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(Sean Curran)

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Raised in Orem, Utah - via Laie, Hawaii - Definit's passion for Hip Hop started at the age of 7 - back when the radio used to play decent Rap. He grew up surrounded by music. Most of his family all either sang 'Christmas Jingles' or strummed accoustic guitars. Neither seemed to fit Definit's style. Being the 7th of 8 children, and having 2 older brothers, he looked to there influence. He would ditch Elementary to walk up the street to the local high school and watch school Assemblies as the only 2 members of his family grabbed mic's and blew speakers - while suprisingly not carrying a Christmas Carroling tune. His brother Shane was a turntable addict. Collecting and spinning all types of records from A Tribe Called Quest to Michael Jackson, and Public Enemy to the Beatles. Shane also spent many, many hours producing beats on drum machines and live sets. Shane was a commom site to see with a variety of bands at Local shows in the 90's. After seeing and hearing the effort and skill that Shane invested into his music, Definit took it upon himself to be included in his brothers atmosphere. Definit spent many hours sneaking into his older brothers room, still at age 10 or 11, to turn on a drum machine or make noise on a keyboard. Around age 15 Definit made his first recording. Recording live bass lines to rough drum beats was his style. Thru his High School years he gained more interest in Rhymes and Beat Boxing, while still having a hunger to produce his soul in the form of a beat. Some of his influences growing up were the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, De La Soul, Nas, Gangstarr and Onyx. After some how graduating High School, Definit put more work into producing beats and bought $600 worth of equipment (that seemed like a lot back then). In 2001 Definit and friend Rapid went by the crew name 20/20. Defint layed down the tracks and Rapid killed the Mic. But Rhyming came full circle when Definit's second crew, Sick Republick, was formed. The group consisted of Definit, Rapid, Izda Won, and Illusion. The group recorded track after track in basement after basement. But all this was short lived. Thru Definit's life he struggled with Drugs and Alcohol. After 8 Years of Drug dependence and crime, Definit sought help from family and treatment programs, especially Narcotics Anonymous. Up's and downs. Up's and Downs. You can hear it in his rhymes. You can hear it in his beats. You can see the difference from then to now. Definit got clean from Drugs and Alcohol on June 20th 2004. Since then his life has changed, however, Hip Hop is still a major influence in his life. He knows his weaknesses. He knows the surroundings he cant be around. From the time he got clean to now, his finest work has gone into his production. Listen to the lyrics. Listen to the meaning. Listen to the experience. Definit is open about his past. He rhymes about it all the time. He speaks openly about his attitude towards that kind of lifestyle and the pain that is guarenteed - and the far greater life that comes with change. Music is Definit's way to vent. It is his journal. It is his recovery. Its where he speaks in front of a mirror. Music is his outlet. Music is where he gets honest with himself, and in doing so gets honest with other people about who he is, whether they care or care less. Thank God. Seriously.
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05.05.06 Times Ahead 8.54 (6) 2502 (13) Hip Hop-Rap 01.19.11 Active
05.05.06 The Voyage 8.50 (5) 2259 (7) Hip Hop-Rap 01.19.11 Active
05.04.06 Live Like This 8.38 (4) 2452 (5) Hip Hop-Rap 01.19.11 Active
05.04.06 Rise Again 8.44 (4) 2126 (1) Hip Hop-Rap 01.19.11 Active
05.04.06 Now 8.46 (7) 2359 (5) Hip Hop-Rap 01.19.11 Active
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