking-Glass War Warren Smith 08.03.18 Alternative Rock
Can't Believe a Word (Orange Donny Mix) DJShadowkat 07.31.18 Electronic
Something Real groovehounds 07.17.18 Rhythm and Blues
Grist For The Mill Calchas 07.16.18 Ballad
We'll Meet Again Moviz 07.12.18 Country-Western
Closing hour VicDiesel 07.08.18 Ambient
HAVE HORN...WILL TRAVEL (take 2) Bowman 06.12.18 Classical
Dissonance FEEL 06.11.18 Rock
Dream donalraft 05.24.18 Alternative Rock
Wombat The_Applesauce_Project 05.24.18 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Wombat The_Applesauce_Project 05.24.18 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Wombat The_Applesauce_Project 05.24.18 Comedy-Satire-Parody
"TippyToes" abzwork 05.22.18 Jazz Fusion
Lone River Samba rsolorio 05.22.18 Samba
A Sojourn's End... LouisLacey 05.20.18 New Age
We Love to Play groovehounds 05.20.18 Rock
Love Story Moviz 05.20.18 Ballad
Unending egobandit 05.18.18 Psychedelic
Not Living There Anymore with Jon Darren & Loob Philip18 05.16.18 Acoustic
One Too Many Virgos The_Applesauce_Project 05.16.18 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Proletarian Blues Calchas 05.16.18 Rock
Coming Through my Back Door groovehounds 05.13.18 Rock
This Gift/His Gift morgan102 05.13.18 Other
SPRING MOOD KCsGROOVE 05.11.18 Inspirational (contemporary)
No Reason Nor Rhyme PeterB7858 05.08.18 Rock
Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now The_Applesauce_Project 05.07.18 Pop (Alternative)
The Thirsty Earth grah3am 05.03.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ice Cold Calchas 05.01.18 Rock
Blount at 5 VicDiesel 04.30.18 Acoustic
BAD RUMOURS (band version) KCsGROOVE 04.29.18 Rock
Nathan Browne pablatone 04.28.18 Folk (contemporary)
Remember groovehounds 04.24.18 Alternative Rock
The Drift... Dadai.2 04.24.18 Jazz (instrumental)
Into the wind kipak 04.22.18 Folk-Rock
Rider jimmyrus 04.22.18 Reggae
All is Lost grah3am 04.21.18 Progressive Rock
IT IS YOU KCsGROOVE 04.21.18 Rock
nothing but hope egobandit 04.19.18 Art Rock
Butterfly effect jimmyrus 04.19.18 Acoustic
EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT groovehounds 04.17.18 Rhythm and Blues
Mixed Signals Calchas 04.17.18 Rock
Epilogue PeterB7858 04.16.18 Acoustic Rock
Lost Highway LouisLacey 04.15.18 Funk
Guided Meditation (feat. Cheese Pantz) Chief Thunder Bear 04.13.18 Cha-Cha
poem to a lovely day Chief Thunder Bear 04.13.18 Pop (mainstream)
Cease and Desist (A BladeRunner 2049 Mix) Reinholt56 04.12.18 Film Scoring
In This Morning Light jobu 04.08.18 Folk (contemporary)
Crows in the Snow Hickling_Stan 04.08.18 Folk-Rock
Can't It Wait Until Tomorrow Vic Holman 04.07.18 Indie Rock
Dreaming in Autumn Rain XMaramena 04.07.18 Piano
This Songs For You morgan102 04.05.18 Rhythm and Blues
Sunflower with lyrics DWL 04.04.18 Alternative Rock
Too much electric guitar? SJB 04.04.18 Acoustic Rock
Chariot pablatone 04.03.18 Rock
Come as You Were grah3am 04.02.18 Rock
GET DOWN groovehounds 04.01.18 Funk
We Can Never Fall (Angry Blue Planet Track 1) jgurner 03.30.18 Alternative Rock
80 Electric Fish grah3am 03.25.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
80 Electric Fish grah3am 03.25.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
Cass Corridor redux-L J_Gretch 03.25.18 Alternative Rock
WONDERING (band version) KCsGROOVE 03.24.18 Rock
Double Fouble VicDiesel 03.24.18 Ambient
Serenity Jayrodd 03.22.18 Piano
Age and Denial Vic Holman 03.20.18 Alternative Rock
Making Tracks Warren Smith 03.20.18 Rock (instrumental)
Power train Narad 03.19.18 Ambient
The Bum Dagger grah3am 03.18.18 Progressive Rock
There's No Place Like Home mvh9591 03.16.18 Dancehall
Dust of time SpiresVortex 03.16.18 Art Rock
MARY JANE (band version) KCsGROOVE 03.15.18 Rock
DON'T LOOK BACK Franciscus_Henri 03.14.18 Ballad
The core of the earth Narad 03.10.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
When We Fly grah3am 03.09.18 Rock
Dream Of A Shadow Calchas 03.05.18 Folk-Rock
Dream Of A Shadow Calchas 03.05.18 Folk-Rock
Dream Of A Shadow Calchas 03.05.18 Folk-Rock
Wanna Be Human But This Song... Chimalus 02.24.18 House
How Big Does Yer Affro Grow jie 02.21.18 Alternative Rock
The Liquor Store groovehounds 02.20.18 Blues (contemporary)
If You Can Hang On by Outtaorbit awigze 02.18.18 Folk (contemporary)
Tales From The Cosmic Oyster The_Applesauce_Project 02.14.18 Psychedelic
Western Stranger Doug Somers 01.31.18 Film Scoring
Western Stranger Doug Somers 01.31.18 Film Scoring
Love After Love Calchas 01.10.18 Funk
Summertime echoroom 01.06.18 Alternative Rock
Sibling Revelry Calchas 12.31.17 Rock
Like a Bomb jobu 12.10.17 Acoustic Rock
Promises jobu 11.25.17 Pop (Alternative)
Plane speedonl 11.04.17 Blues (traditional)
Strangerous Calchas 11.02.17 Rock
Convenience Store tempie 11.02.17 Rock
Let Your Feet Walk FatherTime 11.01.17 Rock
1967 jgurner 10.31.17 Alternative Rock
champagnefinishline Chief Thunder Bear 10.31.17 Pop (mainstream)
Madness Moses 10.29.17 Alternative Rock
Freedom's Child Calchas 10.28.17 Rock
Power DonStevens 10.28.17 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
A Hodge Podge of Halloween Reinholt56 10.28.17 Ambient
All The Way Home tmcfate 10.25.17 Alternative Rock
Metal On The Outside five_extra_arms 10.24.17 Electronic
Dream Dream jobu 10.24.17 Acoustic Rock
Spies matan 10.23.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Great Wave (w Sam Dixon) PeterB7858 10.22.17 Acoustic Rock
Song for Sons Hickling_Stan 10.22.17 Acoustic
Something used egobandit 10.21.17 Alternative Rock
Steel Grip five_extra_arms 10.19.17 Electronic
Nothing Looks Good On You sammydix 10.18.17 Rockabilly
All the Same speedonl 10.18.17 Alternative Rock
I Float (Part2) christopherpsly 10.17.17 Classical
WAR ON MY SCREEN (#3) KCsGROOVE 10.17.17 Rock
Why Can't They Be You? Grathy 10.17.17 Jazz (vocal)
Black Recorder VicDiesel 10.17.17 Game Soundtrack
Deloraine Strawberry_Lane 09.28.17 Pop (mainstream)
Time Machine sammydix 09.27.17 Art Rock
The Last Hit scaustrita 09.27.17 Alternative Rock
Bigger State Than Texas jie 09.27.17 Alternative Rock
Missing Something grah3am 09.24.17 Pop (Alternative)
Sonnerie de Ste Genevieve VicDiesel 09.23.17 Classical
Sometime Tomorrow awigze 09.23.17 Jazz (instrumental)
Dog Shit Shuffle jie 09.21.17 Easy Listening
Nowhere Warren Smith 09.19.17 Gothic Rock
I'm not like you kingkenny 09.07.17 Bluegrass
Through the Wheels on the other Side tmcfate 09.05.17 Alternative Rock
Dream Hotel Loob 09.02.17 Jazz (vocal)
On the sly VicDiesel 09.01.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Good Man Down Calchas 08.30.17 Rock
Lazy Peaks Hickling_Stan 08.28.17 Acoustic
Lab Chimp Warren Smith 08.25.17 Rock
Your Heart CrystalBlue 08.25.17 Inspirational (contemporary)
Flute Bag VicDiesel 08.21.17 Hardcore
Ghost Machine sammydix 08.18.17 Progressive Rock
Deep through the forest / W-particledots Skean 08.18.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Resilience Hickling_Stan 08.16.17 Art Rock
WITCHITA LINEMAN KCsGROOVE 08.14.17 Country-Western
Sweet Hearts Wait On Every Shore Franciscus_Henri 08.13.17 Ballad
The Shark of Galway Bay (Declan Finnegan’s Ghost) peeg 08.11.17 Celtic
Just A Man (After All) Calchas 08.09.17 Rock
Ten Years Gone Led Zeppelin Cover FEEL 08.08.17 Acoustic Rock
This Empire's State DWL 08.08.17 Political
Dejame, memoria triste dirigent 08.07.17 Ethnic-International
End Of Summer psexnyc 08.06.17 Rhythm and Blues
Quiet Town Dean-Resonator 08.04.17 Folk-Rock
Ships In The Night (w Sam D) PeterB7858 08.03.17 Acoustic Rock
Lost demo song Hickling_Stan 08.03.17 Acoustic
You Know the Rest jobu 07.31.17 Pop (Alternative)
6th St. Masquerade - Take 2 (Jack sitting in with Tom) Dadai.2 07.31.17 Acoustic Rock
Dreamer Skean 07.30.17 Art Rock
Notion [w/ Loob] Calchas 07.17.17 Rock
Port Of Call Calchas 07.07.17 Acoustic Rock
dusty donalraft 06.29.17 Pop (mainstream)
Sibling Revelry (Jam Demo) Calchas 06.23.17 Rock
camberwick too donalraft 06.06.17 Acoustic
I dont know egobandit 06.03.17 Alternative Rock
Betazoid VicDiesel 06.03.17 Ambient
Steam Hobo SpiresVortex 06.02.17 Bluegrass
The Crucible Calchas 06.02.17 Ballad
Show Me danml69 06.01.17 Smooth Jazz
Time and a Word sammydix 06.01.17 Art Rock
Make It Happen feat Kathy Shortt and Melanie Cholie Loob 05.30.17 Funk
Thinking about You speedonl 05.29.17 Alternative Rock
Beach Bossa Philip18 05.26.17 Latin Jazz
Sunday haze VicDiesel 05.23.17 Ambient
13 jgurner 05.23.17 Alternative Rock
Want To Buy A Lemon? The_Applesauce_Project 05.22.17 Progressive Rock
way-o man richard13 05.22.17 Experimental
Reversed Curses lazernation 05.21.17 Electronic
GOT2 HAVE YOUR LOVE danml69 05.19.17 Smooth Jazz
Where Did The Sun Go with Lokka Garni 05.19.17 Electropop
Humble Hat Calchas 05.19.17 Rock
Koala on the Prowl rsolorio 05.19.17 Funk
alpha ste 05.19.17 Progressive Rock
Schubert Let The Ducks Out mr_mordenus 05.18.17 Classical
Stone Houses MikeyB 05.15.17 Alternative Rock
Devil With A Suit MikeyB 05.15.17 Alternative Rock
Brand New Day Warren Smith 05.12.17 Country-Western
Back In The Tunnel Calchas 05.12.17 Folk (contemporary)
The little mermaid Narad 05.12.17 Inspirational (contemporary)
Pleasant Valley Sunday FEEL 05.11.17 Rock
May Full Moon VicDiesel 05.09.17 Ambient
When I'm Without You TommyBlueBoy 05.08.17 Bossa Nova
Black Sheep ft. Moody Mo & Melanie Cholie Loob 05.07.17 Jazz (vocal)
Heaven is Waiting echoroom 05.07.17 Alternative Rock
Quest Hydrogen3 05.05.17 Ambient
Surrounded by Animals (New Mix) billdancourtney 05.02.17 Rock (instrumental)
Exploring V2 Hickling_Stan 04.30.17 Experimental
1917 Bowman 04.29.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Gargoyle Calchas 04.28.17 Rock
Baile (Got To Do It) w Scautritas and Happy Cane sammydix 04.28.17 Funk
In The pocket SpiderNick 04.25.17 Rock
Shoot The Label SpiderNick 04.25.17 Rock
The Sea Bride Narad 04.25.17 Classical
Homemade Icecream performed by Peter Thorneycroft Philip18 04.23.17 Acoustic
Solo jobu 04.22.17 Rock
Eleanor Plunkett Ren-Tin-10 04.20.17 Renaissance
Second Wind mrattue 04.20.17 Ballad
Surrounded by Animals billdancourtney 04.18.17 Rock (instrumental)
That's How Much I Love You Lord Soulman4270 04.14.17 Gospel
April smokey bacon jnr 04.14.17 Dub
Treading Water Calchas 04.14.17 Folk (contemporary)
On Your Knees Warren Smith 04.13.17 Political
I KEEP CALLING JESUS Franciscus_Henri 04.11.17 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Dancing In The Rain (GSB) PeterB7858 04.10.17 Acoustic Rock
Tempest Wave egobandit 04.10.17 Alternative Rock
Tommy Cat awigze 04.09.17 Jazz (instrumental)
Inside This Skin2 [w/VicDiesel] Calchas 04.08.17 Pop Orchestral
F%@k Fifty! jgurner 04.08.17 Punk-Grunge
Port Arthur Blues Jarvoid 04.01.17 Folk (traditional)
Found Myself Again Moses 03.29.17 Acoustic
Serenade 2017 Narad 03.27.17 Classical
Tangerine Nightmare jgurner 03.26.17 Alternative Rock
Contagious Benediction Hickling_Stan 03.26.17 Art Rock
Guillotine Calchas 03.24.17 Rock
screwed ste 03.22.17 Punk-Grunge
Red Red Room Moses 03.21.17 Alternative Rock
Jolly England DWL 03.21.17 Political
No expense spared kingbee 03.20.17 Alternative Rock
Dirty Female jobu 03.18.17 Alternative Rock
afternoon in heaven richard13 03.17.17 Romantic
Reverie Philip18 03.16.17 New Age
'76 LP Alt stratcat 03.14.17 Rock
BACK TO NATURE (#2) KCsGROOVE 03.14.17 Rock
Sunny Day speedonl 03.14.17 Blues (contemporary)
Enter the machine CounterHarmony 03.13.17 Metal
Paper Moon with Melanie Cholie Loob 03.12.17 Ballad
'76 LP stratcat 03.11.17 Hard Rock
The Dead can Dance PrototypeEightyOne 03.10.17 Hip Hop-Rap
Little Things Calchas 03.09.17 Folk-Rock
Little Things Calchas 03.09.17 Folk-Rock
Dancing In The Rain PeterB7858 03.09.17 Acoustic
a dream in 3 parts richard13 03.07.17 Ambient
Mind's Eye Warren Smith 03.06.17 Alternative Rock
No Dogs Barking tmcfate 02.28.17 Acoustic Rock
WHY DONT YOU LIKE MY FRIENDS? with SASJA ANTHEUNIS Franciscus_Henri 02.26.17 Dance-Club
Parabola oldlibmike 02.25.17 Piano
The Lonely Man Bob Rodgers 02.25.17 Rock
Coming Home - Based on a Theme by David Kneupper Doug Somers 02.23.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Amsterdam Express Narad 02.22.17 Ambient
Jules Jumpin'Jehosophat Jivin' Jammin'Joint. johncarless 02.22.17 Pop (mainstream)
Same Old Song feat. Mike Perry (lead vocals) bigdaddycee 02.22.17 Soul
Explorers Calchas 02.21.17 Folk (contemporary)
Don't Bury Me in Seattle Damroze 02.20.17 Acoustic
Politik jgurner 02.20.17 Hard Rock
Un jour de décembre blaky smith 02.19.17 Other
Lifeline PeterB7858 02.18.17 Acoustic
Beauty All Around Me richard13 02.18.17 New Age
Replaced w Kathy Shortt, and Ted Poulsen Loob 02.16.17 Ballad
Angels Moviz 02.14.17 Hawaiian
Nothing to Do With Me. jobu 02.12.17 Pop (Alternative)
Scar Tissue Calchas 02.12.17 Alternative Rock
Could Have Been Anything Vic Holman 02.12.17 Alternative Rock
Convolution#1 H3nry 02.12.17 Experimental
Falling Away jgurner 02.12.17 Pop (Alternative)
The Dancer DWL 02.11.17 Political
Scar Tissue Calchas 02.10.17 Alternative Rock
Something odd is going on Dean-Resonator 02.10.17 Country-Western
Village Life Hickling_Stan 02.09.17 Folk (contemporary)
Thinking 'Bout You The_Applesauce_Project 02.09.17 Pop (Alternative)
Morning Breeze [with VicDiesel] Warren Smith 02.07.17 Solo Instrument
Toe Tapper Philip18 02.03.17 Jazz (instrumental)
Hippie Jim gadzooks 02.02.17 Acoustic Rock
Which path will we take Skean 02.02.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
From the Top of the Hour Chief Thunder Bear 02.01.17 Pop (mainstream)
Fan The Spark Calchas 02.01.17 Rock
Fan The Spark Calchas 02.01.17 Rock
Merlin at work X Narad 01.31.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Maps PeterB Sam Mix sammydix 01.30.17 Acoustic Rock
I Can't Count Chief Thunder Bear 01.28.17 Rock & Roll
The Shallow People lavalamp 01.28.17 Alternative Rock
The Shallow People lavalamp 01.28.17 Alternative Rock
No Superhero sewer rod 01.28.17 Acoustic Rock
'63 Split on Route 666 sewer rod 01.28.17 Rock
Drifting Today Dadai.2 01.27.17 Acoustic
DOWN BY THE STATION with GARY FILES Franciscus_Henri 01.26.17 Other
Before The Maps Were Made PeterB7858 01.24.17 Acoustic
industrial elegy (feat. awigze) richard13 01.24.17 Other
Cupid, Slow It Down Songwriterz 01.23.17 Pop (mainstream)
I'll Just Sing Another Song* Dadai.2 01.20.17 Pop (mainstream)
There Lies My Grandfather Moses 01.20.17 Acoustic
the long arc carbon 01.19.17 Art Rock
Beautiful Frankenstein Moses 01.17.17 Acoustic
Anarchists Lounge 2017 jie 01.15.17 Reggae
Flowers for a Pretty Lady 2017 jie 01.15.17 Indie Rock
Pavane pour une Infante Defunte VicDiesel 01.15.17 Classical
Apprehension in E Minor oldlibmike 01.14.17 Classical
Apsaras Inspired gadzooks 01.14.17 New Age
Everyone Has Something To Hide jfisenne 01.14.17 Rock
The Rose of Kelvingrove Philip18 01.12.17 Acoustic
Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs The_Applesauce_Project 01.12.17 Pop (Alternative)
Arc of History Warren Smith 01.09.17 Rock
Love, Maybe richard13 01.09.17 Romantic
Ticket to Heaven gadzooks 01.07.17 Acoustic Rock
Madness grah3am 01.06.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Luxury Hair 2017 jie 01.06.17 Ska
The Bingo King of Oklahoma City. Damroze 01.06.17 Fingerstyle Guitar
Boogie My Blues Calchas 01.05.17 Rock
Afrasian Blues Hydrogen3 01.02.17 Alternative Rock
419 jobu 01.01.17 Pop (Alternative)
Atomic Train Narad 01.01.17 Electronic
Dirty Water jimmyrus 12.31.16 Acoustic Rock
Let Music Be Your Guiding Light gadzooks 12.30.16 Blues (traditional)
Un Petit Café Français H3nry 12.29.16 Pop (mainstream)
Getaway Calchas 12.28.16 Rock
Cantabile VicDiesel 12.27.16 Ambient
The Lesson (for Richard Adams) Philip18 12.27.16 Acoustic
Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House cover) jgurner 12.26.16 Acoustic Rock
THOSE WERE THE DAYS KCsGROOVE 12.26.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
My Christmas matan 12.25.16 Experimental
Music to Hear: Sonnet 8 (key of E) RichardSchletty 12.25.16 Ballad
One more One Shot Pete_NB 12.23.16 Folk-Rock
Run, Barney, Run Philip18 12.21.16 Smooth Jazz
She Loves Me (acoustic) Bob Rodgers 12.21.16 Acoustic
No Requiem Calchas 12.18.16 Folk-Rock
Well Played Plans Vic Holman 12.11.16 Alternative Rock
Pale Ale gadzooks 12.11.16 NUjazz
we may be dreaming Parichayaka 12.10.16 Ambient
Lazy H3nry 12.08.16 Rock (instrumental)
Temptation Warren Smith 12.07.16 Progressive Rock
Dream Age Teen tempie 12.07.16 Indie Rock
Excerpt from Petrouchka Fantasy for Synth H3nry 12.06.16 Pop Classical
The Mystery of You philonnie 12.05.16 Acoustic
The Clown Loob 12.04.16 Ballad
Project 39 sewer rod 12.01.16 Rock
Here Before Bob Rodgers 12.01.16 Rock
Valse Triste H3nry 11.29.16 Classical
I'll See You In My Dreams/America (live) Dadai.2 11.28.16 Acoustic
Nitty Gritty (with vox) sewer rod 11.28.16 Rock
THE WIND AT OUR BACK Bowman 11.27.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nitty Gritty Blues (no Vox yet) sewer rod 11.26.16 Rock
CAN't YOU JUST TELL ME KCsGROOVE 11.26.16 Acoustic Rock
The Greenwich Line PeterB7858 11.25.16 Acoustic
The Greenwich Line PeterB7858 11.25.16 Acoustic
Fire gadzooks 11.24.16 Art Rock
Gratitune jobu 11.24.16 Pop (mainstream)
We the living tmcfate 11.22.16 Acoustic
I want to be insulted by the Donald Davis Gloff 11.22.16 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen Cover] tonestones 11.21.16 Ballad
What I've Always Known (with vocals) sewer rod 11.21.16 Pop (Alternative)
Burn for You (w/ Luna Trick) Dream_Nth 11.20.16 Alternative Rock
What I've Always known sewer rod 11.19.16 Pop (Alternative)
InaGaGaDuhVita H3nry 11.18.16 Rock & Roll
Raoul's Rescue Mission - for narrator and orchestra andreasvanharen 11.17.16 Spoken Word-Poetry
Laugh or Cry? Warren Smith 11.17.16 Political
My Last Great Depression Outtaorbit 11.16.16 Ballad
Sweat groovehounds 11.16.16 Reggae
But Now She's Gone (feat. awigze) richard13 11.15.16 Reggae
Malaguena H3nry 11.14.16 Latin
Suzanne Franciscus_Henri 11.13.16 Twentieth Century
On Scarborough Sound christopherpsly 11.12.16 Classical
No Time for the Real Thing sewer rod 11.12.16 Rock
Nobody knows keithbob 11.12.16 Alternative Rock
Union Busting tempie 11.09.16 Rock
The Cross-Roads Franciscus_Henri 11.07.16 Ballad
Dark Waters awigze 11.04.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
( I want to be a ) Butterfly Damroze 11.04.16 Folk-Rock
Youthful Adventure Doug Somers 11.03.16 Twentieth Century
Launching Narad 11.02.16 Ambient
Indie Darlin' tempie 11.02.16 Indie Rock
Fight For It sewer rod 10.29.16 Rock
BIG FuZz Three Cat Clem 10.28.16 Blues (contemporary)
"The Light Of Your Smile" abzwork 10.27.16 Film Scoring
The Boy Who Sailed Around the World Alone tempie 10.25.16 Indie Rock
She Thinks I'm Sh*t sewer rod 10.25.16 Rock
Turn It Up SpiderNick 10.22.16 Rock
Wunderbar (The Bastard) peeg 10.20.16 Folk-Rock
Dont Go Now Gaylen75 10.19.16 Art Rock
This Old Town jobu 10.19.16 Acoustic Rock
I'm a Sucker for a Sad Girl tempie 10.19.16 Indie Rock
Once In A Life Time jazzman1 10.18.16 New Age
Space Station Construction Narad 10.17.16 Ambient
It's All About Me (and I'm Holding Her Back) sewer rod 10.17.16 Rock
The Fall of the Western World peeg 10.17.16 Pop (Alternative)
Living Funeral (w/ Luna Trick) Dream_Nth 10.16.16 Alternative Rock
Waltzing In The Kitchen Loob 10.15.16 Jazz (vocal)
(still) DRIFTIN' KCsGROOVE 10.15.16 Rock
(still) DRIFTIN' KCsGROOVE 10.15.16 Rock
uncle fitch richard13 10.15.16 Experimental
A Song For Joyce tltate 10.14.16 Funk
Delusions of Grandeur KyasheMusic 10.14.16 Electronic
Open Warren Smith 10.13.16 Art Rock
Crossing the Delaware sewer rod 09.24.16 Acoustic Rock
Rositta Lollipop Hickling_Stan 09.24.16 Acoustic
Darling, I Love You richard13 09.23.16 Romantic
Remember Me Moviz 09.22.16 Pop (Alternative)
(I Wish I Had) Something To Sing About. Dennis James 09.22.16 Rock
Gabriel's Dream christopherpsly 09.21.16 Classical
Those Years In Between Warren Smith 09.15.16 Alternative Rock
Jump Off The Bridge DJShadowkat 09.14.16 Industrial
Man In The Mirror PeterB7858 09.11.16 Acoustic
Själsfränder awigze 09.11.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
You jfisenne 09.11.16 Acoustic Rock
You and Me and Him grah3am 09.11.16 Rock
'Flipside abzwork 09.09.16 Jazz Fusion
HAWKERS Franciscus_Henri 09.08.16 Art Rock
Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man (live 1970) Dadai.2 09.07.16 Funk
The Burning Man eanbardsley 09.07.16 Acoustic
Swimming In Mud jiguma 09.06.16 Acoustic Rock
A Dark Day Has Fallen Grathy 09.04.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Jam Nite AllenDean 09.02.16 Rock (instrumental)
You Are My Sunshine (Jamming with Jack) Dadai.2 09.01.16 Acoustic
Aspiring to You Narad 09.01.16 Pop (Alternative)
Helen On My Mind tltate 09.01.16 Jazz (instrumental)
Land Ho tmcfate 08.31.16 Acoustic
Spooky Creeps grah3am 08.29.16 Rock
Casual Wolves Pete_NB 08.23.16 Rock
Remember grah3am 08.21.16 Acoustic Rock
Gone Forever Dean-Resonator 12.16.16 Lo-fi
Rigth Place Schwerindustrie 08.19.16 Indie Rock
The NMO 16 Doug Somers 08.15.16 Bluegrass
Landslide Strawberry_Lane 08.15.16 Pop (mainstream)
Kids grah3am 08.13.16 Fingerstyle Guitar
Brandi Proliferous_Rose 08.12.16 Pop (mainstream)
Breathe in... Breathe out... Philip18 08.12.16 Acoustic
"The Flava Sava" abzwork 08.12.16 Jazz Fusion
Thunderland Warren Smith 08.10.16 Rock
Red Sky Falls jobu 08.09.16 Pop (Alternative)
Brain Freeze gadzooks 08.08.16 NUjazz
Looking Like The Real Thing jiguma 08.07.16 Rhythm and Blues
Beat Down groovehounds 08.04.16 Rhythm and Blues
Opposites Attract DJShadowkat 08.03.16 House
Electric Aranjuez H3nry 08.03.16 Pop Classical
Girl Friday peeg 08.03.16 Ska
"Favours" abzwork 08.02.16 NUjazz
Out of the Blue philonnie 08.02.16 Acoustic Rock
Forever jottdee 08.01.16 Electronic
THE WANDER LIGHT Franciscus_Henri 08.01.16 Ballad
Matter at Hand Steve Caustrita & Sam Dixon scaustrita 07.29.16 Indie Rock
Find My way home gadzooks 07.27.16 Other
"I Feel You" abzwork 07.24.16 Jazz Fusion
The Battle of Hastings( by Moviz 07.23.16 Spoken Word-Poetry
The View grah3am 07.22.16 Folk (contemporary)
Sweet Mary Jane The_Applesauce_Project 07.22.16 Psychedelic
ON THE NIGHT TRAIN with PHILIP18 Franciscus_Henri 07.21.16 Ballad
Harmonic Convergence FrankAxtell 07.19.16 Jazz Fusion
(no more) MUSIC FOR THE MASSES KCsGROOVE 07.18.16 Rock
hope the news gets better egobandit 07.17.16 Art Rock
Dog Sitting TheWeirdBrothers 07.14.16 Acoustic
Been a Long Time Moviz 07.08.16 Pop (mainstream)
Living Inside My Head The_Applesauce_Project 07.07.16 Rockabilly
Better is One Day Martin_Leroy 07.04.16 Gospel
Hello gadzooks 07.04.16 NUjazz
Who You Foolin'? jiguma 06.28.16 Rhythm and Blues
Beat the Street grah3am 06.25.16 Rock
TO HANNAH- Spirit Girl Franciscus_Henri 06.23.16 Ballad
Our Lives groovehounds 06.22.16 Rock
The Mermaid's Purse The_Applesauce_Project 06.20.16 Pop (Alternative)
The Mermaid's Purse The_Applesauce_Project 06.20.16 Pop (Alternative)
The Mermaid's Purse The_Applesauce_Project 06.20.16 Pop (Alternative)
The Mermaid's Purse The_Applesauce_Project 06.20.16 Pop (Alternative)
Blinded gadzooks 06.20.16 Other
What You Don't Know.... (Version 2) LouisLacey 06.19.16 Acoustic Rock
What You Don't Know.... (Version 2) LouisLacey 06.19.16 Acoustic Rock
Lumber tmcfate 06.19.16 Alternative Rock
The Love of the Lord sewer rod 06.18.16 Rock
VULCANO (#3) KCsGROOVE 06.15.16 Rock
Too Many Talking Heads SpiderNick 06.12.16 Rock
Go Away Sam Dadai.2 06.11.16 Folk-Rock
Fecal Flash Warren Smith 06.11.16 Bluegrass
Comet egobandit 06.10.16 Alternative Rock
I STAND ACCUSED Franciscus_Henri 06.10.16 Other
Captain Obvious SpiderNick 06.10.16 Rock
I Got Nothing Pixiemixer 06.09.16 Rock
Ride Moses 06.08.16 Surf Music
Gentle Stream PeterB7858 06.08.16 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Wild Mouse SpiderNick 06.07.16 Rock
Spider gadzooks 06.07.16 Funk
Gods of War grah3am 06.05.16 Progressive Rock
hey kingkenny 06.05.16 Alternative Rock
This Ain't About Me jobu 06.04.16 Alternative Rock
"Ode 2 Prince" abzwork 06.03.16 Funk
Dance In The Dark Skean 06.02.16 Ambient
May 17 - Before My Love Pete_NB 05.31.16 Folk-Rock
WE'VE CHANGED (#2) KCsGROOVE 05.31.16 Rock
Deadlines sewer rod 05.31.16 Rock
The Wonderful Wingiggle of Wishing (Laura Rosenkranz & Alimar) Dadai.2 05.28.16 Children's Music
Deliverance Road PeterB7858 05.17.16 Folk (contemporary)
Independence sammydix 05.13.16 Progressive Rock
Independence sammydix 05.13.16 Progressive Rock
Tricky Gaylen75 04.16.16 Art Rock
Above Ground Luper/Dixon FEEL 03.11.16 Rock
Pure Music paul f. page 03.08.16 Piano
Free Yourself (with Scofugate & Rok41) hackneybloke 02.18.16 Acoustic
Mandy Pete_NB 02.16.16 Acoustic Rock
Fireproof~ Demo Mix AllenDean 01.26.16 Heavy Metal
Through the Walls Narad 01.24.16 Film Scoring
SINCE morgan102 01.22.16 Rhythm and Blues
BERNIE morgan102 01.21.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
BurnzMahAzz by Jacarole and awigze awigze 01.21.16 Funk
Paper Thin racerat 01.04.16 Art Rock
Let me take you for a ride DWL 01.02.16 Political
Hemp smell tadashi 12.30.15 Ballad
Tribalizm gadzooks 12.25.15 Acoustic Rock
When Christmas Time is Due Moviz 12.22.15 Holiday
Time To Say Goodbye _ Youtube thetiler 12.21.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Time To Say Goodbye _ Youtube thetiler 12.21.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Long Long Way grah3am 12.20.15 Progressive Rock
Pulling Down The Universe Vic Holman 12.19.15 Alternative Rock
Jingle Bells Live (MERRY XMAS FROM THE HOUNDS) groovehounds 12.17.15 Holiday
Across The Water PeterB7858 12.14.15 Folk (contemporary)
I Saw Three Ships Doug Somers 12.13.15 Celtic
Time To Say Goodbye thetiler 12.11.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
"Trials Of Icabob" abzwork 12.11.15 NUjazz
Happy Birthday (Na Na Na Na) Bob6stringer 11.29.15 Rock
We're All Gonna Get It falo 11.27.15 Heavy Metal
Time For Leaving Philip18 11.27.15 Acoustic
Love birds Narad 11.27.15 Ambient
Grooving to my Jazz MikeHuntingford 11.26.15 Jazz (instrumental)
no mercy ragged_hat 11.25.15 Rock
the simon cowell song. woofer3 11.25.15 Alternative Rock
Gymnopedie elfdaughter 11.24.15 Classical
What crisis? PaddyNavinCaryatid 11.24.15 Alternative Rock
Buttercups and Daisies christopherpsly 11.23.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
My Dementing Rabbit Strawberry_Lane 11.23.15 Pop (mainstream)
Paradox Blues PeterB7858 11.22.15 Blues (contemporary)
Santana The Game Of Love ft Michelle Branch - (instrumental cover) jottdee 11.22.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Shine On Gaylen75 11.22.15 Alternative Rock
Foggy Day H3nry 11.18.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Theme From A Summer Place thetiler 11.15.15 Classical
ANOTHER DAY___ KCsGROOVE 11.15.15 Rock
Face Down Again fasteddie 11.15.15 Hard Rock
THE PECOS Bowman 11.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Superhero Theme 1 XMaramena 11.13.15 Film Scoring
Uncharted Waters (reprise) PeterB7858 11.13.15 Acoustic
Song Of The Drowning Sailor Franciscus_Henri 11.12.15 Folk (contemporary)
Algorithmic Solutions Doug Somers 11.12.15 Electronic
No way to live ( collab with Sewer Rod) kingbee 11.12.15 Alternative Rock
Riders On A Storm thetiler 11.10.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Shiva Nataraja Narad 11.10.15 Alternative Rock
Suwannee River from my 'Americana' collection christopherpsly 11.09.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Another me saSHguitAR 11.09.15 Acoustic
Get Going! [Langford/Smith] Warren Smith 11.09.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
Skank Ho fasteddie 11.08.15 Hard Rock
sold egobandit 11.08.15 Psychedelic
Call It As You See It DJShadowkat 11.08.15 Rock (instrumental)
Approaching Pluton Narad 11.05.15 Ambient
The Golden Road garodaro 11.04.15 Progressive Rock
Evil For Good falo 11.04.15 Heavy Metal
Chasing Shadows PeterB7858 11.04.15 Acoustic
By The Water lyzak 11.03.15 Alternative Rock
Old Fashioned Love Song thetiler 11.02.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Chataeu Antibes Franciscus_Henri 11.01.15 Folk (contemporary)
stargazer that80sboy 11.01.15 Rock
MoJoZu jiguma 11.01.15 Rock
WHY OH WHY___ KCsGROOVE 11.01.15 Rock
My Little Typhoon Gaylen75 10.31.15 Alternative Rock
Another Round - Gadzooks/Sammydix gadzooks 10.28.15 Jazz (vocal)
Over The Hills and Far Away thetiler 10.28.15
A Little Light Waltz XMaramena 10.27.15 Classical
It' done Narad 10.26.15 Classical
Backyard Chill awigze 10.25.15 Shoegazer
Desiree performed by Stone pablatone 10.25.15 Acoustic
DRIFTIN' (3) KCsGROOVE 10.25.15 Rock
Pulses of the Unknown Narad 10.23.15 Ambient
The Merry Go Round Philip18 10.20.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Broadwood from 'Ingleton Falls' Collection christopherpsly 10.20.15 Classical
Clearly ThroughRivers 10.18.15 Acoustic
Autumn Sun Hydrogen3 10.17.15 Classical
Yes I am Ready MikeHuntingford 10.17.15 Easy Listening
The Reincarnate [Reincarnated in 2015] Alimar 10.17.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
What? No Gravy? groovehounds 10.17.15 Alternative Rock
Dreamer's Dance. Fire_Angel 10.17.15 Classical
Kundalini Narad 10.14.15 Ambient
Bulger obbster 10.13.15 Film Scoring
Weight of the World jobu 10.12.15 Acoustic Rock
TOSABORI-breeze tadashi 10.11.15 Blues (contemporary)
Earth a Dying Planet Skean 10.11.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Meet Me In Dreamland Loob 10.10.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Odd Bob groovehounds 10.10.15 Other
AN EYE FOR AN EYE (2) KCsGROOVE 10.09.15 Rock
The Left hand of God Outtaorbit 10.08.15 Acoustic
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (live) Dadai.2 10.08.15 Acoustic
'Pure Water' from the Cumbrian Collection christopherpsly 10.08.15 Classical
Spring Moon PeterB7858 10.06.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Irene Goodnight Philip18 10.05.15 Folk (traditional)
song no. 2314 jottdee 10.03.15 Acoustic
In The Forest gadzooks 10.03.15 Alternative Rock
Louie Warren Smith 10.03.15 Rock
Complacent (Feat Spitlogic) spacey MIX Skean 10.02.15 Hip Hop-Rap
Trump (Disaster for our Country) KyasheMusic 10.01.15 Electronic
LOOKING BACK KCsGROOVE 10.01.15 Pop (Alternative)
Lighthouse TobinMueller 09.30.15 Piano
Flowers speedonl 09.29.15 Alternative Rock
Music for an annoying bird VicDiesel 09.27.15 Acoustic
Nobody Knows Everything uncle808us 09.27.15 Rock
Love Tonight (cover) thetiler 09.26.15 Folk (contemporary)
"Sea Shore Jazz 1" abzwork 09.25.15 Jazz Fusion
Honey Bee gadzooks 09.25.15 Blues (contemporary)
I WANT TO KNOW (2) KCsGROOVE 09.24.15 Alternative Rock
My Angel Falls Gaylen75 09.23.15 Alternative Rock
Avoid The Truth I.G.M. 09.23.15 Pop (Alternative)
River Ice TobinMueller 09.22.15 Piano
Side By Side (live) Dadai.2 09.20.15 Acoustic
Dear John Baz 09.20.15 Rock & Roll
Mind the Gap Baz 09.20.15 Easy Listening
Can't Escape The Funk groovehounds 09.19.15 Funk
Somewhere I Lost My Mind DJShadowkat 09.19.15 Ambient
There You Are (Improved Mix) MikeHuntingford 09.18.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Muffled Skean 09.18.15 Ethnic-International
THE B-SIDES (are the saddest songs) KCsGROOVE 09.17.15 Rock
Ready/Terraplane sammydix 09.16.15 Alternative Rock
Ready/Terraplane sammydix 09.16.15 Alternative Rock
Club Anthropo Scene Doug Somers 09.16.15 Dance-Club
breaking through the maze loyd vader 09.16.15 Alternative Rock
Welcome to paradise Narad 09.15.15 Classical
Harlequin VicDiesel 09.13.15 Baroque
The Roamer mystrag 09.12.15 Rock (instrumental)
Variations on a theme by George Winston PeterB7858 09.11.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Wabash Cannonball Jarvoid 09.10.15 Acoustic
Alice gadzooks 09.10.15 Alternative Rock
CRAVIN' FOR YOUR LOVE (2) KCsGROOVE 09.09.15 Rock & Roll
Doggone Blues sammydix 09.09.15 Rock
Erin Listen Moses 09.07.15 Acoustic
Believe In Yourself abzwork 09.06.15 NUjazz
Dragon's celebration Narad 09.06.15 Ethnic-International
Take me to Bed (alt mix) echoroom 09.06.15 Alternative Rock
Take me to Bed echoroom 08.31.15 Alternative Rock
You Were My Best Friend (with Lafayette) Grathy 08.22.15 Other
HEY BABY KCsGROOVE 08.22.15 Rock
Long ago (when I was just a child ) Franciscus_Henri 08.20.15 Ballad
I know who I Am... ShadowofNine 08.18.15 Rock
Chromium Sun Vic Holman 08.16.15 Alternative Rock
FINNEGAN'S DREAM Bowman 08.16.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Get on the Upbeat Moses 08.16.15 Acoustic Rock
stopped ste 08.13.15 Pop (Alternative)
Worry Is a Pile Of Noise Little_Hooligan 08.13.15 Funk
Summertime (live) Dadai.2 08.13.15 Acoustic
Trout Lake...or? paul f. page 08.12.15 Piano
What the Hell is Wrong With Everyone? MikeNY 08.12.15 Rock
I'm Thinking Of You parallel_eighty_eight 08.12.15 Folk (traditional)
If I loved You H3nry 08.12.15 Showtunes
"Days Of Our Lives" abzwork 08.10.15 Jazz Fusion
Cause of You groovehounds 08.10.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
Blood of the Lambs Franciscus_Henri 08.09.15 Ballad
L'Spirit de Gary awigze 08.08.15 Rock (instrumental)
Chinese Flutes (first draft) papag 08.08.15 Lo-fi
dust of stars egobandit 08.07.15 Art Rock
The World Is Ours Philip18 08.07.15 Acoustic Rock
Lasercut SpiresVortex 08.07.15 Psychedelic
Cripple Creek Variations Jarvoid 08.07.15 Bluegrass
Tongue Tied Gaylen75 08.06.15 Alternative Rock
Don't Go Too Far/Elaine sammydix 08.06.15 Jazz (vocal)
Dancing Guitars No.1 saSHguitAR 08.06.15 Electronic
Keep Moving KyasheMusic 08.05.15 Jazz Fusion
The Fair Maiden Steele_obsidion 08.04.15 Classical
A Certain Melancholy paul f. page 08.04.15 Piano
A Certain Melancholy paul f. page 08.04.15 Piano
Feral Dogs Warren Smith 08.03.15 Rock
Dyin' In My Hand. Dennis James 08.03.15 Rock
Feel the Love jobu 08.01.15 Pop (Alternative)
Llama up a Ladder (with Richard and Dan Marris) DWL 08.01.15 Punk-Grunge
What else Schwerindustrie 07.31.15 Progressive Rock
Blue Moon (live) Dadai.2 07.31.15 Acoustic
Bright Yellow - for voice and orchestra andreasvanharen 07.30.15 Twentieth Century
David Sloan for Mayor of Huntington Woods Davis Gloff 07.28.15 Classical
Minuetto MidiOrleans 07.26.15 Classical
Here Comes a Boy (Fathers Day) tmcfate 07.25.15 Acoustic Rock
There's a Love Somewhere mfwmiles 07.24.15 Easy Listening
Back to Old Tomorrow RichardSchletty 07.24.15 Blues (contemporary)
Two times too many w/Kayla Garni 07.22.15 Pop (Alternative)
I Love Bread Little_Hooligan 07.22.15 Other
Silence speedonl 07.21.15 Alternative Rock
MR. PURCELL IS HERE Bowman 07.19.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
MR. PURCELL IS HERE Bowman 07.19.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Ballad For The Fortunate aRcTip 07.19.15 Ambient
Blue Jeans, Blouse and Army Boots [guitar trio] davidsmith99 07.18.15 Classical
Ghost of a chance alley-oop 07.18.15 Blues (contemporary)
Cure for the Symptom jobu 07.18.15 Pop (Alternative)
A light unto the world Hydrogen3 07.17.15 Gospel
Sprinklers H3nry 07.16.15 Electronic
I See Red J_Gretch 07.16.15 Rock
Move pole 07.15.15 Alternative Rock
WHERE I BELONG (new) KCsGROOVE 07.15.15 Rock
La Lady garodaro 07.15.15 Folk-Rock
Gold Room Schwerindustrie 07.14.15 Progressive Rock
Summer (Promenade) (WIP) Henke 07.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Stormy Weather (live) Dadai.2 07.13.15 Acoustic
Live and Die - 2015 XMaramena 07.13.15 Dance-Club
Stories... LouisLacey 07.11.15 Other
Take off MysterySound 07.11.15 House
Can't Forget Moses 07.11.15 Acoustic Rock
"Alimahru" abzwork 07.10.15 Jazz Fusion
Road Trip Charlie D 07.09.15 Acoustic
Hands Tied Little_Hooligan 07.09.15 Electropop
Same Old Lonely Song The_Applesauce_Project 07.06.15 Pop (Alternative)
So I Drink Gaylen75 07.05.15 Alternative Rock
Corn Whiskey MarkHolbrook 06.21.15 Folk (traditional)
Lennon's Inconsequential Latin Affair/Grah3am sammydix 06.20.15 Alternative Rock
Idling The Day The_Applesauce_Project 06.18.15 Psychedelic
Summer Seas with Gadzooks and Rok41 Philip18 06.16.15 Latin Jazz
mal de mer carbon 06.15.15 Rock
She's All Mine Bob Rodgers 06.11.15 Blues (contemporary)
Roses are Blood Red (Smooth Jazz) MikeHuntingford 06.07.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Roses are Blood Red (Smooth Jazz) MikeHuntingford 06.07.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Elephants (Band Version) jobu 06.07.15 Pop (Alternative)
Bury my bones Skatehorn 06.07.15 Acoustic
watchin the Dragon Fly egobandit 06.07.15 Progressive Rock
Just Some Musing Skean 06.05.15 Ambient
Just Some Musing Skean 06.05.15 Ambient
City Without Pity Warren Smith 06.02.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
So Much Love The_Applesauce_Project 06.01.15 Rockabilly
For My Little Somebody scaustrita 05.30.15 Latin
For My Little Somebody scaustrita 05.30.15 Latin
Steal Your Heart Cheeto 05.27.15 Acoustic Rock
"Casualties Of War" abzwork 05.25.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Last Man Standing XMaramena 05.25.15 Film Scoring
Nowhere Left to Run Johnjoesmith73 05.24.15 Indie Rock
"My Strawberry Jam" abzwork 05.24.15 Jazz Fusion
NO REFUND egobandit 05.23.15 Psychedelic
Another Monday gadzooks 05.23.15 Acoustic Rock
A Rolling Rock MikeHuntingford 05.22.15 Easy Listening
Walpurgisnacht Keith O. Edwards 05.22.15 Classical
Walpurgisnacht Keith O. Edwards 05.22.15 Classical
Walpurgisnacht Keith O. Edwards 05.22.15 Classical
fifty5 FEEL 05.21.15 Rock
Try To Remember Moviz 05.21.15 Other
I'll Fly Away (Roxylee, Richard Schletty, Jack Miller) Dadai.2 05.19.15 Gospel
The King has left thoddi 05.17.15 Blues (contemporary)
Key To The Highway Jarvoid 05.15.15 Blues (traditional)
Sock Drawer grah3am 04.18.15 Rock (instrumental)
Sausage Factory Jam groovehounds 04.18.15 Alternative Rock
Fools&Angels(Philip,Neil) PeterB7858 04.15.15 Acoustic Rock
Kingsdown hackneybloke 04.14.15 Acoustic
Romanian Folk Dances H3nry 04.14.15 Classical
Wanagi Tacaku (Spirit Path) jazzman1 04.14.15 New Age
Baby Bump Gaylen75 04.13.15 Pop (Alternative)
Life's a song grah3am 04.11.15 Pop (Alternative)
Damn I Love Them Shoes groovehounds 04.11.15 Rock
Smiling tadashi 04.11.15 Other
Twilight mystrag 04.10.15 Ambient
Dryer Non Drone SmokeyVW 04.08.15 Experimental
Christian Folks in Mobile Homes Monkaton 04.06.15 Rock & Roll
THE BEND Bowman 04.05.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Pas De Bol DJShadowkat 04.05.15 Ambient
got your idol slippin egobandit 04.03.15 Progressive Rock
I Can't Breathe ajnorth 04.03.15 Rock
I Could (with Daugrin) Philip18 04.03.15 Rock
Painting the Mice Les_Kloo 04.03.15 Progressive Rock
The Deceiver Gaylen75 04.02.15 Ambient
For Your Glory Narad 04.02.15 Classical
For Your Glory Narad 04.02.15 Classical
Distorted Days gadzooks 04.01.15 Acoustic Rock
"A Smoothe Move" abzwork 04.01.15 Jazz Fusion
Smoke & Mirrors (Smith/Holman) Warren Smith 04.01.15 Open Collaborations
I'm Gumby dammit!/Mcboy alley-oop 03.31.15 Funk
Child of Yesterday Mystified 03.30.15 Folk (contemporary)
Before The Dawn paul f. page 03.28.15 Ballad
Animal Maggotism grah3am 03.28.15 Rock
Snake Dance mystrag 03.27.15 Rock (instrumental)
He is Risen !!! (Instrumental) LouisLacey 03.27.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
"A Sprite's Night" abzwork 03.27.15 Jazz Fusion
snowbound ragged_hat 03.26.15 Acoustic Rock
zombies ste 03.26.15 Pop (Alternative)
Bio-Duck Narad 03.24.15 Ambient
Use Your Imagination Jayrodd 03.21.15 Acoustic
Stranger Danger grah3am 03.21.15 Rock
Everything's Fine racerat 03.20.15 Alternative Rock
She Knows It FrankAxtell 03.20.15 Rock
Holding On Bob Rodgers 03.16.15 Rock
Elephants jobu 03.15.15 Pop (Alternative)
A Dozen Dozen paul f. page 03.14.15 Piano
Blue Moon Alimar 03.13.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Hey Gyp groovehounds 03.12.15 Rock
Keep Shaking it / by Gaylen Sharp Gaylen75 03.10.15 Electropop
Romanian Folk Tunes H3nry 03.10.15 Classical
streetwalker kingkenny 03.10.15 Rock
Never Meant To Be jfisenne 03.10.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
IT MUST BE LOVE (2) KCsGROOVE 03.10.15 Rock
Tatashta Narad 03.10.15 Ethnic-International
Tranquil Place philonnie 03.09.15 Smooth Jazz
Sprinkles grah3am 03.08.15 Rock (instrumental)
Incidentally SmokeyVW 03.05.15 Other
Neon Warning Sign W/Awigze final mix/master Charday 03.04.15 Rock
Jazzjammin' groovehounds 03.04.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Shine your light down J_Gretch 03.02.15 Acoustic
The Stars Love You Vic Holman 03.01.15 Alternative Rock
Funky Monkey grah3am 03.01.15 Funk
Thinking Backwards racerat 03.01.15 Art Rock
Raise the Blinds pablatone 02.28.15 Acoustic Rock
Blind As A Bat SmokeyVW 02.27.15 Other
RAYS OF LIGHT (2) KCsGROOVE 02.27.15 Rock
One Hundred Forty-Two paul f. page 02.25.15 Piano
Hummingbird Bob Ancona 02.25.15 Folk (traditional)
Misunderstood groovehounds 02.25.15 Rock
Synth Madness Skean 02.25.15 Experimental
Adagio for Structure H3nry 02.24.15 Classical
But I Don't Care The_Applesauce_Project 02.23.15 Pop (Alternative)
In The Face Of Decision feat.Lisa Hawbaker Garni 02.17.15 Pop (Alternative)
Slow Dance (with Warren Smith) Philip18 02.17.15 Acoustic
Tits.mp3 paddler 02.16.15 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Play the Blues... Pay Your Dues ronniemitchell 02.16.15 Blues (traditional)
Some Ambient Skean 02.15.15 Ambient
Rangers Outtaorbit 02.14.15 Bluegrass
Land Speed Skunkwrx 02.14.15 Art Rock
So Typical Les_Kloo 02.14.15 Rock (instrumental)
Long Day 2015 (w/awigze) rok41 02.14.15 Jazz (instrumental)
When You Wish Upon A Star Dadai.2 02.13.15 Easy Listening
Away From Me groovehounds 02.11.15 Alternative Rock
Requiem For A Sparrow Narad 02.10.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
She never let anybody know with PHIL18 and SIGMUND Franciscus_Henri 02.09.15 Acoustic Rock
Light brown hair tadashi 02.08.15 Jazz Fusion
Instigator Warren Smith 02.08.15 Easy Listening
MANY MOONS (acoustic version) KCsGROOVE 02.08.15 Rock
Dirty Hands (w/Sigmund) rok41 02.07.15 Rock
Trust by Gaylen Sharp Gaylen75 02.05.15 Ballad
You Do Your Thang groovehounds 02.05.15 Funk
In My Head (W/Morning Light) Skean 02.04.15 Alternative Rock
"Filet of Soul" for Orchestra, andreasvanharen 02.04.15 Twentieth Century
Snowday Hydrogen3 02.02.15 Ambient
Atomic Train Narad 02.02.15 Electronic
Sorrow of Erebor elfdaughter 02.01.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Bird Sings /ramonaji Les_Kloo 01.13.15 Art Rock
The Bird Sings /ramonaji Les_Kloo 01.13.15 Art Rock
Standby jobu 01.03.15 Pop (Alternative)
Sapphire Elevator_Funk 01.02.15 Solo Instrument
Don't Be That Way Ibstrat 12.29.14 Jazz (instrumental)
For the lonely mark-langford 12.28.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
after ste 12.26.14 Electropop
santa claus is bringing me a stuka #2 woofer3 12.24.14 Rock & Roll
Allegro In C Hydrogen3 12.20.14 Classical
Dummy Track #1 Elevator_Funk 12.16.14 Acoustic
A Christmas Dream Moviz 12.13.14 Holiday
Adeste Fantasia paul f. page 12.13.14 Holiday
Unnoticed and Contained w/Libby and Barnes FEEL 12.13.14 Progressive Rock
Solo guitar -modern art version of Eleanor Rigby thetiler 12.12.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Lowering Of The Light tf10music 12.12.14 Folk (contemporary)
Bo Derek at the Opera stviemr 12.11.14 Classical
Idaho City Story: Movement III. Intermezzo stviemr 12.11.14 Classical
Idaho City Story I. Introduction (vivace), Movement II (andante) stviemr 12.10.14 Classical
The Recruit XMaramena 12.10.14 Film Scoring
Buddha's bread Narad 12.10.14 Ambient
Cherish Parichayaka 12.09.14 Other
Zombie Wasps Warren Smith 12.09.14 Holiday
Clap Your Hands Skean 12.08.14 Experimental
Over and Over Loob 12.05.14 Open Collaborations
Sounds from the Carlaverse carlajpatterson 12.04.14 Experimental
ANVIL KCsGROOVE 12.04.14 Rock
From Night Till Dawn XMaramena 12.03.14 Film Scoring
From Night Till Dawn XMaramena 12.03.14 Film Scoring
Hard Strut KyasheMusic 12.03.14 Jazz (instrumental)
The Sins Of Science hackjo 12.03.14 Rock
Said and Done jobu 11.30.14 Folk (contemporary)
Take Your Time Philip18 11.30.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Symphony No. 95 m1-Haydn MidiOrleans 11.30.14 Classical
Million Lights Hotel SpiresVortex 11.30.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Recording In the rain with a pop song thetiler 11.29.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Colors latin jordifiol 11.29.14 Latin Jazz
dark wave Mystified 11.29.14 Surf Music
When There Is Peace paul f. page 11.28.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mr Winter Ace-T 11.28.14 Blues (contemporary)
Slippery Ultrabeast 11.28.14 Classical
Etude in D PeterB7858 11.27.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Tranquil Methods MikeHuntingford 11.27.14 Easy Listening
It Looks The Same To Me DJShadowkat 11.27.14 Ambient
Funk Jam Hydrogen3 11.26.14 Funk
Fareeda philonnie 11.26.14 Jazz (vocal)
Empty Space w/Cedrick Barnes FEEL 11.26.14 Bluegrass
Undying Ultrabeast 11.26.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
edit it out ste 11.24.14 Ska
Rock Me Narad 11.24.14 Rock (instrumental)
Rock Me Narad 11.24.14 Rock (instrumental)
Phantoms Skunkwrx 11.23.14 Art Rock
Giving Thanks jfisenne 11.23.14 Piano
The Lonely Man (acoustic) Bob Rodgers 11.23.14 Acoustic
Back From Outer Space (A Reflective Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 11.22.14 Ambient
Dark Clouds antoniosimone 11.22.14 Classical
Ser Duncan rolf_ruiz 11.20.14 Rock
Big Picture Moses 11.20.14 Acoustic
Austin Moses 11.20.14 Acoustic
Beale Street Blues H3nry 11.19.14 Blues (traditional)
Bones speedonl 11.18.14 Alternative Rock
Amotion (with KC) bingsolex 11.16.14 Blues (contemporary)
The Heartache That You Sowed (edited) Charday 11.15.14 Rock
Let's Keep Us LWinston 11.15.14 Pop (mainstream)
Lonely Toys (with Musichead) Warren Smith 11.14.14 Open Collaborations
The Last Song sammydix 10.29.14 Pop (Alternative)
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Music Background Started by playing blue grass for people in 1974. Played in, and sat in with, many working bands, in many genre. Worked in the analog and digital studio making commercials and boutique recordings.
Music Skills I can play the radio. But I don't have one...
Music Hardware Apple Computer, Fender guitars and amps, Carter Steel, Stealth Banjo, Yamaha Guitars and keyboards, Carvin guitars and amps, Fernandes Guitars, Roland keyboards, Kontrol keyboards, M-Audio keyboards, Apogee Interfaces, Low-Pro Amps
Music Software Logic Pro X, Daug Pencil, Ozone, Alloy, Nectar, Melodyne, Kick Ass Brass, Addictive Drums