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I've been playing guitar since i was 8 - my Dad played classical so i got my first triangular box one Christmas in the mid 70's. I didn't take to it immediately - that came later when Dad got his first electric - a Hondo Les Paul copy - it was gorgeous - The first thing I played on it was the riff to Whole Lotta Rosie on one string ! Always wondered what happened to that guitar - we traded it for something else such was the way back then.

I started going to gigs at Glasgow’s legendary venue The Apollo in my teens witnessing rock guitar genius like Angus Young, Michael Schenker and Andy Summers amongst many others. All I wanted to do was be in a band.

I joined my first band around this time, Strangely Familiar - special times indeed. So much so, that my debut album is named after the band. Jazz guitar became an integral part of my songwriting after seeing guitarist Martin Taylor at one of his very early solo gigs in the 80’s - I still go and see him as often as possible. Then I discovered Pat Metheny on a late night TV show. The VHS was worn thin after continuous plays! He has the perfect melodic solo guitar tone for me. Another TV appearance in the 80' proved to be a turning point that of Acoustic Alchemy. Their effortless ability to fuse contemporary pop/rock music with Jazz became a huge influence.

Next was my first album and a single with Glasgow band Erk Alors in the mid nineties. But the inevitable wrong place at the wrong time ended the band’s chances and I returned to my home studio to complete a degree in Media Composition recognized by the Film Institute of Los Angeles in 2002.

I tried to get work but it was a pretty closed shop so I decided what the hell - make an album. So I did just that in 2006. Currently working on the follow up.

The internet has helped us all - seems amazing that when I started I was lucky if anybody in the next town had heard of my band - now I'm selling albums to guys in Brazil and Japan thanks to CD Baby and the like - being old school I still love the romance of it all !

When I first released my CD I registered with every forum I could find - I must admit I had neglected MacJams but since I changed from PC to a Mac based studio the help I've received has been invaluable. And there are some stunning musicians out there - and I am looking forward to meeting them.
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03.08.09 Above and Beyond 9.69 (4) 2494 (4) Jazz (instrumental) 01.15.10 Active
01.18.08 Son of Life 9.70 (5) 2782 (10) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 05.23.09 Active
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Music Skills Electric and acoustic guitar,bass guitar and keyboards.
Music Hardware Paul Reed Smith Custom 24. Tascam 122L Interface. Boss pedals. Musicman Amps.
Music Software Kore. Apple Jam Packs. Nine Volt Audio.
Keywords smooth jazz, summers, lifeson, acoustic alchemy, instrumental, ambient , chill out