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If you have never changed your mind on anything,pinch yourself .... you may be dead. Good night Mr. Gold where ever you are.

davisamerica's Songs (53)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
07.17.17 ok char2(Vic and Flatrock mix) 0.00 (0) 2217 (18) Open Collaborations 04.16.19 Active
07.12.17 ok Char(Vic mix) 0.00 (0) 1295 (9) Open Collaborations 03.11.18 Active
12.17.15 snow in thompson woods 0.00 (0) 2898 (24) Holiday 07.23.18 Active
09.30.15 Losing (D1&D2 Remix) 0.00 (0) 2633 (27) Acoustic Rock 10.28.16 Active
10.03.14 Crankenhurst 1-8(RadioChuck Mix) 0.00 (0) 3712 (38) Other 09.19.15 Active
12.06.13 City of Light LSP2(Bud/Outtaorbit Mix)  (---) 4711 (90) Rock 04.03.15 Active
09.19.13 Say (Spitlogic/Davis2 mix)  (---) 3991 (59) Psychedelic 12.06.13 Active
08.15.13 YearBook (vicmix)  (---) 3491 (41) Art Rock 04.11.14 Active
02.28.13 12  (---) 2913 (37) Art Rock 07.22.13 Active
12.20.12 Happy Holidays(MJ Card)  (---) 3550 (64) Holiday 12.19.13 Active
09.22.12 Grace (Sisters/VicHolman/awigze mix) 0.00 (0) 4150 (85) Art Rock 03.02.19 Active
08.10.12 No U Turn (Woodstock 2012) MJ Band  (---) 3926 (64) Rock 06.06.16 Active
06.01.12 Stay (Medicine Show)  (---) 4767 (82) Acoustic Rock 06.01.16 Active
12.17.11 Hum (VicHolman/Sisters Mix) 10.00 (4) 5307 (82) Rock 07.20.13 Active
09.25.11 Honest Son (MedicineShowBand)  (---) 4218 (94) Art Rock 10.11.16 Active
07.29.11 PIO2011/stage 3  (---) 4018 (69) Art Rock 12.12.11 Active
06.19.11 Crystal (Sisters)  (---) 4954 (155) Other 10.09.15 Active
06.04.11 rant3:45pm(Spitlogic,bud&awigze) 9.88 (4) 4894 (112) Hip Hop-Rap 06.14.14 Active
03.03.11 Stumblin (PockBluesman/awigze/Outtaorbit)  (---) 5156 (148) Rock 10.11.13 Active
01.12.11 MJCC11 LOTR by Feter (Collab)  (---) 5057 (113) Rock & Roll 07.28.14 Active
09.01.10 Dark Walk(awigze,ShadowofNine,Spitlogic)  (---) 5261 (116) Experimental 04.02.13 Active
07.22.10 Texas Jam (sloparts band mix)  (---) 4770 (50) Country-Western 07.05.11 Active
06.21.10 Marital Bliss (w/RG Paddler)  (---) 5119 (143) Art Rock 03.16.12 Active
12.17.09 Shine (MJ Collab) 9.36 (7) 8003 (130) Ambient 09.20.15 Active
12.05.09 Grow Old With Me(MedicineShowBand)  (---) 5782 (129) Folk-Rock 10.11.14 Active
11.30.09 VocalShine  (---) 3823 (45) A Cappella 12.25.09 Active
10.16.09 No Son(egobandit band)  (---) 5361 (130) Art Rock 12.05.12 Active
07.29.09 Feter's O Babe 2009 [MedicineShowBand]  (---) 5485 (98) Folk-Rock 06.30.12 Active
07.09.09 sit down [kassia Band]  (---) 6821 (134) Other 01.29.11 Active
06.15.09 Nasty Little Things [ramonaji/awigze mix]  (---) 6408 (137) Trip Hop 07.22.14 Active
06.01.09 clint's song/remix [gail60]  (---) 4552 (49) Ballad 09.11.16 Active
05.04.09 iphone busking  (---) 4952 (87) Experimental 01.29.11 Active
04.23.09 Little Buddha  (---) 5152 (91) Experimental 06.18.09 Active
04.09.09 Dangerous/Alannah [jiguma/damiengh/apocafunk]  (---) 6375 (108) Jazz (vocal) 08.22.15 Active
03.12.09 Innocence Project [w/ Dj French Toast/damiengh/outtaorbit]  (---) 5824 (110) Art Rock 09.21.11 Active
02.19.09 Going Down [MedicineShowBand]  (---) 5551 (117) Folk-Rock 11.04.14 Active
02.05.09 and god said[w/ Nightshade Syndicate & Outtaorbit]  (---) 4714 (89) Experimental 10.28.16 Active
01.16.09 black coat john [MedicineShowBand]  (---) 4437 (67) Bluegrass 08.06.12 Active
11.29.08 just a kid  (---) 4763 (58) Holiday 12.26.13 Active
10.01.08 I Think I Can w/ Paul F. Page Vocals 9.40 (5) 4024 (63) Ballad 07.11.17 Active
08.28.08 Sunny Smile  (---) 4919 (44) Art Rock 10.20.10 Active
08.25.08 Not Like Me  (---) 4932 (47) Other 07.02.11 Active
06.23.08 Blood Red Sky[by Bob Rodgers] 9.03 (16) 6050 (106) Rock 08.19.10 Active
05.11.08 Mist [w/ Mystified]  (---) 5384 (100) Celtic 07.05.13 Active
05.04.08 mania2[open collab]  (---) 3957 (35) Ambient 07.03.11 Active
05.02.08 My Baby CBGB_Demo [w/Outtaorbit]  (---) 5563 (99) Punk-Grunge 05.11.10 Active
04.06.08 emma [revised]  (---) 9879 (139) Art Rock 10.16.16 Active
04.03.08 good bye feter [woodstock]  (---) 3794 (38) Art Rock 12.03.08 Active
03.17.08 1 a.m. [woodstock]  (---) 5907 (85) Acoustic 04.18.13 Active
03.07.08 angst w/ Michael2  (---) 5369 (84) Art Rock 05.27.19 Active
02.25.08 LSP Untitled 27/ with Bud  (---) 4380 (37) Art Rock 11.10.08 Active
02.25.08 wayfaring stranger/ by feter  (---) 3559 (27) Folk-Rock 03.30.09 Active
02.24.08 I Thought I Told You  (---) 6472 (119) Ballad 06.02.11 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Solivagant Parichayaka 10.14.19 Ambient
One-by-One DonStevens 10.13.19 Art Rock
Prelude To Battle (Improved version) Fire_Angel 10.13.19 Film Scoring
Rest Your Head Schwerindustrie 10.12.19 Electropop
Out Of The Black AbstractVision 10.12.19 Rock
2 Good 2 B True Moses 10.10.19 Indie Rock
ALLEYCAT KCsGROOVE 10.10.19 Cinematic Soundtrack
LET IT GO Calchas 10.08.19 Rock
Misty Morning, Early Springtime peeg 08.15.19 Folk (contemporary)
Mr. Moon (Woodstock50) jgurner 08.14.19 Folk-Rock
Blues Project DonStevens 08.14.19 Blues (contemporary)
Jamie jibes 08.12.19 Folk-Rock
Fake News grah3am 08.11.19 Funk
Life In A Car Vic Holman 07.06.19 Rock
Chicken Thief SISTERS 04.11.19 Funk
Such Great Heights (cover) onesweetworld 04.10.19 Other
Run Sally Run Calchas 04.09.19 Rock
Into My Own Schwerindustrie 02.16.19 Rock
Died For Love Schwerindustrie 01.12.19 Rock
MegaStudio1-2 test #2 AllenDean 01.11.19 Rock (instrumental)
Antimatter MissChaos 01.05.19 Film Scoring
Ten minutes VicDiesel 01.01.19 Ambient
Ten minutes VicDiesel 01.01.19 Ambient
2019 Breathe In, Breathe Out Dadai.2 12.29.18 Rock (instrumental)
2019 Breathe In, Breathe Out Dadai.2 12.29.18 Rock (instrumental)
ANTHIMOS Bowman 12.26.18 Classical
Trump's America ramonaji 12.08.18 Pop (Alternative)
Clear Creek(solo) jgurner 10.27.18 Acoustic
you never mattered egobandit 10.10.18 Psychedelic
Complechtre VicDiesel 08.21.18 Twentieth Century
something Sweet79 08.13.18 Acoustic
Holy Ghost DWL 08.13.18 Alternative Rock
Alone ShadowofNine 08.10.18 Easy Listening
Thai Beaches are 10 000 Baht Long pharmakeus 08.07.18 Experimental
OLIVIA WROTE Franciscus_Henri 07.23.18 Ballad
Levitation Supreme stevel 07.22.18 Alternative Rock
Gwendolin's Debut pharmakeus 07.22.18 Blues (traditional)
Too Little Time jgurner 07.19.18 Alternative Rock
Dissonance FEEL 06.11.18 Rock
HAVE HORN…WILL TRAVEL Bowman 06.11.18 Classical
All the Malcontents jobu 06.09.18 Rock
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young Cover) jgurner 05.31.18 Acoustic Rock
Happy 10th Birthday Damroze 05.23.18 Acoustic
Love Story Moviz 05.20.18 Ballad
A-hole F'er DeputyDoofy 05.18.18 Other
Unending egobandit 05.18.18 Psychedelic
Weedeater Weedeater Weet SmokeyVW 05.09.18 A Cappella
Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now The_Applesauce_Project 05.07.18 Pop (Alternative)
Lullaby (The Cure) - Chaos Mix MissChaos 05.04.18 Electronic
Blount at 5 VicDiesel 04.30.18 Acoustic
Locked out Schwerindustrie 04.30.18 Alternative Rock
nothing but hope egobandit 04.19.18 Art Rock
Epilogue PeterB7858 04.16.18 Acoustic Rock
We Can Never Fall (Angry Blue Planet Track 1) jgurner 03.30.18 Alternative Rock
Age and Denial Vic Holman 03.20.18 Alternative Rock
Little bit of Lovin' pablatone 03.18.18 Rock
MARY JANE (band version) KCsGROOVE 03.15.18 Rock
A COLD NIGHT IN MOSCOW Bowman 03.06.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dream Of A Shadow Calchas 03.05.18 Folk-Rock
An Angel's Voice Skean 03.04.18 Trip Hop
The Liquor Store groovehounds 02.20.18 Blues (contemporary)
If You Can Hang On by Outtaorbit awigze 02.18.18 Folk (contemporary)
Roach Hotel Loob 01.21.18 Rock
Artist Vic Holman 01.14.18 Acoustic Rock
The Ballad of the Mobile Phone Philip18 01.13.18 Acoustic
Beyond the Sixth Chamber (An Eon Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 01.12.18 Ambient
MOVIN' ON KCsGROOVE 01.10.18 Rock
For you nevermine 01.08.18 Acoustic
A Radio In Her Head Vic Holman 01.06.18 Acoustic Rock
Summertime echoroom 01.06.18 Alternative Rock
new leaf 123117 bud 12.31.17 Electronic
Train That No One Rides bronco 12.30.17 Acoustic Rock
And So We Pray (w/Jiguma, Cori Ander & Mackie) Ed Hannifin 10.22.17 Folk (contemporary)
Into The Hell stratjmp 10.20.17 Heavy Metal
Steel Grip five_extra_arms 10.19.17 Electronic
Nothing Looks Good On You sammydix 10.18.17 Rockabilly
Rage (2017) jgurner 10.18.17 Alternative Rock
All the Same speedonl 10.18.17 Alternative Rock
All the Same speedonl 10.18.17 Alternative Rock
All the Same speedonl 10.18.17 Alternative Rock
All the Same speedonl 10.18.17 Alternative Rock
I Float (Part2) christopherpsly 10.17.17 Classical
Boop Beep DeputyDoofy 10.17.17 Other
WAR ON MY SCREEN (#3) KCsGROOVE 10.17.17 Rock
Why Can't They Be You? Grathy 10.17.17 Jazz (vocal)
Black Recorder VicDiesel 10.17.17 Game Soundtrack
On the sly VicDiesel 08.23.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Photographs Vic Holman 08.06.17 Rock
ok char2(Vic and Flatrock mix) davisamerica 07.17.17 Open Collaborations
If That's All They Want (instrumental for Last Hurrah) mr_mordenus 07.17.17 Electronic
Myopia 2/Michael2 sammydix 07.13.17 Dub
Then tonestones 07.13.17 Progressive Rock
ok Char(Vic mix) davisamerica 07.12.17 Open Collaborations
Austin Texas [with Bronco] Warren Smith 07.04.17 Country-Western
Austin Texas [with Bronco] Warren Smith 07.04.17 Country-Western
Still Love You Schwerindustrie 06.16.17 Rock
pjinky bud 06.09.17 Film Scoring
Aranjuez #3 H3nry 06.07.17 Classical
Aranjuez #3 H3nry 06.07.17 Classical
Aranjuez #3 H3nry 06.07.17 Classical
Aranjuez #3 H3nry 06.07.17 Classical
BiiK - PBGB jiguma 06.06.17 Surf Music
I dont know egobandit 06.03.17 Alternative Rock
Betazoid VicDiesel 06.03.17 Ambient
Born to Fail Schwerindustrie 04.21.17 Progressive Rock
Eleanor Plunkett Ren-Tin-10 04.20.17 Renaissance
Sailing Away (w Sam D) PeterB7858 04.02.17 Acoustic Rock
Angels Moviz 02.14.17 Hawaiian
Could Have Been Anything Vic Holman 02.12.17 Alternative Rock
Falling Away jgurner 02.12.17 Pop (Alternative)
The Dancer DWL 02.11.17 Political
If Symptoms Persist hackneybloke 02.11.17 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Getaway Calchas 12.28.16 Rock
No Requiem Calchas 12.18.16 Folk-Rock
Not Just Your Best Friend (unplugged) FEEL 12.12.16 Easy Listening
Well Played Plans Vic Holman 12.11.16 Alternative Rock
we may be dreaming Parichayaka 12.10.16 Ambient
Here Before Bob Rodgers 12.01.16 Rock
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) and Variations magnatone 11.16.16 Pop Orchestral
Another Great Day richard13 10.28.16 Ambient
The Boy Who Sailed Around the World Alone tempie 10.25.16 Indie Rock
She Thinks I'm Sh*t sewer rod 10.25.16 Rock
O O P egobandit 10.24.16 Psychedelic
Snake Oil - PBGB jiguma 10.20.16 Blues (contemporary)
The Canary King Vic Holman 10.16.16 Alternative Rock
Living Funeral (w/ Luna Trick) Dream_Nth 10.16.16 Alternative Rock
Open Warren Smith 10.13.16 Art Rock
Road to Yourself/with Abandon Style davisamerica2 10.06.16 Rock
Darling, I Love You richard13 09.23.16 Romantic
Remember Me Moviz 09.22.16 Pop (Alternative)
Swimming In Mud jiguma 09.06.16 Acoustic Rock
Kids grah3am 08.13.16 Fingerstyle Guitar
always another egobandit 08.13.16 Alternative Rock
Brandi Proliferous_Rose 08.12.16 Pop (mainstream)
Looking Like The Real Thing jiguma 08.07.16 Rhythm and Blues
Opposites Attract DJShadowkat 08.03.16 House
hold still egobandit 08.02.16 Psychedelic
"I Feel You" abzwork 07.24.16 Jazz Fusion
The Battle of Hastings( by Moviz 07.23.16 Spoken Word-Poetry
Into the Wind (w/ Luna Trick) Dream_Nth 07.23.16 Alternative Rock
The View grah3am 07.22.16 Folk (contemporary)
Sweet Mary Jane The_Applesauce_Project 07.22.16 Psychedelic
FIRST WORLD BLUES jiguma 07.21.16 Rhythm and Blues
Love The One You're With (Groovehounds version) groovehounds 07.20.16 Rock
Meditation DJShadowkat 07.20.16 Ambient
Meditation DJShadowkat 07.20.16 Ambient
Harmonic Convergence FrankAxtell 07.19.16 Jazz Fusion
Barricades Mysterieuses VicDiesel 07.18.16 Classical
hope the news gets better egobandit 07.17.16 Art Rock
Friends with the Devil gadzooks 07.14.16 Funk
Been a Long Time Moviz 07.08.16 Pop (mainstream)
Who You Foolin'? jiguma 06.28.16 Rhythm and Blues
Bleed out (redo) mike_d 06.27.16 Heavy Metal
something used egobandit 06.25.16 Psychedelic
Closer To Fire paddler 06.24.16 Folk (contemporary)
Invention No. 8 for organ paul f. page 06.24.16 Classical
When A Knight Won His Spurs paddler 06.24.16 Folk (traditional)
TO HANNAH- Spirit Girl Franciscus_Henri 06.23.16 Ballad
"My Love.." (Bday set) abzwork 06.19.16 Funk
Lumber tmcfate 06.19.16 Alternative Rock
Go Away Sam Dadai.2 06.11.16 Folk-Rock
Comet egobandit 06.10.16 Alternative Rock
If Your Tribe Believes Damroze 06.09.16 Folk (traditional)
If Your Tribe Believes Damroze 06.09.16 Folk (traditional)
Gentle Stream PeterB7858 06.08.16 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Wild Mouse SpiderNick 06.07.16 Rock
Spider gadzooks 06.07.16 Funk
Gods of War grah3am 06.05.16 Progressive Rock
hey kingkenny 06.05.16 Alternative Rock
This Ain't About Me jobu 06.04.16 Alternative Rock
"Ode 2 Prince" abzwork 06.03.16 Funk
Dance In The Dark Skean 06.02.16 Ambient
In the Attic SpiresVortex 06.01.16 Rock (instrumental)
Satisfied sammydix 05.31.16 Funk
May 17 - Before My Love Pete_NB 05.31.16 Folk-Rock
WE'VE CHANGED (#2) KCsGROOVE 05.31.16 Rock
Ramblin' Man awigze 05.28.16 Country-Western
Night and Day davajonah 05.27.16 Electronic
Everyone Grows Old bronco 05.21.16 Ballad
Timberlake VicDiesel 05.20.16 Ambient
I'm Just A Man bronco 05.20.16 Folk-Rock
Give It All Away jiguma 05.16.16 Acoustic Rock
No Pain - feat. Strangedream & Rok41 Sigmund 05.15.16 Rock
the greats are gone egobandit 05.13.16 Psychedelic
slow exit musichead 05.06.16 Acoustic Rock
SLEEPLESS IN MOROCCO Bowman 05.04.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Callous Way You Act selters 04.29.16 Pop (Alternative)
There Is A Civilization Under Mars Today thetiler 04.28.16 Folk (contemporary)
"I Hate Goodbyes" Einarus 04.26.16 Piano
Faces groovehounds 04.26.16 Blues (contemporary)
Gone (with Eagle) ShadowofNine 04.25.16 Easy Listening
España H3nry 04.24.16 Classical
Slipping Away sewer rod 04.23.16 Rock
I'm Coming Home w/ DavisAmerica and Particledots awigze 04.21.16 Open Collaborations
Old Man jgurner 04.21.16 Alternative Rock
BOOBS IN THE SKY gadzooks 04.20.16 Acoustic Rock
Psalm 67: O God, Let All The Nations Praise You RichardSchletty 04.20.16 Gospel
Oh! Rosie peeg 04.20.16 Ska
Nasa Dropped A Diamond In Their Database thetiler 04.19.16 Folk (contemporary)
Paranoid sewer rod 04.19.16 Rock
glow Parichayaka 04.19.16 Easy Listening
Nobody Knows Pixiemixer 04.18.16 Acoustic
When I was A Young Boy groovehounds 04.18.16 Blues (contemporary)
I was planning egobandit 04.16.16 Psychedelic
Accumulated Experiences Warren Smith 04.14.16 Rock (instrumental)
Longing for Daybreak paul f. page 04.12.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
No Bun Funk VicDiesel 04.11.16 Funk
Chasing Shadows - Feat. PeterB7858, Rok41 & Scofugate Sigmund 04.10.16 Folk-Rock
Dogs of War grah3am 04.09.16 Folk-Rock
World Oder Outtaorbit 04.08.16 Art Rock
Pull Up Yo Pants!/Gadzooks sammydix 04.08.16 Funk
The Miracle of Space and Time (ennead #8) mfwmiles 04.04.16 Alternative Rock
Stop wasting my time stevel 03.14.16 Alternative Rock
O Del Mio Dolce Ardor JohnnyCanuck 03.12.16 Opera
Above Ground Luper/Dixon FEEL 03.11.16 Rock
Pure Music paul f. page 03.08.16 Piano
Mary Has An Uzi Warren Smith 03.06.16 Hard Rock
Young Men, White Gloves MikeRobinson 03.04.16 Political
The Ghost In You jgurner 03.02.16 Alternative Rock
Be My Dirndl Girl jiguma 03.01.16 Pop (Alternative)
leena's song blaky smith 02.28.16 Other
Long Gone ConnieO 02.26.16 Folk (contemporary)
Send A Billionaire To Camp Davis Gloff 02.26.16 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Redwood kingbee 02.25.16 Alternative Rock
That Living Schwerindustrie 02.24.16 Progressive Rock
Not Popular bronco 02.23.16 Folk (contemporary)
Seeds of Contentment/ with Davisamerica,Sisters,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.18.16 Folk (traditional)
Tuscan Morning v16 Doug Somers 02.18.16 Classical
Mandy Pete_NB 02.16.16 Acoustic Rock
Reflexions I.G.M. 02.16.16 Acoustic
Out of the Aeons Maurice7 02.14.16 Electronic
Come Together with The Beagles groovehounds 02.14.16 Rock
Lawn ornament VicDiesel 02.13.16 Solo Instrument
I Still Got It DeputyDoofy 02.12.16 Electronic
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (vintage live 1968) Dadai.2 02.12.16 Soul
Technolly Disco Hydrogen3 02.11.16 Disco
Hard Rock Song #1 Maurice7 02.11.16 Open Collaborations
Constellation of the winter tadashi 02.10.16 New Age
Free Falling Pixiemixer 02.10.16 Rock
Music Memos Blues (instrumental) Dadai.2 02.09.16 Blues (contemporary)
Arlecchino Narad 02.08.16 Ambient
Sink or Swim kingkenny 02.06.16 Alternative Rock
Waiting By The Stars The Orbiting 02.06.16 Electronic
Crimson Shade MikeHuntingford 02.06.16 Easy Listening
Dance With me Baby The_Applesauce_Project 02.05.16 Rockabilly
Wrong/NotRight [with DWL] Warren Smith 02.05.16 Rock & Roll
Outlook Vic Holman 02.04.16 Indie Rock
This Love Is True The_Applesauce_Project 02.03.16 Rockabilly
Pip awigze 02.01.16 Jazz (instrumental)
get it egobandit 01.29.16 Psychedelic
Fireproof~ Demo Mix AllenDean 01.26.16 Heavy Metal
Piano Solace For Amy (Final Recording) christopherpsly 01.26.16 Piano
From Out Of Nowhere mystrag 01.25.16 Rock (instrumental)
Dust Pixiemixer 01.25.16 Rock
Through the Walls Narad 01.24.16 Film Scoring
Who Walked These Ancient Trails? jiguma 01.23.16 Acoustic Rock
Light up the drama Skean 01.22.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
SINCE morgan102 01.22.16 Rhythm and Blues
BERNIE morgan102 01.21.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
BurnzMahAzz by Jacarole and awigze awigze 01.21.16 Funk
Reverie Metier second Movement Hydrogen3 01.19.16 Piano
One Hundred Fifty-Two paul f. page 01.16.16 Piano
Zephyr (with Rok41) Philip18 01.15.16 Smooth Jazz
she don't 'ave no teeth 33-01 mix 022 woofer3 01.14.16 Alternative Rock
Dalston Junction (with Scofugate) hackneybloke 01.09.16 Jazz (instrumental)
Skapoopie Tantrum Warren Smith 01.07.16 Children's Music
Paper Thin racerat 01.04.16 Art Rock
Jetway racerat 01.04.16 Art Rock
Stowaway apb 01.04.16 Pop (Alternative)
Riders On The Storm (newest rendition) thetiler 01.02.16 Pop (mainstream)
Let me take you for a ride DWL 01.02.16 Political
Symphony D Eisen26 III Allegro-Leopold Mozart MidiOrleans 01.01.16 Classical
When You're Smiling (live acoustic) Dadai.2 12.31.15 Acoustic
Hemp smell tadashi 12.30.15 Ballad
Hemp smell tadashi 12.30.15 Ballad
Winter jimiwu2 12.27.15 Folk (contemporary)
Yacona jfisenne 12.26.15 Piano
La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin XMaramena 12.25.15 Classical
When Christmas Time is Due Moviz 12.22.15 Holiday
Edelweiss thetiler 12.21.15 Film Scoring
Long Long Way grah3am 12.20.15 Progressive Rock
O Star of Mystery RichardSchletty 12.20.15 Middle Eastern
Pulling Down The Universe Vic Holman 12.19.15 Alternative Rock
Sweet Baby, Oh Gaylen75 12.17.15 Alternative Rock
Feel The Beat - PBGB jiguma 12.17.15 Rhythm and Blues
snow in thompson woods davisamerica 12.17.15 Holiday
Jingle Bells Live (MERRY XMAS FROM THE HOUNDS) groovehounds 12.17.15 Holiday
Oprah and Kahlua : Dr. Phil Fugue Delirium Variation w/ Awigze Damroze 12.16.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Hermione or The frigate of liberty Narad 12.15.15 Ambient
Psalm IV Schwerindustrie 12.14.15 Art Rock
Across The Water PeterB7858 12.14.15 Folk (contemporary)
Through Schwerindustrie 12.14.15 Progressive Rock
I Saw Three Ships Doug Somers 12.13.15 Celtic
Away In a Manger scrappyjon 12.09.15 Holiday
Something's Changing Moviz 12.09.15 Other
What Kind Of Men Are They? jiguma 12.01.15 Acoustic Rock
Happy Birthday (Na Na Na Na) Bob6stringer 11.29.15 Rock
We're All Gonna Get It falo 11.27.15 Heavy Metal
the simon cowell song. woofer3 11.25.15 Alternative Rock
Spend It! Spend It! Spend It! DWL 11.25.15 Alternative Rock
What crisis? PaddyNavinCaryatid 11.24.15 Alternative Rock
My Dementing Rabbit Strawberry_Lane 11.23.15 Pop (mainstream)
Santana The Game Of Love ft Michelle Branch - (instrumental cover) jottdee 11.22.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Santana The Game Of Love ft Michelle Branch - (instrumental cover) jottdee 11.22.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Easy to Fall Pixiemixer 11.22.15 Rock
Pipeline with classical guitar thetiler 11.21.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Carol of the Bells 2015 elfdaughter 11.21.15 Folk (contemporary)
Theme From A Summer Place - dinner jazz version thetiler 11.19.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Red Moon egobandit 11.19.15 Alternative Rock
I'd Have To Be Crazy (live) Dadai.2 11.18.15 Acoustic
So Leap by Gaylen Sharp Gaylen75 11.15.15 Alternative Rock
THE PECOS Bowman 11.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
THE PECOS Bowman 11.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Algorithmic Solutions Doug Somers 11.12.15 Electronic
Get Going! [Langford/Smith] Warren Smith 11.09.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
sold egobandit 11.08.15 Psychedelic
Hurricane groovehounds 11.06.15 Blues (contemporary)
Approaching Pluton Narad 11.05.15 Ambient
Chasing Shadows PeterB7858 11.04.15 Acoustic
Second Hand Shirt tmcfate 11.02.15 Alternative Rock
Over The Hill and Far Away thetiler 11.01.15 Folk (contemporary)
Chataeu Antibes Franciscus_Henri 11.01.15 Folk (contemporary)
MoJoZu jiguma 11.01.15 Rock
WHY OH WHY___ KCsGROOVE 11.01.15 Rock
My Little Typhoon Gaylen75 10.31.15 Alternative Rock
Over The Hills and Far Away thetiler 10.28.15
It' done Narad 10.26.15 Classical
Backyard Chill awigze 10.25.15 Shoegazer
Desiree performed by Stone pablatone 10.25.15 Acoustic
I Walked In My Sleep Last Night jiguma 10.22.15 Acoustic Rock
Clearly ThroughRivers 10.18.15 Acoustic
Yes I am Ready MikeHuntingford 10.17.15 Easy Listening
The Reincarnate [Reincarnated in 2015] Alimar 10.17.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dreamer's Dance. Fire_Angel 10.17.15 Classical
bloom evolve Parichayaka 10.15.15 Electronic
Wistful paul f. page 10.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Kundalini Narad 10.14.15 Ambient
TOSABORI-breeze tadashi 10.11.15 Blues (contemporary)
Earth a Dying Planet Skean 10.11.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Meet Me In Dreamland Loob 10.10.15 Jazz (instrumental)
AN EYE FOR AN EYE (2) KCsGROOVE 10.09.15 Rock
Salmon Ladder Variations TobinMueller 10.09.15 Piano
The Left hand of God Outtaorbit 10.08.15 Acoustic
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (live) Dadai.2 10.08.15 Acoustic
Heavy Melt scrappyjon 10.06.15 Industrial
Spring Moon PeterB7858 10.06.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
No Life on Mars Schwerindustrie 10.05.15 Pop (Alternative)
THE PASSING SUN Bowman 10.05.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Irene Goodnight Philip18 10.05.15 Folk (traditional)
Lie & Break Your Heart (Truth & Love Remix) LWinston 10.04.15 Pop (mainstream)
TURN IT ON AGAIN WesCurry45Nion 10.05.15 Art Rock
Rain, Sky and Thunder(w/davisamerica,Sisters,BobRodgers,jiguma,awigze,scofugate davisamerica2 10.03.15 Rock
song no. 2314 jottdee 10.03.15 Acoustic
Louie Warren Smith 10.03.15 Rock
Complacent (Feat Spitlogic) spacey MIX Skean 10.02.15 Hip Hop-Rap
Rich Woman Blues thetiler 10.01.15 Blues (contemporary)
It's Getting Me High jiguma 10.01.15 Acoustic
Trump (Disaster for our Country) KyasheMusic 10.01.15 Electronic
LOOKING BACK KCsGROOVE 10.01.15 Pop (Alternative)
Losing (D1&D2 Remix) davisamerica 09.30.15 Acoustic Rock
Lighthouse TobinMueller 09.30.15 Piano
Break It To Me Gently (live) Dadai.2 09.29.15 Acoustic
Poseidon Narad 09.29.15 Ambient
Music for an annoying bird VicDiesel 09.27.15 Acoustic
Nobody Knows Everything uncle808us 09.27.15 Rock
Love Tonight (cover) thetiler 09.26.15 Folk (contemporary)
River Ice TobinMueller 09.22.15 Piano
Angel Wept On A Tinfoil Lawn Vic Holman 09.20.15 Rock
Mind the Gap Baz 09.20.15 Easy Listening
Darlin' Be Home Soon scottghorwath 09.19.15 Folk (traditional)
There You Are (Improved Mix) MikeHuntingford 09.18.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Muffled Skean 09.18.15 Ethnic-International
Club Anthropo Scene Doug Somers 09.16.15 Dance-Club
Club Anthropo Scene Doug Somers 09.16.15 Dance-Club
Transmission MissChaos 09.14.15 Electronic
Harlequin VicDiesel 09.13.15 Baroque
Variations on a theme by George Winston PeterB7858 09.11.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Dancing Guitars No.1 saSHguitAR 09.11.15 Electronic
Wabash Cannonball Jarvoid 09.10.15 Acoustic
Alice gadzooks 09.10.15 Alternative Rock
Rainbow Connection (live) Dadai.2 09.09.15 Acoustic
Sweet Lady Bob Rodgers 09.09.15 Rock
2 Million Light Years From Home DJShadowkat 09.09.15 Ambient
Believe In Yourself abzwork 09.06.15 NUjazz
Dragon's celebration Narad 09.06.15 Ethnic-International
Take me to Bed (alt mix) echoroom 09.06.15 Alternative Rock
Bad Fish Warren Smith 09.05.15 Blues (contemporary)
The Trailing Car / with Roxylee davisamerica2 09.04.15 Ballad
The Presbyterian WesCurry45Nion 10.05.15 Twentieth Century
Zombie Apocalypse gadzooks 09.03.15 Alternative Rock
Pavane paul f. page 09.01.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Take me to Bed echoroom 08.31.15 Alternative Rock
Boots bud 08.23.15 Indie Rock
Chromium Sun Vic Holman 08.16.15 Alternative Rock
First Light (solo piano) magnatone 08.14.15 Piano
stopped ste 08.13.15 Pop (Alternative)
Worry Is a Pile Of Noise Little_Hooligan 08.13.15 Funk
Trout Lake...or? paul f. page 08.12.15 Piano
Scherzo for Four Recorder Quartets VicDiesel 08.12.15 Baroque
L'Spirit de Gary awigze 08.08.15 Rock (instrumental)
No Darkness by James Whatley w/awigze awigze 08.07.15 Alternative Rock
Give Out Before I Give Up. uncle808us 08.07.15 Rock
Draper scrappyjon 10.05.15 Ambient
Enigma Variations Theme (Edward Elgar) scrappyjon 10.05.15 Classical
The Fair Maiden Steele_obsidion 08.04.15 Classical
A Certain Melancholy paul f. page 08.04.15 Piano
Feel the Love jobu 08.01.15 Pop (Alternative)
Llama up a Ladder (with Richard and Dan Marris) DWL 08.01.15 Punk-Grunge
What else Schwerindustrie 07.31.15 Progressive Rock
Charlie Chaplin Greatest Speech magic matt 07.31.15 Political
Vivian davisamerica2 07.27.15 Ballad
Here Comes a Boy (Fathers Day) tmcfate 07.25.15 Acoustic Rock
MR. PURCELL IS HERE Bowman 07.19.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Ballad For The Fortunate aRcTip 07.19.15 Ambient
A light unto the world Hydrogen3 07.17.15 Gospel
Gold Room Schwerindustrie 07.14.15 Progressive Rock
Summer (Promenade) (WIP) Henke 07.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Stormy Weather (live) Dadai.2 07.13.15 Acoustic
"Alimahru" abzwork 07.10.15 Jazz Fusion
Hands Tied Little_Hooligan 07.09.15 Electropop
They Let You Down Bob Rodgers 07.05.15 Rock
So I Drink Gaylen75 07.05.15 Alternative Rock
Strands Skunkwrx 07.03.15 Art Rock
A Brighter Day (Roxylee, R. Schletty) Dadai.2 07.03.15 Folk (contemporary)
I Just Dont Understand it with Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 07.01.15 Pop Classical
Sea Salt (with Jack Miller) Warren Smith 07.01.15 Surf Music
Big Brass Bed ( not sure of genre) Little_Hooligan 06.30.15 Jazz (vocal)
Moving On/ with Bob Rodgers davisamerica2 06.29.15 Ballad
talkin bout egobandit 06.28.15 Art Rock
Seares Drive Song (Goodbye to the Family Home) Garni 06.25.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Divided We Stand jgurner 06.24.15 Rock
Three bud 06.24.15 Rock (instrumental)
Cops and Robbers JBurns 06.23.15 Alternative Rock
Short Song jottdee 06.23.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Smooth Ride simonlau 06.23.15 Smooth Jazz
Corn Whiskey MarkHolbrook 06.21.15 Folk (traditional)
Lennon's Inconsequential Latin Affair/Grah3am sammydix 06.20.15 Alternative Rock
Urban Slavery Ultrabeast 06.19.15 Electronic
How I Love You So Dadai.2 06.18.15 Easy Listening
Idling The Day The_Applesauce_Project 06.18.15 Psychedelic
"A True Story" abzwork 06.15.15 Jazz Fusion
Freak Magnet Little_Hooligan 06.15.15 Electropop
Daydream2 Hydrogen3 06.14.15 Ambient
She's All Mine Bob Rodgers 06.11.15 Blues (contemporary)
New Things to See Daugrin 06.06.15 Experimental
Paint Them How You Feel jiguma 06.05.15 Rhythm and Blues
Just Some Musing Skean 06.05.15 Ambient
Summer Strut H3nry 06.04.15 Swing
When? (snowdragon sitting in…) Dadai.2 06.03.15 Folk-Rock
Royal Wedding March Ultrabeast 06.02.15 Classical
Holiday in San Francisco (by Steve Booth) PeterB7858 06.02.15 Acoustic Rock
Deelish VicDiesel 06.02.15 Twentieth Century
Saying Goodbye Moses 06.02.15 Acoustic
City Without Pity Warren Smith 06.02.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
So Much Love The_Applesauce_Project 06.01.15 Rockabilly
Gemini Narad 06.01.15 New Age
Big Edd gadzooks 05.30.15 Rock
Man In The Street (with PeterB7858 and Jiguma) Philip18 05.29.15 Rock
Steal Your Heart Cheeto 05.27.15 Acoustic Rock
Sequence for Pentecost: Mode I (guitar and voice) RichardSchletty 05.27.15 Gospel
NO REFUND egobandit 05.23.15 Psychedelic
Her Eyes Ultrabeast 05.23.15 Classical
You Can't Take Me Down bronco 05.22.15 Folk (contemporary)
fifty5 FEEL 05.21.15 Rock
Try To Remember Moviz 05.21.15 Other
The King has left thoddi 05.17.15 Blues (contemporary)
I'll Not Wait No More Bob Rodgers 05.15.15 Pop (Alternative)
A Vision Schwerindustrie 05.13.15 Progressive Rock
It's Just As Well Little_Hooligan 05.12.15 Country-Western
A Little Song About Our Mom composerclark 05.11.15 Children's Music
Can't get this jacket off kingkenny 05.10.15 Punk-Grunge
Dead Archive Relic67 05.09.15 Pop (Alternative)
Chopsticks Ballad mystrag 05.07.15 Rock (instrumental)
Lady Grey RoughRooster 05.04.15 Rock
Spaggers grah3am 05.03.15 Progressive Rock
Home gadzooks 05.02.15 Acoustic Rock
Symphony No.88 IV-Haydn MidiOrleans 05.01.15 Classical
Sea Of Dreams jiguma 04.30.15 Acoustic Rock
Ladies of Liverpool jfisenne 04.30.15 Rock
NEVER GOING BACK Bowman 04.30.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mondays Trooper7 04.29.15 Rock
Phantom Chimera SmokeyVW 04.28.15 Twentieth Century
A Little Light, feat. strangedream, rok41 & alackbass Sigmund 04.27.15 Acoustic Rock
Wild Blood groovehounds 04.26.15 Acoustic Rock
There Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens! michaeljayklein 04.25.15 Swing
Junction 5 MarkOne 04.24.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Finger on the Switch Les_Kloo 04.21.15 Progressive Rock
I Know Vic Holman 04.21.15 Indie Rock
Warm Summer Knights Alimar 04.21.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nowhere Left To Run Johnjoesmith73 04.21.15 Alternative Rock
Between You And Me musichead 04.20.15 Pop (mainstream)
Swallow Garni 04.19.15 Gothic Rock
Were You Ever stevel 04.19.15 Alternative Rock
Sock Drawer grah3am 04.18.15 Rock (instrumental)
Sausage Factory Jam groovehounds 04.18.15 Alternative Rock
Gentleness paul f. page 04.16.15 Piano
Stone doing Cool Water pablatone 04.16.15 Acoustic Rock
You Shook Me Maurice7 04.16.15 Blues (contemporary)
Fools&Angels(Philip,Neil) PeterB7858 04.15.15 Acoustic Rock
Coast to Coast Moses 04.15.15 Indie Rock
Kingsdown hackneybloke 04.14.15 Acoustic
Romanian Folk Dances H3nry 04.14.15 Classical
Sekkayteron Ultrabeast 04.13.15 Electronic
Monkeys Waiting uncle808us 04.13.15 Rock
fine fine egobandit 04.11.15 Alternative Rock
Life's a song grah3am 04.11.15 Pop (Alternative)
Smiling tadashi 04.11.15 Other
One Hundred Forty-Six paul f. page 04.08.15 Piano
Dryer Non Drone SmokeyVW 04.08.15 Experimental
One Of Those Days Little_Hooligan 04.06.15 Pop (Alternative)
To Let a Stranger Die XMaramena 04.05.15 Pop (mainstream)
THE BEND Bowman 04.05.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
got your idol slippin egobandit 04.03.15 Progressive Rock
I Could (with Daugrin) Philip18 04.03.15 Rock
Painting the Mice Les_Kloo 04.03.15 Progressive Rock
Smoke & Mirrors (Smith/Holman) Warren Smith 04.01.15 Open Collaborations
I'm Gumby dammit!/Mcboy alley-oop 03.31.15 Funk
Child of Yesterday Mystified 03.30.15 Folk (contemporary)
SubOrdinary Girl Little_Hooligan 03.22.15 Rock
Into The Light (V-2) ShadowofNine 03.22.15 New Age
Everything's Fine racerat 03.20.15 Alternative Rock
Moontime Strawberry_Lane 03.20.15 Rock
She Knows It FrankAxtell 03.20.15 Rock
Won't Be Denied groovehounds 03.19.15 Rock
Dodge The Bullet Vic Holman 03.18.15 Rock
Holding On Bob Rodgers 03.16.15 Rock
I Could Write a Book michaeljayklein 03.15.15 Easy Listening
The Herald grah3am 03.15.15 Rock
Hey Gyp groovehounds 03.12.15 Rock
I've Tried Everything (I Know) debmac 04.21.15 Country-Western
Piano string etude #4 (Arisen work in progress) Ultrabeast 03.06.15 Classical
One Side of the Story Philip18 03.06.15 Acoustic
I've Got a New Guitar mfwmiles 03.04.15 Folk (contemporary)
Bliss, Eternal - NASA Challenge Ultrabeast 02.28.15 Experimental
SHINY LOVE w Anne Cozean jiguma 02.24.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
But I Don't Care The_Applesauce_Project 02.23.15 Pop (Alternative)
Climbing the Mountain jgurner 02.22.15 Shoegazer
Place to Stay with alackbass FEEL 02.21.15 Ballad
Long Day 2015 (w/awigze) rok41 02.14.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Love five_extra_arms 02.14.15 Electronic
When You Wish Upon A Star Dadai.2 02.13.15 Easy Listening
A Gift From Mexico with Davisamerica2, Sisters and Richard and Dan Marris DWL 02.11.15 Acoustic
Tender w/ Philip18 by Mike Huntingford awigze 01.19.15 Easy Listening
So I Drink Gaylen75 01.19.15 Electropop
In The Shadows-w/Bob Rodgers Vic Holman 01.18.15 Rock
sha crunch egobandit 01.16.15 Art Rock
The Bird Sings /ramonaji Les_Kloo 01.13.15 Art Rock
Mean Miss Teacher alackbass 12.23.14 Blues (contemporary)
Big Bear 2 awigze 12.22.14 Jazz Fusion
Mystical Christmas Skean 12.22.14 Experimental
Tokyo is Awake echoroom 12.21.14 Alternative Rock
In Progress lyzak 12.17.14 Experimental
Flashback Jack jiguma 12.15.14 Acoustic Rock
I Beg To Be Caught bud 12.14.14 Rock (instrumental)
A Christmas Dream Moviz 12.13.14 Holiday
Clap Your Hands Skean 12.08.14 Experimental
samx SmokeyVW 12.06.14 Other
Blood Red Moon jiguma 11.03.14 Acoustic Rock
Farewell to the Flowers hackneybloke 11.01.14 Acoustic
Crankenhurst Challenge 1-10 SmokeyVW 10.30.14 Electronic
Het Eesel Schreit VicDiesel 10.29.14 Baroque
The Atomic Bomb Blues thetiler 10.28.14 Blues (contemporary)
rolling on egobandit 10.27.14 Alternative Rock
Kyne's Theme XMaramena 10.27.14 Film Scoring
Barton Spring 20141021 VicDiesel 10.26.14 Native American
The Raven (by E.A. Poe) richard13 10.25.14 Spoken Word-Poetry
Don't You Know Schwerindustrie 10.23.14 Pop (mainstream)
Devil Wind PeterB7858 10.23.14 Acoustic
3. Miseries andreasvanharen 10.22.14 Twentieth Century
Dragon treasure Narad 10.20.14 Classical
8:37 Cori Ander 10.19.14 Acoustic
Roulette Final Section bud 10.18.14 Other
She Moved Through the Fair Laluna579 10.17.14 A Cappella
Nasty Skean 10.17.14 Dub
North (with Sonny Jim) yrp 10.17.14 Electronic
La Catedral Preludio MidiOrleans 10.16.14 Classical
And Then? some crap Skean 10.16.14 Experimental
Screamin' Out (by Harold Luper) RichardSchletty 10.16.14 Hard Rock
For A Moment Llarion 10.15.14 Jazz Fusion
Waiting In The Rain Bob Rodgers 10.15.14 Reggae
My One And Only (Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 10.15.14 Alternative Rock
Heaven's Gate Narad 10.15.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
End Credits (extended version) Parichayaka 10.14.14 Film Scoring
Rock My Way (Back To You) w/MikeHuntingford Charday 10.14.14 Rock
The Life We Lead Warren Smith 10.14.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Adiago in C minor Ultrabeast 10.13.14 Classical
Stalks Like An Animal Vic Holman 10.11.14 Blues (contemporary)
Salient Memories.... (Tears In The Rain) LouisLacey 10.11.14 Ambient
Running For The Border (Full version) Fire_Angel 10.11.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Chorale paul f. page 10.11.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
With A Wink and A Smile Dadai.2 10.10.14 Easy Listening
Orient Express II Narad 10.10.14 Ambient
Breaking Barriers Moviz 10.09.14 Art Rock
Tranquility ThroughRivers 10.08.14 Folk (contemporary)
A Digital Something DeputyDoofy 10.07.14 Electronic
A Moment With You (revised) The_Applesauce_Project 10.06.14 Alternative Rock
Harold's Light Daugrin 10.06.14 Gospel
One Hundred Twenty-Seven paul f. page 10.06.14 Piano
LIVE from the Hotel Tiptop IV michaeljayklein 10.05.14 Blues (traditional)
I'm burning in you and you're burning in me Narad 10.05.14 Trance
Hard Times Three Cat Clem 10.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
My Old Bones Three Cat Clem 10.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
Shake That Thing Three Cat Clem 10.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
CAN'T YOU SEE (acoustic version) KCsGROOVE 10.04.14 Rock
PROPENSITY Bowman 10.04.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
who's got the gun now kingkenny 10.03.14 Blues (contemporary)
Mallacoota Musing PeterB7858 10.03.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
A Mothertruckin' Cowboy Christmas cwispas 10.03.14 Holiday
New Guit Cori Ander 10.03.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Hunted Things Relic67 10.03.14 Pop (Alternative)
Chim Chim Cheree Variations (Fingerstyle Guitar) thetiler 10.02.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Walk Within Narad 10.02.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Sasquatch groovehounds 10.01.14 Alternative Rock
(ennead #7) I Was Named By My Mother mfwmiles 09.29.14 Alternative Rock
Surrender To Me w/Kayla Garni 09.29.14 Dance-Club
A Hymn For Us All richard13 09.29.14 Ambient
Crankenhurst Challenge - Verse 1-7 (Inst. Break) J.A.Stewart 09.28.14 Rock
Autumn Dubster Skean 09.28.14 Dub
Nultiply Eftos 09.28.14 Trance
The Man Who Sold The World (Nirvana/Bowie Cover) Ultrabeast 09.27.14 Pop (Alternative)
New Rig Veda bud 09.27.14 Electronic
A Real Man gadzooks 09.27.14 Reggae
'Tis Autumn michaeljayklein 09.27.14 Easy Listening
Better Believe (Sigmund) rok41 09.26.14 Rock
Web Of Lies/Cold Black Heart w PBGB jiguma 09.26.14 Alternative Rock
Gratiot Avenue Skunkwrx 09.26.14 Art Rock
Crankenhurst Challenge 1-6 The_Applesauce_Project 09.26.14 Blues (traditional)
Crankenhurst 2014 (Updated 1978 Version) mr_mordenus 09.25.14 Blues (traditional)
Progress rduroche 09.25.14 Electronic
Crankenhurst Challenge 1-5 michaeljayklein 09.24.14 Blues (traditional)
Crankenhurst Challenge 1-4 SmokeyVW 09.24.14 Blues (traditional)
Smooth Euro Sax Dadai.2 09.21.14 Smooth Jazz
N.I.W.S. (Built around finger style guitar) thetiler 09.21.14 Easy Listening
Purple Haze (Acoustic Finger-style Guitar) thetiler 09.20.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Crankenhurst Challenge - Verse 1-2 J.A.Stewart 09.20.14 Blues (contemporary)
Sun Man Narad 09.19.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Roadtrip awigze 09.19.14 Spoken Word-Poetry
Symphony No.95 m4-Haydn MidiOrleans 09.19.14 Classical
Smile sammydix 09.19.14 Funk
My Brother FEEL 09.18.14 Acoustic Rock
Crankenhurst Challenge Verse 1 mr_mordenus 09.18.14 Blues (traditional)
Song of 11 4nglo 09.17.14 Psychedelic
Crying in the Dark Brian D 09.17.14 Indie Rock
Polynesia mystrag 09.16.14 Other
The Old Banshee ThroughRivers 09.16.14 Folk (contemporary)
Rewind gadzooks 09.16.14 Ambient
YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME michaeljayklein 09.16.14 Easy Listening
Fire One Outtaorbit 09.15.14 Alternative Rock
Ambivalent Vic Holman 09.15.14 Psychedelic
Rockwell's Mockery EEFliess 09.14.14 Rock
SANKI-RAIMON tadashi 09.14.14 Jazz Fusion
Ordinary Boring Life lavalamp 09.14.14 Alternative Rock
There's Something in the Ice billdancourtney 09.14.14 Experimental
Dum dee dum dee dum egobandit 09.13.14 Alternative Rock
Rainmaker [FINAL w/download] Alimar 09.13.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Grip On The Bottleneck (MJRF) 4nglo 09.13.14 Blues (contemporary)
Rise Up! (with ktb) Skunkwrx 09.12.14 Art Rock
No Sorrow Bob Rodgers 09.11.14 Ballad
Useful Idiots MotherofMeursault 09.11.14 Electronic
I'm On Yellow alackbass 09.08.14 Jazz (vocal)
Enter Skydock (Cinematic Dubstep) Ultrabeast 09.08.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Something, 'Bout Nothin' scaustrita 09.07.14 Smooth Jazz
A Last Confession Schwerindustrie 09.06.14 Progressive Rock
Tomorrow Saltaireguru77 09.06.14 Rock
Ninety-Eight paul f. page 09.05.14 Piano
Crazy Town gadzooks 09.03.14 Acoustic
Just For You / with Davisamerica, Sisters, & BirdmanWayne94 davisamerica2 09.02.14 Ballad
You've Brought a New Kind of Love to Me michaeljayklein 09.01.14 Easy Listening
disappear carbon 09.01.14 Shoegazer
SHELTER ME 2 KCsGROOVE 09.01.14 Rock
KNOW TIME Bowman 08.30.14 Classical
complicated bud 08.30.14 Rock (instrumental)
Gone Girl echoroom 08.30.14 Pop (Alternative)
I'm Going Home (w Scofugate) Saltaireguru77 08.29.14 Rock
Red White and Blues Warren Smith 08.29.14 Political
My Name (by the Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 08.27.14 Art Rock
Isn't It Strange gadzooks 08.27.14 Acoustic
A Reason For (progress) MartynAndrewPRice 08.27.14 Alternative Rock
Player Studio Trooper7 08.26.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
If The Devil Would Meet Me At The Crossroads springclock 08.26.14 Blues (contemporary)
If The Devil Would Meet Me At The Crossroads springclock 08.26.14 Blues (contemporary)
High, Low, No Pressure Vic Holman 08.22.14 Rock
A Fire Within XMaramena 08.22.14 Film Scoring
A Moment Of Clarity abzwork 08.22.14 Jazz Fusion
I Run On Ultrabeast 08.22.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
art brute mini bud 08.21.14 Electronic
Rufus Got The Blues gadzooks 08.21.14 Blues (contemporary)
Cradle grah3am 08.20.14 Progressive Rock
To Be With You PeterB7858 08.19.14 Folk (contemporary)
El Manisero VicDiesel 08.18.14 Latin
Don't Go In The Water jiguma 08.18.14 Acoustic Rock
kama away from dharma DJ WERD 08.17.14 Downtempo
The Words Of Love paul f. page 08.16.14 Ballad
Ravish MikeHuntingford 08.16.14 Easy Listening
I Hear Music michaeljayklein 08.16.14 Easy Listening
O, Shenandoah PaulaMunk 08.16.14 A Cappella
Ahead of things to come Skean 08.16.14 Experimental
new song (phone recirding demo) nevermine 08.16.14 Acoustic
each day new egobandit 08.15.14 Psychedelic
Steampunk Siege XMaramena 08.15.14 Film Scoring
Fumble groovehounds 08.13.14 Rhythm and Blues
MARY JANE 2 KCsGROOVE 08.12.14 Rock
Holiday on Jupiter billdancourtney 08.11.14 Ambient
Rock My Way to You (Featuring the Joe Wentz Project) MikeHuntingford 08.09.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
MacCruiskeen's Bicycle mandolinquent 08.09.14 Celtic
Black Castle Relic67 08.09.14 Rock
Airborne Subterfuge or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chemtrails springclock 08.08.14 Rock
Stars DrToasty 08.08.14 Ambient
jester egobandit 08.07.14 Alternative Rock
Dream For Dream w Anne Cozean jiguma 08.07.14 Acoustic Rock
Baptism Song (with Dru & Ibotenic Paradigm) racerat 08.05.14 Art Rock
Sometimes I just don't know groovehounds 08.05.14 Alternative Rock
world keeps on turning Ace-T 08.05.14 Blues (contemporary)
The Anachronism - Sqai Tihn Gönthin Aéis [2014 Remix] Alimar 08.05.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Walk away jimmyrus 08.03.14 Acoustic Rock
The Russians Are Coming PaddyNavinCaryatid 08.03.14 Punk-Grunge
Till the End tmcfate 08.02.14 Acoustic Rock
The Farther That I Fall tf10music 08.02.14 Folk (contemporary)
Dad's March 2014 Doug Somers 07.31.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Pre-Drome (YRP) IbotenicParadigm 07.31.14 Art Rock
The Looker / with davisamerica, Roxylee, FEEL, jgurner, scofugate, & awigze davisamerica2 07.30.14 Blues (traditional)
July 27 tadashi 07.29.14 Jazz Fusion
The Heartache That You Sowed Live (plus) Charday 07.28.14 Jazz (vocal)
Voile Sur Le Soleil PeterB7858 07.27.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
All of Me bjack 07.26.14 Rhythm and Blues
Big "T" Jam Three Cat Clem 07.22.14 Blues (contemporary)
Gigue paul f. page 07.22.14 Baroque
Church Of Plastic springclock 07.20.14 Rock
In Another Round Loob 07.18.14 Acoustic
St. James Infirmary Blues JohnnyCanuck 07.13.14 Blues (traditional)
Number 11 Three Cat Clem 07.11.14 Blues (contemporary)
FEEL with Emily Rohm and Cedrick Barnes FEEL 07.11.14 Funk
Oh Dear Penelope The_Applesauce_Project 07.11.14 Pop (Alternative)
One More Time WIth You FlatRock2 07.09.14 Indie Rock
Kozmik Raze AcetyleneJukebox 07.07.14 Trip Hop
SKUNKCASS SoloMe-o Skweryl 07.07.14 Art Rock
sleeping bag bud 07.06.14 Experimental
Always A Way PBGB, feat Andy O'Donnell and the Mills Sisters. jiguma 07.06.14 Funk
The deal danielmoore 07.05.14 Alternative Rock
The Happiest March (Take Two). Fire_Angel 07.05.14 Pop Orchestral
When The Earth Turns Away From The Sun PeterB7858 07.04.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Tried Gary_Lester 07.03.14 Other
Lola sings lala VicDiesel 07.02.14 Renaissance
Charlie's Dream MikeHuntingford 07.02.14 Easy Listening
'Merica jgurner 07.01.14 Alternative Rock
Sweet Agony / with Awigze & Scofugate davisamerica2 06.29.14 Ballad
I'll Be Gone, Long Gone bronco 06.28.14 Folk (contemporary)
Smokin' Spliffs and Smokey riffs (Solo-meO) Charday 06.28.14 Art Rock
Halcyon Days jobu 06.28.14 Alternative Rock
Hiding In the Shadows of Love bronco 06.26.14 Acoustic Rock
Digital Age (SoloMe-o w/Skunkwrx) Mystified 06.26.14 Art Rock
Everything She Says tmcfate 06.26.14 Acoustic
Another Day Blues tf10music 06.26.14 Blues (contemporary)
Legend, Uncover the Walls of Your Heart (Second Movement) Ultrabeast 06.24.14 Classical
Groove #7 (SoloMe-o Challenge) with Birdman lyzak 06.23.14 Open Collaborations
A MORNING RIDE Bowman 06.22.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
A MORNING RIDE Bowman 06.22.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Playing w/myself SoloMe-o! ;-) Skweryl 06.22.14 Art Rock
Fugue iv VicDiesel 06.21.14 Classical
A MORNING RIDE Bowman 06.21.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
SoloMe-o’s First 5 Macjam Uploads FEEL 06.21.14 Other
Self-Help Laundromat Warren Smith 06.21.14 Rock
Laundwette apb 06.21.14 Alternative Rock
If I could sing (take two) Franciscus_Henri 06.20.14 Other
Sampled and alone egobandit 06.20.14 Psychedelic
Transmission Earth Vic Holman 06.20.14 Alternative Rock
Fugue xviii VicDiesel 06.17.14 Classical
Martin's Joy Llarion 06.16.14 Jazz (instrumental)
A New Day rduroche 06.16.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Star Twitter VII Narad 06.14.14 Electronic
When Lady G Goes Prog/Vic Holman sammydix 06.13.14 Art Rock
Born to Do - feat. strangedream, rok41, scofugate Sigmund 06.04.14 Rock
Bullseye 400 thetiler 06.02.14 Easy Listening
Bullseye 400 thetiler 06.02.14 Easy Listening
Cuz I'm So Smooth F/ The Bear(demo version) axljfoley 06.02.14 Hip Hop-Rap
Come To Me Philip18 06.02.14 Acoustic
Ascension paul f. page 06.01.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ascension paul f. page 06.01.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Cass Corridor : Skunkwrx: SoloMe-O Act I Skunkwrx 06.01.14 Art Rock
Laundry-SoloMe-o Challenge FEEL 05.31.14 Rock
Gone with the Wind Narad 05.30.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
MPX8 tonight bud 05.30.14 Electronic
Looking Out For Love Vic Holman 05.27.14 Rock
Simply Put paul f. page 05.25.14 Piano
Spinning w/Ravens Garni 05.25.14 Gothic Rock
health and safety woofer3 05.24.14 Alternative Rock
A Walled Garden obbster 05.24.14 Rock (instrumental)
It's been a long time thoddi 05.23.14 Soul
Curry Soup (Jack sitting in with Johannes) Dadai.2 05.23.14 Acoustic
Never Been So Blue (W) Sisters gadzooks 05.23.14 Acoustic
Paint It Black thetiler 05.21.14 Film Scoring
Nothin' Hangin' bjack 05.19.14 Rhythm and Blues
Doing Time PeterB7858 05.19.14 Acoustic
Worse Than a Dog grah3am 05.18.14 Art Rock
SOMETHING SHE SAID - PBGB jiguma 05.17.14 Alternative Rock
Floating on hopeless clouds Skean 05.17.14 Experimental
CWS Parichayaka 05.15.14 Electronic
The Kid Who Wanted To Be A Cowboy [FINAL] Alimar 05.15.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
No Way (remix) Bob Rodgers 05.13.14 Acoustic Rock
SPD FEEL 05.12.14 Heavy Metal
Subsumed Warren Smith 05.12.14 Folk (contemporary)
Sometimes Confused Vic Holman 05.11.14 Art Rock
Sweet Darkness gadzooks 05.10.14 Art Rock
Black Country grah3am 05.10.14 Rock
New Day Philip18 05.10.14 Folk-Rock
Goodbye w/Ravens Garni 05.10.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
The Kid Who Wanted To Be A Cowboy [WIP] 3 minute teaser Alimar 05.09.14 Film Scoring
Politicians Say / with Loob, Sigmund, Rok41, Damiengh and Wendy Stephany davisamerica2 05.09.14 Political
Ninety-Five paul f. page 05.08.14 Piano
Ninety-Five paul f. page 05.08.14 Piano
Round & Round Cheeto 05.08.14 Alternative Rock
HOW DO THOUSANDS? by Brett Ralph jiguma 05.07.14 Acoustic Rock
The Infastructer..... Sucks Outtaorbit 05.06.14 Renaissance
The Black Guitar PeterB7858 05.06.14 Acoustic
The Devil's Looking Glass scaustrita 05.03.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
'Nabru S'reggin' Creat'in' JazzIsTvRicky 05.03.14 Jazz Fusion
Souls Sweet79 05.02.14 Easy Listening
Forgive Sweet79 05.02.14 Alternative Rock
Flinch Sweet79 05.02.14 Drum n Bass
Flame Sweet79 05.02.14 Alternative Rock
Pendulum Waves SmokeyVW 05.02.14 Experimental
Angeline Bob Rodgers 05.02.14 Acoustic
Tightbeam Quazilift Theorising (A Distant Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 05.01.14 Electronic
F**K gadzooks 04.30.14 Rock (instrumental)
Oh What a Dream stevel 04.29.14 Alternative Rock
Fragments of Memories Vic Holman 04.26.14 Alternative Rock
Blues Jam Track Charday 04.26.14 Open Collaborations
'Galleries of Feel' JazzIsTvRicky 04.26.14 Jazz Fusion
The Island PeterB7858 04.25.14 Acoustic
Here she Comes a Orphan Outtaorbit 04.25.14 Art Rock
LDS Blues thetiler 04.25.14 Blues (contemporary)
Independence sammydix 04.25.14 Progressive Rock
All My Love jfisenne 04.24.14 Acoustic Rock
Where Did The Sun Go w/Lokka Garni 04.24.14 Gothic Rock
Where are you? teamclassics 05.03.14 Indie Rock
HOTRS MarkHolbrook 04.23.14 Ballad
Brighter Days by pablatone pablatone 04.22.14 Acoustic
Aquarium FEEL 04.22.14 Rock
The Trick paul f. page 04.22.14 Piano
78 and East 9th Street (Thank you Curtis) Outtaorbit 04.18.14 Acoustic
Black Friday Aphrodisiac 04.18.14 Rock
As Harrison Said DWL 04.17.14 Pop Orchestral
THE WELL Bowman 04.14.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Different Sort of Day Reinholt56 04.09.14 Electronic
Get Where I Belong Bob Rodgers 04.08.14 Alternative Rock
Is Theory Ever Real-Rok41-Sig FEEL 04.07.14 Rock
DAILY GRIND J.A.Stewart 04.06.14 Pop (Alternative)
Desert of Man Vic Holman 04.05.14 Alternative Rock
Slow Dancing paul f. page 04.05.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Santa Cruz Pipeline thetiler 04.03.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Barbara-B with Sasja Antheunis and Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 04.03.14 Folk-Rock
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Doug Somers 03.30.14 Easy Listening
Crimson(Particledots tracks with VicHolman and awigze) rabittwhole 03.26.14 Open Collaborations
MicroBud w/Bud awigze 03.25.14 Experimental
The Traveling Marino_Experiment 03.23.14 Electronic
WFM Go_Turtle_Go 03.22.14 Ambient
Jade paul f. page 03.22.14 Piano
Laying off of hands Marino_Experiment 03.18.14 Acoustic
Moonstruck Marino_Experiment 03.17.14 Electronic
The Sunken Cathedral davajonah 03.16.14 Classical
A Spring Symphopoem [WIP v3.0] Alimar 03.14.14 Classical
Sixty-Three paul f. page 03.14.14 Piano
microbrute 1 bud 03.13.14 Electronic
Sweet Life w/jdholliday ktholliday 03.12.14 Rhythm and Blues
When I Humanize XMaramena 03.11.14 Other
Long Long Winter w/rok41 Vic Holman 03.10.14 Pop (Alternative)
Rock and Roll Marino_Experiment 03.10.14 Rock & Roll
Rock and Roll Marino_Experiment 03.10.14 Rock & Roll
you always have my love Mystified 03.10.14 New Age
Im feeling fine (Vocals) Marino_Experiment 03.09.14 Rock
Evade and Resist Spiderland 03.09.14 Hard Rock
Harley David's Son Charday 03.07.14 Rock
While I Bleed w/Raven Garni 03.06.14 Gothic Rock
Little Redhead Outtaorbit 03.06.14 Blues (contemporary)
Sun King- LIVE ( Skin of Saints) AllenDean 03.06.14 Hard Rock
Drifting In Clean Water (feat particledots) Skean 03.06.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Include Me - Brett Ralph and PBGB jiguma 03.06.14 Acoustic Rock
She's Nothing but Trouble finkeldink 03.05.14 Hard Rock
Erie Lackawanna Marijuana Talking Blues Warren Smith 03.05.14 Blues (contemporary)
Bells At Night SmokeyVW 03.04.14 Experimental
Odd Modulations SmokeyVW 03.04.14 Experimental
Emerging virgin land Narad 03.03.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Dancing Cha mer 03.03.14 Ethnic-International
Learn To Crawl (DEMO) MJReunionNAR 03.03.14 Pop (mainstream)
Big Bear awigze 03.01.14 Jazz Fusion
bodhgaya (w/DJ WERD) carbon 03.01.14 Art Rock
Fifteen paul f. page 02.27.14 Piano
Stand By egobandit 02.27.14 Psychedelic
Sweet Life Charday 02.27.14 Funk
Charlie Takes A Trip bud 02.25.14 Alternative Rock
Charlie Takes A Trip bud 02.25.14 Alternative Rock
Fading w/Raven Garni 02.24.14 Gothic Rock
That's Jenny The_Applesauce_Project 02.24.14 Pop (Alternative)
Aereo Marino_Experiment 03.08.14 Rock (instrumental)
Decent Girl lengold 02.24.14 Other
Questions (w Mark Holbrook and Sigmund) PeterB7858 02.22.14 Rock
Night grah3am 02.22.14 Progressive Rock
Homestead/with Roxylee,John Kaplan,Guygrooves,Jiguma,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.22.14 Country-Western
Almost Human ShadowofNine 02.21.14 Art Rock
Forbidden Collaboration with Vic Holman & Lester Long FEEL 02.20.14 Progressive Rock
Cat Walk MikeRobinson 02.20.14 Ethnic-International
Homage To Mandela....Remix.. Soundhound 02.19.14 Other
Leave Me Alone groovehounds 02.17.14 Blues (contemporary)
My Time to Fall ajnorth 02.16.14 Piano
She Said (Radio Edit) Feat Nightingale AxelBreeze 02.16.14 Pop (mainstream)
Where Did You Get That Hat? Jarvoid 02.14.14 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Me And You (w/Skean) Morning Light 02.14.14 Ambient
Neon Warning Sign Charday 02.13.14 Blues (contemporary)
the tide turns egobandit 02.13.14 Art Rock
hymn (sample) Mystified 02.11.14 New Age
If I Cared (A Robotic Development Mix) Reinholt56 02.11.14 Electronic
Stone Cold groovehounds 02.10.14 Blues (contemporary)
Test flight bud 02.10.14 Ambient
Synæsthesia [FINAL w/download] Ten Years Alimar 02.09.14 Progressive Rock
That 70's Tele stratcat 02.09.14 Rock & Roll
hey hey egobandit 02.08.14 Art Rock
Sunshine After The Blues Loob 02.08.14 Blues (traditional)
Call my name KCsGROOVE 02.08.14 Rock
Freight Train Narad 02.07.14 Ambient
Gear Head Infection With sammydix FEEL 02.07.14 Rock
Yahweh My Hope uncle808us 02.06.14 Rock
The Great Silkie Of Sule Skerry Briguy777 02.06.14 Celtic
A Strange Thing XMaramena 02.05.14 Twentieth Century
(I Can't Stay) Away From You The_Applesauce_Project 02.05.14 Pop (Alternative)
You're My Friend Bob Rodgers 02.04.14 Acoustic
SEMI-LIVE from Alphonse's Knuckle Room II michaeljayklein 02.02.14 Easy Listening
Song for Big [Fran] (Tribute to Ziti) BirdmanWayne94 02.01.14 Acoustic
A Man in Black (There's more to Life) with SIGMUND and PHILIP18 Franciscus_Henri 01.31.14 Acoustic Rock
Lady Luck (be good to me now) Philip18 01.31.14 Acoustic Rock
SOME DAYS WILL BE LIKE THAT jiguma 01.30.14 Rhythm and Blues
I'll Never Find Another You thetiler 01.30.14 Folk (contemporary)
Right on Time 2014- feat. David McNair aclarke 01.28.14 Rock
Falling Down w Lokka & Nicola Garni 01.26.14 Pop (mainstream)
The Embrace with Garni LisaHawbaker 01.24.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Long Way To Go (v2) PeterB7858 01.24.14 Acoustic
JAVA JIVE michaeljayklein 01.23.14 Easy Listening
Incidental Pompatus oldlibmike 01.23.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Some kind of Sacrifice egobandit 01.23.14 Psychedelic
Caffeine paul f. page 01.23.14 Piano
If I Only Had You, featuring David McNair grah3am 01.22.14 Rock
Thank You, featuring David McNair on drums grah3am 01.22.14 Rock
The Hunt, with David McNair on drums grah3am 01.22.14 Rock
LONG WAY DOWN AllenDean 01.22.14 Hard Rock
Til You're All Filled Up wheelehouse 01.22.14 Indie Rock
Shimmer paddler 01.20.14 Electropop
And From The Heavens Came Snow [FINAL w/download] MJ 10 Years Later Alimar 01.20.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
God Rest Her Soul FEEL 01.20.14 Gospel
The Holy City Narad 01.20.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Bad Funk Hombre TheReverendAG 01.19.14 Acoustic
What's It All About, Alfred? grah3am 01.19.14 Acoustic Rock
Goodbye, Martha (with Davisamerica, Roxylee, jiguma, Vic Holman, scofugate) davisamerica2 01.19.14 Ballad
Capsule of Your Mind MikeyB 01.19.14 Alternative Rock
Me And You Skean 01.18.14 Ambient
Scandal! Skunkwrx 01.18.14 Rock
Flakes VicDiesel 01.17.14 Electronic
The Heart Will Know Vic Holman 01.17.14 Alternative Rock
Me and The Devil Jarvoid 01.17.14 Blues (traditional)
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm michaeljayklein 01.17.14 Easy Listening
my love's blind ragged_hat 01.31.14 Indie Rock
Levels Tip Clip 2 - Limited XMaramena 01.16.14 Other
Levels Tip Clip 1 - Not Limited XMaramena 01.16.14 Other
Between Earth and Heaven paul f. page 01.16.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Wish w/Lokka Garni 01.15.14 Pop (mainstream)
I'll Take You With Me:... Soundhound 01.15.14 Other
Turned Inside Out Gaylen75 01.15.14 Acoustic Rock
Roll On (To You)- Them Talking Monkeys Mix aclarke 01.14.14 Acoustic Rock
Doublin' Down on the Blues TommyBlueBoy 01.14.14 Blues (traditional)
Human, Being SmokeyVW 01.14.14 Experimental
January 2014 - Idea 4 - BEAUTIFUL CHORDS prototype 01.13.14 Experimental
January 2014 - Idea 6 - CLEAN WATER prototype 01.13.14 Experimental
Going Alone XMaramena 01.12.14 Pop (Alternative)
Come Along With Me Warren Smith 01.12.14 Rock
My sighs, my tears Narad 01.12.14 Ambient
Inquiry Project peterms 01.12.14 Ambient
Adam's Blues aclarke 01.12.14 Rock (instrumental)
The Blessing ShadowofNine 01.12.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Skinny Boys:Skinny Girls echoroom 01.12.14 Electronic
Already be there egobandit 01.11.14 Progressive Rock
Lost (Sammydix, Sigmund) rok41 01.11.14 Progressive Rock
Cliché oldlibmike 01.11.14 House
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