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Doug Somers
(Doug Somers)

Member Since: Wednesday, July 11 2007 @ 05:08 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://soundcloud.com/doug-somers
Location: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Song Comments: 3747
Song Votes: 1
Forum Posts: 176
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Total Points: 11701.55
I make music for pleasure, usually using a computer to create soundscapes around all kinds of music. I used to jam with a local celtic group, playing bodhran and 12 string guitar, but I find that my technical and live performance skills fall short of what's needed to express my musical ideas and aspirations. Being able to use computer samples and a sequencer lets me express what I cannot play. It would be cool to conduct one of my orchestral pieces some day though.

Early on I was introduced to all kinds of music since my parents used to play records during dinner and at other times. I heard classical, swing, soundtracks and marches. Lots of marches. My dad also played for me his record of the RCA electronic synthesizer, a giant tube-based beast from back in the 50s, that was programmed by a roll of paper tape. From grade 4 to 12 I was in the instrumental music program at school playing Trumpet and Baritone. In my 4th year of university I had a thesis project with some friends to make a synthesizer which produced chords by detecting the fundamental note of a bass guitar. I could see the possibilities for creating infinite varieties of music using electronics and so I bought my Roland synth not long after university. After that the OpCode sequencer for the original Macintosh came along, and off things went in computer music. I briefly used Cakewalk Home Studio before moving to Garage Band and Logic Pro. In 2010 I bought a Mac Pro in order to handle the heavy disk access and processing activity of some of my more complex compositions and sample packages.

Along the way, I also taught myself a bit of piano and celtic harp. I have performed in coffeehouses and at weddings playing guitar along with a vocalist, and in high school was in the stage band and concert band. My son and daughter and I have collaborated on music as well, which is a rather special way to spend time together.

I like almost any style of music, and have discovered many new styles through the variety of great artists here on MacJams. Thankfully I have an abundance of musical influences, certainly more than I can remember, and I appreciate the inspiration and teaching that each has provided.

Collaborations With Other MacJams Artists That Are Posted Elsewhere:

Shining Deep Take a Ride w/Skean - Electro-Ambient

He Moves Through the Fair with Char and Caitlin Somers - Celtic

Angels Riding the Nightwind with Mosaica and richard13 - New Age Classical

Happy Holidays(MJ Card) with davisamerica et al - Holiday
Doug Somers's Songs (61)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
01.31.18 Western Stranger 0.00 (0) 1686 (46) Film Scoring 03.10.19 Active
02.23.17 Coming Home - Based on a Theme by David Kneupper 0.00 (0) 2308 (38) Cinematic Soundtrack 12.27.17 Active
11.03.16 Youthful Adventure 0.00 (0) 2062 (44) Twentieth Century 03.01.17 Active
08.15.16 The NMO 16 0.00 (0) 2455 (22) Bluegrass 11.03.16 Active
06.28.16 The Boatswain Dinsdale - Dad's March 2016 0.00 (0) 1605 (20) Twentieth Century 08.26.16 Active
03.18.16 Many Meetings Strings Demo 0.00 (0) 2004 (17) Cinematic Soundtrack 06.28.16 Active
02.18.16 Tuscan Morning v16 0.00 (0) 2096 (33) Classical 03.12.16 Active
12.13.15 I Saw Three Ships 0.00 (0) 2313 (31) Celtic 02.18.16 Active
11.12.15 Algorithmic Solutions 0.00 (0) 2160 (28) Electronic 11.19.15 Active
09.24.15 Can't Force the Funk 0.00 (0) 2074 (24) Funk 10.13.15 Active
09.16.15 Club Anthropo Scene 0.00 (0) 1865 (15) Dance-Club 11.17.16 Active
07.31.14 Dad's March 2014 0.00 (0) 3008 (32) Cinematic Soundtrack 10.11.15 Active
03.30.14 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening 0.00 (0) 4104 (60) Easy Listening 09.10.15 Active
12.17.13 The Cartoon Animator LSP2 0.00 (0) 3397 (62) Comedy-Satire-Parody 03.25.14 Active
12.05.13 Ammirazione LSP2 0.00 (0) 3166 (84) Twentieth Century 12.17.13 Active
11.03.13 Birth SRC2013 0.00 (0) 2946 (43) Twentieth Century 11.16.13 Active
08.06.13 New: Sunrise Over the Rhone Complete - Avignon Suite 0.00 (0) 3621 (43) Twentieth Century 10.05.13 Active
06.26.13 Sunrise Over the Rhone - Avignon Suite - WIP 0.00 (0) 3566 (67) Classical 07.18.13 Active
06.12.13 Dad's March 5 2013 0.00 (0) 2406 (32) Twentieth Century 06.30.13 Active
12.16.12 The Asteroid [Doom2012] 0.00 (0) 3366 (79) Cinematic Soundtrack 06.30.13 Active
11.13.12 Milky Way Over a Starlit Lake 0.00 (0) 3268 (51) Ambient 11.21.12 Active
10.31.12 Hilltop Haunted Mansion HALLOWEEN2012 0.00 (0) 3745 (60) Cinematic Soundtrack 11.14.12 Active
06.13.12 Dad's March IV  (---) 2589 (22) Twentieth Century 10.31.12 Active
01.31.12 Angels Riding the Nightwind (with richard13) 9.75 (4) 4279 (96) New Age 11.24.12 Active
01.06.12 Ejected - Full Suite 10.00 (2) 2972 (48) Twentieth Century 02.09.12 Active
12.02.11 New - Ejected - Finale SpaceRace 2011 v6 9.63 (4) 3759 (45) Cinematic Soundtrack 03.20.12 Active
11.11.11 Ejected - Final Movement (mj space race 2011) 9.33 (3) 3292 (50) Cinematic Soundtrack 11.30.11 Active
08.31.11 Bells and Drums Improv  (---) 3504 (50) Experimental 03.22.12 Active
06.12.11 Dad's March III (2011) 10.00 (1) 3406 (40) Twentieth Century 03.21.12 Active
05.14.11 Chant Beat  (---) 3287 (44) Ethnic-International 06.18.11 Active
06.12.10 Dad's March II (2010) 0.00 (0) 3645 (46) Twentieth Century 05.23.11 Active
05.13.10 Waving the Sky 9.42 (3) 4242 (66) Ambient 01.17.12 Active
02.01.10 Desert Dance II (MJRF2010) 9.55 (5) 4567 (78) Middle Eastern 04.29.10 Active
12.17.09 Guillô, Pran ton Tamborin 9.17 (3) 5673 (59) Ethnic-International 12.29.10 Active
10.03.09 Desiree (MJ Space Race 2009) 9.67 (3) 4401 (78) Ambient 09.13.11 Active
09.11.09 Descent 9.33 (3) 4165 (68) Cinematic Soundtrack 12.19.09 Active
06.13.09 Dad's March  (---) 4173 (54) Twentieth Century 10.06.09 Active
05.25.09 Tuscan Morning 9.56 (4) 4487 (53) Classical 09.21.09 Active
04.28.09 A Prayer (Feter with Doug) HJP 9.75 (5) 6208 (65) Classical 04.25.10 Active
03.19.09 Night Train (with Skean)  (---) 3101 (18) Downtempo 09.07.11 Active
02.20.09 Fossils in the Milky Way v2 9.42 (3) 3296 (21) Comedy-Satire-Parody 08.27.16 Active
02.14.09 From Shetland to Syria v4 MJRF 8.96 (7) 3724 (41) Celtic 06.16.10 Active
02.08.09 Coming Home - variation on a theme by David Kneupper 9.80 (5) 4557 (47) Cinematic Soundtrack 06.17.10 Active
03.30.08 Deliberating the Call v3b (HJP) 9.42 (3) 4291 (32) Classical 02.20.09 Active
03.29.08 Headbanger 5 (LIOLI 7) 9.45 (5) 3538 (42) Rock 04.28.08 Active
03.22.08 Deliberating the Call 8.75 (5) 4008 (28) Classical 04.28.08 Active
02.08.08 Apotheosis - Feter & Doug (HJP) 9.28 (10) 4804 (62) Classical 03.27.08 Active
02.05.08 Eye in the Sky - the Lost Finale (with Mike) 9.25 (5) 3442 (28) Progressive Rock 02.12.09 Active
01.29.08 To the Hall of the Goddess (HJP) 9.30 (5) 3591 (27) Ambient 04.28.08 Active
01.29.08 Hero's Journey Project Overview  (---) 3369 (8) Informational 01.29.08 Active
12.01.07 Doctor Evil's Laser - The Lost Finale (LSP)  (---) 4022 (63) Progressive Rock 03.03.09 Active
11.16.07 When The Spirits Cross Over (with Skean)  (---) 3049 (23) Experimental 10.30.09 Active
11.09.07 Meant to Be (With Paddler, collab adding bass) 9.50 (3) 3679 (16) Open Collaborations 11.13.07 Active
10.27.07 November: Midnight Glade 8.71 (7) 4413 (44) Classical 03.02.09 Active
10.21.07 October Rain v3 8.75 (4) 3482 (24) Smooth Jazz 01.28.08 Active
10.02.07 Drifting Variant d 0.00 (0) 3138 (13) Ambient 11.04.07 Active
09.26.07 From Shetland to Syria mix3 8.92 (3) 3723 (25) Celtic 02.05.08 Active
09.26.07 Nature Sounds 7.25 (1) 2993 (7) Comedy-Satire-Parody 05.31.09 Active
09.24.07 Drifting (variant b) 8.13 (2) 3212 (16) Ambient 05.31.09 Active
09.22.07 Trance Dance 9 0.00 (0) 3154 (17) Electropop 04.18.08 Active
09.22.07 Desert Dance (LIOLI) 8.38 (2) 3524 (22) Middle Eastern 02.22.09 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
The Alphabet of Humankind (A BR2049 Mix) Reinholt56 02.07.18 Film Scoring
Sway Les_Kloo 02.05.18 Rock (instrumental)
Dharamsala VicDiesel 02.04.18 Ambient
Dharamsala VicDiesel 02.04.18 Ambient
Bandadrunks With Vocals groovehounds 02.03.18 Rock
Fun Theme Loob 02.03.18 Funk
Impacts 1 Bubowski 02.03.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
Quandary Reinholt56 02.03.18 Ambient
Across Thin Air SpiresVortex 01.31.18 New Age
Never remember Firesign 01.30.18 Electronic
Take A Chill Pill, Willya DJShadowkat 01.29.18 Ambient
Miscellany #2 (The Extended Mix) Reinholt56 01.29.18 Ambient
Each Passing Mile (An Experimental Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 01.27.18 Ambient
BEEN RUNNING (#2) KCsGROOVE 01.26.18 Rock
Where Do You Go To My Lovely JohnnyCanuck 01.25.18 Folk-Rock
"Magnetic Flux" abzwork 01.24.18 Jazz Fusion
Caprice paul f. page 01.21.18 Baroque
Deckard's Dilemma Reinholt56 01.17.18 Ambient
12-23-17 mvh9591 01.16.18 Downtempo
Gemini XMaramena 01.16.18 Film Scoring
Mr InBetween Warren Smith 01.15.18 Folk-Rock
Artist Vic Holman 01.14.18 Acoustic Rock
The Ballad of the Mobile Phone Philip18 01.13.18 Acoustic
Love After Love Calchas 01.10.18 Funk
Over Hill And Dale PeterB7858 01.01.18 Fingerstyle Guitar
new leaf 123117 bud 12.31.17 Electronic
Train That No One Rides bronco 12.30.17 Acoustic Rock
Chicken Pokey Special Daugrin 12.25.17 Holiday
Vintage Blues sammydix 12.14.17 Jazz (vocal)
Sands of Time grah3am 12.13.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Smoke and Dew /awigze Les_Kloo 11.29.17 Progressive Rock
Kilimanjaro - 2017 rok41 11.10.17 Rock (instrumental)
Disquiet (demo 2) chikoppi 09.16.17 Electronic
Disquiet (demo 2) chikoppi 09.16.17 Electronic
REMINDER SpiresVortex 08.29.17 Inspirational (contemporary)
Deep through the forest / W-particledots Skean 08.18.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Stairway to Heaven (LZ Cover) tonestones 08.14.17 Progressive Rock
This Empire's State DWL 08.08.17 Political
Dreamer Skean 07.30.17 Art Rock
Metaphoric Bullet DWL 07.19.17 Political
A FISTFUL OF PENNIES Bowman 07.10.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Steam Hobo SpiresVortex 06.02.17 Bluegrass
Steam Hobo SpiresVortex 06.02.17 Bluegrass
one last night with you richard13 06.01.17 Ambient
one last night with you richard13 06.01.17 Ambient
Hyperbole SpiresVortex 05.08.17 Progressive Rock
Hyperbole SpiresVortex 05.08.17 Progressive Rock
1917 Bowman 04.29.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
screwed ste 03.22.17 Punk-Grunge
Jolly England DWL 03.21.17 Political
No expense spared kingbee 03.20.17 Alternative Rock
afternoon in heaven richard13 03.17.17 Romantic
Reverie Philip18 03.16.17 New Age
Running with the Wind by Peter B, feat rok41 Sigmund 03.05.17 Folk-Rock
Consort christopherpsly 03.01.17 Classical
Consort christopherpsly 03.01.17 Classical
No Dogs Barking tmcfate 02.28.17 Acoustic Rock
Raggedy Ann's Ragtime (original version) VicDiesel 02.27.17 Ragtime
lotus canon richard13 02.27.17 Ethnic-International
WHY DONT YOU LIKE MY FRIENDS? with SASJA ANTHEUNIS Franciscus_Henri 02.26.17 Dance-Club
Got Me Schwerindustrie 02.26.17 Pop (Alternative)
Whats so funny egobandit 02.26.17 Alternative Rock
Purple DJShadowkat 02.26.17 Electronic
Parabola oldlibmike 02.25.17 Piano
Dragonian Dragonas 02.25.17 Rock
The Lonely Man Bob Rodgers 02.25.17 Rock
The man I'm looking for (pray tell me where he is) BenedictJames 02.23.17 Soul
Stepping Back From The Edge (2008 protest song) Dadai.2 02.22.17 Acoustic
Emoji gadzooks 02.22.17 Other
2001 H3nry 02.22.17 Progressive Rock
Amsterdam Express Narad 02.22.17 Ambient
Same Old Song feat. Mike Perry (lead vocals) bigdaddycee 02.22.17 Soul
Explorers Calchas 02.21.17 Folk (contemporary)
Somewhere Between Atchison and Oskaloosa Damroze 02.20.17 Acoustic
Don't Bury Me in Seattle Damroze 02.20.17 Acoustic
Politik jgurner 02.20.17 Hard Rock
Summer Rain elfdaughter 02.20.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Un jour de décembre blaky smith 02.19.17 Other
Lifeline PeterB7858 02.18.17 Acoustic
Beauty All Around Me richard13 02.18.17 New Age
green guitar blues bingsolex 02.17.17 Other
Monkey Burn Daugrin 02.16.17 Progressive Rock
Angels Moviz 02.14.17 Hawaiian
Could Have Been Anything Vic Holman 02.12.17 Alternative Rock
The Dancer DWL 02.11.17 Political
If Symptoms Persist hackneybloke 02.11.17 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Village Life Hickling_Stan 02.09.17 Folk (contemporary)
Morning Breeze [with VicDiesel] Warren Smith 02.07.17 Solo Instrument
Vieux Carré Prelude MidiOrleans 02.06.17 Classical
Toe Tapper Philip18 02.03.17 Jazz (instrumental)
Which path will we take Skean 02.02.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Maps PeterB Sam Mix sammydix 01.30.17 Acoustic Rock
Some Say We Get What We Deserve jiguma 01.23.17 Funk
HYPATIA Calchas 01.22.17 Art Rock
Pavane pour une Infante Defunte VicDiesel 01.15.17 Classical
Madness grah3am 01.06.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lost and Found davajonah 01.03.17 Ambient
Represent spitlogic 12.23.16 Hip Hop-Rap
A Fait Accompli davajonah 12.17.16 Ambient
we may be dreaming Parichayaka 12.10.16 Ambient
How You Gonna Hate It Now? Daugrin 12.01.16 Rock & Roll
How You Gonna Hate It Now? Daugrin 12.01.16 Rock & Roll
Belissima richard13 12.01.16 Ambient
Here Before Bob Rodgers 12.01.16 Rock
MUSINGology SpiresVortex 12.01.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
Valse Triste H3nry 11.29.16 Classical
Valse Triste H3nry 11.29.16 Classical
I'll See You In My Dreams/America (live) Dadai.2 11.28.16 Acoustic
THE WIND AT OUR BACK Bowman 11.27.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
THE WIND AT MY BACK Bowman 12.16.16
The Greenwich Line PeterB7858 11.25.16 Acoustic
We the living tmcfate 11.22.16 Acoustic
I want to be insulted by the Donald Davis Gloff 11.22.16 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen Cover] tonestones 11.21.16 Ballad
Burn for You (w/ Luna Trick) Dream_Nth 11.20.16 Alternative Rock
InaGaGaDuhVita H3nry 11.18.16 Rock & Roll
Raoul's Rescue Mission - for narrator and orchestra andreasvanharen 11.17.16 Spoken Word-Poetry
Crankenhurst Warren Smith 11.17.16 Rock
My Last Great Depression Outtaorbit 11.16.16 Ballad
The Penny Tree from Ingleton Falls christopherpsly 11.16.16 Classical
Sweat groovehounds 11.16.16 Reggae
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) and Variations magnatone 11.16.16 Pop Orchestral
But Now She's Gone (feat. awigze) richard13 11.15.16 Reggae
Malaguena H3nry 11.14.16 Latin
Suzanne Franciscus_Henri 11.13.16 Twentieth Century
Farewell christopherpsly 11.12.16 Classical
Hollow Spaces SpiresVortex 11.12.16 Psychedelic
Fair Jenny's Jig and Matthew Briggs mandolinquent 11.09.16 Celtic
The Cross-Roads Franciscus_Henri 11.07.16 Ballad
One Hundred Eighty paul f. page 11.07.16 Piano
Some Half-Remembered Evening richard13 11.06.16 Ambient
Dark Waters awigze 11.04.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
Recess FEEL 11.03.16 Rock
Indie Darlin' tempie 11.02.16 Indie Rock
Searching For Ikhabod Pain Dadai.2 10.30.16 Holiday
Fight For It sewer rod 10.29.16 Rock
BIG FuZz Three Cat Clem 10.28.16 Blues (contemporary)
Another Great Day richard13 10.28.16 Ambient
"The Light Of Your Smile" abzwork 10.27.16 Film Scoring
Electric Aranjuez #2 H3nry 10.27.16 Jazz (instrumental)
Haunted House Election Daugrin 10.26.16 Holiday
Snake Oil - PBGB jiguma 10.20.16 Blues (contemporary)
The Canary King Vic Holman 10.16.16 Alternative Rock
Open Warren Smith 10.13.16 Art Rock
MITM 2 (with Steve Booth) PeterB7858 10.12.16 Acoustic
Home demo Hickling_Stan 10.11.16 Acoustic
Ukulele Blues by Barry Carozzi Philip18 10.09.16 Acoustic
Biscuits grah3am 09.25.16 Jazz (instrumental)
Remember Me Moviz 09.22.16 Pop (Alternative)
Man In The Mirror PeterB7858 09.11.16 Acoustic
Remember grah3am 08.21.16 Acoustic Rock
One Hundred Sixty-Five paul f. page 08.19.16 Piano
"Behind The Scene 2" abzwork 08.18.16 Jazz (instrumental)
always another egobandit 08.13.16 Alternative Rock
Breathe in... Breathe out... Philip18 08.12.16 Acoustic
"The Flava Sava" abzwork 08.12.16 Jazz Fusion
Thunderland Warren Smith 08.10.16 Rock
Looking Like The Real Thing jiguma 08.07.16 Rhythm and Blues
Catching paul f. page 08.06.16 Piano
'66 in '16 Daugrin 08.05.16 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Electric Aranjuez H3nry 08.03.16 Pop Classical
THE WANDER LIGHT Franciscus_Henri 08.01.16 Ballad
Barricades Mysterieuses VicDiesel 07.18.16 Classical
Mozart Horn Concerto No 4 'Rondo' davajonah 07.14.16 Electronic
Wild Volcano paddler 07.05.16 Blues (contemporary)
Who You Foolin'? jiguma 06.28.16 Rhythm and Blues
Beat the Street grah3am 06.25.16 Rock
Desert Clouds SpiresVortex 06.25.16 Psychedelic
Closer To Fire paddler 06.24.16 Folk (contemporary)
Invention No. 8 for organ paul f. page 06.24.16 Classical
When A Knight Won His Spurs paddler 06.24.16 Folk (traditional)
TO HANNAH- Spirit Girl Franciscus_Henri 06.23.16 Ballad
Blinded gadzooks 06.20.16 Other
Fecal Flash Warren Smith 06.11.16 Bluegrass
The Light On The Hill Philip18 06.10.16 Acoustic
Comet egobandit 06.10.16 Alternative Rock
Gentle Stream PeterB7858 06.08.16 Fingerstyle Guitar
Dance In The Dark Skean 06.02.16 Ambient
Ramblin' Man awigze 05.28.16 Country-Western
Okay, but just for now Skean 05.25.16 Experimental
No Pain - feat. Strangedream & Rok41 Sigmund 05.15.16 Rock
DANCING ON A CLOUD AT DUSK Bowman 05.15.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Independence sammydix 05.13.16 Progressive Rock
Away ft Lokka Diviner 05.11.16 Downtempo
glow Parichayaka 04.19.16 Easy Listening
Longing for Daybreak paul f. page 04.12.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Love and Death Narad 04.02.16 Film Scoring
Symphony No.96 IV Vivace-Haydn MidiOrleans 04.01.16 Classical
Water Under The Bridge (GSB) PeterB7858 03.22.16 Acoustic Rock
Django's Song DWL 03.21.16 Folk (contemporary)
All I'll ever Need J_Gretch 03.20.16 Alternative Rock
Neutron grah3am 03.13.16 Progressive Rock
Above Ground Luper/Dixon FEEL 03.11.16 Rock
Pure Music paul f. page 03.08.16 Piano
Young Men, White Gloves MikeRobinson 03.04.16 Political
The Restless One Philip18 03.04.16 Acoustic
Be My Dirndl Girl jiguma 03.01.16 Pop (Alternative)
leena's song blaky smith 02.28.16 Other
Aria in F major-Leopold Mozart MidiOrleans 02.26.16 Classical
Cascade smokey bacon jnr 02.24.16 Electronic
I Wish It Would Rain (live 1970) Dadai.2 02.22.16 Soul
Basal respiration Narad 02.22.16 Ambient
Piano Concerto Clip1 XMaramena 02.20.16 Classical
Ocean in the Sun stevel 02.20.16 Alternative Rock
Wrapped Up musichead 02.20.16 Pop Classical
Here We Go Again (2016 Extended) (…again) EEFliess 02.19.16 Pop Classical
Seeds of Contentment/ with Davisamerica,Sisters,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.18.16 Folk (traditional)
Free Yourself (with Scofugate & Rok41) hackneybloke 02.18.16 Acoustic
Mandy Pete_NB 02.16.16 Acoustic Rock
Reflexions I.G.M. 02.16.16 Acoustic
Out of the Aeons Maurice7 02.14.16 Electronic
Come Together with The Beagles groovehounds 02.14.16 Rock
Lawn ornament VicDiesel 02.13.16 Solo Instrument
Wrong/NotRight [with DWL] Warren Smith 02.05.16 Rock & Roll
Outlook Vic Holman 02.04.16 Indie Rock
Light up the drama Skean 01.22.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
One Hundred Fifty-Two paul f. page 01.16.16 Piano
One Hundred Fifty-Two paul f. page 01.16.16 Piano
Zephyr (with Rok41) Philip18 01.15.16 Smooth Jazz
Let me take you for a ride DWL 01.02.16 Political
Symphony D Eisen26 III Allegro-Leopold Mozart MidiOrleans 01.01.16 Classical
Long Long Way grah3am 12.20.15 Progressive Rock
Pulling Down The Universe Vic Holman 12.19.15 Alternative Rock
Sweet Baby, Oh Gaylen75 12.17.15 Alternative Rock
Feel The Beat - PBGB jiguma 12.17.15 Rhythm and Blues
snow in thompson woods davisamerica 12.17.15 Holiday
Hermione or The frigate of liberty Narad 12.15.15 Ambient
Hermione or The frigate of liberty Narad 12.15.15 Ambient
Psalm IV Schwerindustrie 12.14.15 Art Rock
Across The Water PeterB7858 12.14.15 Folk (contemporary)
Through Schwerindustrie 12.14.15 Progressive Rock
"Trials Of Icabob" abzwork 12.11.15 NUjazz
Something's Changing Moviz 12.09.15 Other
Bushwalking {with Jiguma] Warren Smith 12.08.15 Jungle
Wind Dark River gadzooks 12.07.15 Acoustic
I Never Forget Skean 12.06.15 Easy Listening
Benedictus dirigent 12.02.15 Experimental
Glimpse Daugrin 11.29.15
Time For Leaving Philip18 11.27.15 Acoustic
Spend It! Spend It! Spend It! DWL 11.25.15 Alternative Rock
I'd Have To Be Crazy (live) Dadai.2 11.18.15 Acoustic
THE PECOS Bowman 11.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Superhero Theme 1 XMaramena 11.13.15 Film Scoring
Uncharted Waters (reprise) PeterB7858 11.13.15 Acoustic
Song Of The Drowning Sailor Franciscus_Henri 11.12.15 Folk (contemporary)
No way to live ( collab with Sewer Rod) kingbee 11.12.15 Alternative Rock
SAYING SO YOU'LL KNOW jiguma 11.11.15 Acoustic Rock
Riders On A Storm thetiler 11.10.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Something Sweet paul f. page 11.10.15 Piano
Shiva Nataraja Narad 11.10.15 Alternative Rock
Get Going! [Langford/Smith] Warren Smith 11.09.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
Skank Ho fasteddie 11.08.15 Hard Rock
sold egobandit 11.08.15 Psychedelic
DO IT ALL OVER (3) KCsGROOVE 11.08.15 Rock
Lucy in the Gallery Daugrin 11.01.15 Rock & Roll
It,s Over Skean 10.30.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dreamer's Dance. Fire_Angel 10.17.15 Classical
bloom evolve Parichayaka 10.15.15 Electronic
Earth a Dying Planet Skean 10.11.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Spring Moon PeterB7858 10.06.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
No Life on Mars Schwerindustrie 10.05.15 Pop (Alternative)
THE PASSING SUN Bowman 10.05.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Irene Goodnight Philip18 10.05.15 Folk (traditional)
Irene Goodnight Philip18 10.05.15 Folk (traditional)
Losing (D1&D2 Remix) davisamerica 09.30.15 Acoustic Rock
Music for an annoying bird VicDiesel 09.27.15 Acoustic
Love Tonight (cover) thetiler 09.26.15 Folk (contemporary)
"Sea Shore Jazz 1" abzwork 09.25.15 Jazz Fusion
Honey Bee gadzooks 09.25.15 Blues (contemporary)
Honey Bee gadzooks 09.25.15 Blues (contemporary)
I WANT TO KNOW (2) KCsGROOVE 09.24.15 Alternative Rock
My Angel Falls Gaylen75 09.23.15 Alternative Rock
Avoid The Truth I.G.M. 09.23.15 Pop (Alternative)
River Ice TobinMueller 09.22.15 Piano
Side By Side (live) Dadai.2 09.20.15 Acoustic
Side By Side (live) Dadai.2 09.20.15 Acoustic
Angel Wept On A Tinfoil Lawn Vic Holman 09.20.15 Rock
Du världens ljus Mackie 09.20.15 Folk-Rock
Dear John Baz 09.20.15 Rock & Roll
Dear John Baz 09.20.15 Rock & Roll
Mind the Gap Baz 09.20.15 Easy Listening
Darlin' Be Home Soon scottghorwath 09.19.15 Folk (traditional)
Can't Escape The Funk groovehounds 09.19.15 Funk
Muffled Skean 09.18.15 Ethnic-International
Symphony No 40 3rd Movement christopherpsly 09.17.15 Classical
THE B-SIDES (are the saddest songs) KCsGROOVE 09.17.15 Rock
Ready/Terraplane sammydix 09.16.15 Alternative Rock
breaking through the maze loyd vader 09.16.15 Alternative Rock
One Six One paul f. page 09.15.15 Piano
Welcome to paradise Narad 09.15.15 Classical
Transmission MissChaos 09.14.15 Electronic
Slow Beat To China jiguma 09.14.15 Funk
Ladies' Special Daugrin 09.14.15 Rhythm and Blues
Harlequin VicDiesel 09.13.15 Baroque
Symphony No 40 2nd Movement christopherpsly 09.13.15 Classical
Symphony No 40 1st Movement christopherpsly 09.13.15 Classical
In Mourning ShadowofNine 09.12.15 Middle Eastern
Air (Bach's Suite No. 3 in D, 2nd movement) TobinMueller 09.12.15 Piano
Variations on a theme by George Winston PeterB7858 09.11.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Wabash Cannonball Jarvoid 09.10.15 Acoustic
Wabash Cannonball Jarvoid 09.10.15 Acoustic
Dragon's celebration Narad 09.06.15 Ethnic-International
Bad Fish Warren Smith 09.05.15 Blues (contemporary)
Kyrie Katrina MidiOrleans 08.29.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Boots bud 08.23.15 Indie Rock
FINNEGAN'S DREAM Bowman 08.16.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
First Light (solo piano) magnatone 08.14.15 Piano
I'm Thinking Of You parallel_eighty_eight 08.12.15 Folk (traditional)
Ceci Et Cela Alimar 08.05.15 Classical
Llama up a Ladder (with Richard and Dan Marris) DWL 08.01.15 Punk-Grunge
MR. PURCELL IS HERE Bowman 07.19.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Summer (Promenade) (WIP) Henke 07.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Drumbeats off Jupiter Bubowski 06.15.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Arctis II Les_Kloo 06.14.15 Progressive Rock
Payin' The Piper w/Awigze Charday 05.08.15 Progressive Rock
Speak Memory Ex_Silentio 05.03.15 Ambient
A Little Light, feat. strangedream, rok41 & alackbass Sigmund 04.27.15 Acoustic Rock
There Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens! michaeljayklein 04.25.15 Swing
Finger on the Switch Les_Kloo 04.21.15 Progressive Rock
Painting the Mice Les_Kloo 04.03.15 Progressive Rock
The Watchers Les_Kloo 02.23.15 Progressive Rock
Place to Stay with alackbass FEEL 02.21.15 Ballad
So Typical Les_Kloo 02.14.15 Rock (instrumental)
Long Day 2015 (w/awigze) rok41 02.14.15 Jazz (instrumental)
The Bird Sings /ramonaji Les_Kloo 01.13.15 Art Rock
The Bird Sings /ramonaji Les_Kloo 01.13.15 Art Rock
Ritual Les_Kloo 01.02.15 Progressive Rock
Rhapsody For The Elephant In A Room With A View Alimar 01.01.15 Classical
Cantabile Sacra FOUR paul f. page 12.30.14 Classical
Hark the Herald Angels Sing davajonah 12.25.14 Holiday
Cherish Parichayaka 12.09.14 Other
Back From Outer Space (A Reflective Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 11.22.14 Ambient
Crankenhurst 1-8(RadioChuck Mix) davisamerica 10.03.14 Other
Crankenhurst Challenge - Verse 1-7 (Inst. Break) J.A.Stewart 09.28.14 Rock
Crankenhurst 2014 (Updated 1978 Version) mr_mordenus 09.25.14 Blues (traditional)
Horizontal Falls PeterB7858 08.11.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Anachronism - Sqai Tihn Gönthin Aéis [2014 Remix] Alimar 08.05.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
I Kept Her Smile in My Heart Forever (Cinematic Dubstep) Ultrabeast 08.05.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Blue Sky Bossa Philip18 08.02.14 Latin Jazz
Trapezoid Ultrabeast 08.01.14 Game Soundtrack
I Can't See Through This Haze Charday 08.01.14 Acoustic Rock
Omni TR Skean 08.01.14 Experimental
Pre-Drome (YRP) IbotenicParadigm 07.31.14 Art Rock
The Looker / with davisamerica, Roxylee, FEEL, jgurner, scofugate, & awigze davisamerica2 07.30.14 Blues (traditional)
WHAT HAVE I DONE Bowman 07.29.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Heartache That You Sowed Live (plus) Charday 07.28.14 Jazz (vocal)
Voile Sur Le Soleil PeterB7858 07.27.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
All of Me bjack 07.26.14 Rhythm and Blues
Gigue paul f. page 07.22.14 Baroque
The Haunting Fire_Angel 07.20.14 Electronic
The Haunting Fire_Angel 07.20.14 Electronic
Tekkin' a Waalk davajonah 07.11.14 Ambient
The Happiest March (Take Two). Fire_Angel 07.05.14 Pop Orchestral
Melded Universe.... Soundhound 06.29.14 Other
Born to Do - feat. strangedream, rok41, scofugate Sigmund 06.04.14 Rock
Nostalgie d'une vie passée [WIP] second draft - extended Alimar 06.02.14 Film Scoring
Curry Soup (Jack sitting in with Johannes) Dadai.2 05.23.14 Acoustic
UnRavel (Bolero) Ex_Silentio 05.16.14 Rock
CWS Parichayaka 05.15.14 Electronic
The Kid Who Wanted To Be A Cowboy [FINAL] Alimar 05.15.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Au Lac de Wallenstadt davajonah 05.05.14 Classical
Tightbeam Quazilift Theorising (A Distant Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 05.01.14 Electronic
The Force That (Extended Mix) Reinholt56 04.25.14 Ambient
Aquarium FEEL 04.22.14 Rock
The Trick paul f. page 04.22.14 Piano
Still Dreaming (an Old Space Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 04.22.14 Ambient
Gethsemane Again TobinMueller 04.18.14 Progressive Rock
As Harrison Said DWL 04.17.14 Pop Orchestral
Compline VicDiesel 04.08.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Is Theory Ever Real-Rok41-Sig FEEL 04.07.14 Rock
DAILY GRIND J.A.Stewart 04.06.14 Pop (Alternative)
Drifting smokey bacon jnr 04.06.14 Ambient
Slow Dancing paul f. page 04.05.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Herbert Absurd/ Mr. Fab Sax Daugrin 04.05.14 Rock & Roll
movin egobandit 04.04.14 Open Collaborations
Countdown [WIP v1.0] 2 minute teaser Alimar 04.03.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Barbara-B with Sasja Antheunis and Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 04.03.14 Folk-Rock
Train Speed Narad 04.01.14 Ambient
Touch Me w/Lokka Garni 03.30.14 Pop (Alternative)
Funeral March of a Marionette MidiOrleans 03.29.14 Classical
Funeral March of a Marionette MidiOrleans 03.29.14 Classical
Under the waving trees VicDiesel 03.29.14 Ambient
A Spring Symphopoem [final draft] Alimar 03.29.14 Film Scoring
Floydian Caravan/Sig sammydix 03.29.14 Psychedelic
Angel grah3am 03.28.14 Rock
Angel grah3am 03.28.14 Rock
Hunted XMaramena 03.27.14 Film Scoring
The Heartache That You Sowed Charday 03.27.14 Smooth Jazz
Crimson(Particledots tracks with VicHolman and awigze) rabittwhole 03.26.14 Open Collaborations
Mistfire XMaramena 03.26.14 Film Scoring
MicroBud w/Bud awigze 03.25.14 Experimental
The irresistible train Narad 03.25.14 Ambient
Speak Softly w/ Garni LisaHawbaker 03.25.14 Pop (Alternative)
Jade paul f. page 03.22.14 Piano
Willie Brown Blues thetiler 03.19.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Anthem PeterB7858 03.17.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Anthem PeterB7858 03.17.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Just Dreaming gadzooks 03.17.14 Acoustic Rock
The Sunken Cathedral davajonah 03.16.14 Classical
I Got Lost Skean 03.16.14 Experimental
A Spring Symphopoem [WIP v3.0] Alimar 03.14.14 Classical
Sixty-Three paul f. page 03.14.14 Piano
Long Long Winter w/rok41 Vic Holman 03.10.14 Pop (Alternative)
Long Long Winter w/rok41 Vic Holman 03.10.14 Pop (Alternative)
you always have my love Mystified 03.10.14 New Age
Interlude Reinholt56 03.08.14 Ambient
2 birds kissing egobandit 03.07.14 Art Rock
Komorebi jazzman1 03.02.14 New Age
Distant England (revised mix) DWL 03.01.14 Folk-Rock
Inverloch Morning (with Rok41) Philip18 02.28.14 Smooth Jazz
Decent Girl lengold 02.24.14 Other
Cat Walk MikeRobinson 02.20.14 Ethnic-International
Have It All rok41 02.15.14 Rock
Synæsthesia [FINAL w/download] Ten Years Alimar 02.09.14 Progressive Rock
SEMI-LIVE from Alphonse's Knuckle Room II michaeljayklein 02.02.14 Easy Listening
SEMI-LIVE from Alphonse's Knuckle Room II michaeljayklein 02.02.14 Easy Listening
Open Jam @ MacJams alackbass 01.01.14 Open Collaborations
Out With The Old (A Goodbye To 2013 Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 12.27.13 Ambient
The Leviathan (A Deep Space Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 12.24.13 Ambient
BAD CASE OF LOVE KCsGROOVE 12.22.13 Rock & Roll
Go Away w/Lokka Garni 12.21.13 Pop (Alternative)
Carol of the Bells jgurner 12.21.13 Holiday
White Christmas gadzooks 12.21.13 Holiday
Hey Preacher remix w/drums/lead... Charday 12.21.13 Rock
Symphony No 1 - 1st Movement christopherpsly 12.21.13 Classical
Have a COOL YULE michaeljayklein 12.19.13 Holiday
Red Is The Rose thetiler 12.19.13 Folk (traditional)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (take 5) TobinMueller 12.19.13 Holiday
O Christmas Tree (w/lilmom) rok41 12.19.13 Holiday
Christmas march II Narad 12.19.13 Inspirational (contemporary)
Someplace Warm oldlibmike 12.18.13 Ambient
A Very LSP2 You rabittwhole 12.18.13 Holiday
Krampus Carol Six-Nail-Coffin 12.17.13 Holiday
no smoke SuperStarSmith 12.17.13 Punk-Grunge
moonrise Mystified 12.16.13 Ambient
Winter Light paul f. page 12.16.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Tension (with Vic Holman) MarkHolbrook 12.15.13 Rock
On the Mountainside grah3am 12.15.13 Pop (Alternative)
December SeanLawrence 12.14.13 Drum n Bass
Working on it jordifiol 12.14.13 Experimental
Speak the Truth jobu 12.14.13 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Miles on the Serengeti (LSP2) oldlibmike 12.14.13 Jazz Fusion
It's dark (try to see the light) Skean 12.14.13 Electronic
Sealor egobandit 12.13.13 Psychedelic
That 70's Tele stratcat 12.13.13 Rock & Roll
Christmas Blues gadzooks 12.12.13 Holiday
Moravian Star oldlibmike 12.11.13 Holiday
Underneath the Western Sky Brian D 12.11.13 Indie Rock
Le Piccadilly-Erik Satie MidiOrleans 12.11.13 Classical
None VicDiesel 12.10.13 Inspirational (contemporary)
On My Own XMaramena 12.10.13 Pop (Alternative)
Mount Parnassus Narad 12.10.13 Ambient
Abe and Stanton (An Historical Simulacra Mix) Reinholt56 12.09.13 Ambient
A Moment With You - LSP2 The_Applesauce_Project 12.09.13 Pop (Alternative)
A Moment With You - LSP2 The_Applesauce_Project 12.09.13 Pop (Alternative)
Celebration In G (Take Two) Fire_Angel 12.08.13 Piano
Winter on Main Street oldlibmike 12.08.13 New Age
If I Only Had You grah3am 12.08.13 Pop (Alternative)
Our Love - LSP2 MarkHolbrook 12.08.13 Rock
Lubdub SmokeyVW 12.08.13 Other
Mary,will you be his mum? Franciscus_Henri 12.07.13 Children's Music
To Claire by thsantac w/ awigze awigze 12.07.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Molly LSP2 bud 12.06.13 Dance-Club
Badge of Lies-LSP2 Vic Holman 12.06.13 Rock
Homage To Mandela.. Soundhound 12.06.13 Other
Prussian Blue racerat 12.06.13 Downtempo
Open Your Heart - LSP2 The_Applesauce_Project 12.06.13 Pop (Alternative)
Laura (LSP2) sammydix 12.06.13 Folk-Rock
Laura (LSP2) sammydix 12.06.13 Folk-Rock
To the Light LSP2 gadzooks 12.06.13 Acoustic Rock
Tarnished Diamond LSP2 peacepiano 12.06.13 Rock
LSP2: Sirocco (Original Demo) Ren-Tin-10 12.06.13 Progressive Rock
City of Light LSP2(Bud/Outtaorbit Mix) davisamerica 12.06.13 Rock
Cheap Tricks (LSP2) sschedra 12.06.13 Rock & Roll
All The Same To Me - LSP2 The_Applesauce_Project 12.05.13 Pop (Alternative)
Two Part Invention in A Minor (LSP2) SmokeyVW 12.05.13 Electronic
LSP2: La Casa Ruidosa (Segue Into the Void) Ren-Tin-10 12.05.13 Progressive Rock
Less Is More paul f. page 12.05.13 Classical
Seashore IV Narad 12.05.13 Ambient
Seashore IV Narad 12.05.13 Ambient
Edelweiss thetiler 12.04.13 Folk (contemporary)
Sunspots oldlibmike 12.04.13 House
Antarctica by Brett Ralph jiguma 12.03.13 Acoustic Rock
On The Mountain Bob Rodgers 12.02.13 Alternative Rock
the chav song woofer3 11.30.13 Alternative Rock
Christmas Bells Philip18 11.30.13 Acoustic
Now Just Close Your Eyes w/ Symphony 101 Vic Holman 11.29.13 Acoustic Rock
The River PeterB7858 11.29.13 Acoustic
Over the River & Through the Woods alackbass 11.28.13 Holiday
Rise Parichayaka 11.26.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sandur Plain Ex_Silentio 11.25.13 Ambient
I reach the angel Skean 11.25.13 Ambient
Summer Bossa with awigze guygrooves 11.24.13 Latin Jazz
After This Moment aRcTip 11.23.13 Electronic
Echo In The Wind paul f. page 11.23.13 Native American
Echo In The Wind paul f. page 11.23.13 Native American
If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It [WIP v3.0] Alimar 11.23.13 Other
Miwok drakonis 11.23.13 Spoken Word-Poetry
Miwok drakonis 11.23.13 Spoken Word-Poetry
TV Theme sschedra 11.23.13 Film Scoring
no making stars egobandit 11.22.13 Alternative Rock
Have You Seen the Stars Tonight? richard13 11.22.13 Ambient
Heart Song magnatone 11.21.13 Piano
Matter At Hand scaustrita 11.17.13 Reggae
Hey, Hey, Natalie Vic Holman 11.16.13 Alternative Rock
Vespers VicDiesel 11.15.13 Renaissance
The Cybermen (An Ambient Childhood Nightmare Mix) Reinholt56 11.15.13 Ambient
Sojourner Blues (2013) Dadai.2 11.14.13 Acoustic
time/space (Belated Space Race 2013) Abraxas 11.13.13 Pop (Alternative)
The Shopkeeper DWL 11.13.13 Political
Hunted WharmtonRise 11.12.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Approaching Mars(SCR2013) rabittwhole 11.12.13 Ambient
Ninety-Three paul f. page 11.12.13 Piano
The Squall PeterB7858 11.11.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
Into Space (SRC 2013) Fire_Angel 11.10.13 Electropop
Spaced Outta My Mind (SRC2013) DeputyDoofy 11.10.13 Electronic
Interstellar Dreams (An Imaginative Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 11.10.13 Ambient
The Falling Star (SRC 2013) Skean 11.10.13 Ambient
Eternal(SRC2013) groovehounds 11.09.13 Acoustic Rock
Once Upon a Time Was the Space (SRC 2013) Narad 11.09.13 Ambient
silent movie on a ufo SRC2013 egobandit 11.08.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Europa (src2013) SmokeyVW 11.08.13 Experimental
Junction [SRC 2013] davajonah 11.08.13 Ambient
The New Dawn (SRC2013) Skean 11.07.13 Experimental
CAPTAIN MIZUKI (SRC2013) Bowman 11.06.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
It's True (remix) Moviz 11.06.13 Pop (Alternative)
CAPTAIN MIZUKI (SRC2013) Bowman 11.06.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Homeward Bound (src2013) Henke 11.05.13 Ambient
The Unknown Knowns (An Ambiental Conspiracy Mix) Reinholt56 11.05.13 Ambient
Tannhäuser Gate [SRC 2013] Alimar 11.04.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Parsec to Parsec MannequinRaces 11.03.13 Ambient
Homage(SRC2013) sschedra 11.03.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mystery Train Narad 11.03.13 Ambient
Incident at Malapert (SRC2013) Ex_Silentio 11.02.13 Progressive Rock
The Mountain of Eternal Light (SRC2013) Ex_Silentio 11.02.13 Ambient
(SRC 2013) SECCHI A CME0054 Corporal Beef 11.02.13 Experimental
I'm Sorry jfisenne 11.02.13 Easy Listening
Waiting rok41 11.01.13 Rock
Stardust SRC2013 bud 11.01.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Adrift Near Andromeda (SRC13) richard13 11.01.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Oh oh (src2013) SmokeyVW 11.01.13 Other
Perceived Reality (A Can You Hear Me Mother Mix) Reinholt56 10.31.13 Ambient
It's All For Love jazzman1 10.25.13 New Age
This is who we are Philip18 10.24.13 Acoustic
Birthday Blues [One Hour Challenge] Jarvoid 10.19.13 Blues (traditional)
This Is Not Goodbye jazzman1 10.13.13 New Age
Metal Surfin sammydix 10.12.13 Rock & Roll
Advance! (w/Sam & Ego) IbotenicParadigm 10.11.13 Rock
YOU'RE A HEAVENLY THING michaeljayklein 10.08.13 Easy Listening
Friendship (with Phil Gardner) Franciscus_Henri 10.07.13 Acoustic
Legacy #5 (NEW STRINGS!) Llarion 10.05.13 Smooth Jazz
THE MAN FROM LARAMIE Bowman 09.21.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Say (Spitlogic/Davis2 mix) davisamerica 09.19.13 Psychedelic
Waiting For You (2013 Version) mr_mordenus 09.12.13 Electropop
Exposed [hour or improv challenge] peacepiano 09.08.13 Country-Western
End Tunnel Light - feat. strangedream & rok41 Sigmund 09.07.13 Indie Rock
The King Of No Man [FINAL, w/download] Alimar 09.07.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Koolaide Mix (A Barry and John Production) Reinholt56 09.03.13 Ambient
The Far Sky Ex_Silentio 09.02.13 Ambient
Something in my Heart hackneybloke 08.26.13 Acoustic
Then There Was Light Reinholt56 08.22.13 Ambient
Don Quixote TobinMueller 08.19.13 Blues (contemporary)
YearBook (vicmix) davisamerica 08.15.13 Art Rock
Voodoo tattoo 2 apb 08.10.13 Alternative Rock
Monomyth - Final WharmtonRise 08.08.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
American Tune (by Paul Simon) TobinMueller 08.08.13 Acoustic
Dead Ends and Doorways Ex_Silentio 08.07.13 Ambient
Oh, How You Loved Me MartinD28 08.07.13 Gospel
The Drifter Mosaica 08.06.13 Progressive Rock
Your Eminence oldlibmike 08.05.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Swimming in the Circuits /carbon Les_Kloo 08.05.13 Progressive Rock
Your Pride w/Sasha Garni 08.05.13 Pop (Alternative)
No Dancing Please lengold 08.05.13 Other
Infinite Combo: Shaving The Frog Outtaorbit 08.04.13 Alternative Rock
Intracellular SmokeyVW 08.04.13 Experimental
midday mood egobandit 08.04.13 Art Rock
You'll Never Know Me aRcTip 08.04.13 Electronic
Confrontation (Extended) WharmtonRise 08.03.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
THE DECIDERS Bowman 08.03.13 Classical
Point Seven Five oldlibmike 08.03.13 Jazz (instrumental)
le fleuve de la vie [The River of Life] Alimar 08.03.13 Film Scoring
le fleuve de la vie [The River of Life] Alimar 08.03.13 Film Scoring
TRUTH BE KNOWN Franciscus_Henri 08.02.13 Folk-Rock
Piano Vrs Piano(s) MarkHolbrook 08.01.13 Piano
Why? grah3am 07.31.13 Pop (Alternative)
The Likes of Us DWL 07.30.13 Pop Orchestral
An Old Irish Blessing Mystified 07.29.13 Folk (contemporary)
15 second symphony VicDiesel 07.28.13 Classical
Carlos Danger & Lady Weiner Daugrin 07.28.13 Ballad
Verbal Waltz (W/spitlogic) REWORK Skean 07.28.13 Hip Hop-Rap
The Song of the Lost Fire_Angel 07.27.13 Ambient
Samba Del Sur (with Rok41) Philip18 07.26.13 Latin Jazz
Dark judgement apb 07.26.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
I Have Dreamed Moviz 07.20.13 Ballad
Ce Matin — Awakening paul f. page 07.20.13 Classical
Ce Matin — Awakening paul f. page 07.20.13 Classical
The Haunted Llarion 07.17.13 Easy Listening
The Park WharmtonRise 07.16.13 Ambient
NOTHING IS FOREVER Bowman 07.14.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
In The Circle Skean 07.14.13 Electronic
Eighty-Five paul f. page 07.12.13 Piano
Ambient Beginnings Raquielle 07.12.13 Ambient
doctor samuels woofer3 07.12.13 Alternative Rock
You Are Philip18 07.10.13 Acoustic
Confrontation WharmtonRise 07.10.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
I Have Been Deceived TobinMueller 07.08.13 Jazz (vocal)
Eighty-Four paul f. page 07.04.13 Piano
Refuge MartinD28 07.01.13 Gospel
Tusen Tankar VicDiesel 06.30.13 Folk (traditional)
Eighty-Three paul f. page 06.29.13 Piano
Toot Sweet grah3am 06.29.13 Pop (Alternative)
Take Me bud 06.29.13 Shoegazer
Wire Vic Holman 06.29.13 Alternative Rock
So It Begins Reinholt56 06.29.13 Ambient
Despair Llarion 06.28.13 Ambient
Five To Paradise Narad 06.28.13 Inspirational (contemporary)
where am i? SmokeyVW 06.27.13 Other
What If Your Not? Daugrin 06.27.13 Experimental
Curiosity's Plea thetiler 06.26.13 Folk (contemporary)
Two Friends Philip18 06.26.13 Smooth Jazz
Blue Tattoos TobinMueller 06.26.13 Jazz (vocal)
Serenade For Winds And Strings - Andante christopherpsly 06.25.13 Classical
MJ45032 - Diviner's track using Michael's beat Diviner 06.25.13 Breakbeat
Long Last VicDiesel 06.24.13 Ballad
I wanna be like Gary Barlow woofer3 06.24.13 Alternative Rock
Glad I Found You (with Bitfield & Scofugate) Moviz 06.24.13 Latin
Eight to Paradise Narad 06.24.13 Inspirational (contemporary)
Mars à Oublier - 0x01 ic42 06.23.13 Electronic
WEST OF KHARTOUM Bowman 06.23.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
WEST OF KHARTOUM Bowman 06.23.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Beautiful Daydream lavalamp 06.23.13 Alternative Rock
OUT HERE AND STRANDED - featuring Mandy Siegel jiguma 06.22.13 Rhythm and Blues
'Nabru S'reggin Creat'in' TvRicky 06.22.13 Jazz (instrumental)
'African Blood' TvRicky 06.22.13 Jazz (instrumental)
No Turning Back (Short Version) Reinholt56 06.22.13 Ambient
'Ancient Tongues' TvRicky 06.21.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Mr. Sandman thetiler 06.20.13 Easy Listening
Embryo Llarion 06.20.13 Smooth Jazz
'Voodoo Is?' TvRicky 06.20.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Where Has it Gone by Jerry Quinn w/ Ryan, Jeff, ktb & Loob alackbass 06.20.13 Blues (contemporary)
Confrontation (Different treatment) WharmtonRise 06.19.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Eighty paul f. page 06.19.13 Piano
'Save The Children' TvRicky 06.19.13 Jazz (instrumental)
'Kinfolk' TvRicky 06.18.13 Jazz (instrumental)
In My Deepest Thoughts Skean 06.18.13 Experimental
Confrontation WharmtonRise 06.16.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
shadow stories kingbee 06.16.13 Electronic
If Ever There Was A Time Alimar 06.16.13 Classical
laundromat blues Jarvoid 06.15.13 Blues (contemporary)
Highlands Parichayaka 06.15.13 Ethnic-International
He's The Jazzman Moviz 06.15.13 Pop (Alternative)
Sailor's Warning w jiguma, Philip18 PeterB7858 06.15.13 Rock
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
Folsom Prison Blues thetiler 06.12.13 Folk (contemporary)
INTO THE BLUE jiguma 06.12.13 Acoustic Rock
Coulda Shoulda gadzooks 06.11.13 Pop (Alternative)
Lacy / w davisamerica, awigze, Sisters & rok41 davisamerica2 06.11.13 Ballad
Lacy / w davisamerica, awigze, Sisters & rok41 davisamerica2 06.11.13 Ballad
Title Music XMaramena 06.09.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dignity TobinMueller 06.09.13 Blues (contemporary)
My Funny Valentine (with Lilmom) Moviz 06.08.13 Ballad
My Funny Valentine (with Lilmom) Moviz 06.08.13 Ballad
Afraid of the Rain w/ Davisamerica awigze 06.06.13 Ambient
You Can't Touch Me (MJCC2013) mr_mordenus 06.05.13 Showtunes
The Wish Granter Symphony101 06.05.13 Progressive Rock
Confrontation (teaser) WharmtonRise 06.03.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Coming Home (MJCC2013) Philip18 06.02.13 Acoustic
Coming Home (MJCC2013) Philip18 06.02.13 Acoustic
I'll See You Yesterday aRcTip 06.01.13 Electronic
Groove (MJCC2013) peacepiano 05.31.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Reflection Skean 05.31.13 Electronic
The MacJams March jgurner 05.30.13 Other
Seventy-Eight paul f. page 05.29.13 Piano
Melif smokey bacon jnr 05.28.13 Downtempo
Domine Agnus Dei (Alternate Ending) WharmtonRise 05.27.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
When Loving Is One-sided, Music by Bob Rodgers Char 05.27.13 Ballad
Domine Agnus Dei WharmtonRise 05.23.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
When The Time Comes (An Ambiental Mix) Reinholt56 05.13.13 Ambient
RADIANT FLESH (take 2) Bowman 05.12.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Momma's Song composerclark 05.12.13 Blues (traditional)
Not For The Likes of You DWL 05.10.13 Folk-Rock
Mortal Coil F WharmtonRise 05.09.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nocturne op. 55 Andante davajonah 05.04.13 Classical
Mortal Coil WIP 2 WharmtonRise 04.30.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Blue Moon Of Kentucky thetiler 04.30.13 Folk (contemporary)
12.26.12 carbon 04.24.13 Art Rock
Frozen Man (by James Taylor) TobinMueller 04.23.13 Ballad
Tosh Frenzy Parichayaka 04.23.13 Electropop
VALDEZ Bowman 04.18.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Caledonia richard13 04.11.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Old Man Mose is Dead michaeljayklein 04.11.13 Inspirational (contemporary)
No Fun Anymore (Macjams is dead) Skean 04.06.13 Comedy-Satire-Parody
The Thicket - Community christopherpsly 04.01.13 Classical
friday ste 03.28.13 Pop (Alternative)
Sorry from Requiem Mass - Final Recording christopherpsly 03.18.13 Classical
The Time of Morris Men Again with Kingbee, Moviz, Bob Rodgers and Stevel, DWL 03.17.13 Folk (traditional)
Under Your Bed - feat. strangedream, rok41 & Steve Ritter Sigmund 03.15.13 Rock
Lets Start A Revolution (A Conspiracy Theory Mix) Reinholt56 03.09.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
SugarBubbleWater Les_Kloo 03.03.13 Progressive Rock
Trio for Horn, Violin & Piano Cameron 03.02.13 Classical
12 davisamerica 02.28.13 Art Rock
Stride La Vampa Mosaica 02.26.13 Opera
Equator Medley Parichayaka 02.12.13 Ethnic-International
Spring Henke 01.25.13 Classical
Road to Apocalypse Silky5 01.16.13 Game Soundtrack
My Baby Baby The_Applesauce_Project 01.14.13 Pop (Alternative)
Childhood Lost richard13 01.14.13 Other
Walk The Dog paul f. page 01.12.13 Piano
Tender Blessings jazzman1 01.10.13 New Age
Winter Henke 01.08.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
They Don't Lie Les_Kloo 01.08.13 Progressive Rock
Sweet Love jazzman1 01.08.13 Smooth Jazz
domesticity ste 01.07.13 Pop (Alternative)
Return From the Fray w Damien,A.Gentle, L.Gold,Graeme, kingbee,Macferret,R Marris,Moviz,Bob Rogers DWL 12.30.12 Folk-Rock
Sex tet peacepiano 12.29.12 Pop Classical
Dasa Kodo Bubowski 12.26.12 Dance-Club
Cloud Hopping Bubowski 12.26.12 Game Soundtrack
Seventy-Six paul f. page 12.22.12 Piano
Seventy-Six paul f. page 12.22.12 Piano
A Bell in the Valley 2012 (w/ vox) richard13 12.22.12 Holiday
12:12:12 mvh9591 12.21.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Philip18 12.21.12 Holiday
Happy Holidays(MJ Card) davisamerica 12.20.12 Holiday
brittle (DOOM2012) airportseven 12.20.12 Rock
O' Tannenbaum (w/SylviaD) rok41 12.20.12 Holiday
Nu tändas tusen juleljus Cori Ander 12.20.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
'Is it Over?' DoomsDay 2012 TvRicky 12.19.12 Ambient
LIFE (Doom 2012) Bowman 12.19.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
West (w/awigze) - Doomsday Challenge yrp 12.18.12 Easy Listening
The Summer before the Dark (DOOM 2012) Henke 12.18.12 Alternative Rock
people get ready (doomsday challenge) egobandit 12.18.12 Art Rock
Be a Window, a capella PaulaMunk 12.18.12 A Cappella
Let Beauty Awake djdrshaman 12.18.12 A Cappella
advent (DOOM2012) ste 12.18.12 Pop (Alternative)
Guns n Amerika (Tiny Angels) rabittwhole 12.17.12 Ambient
My Own Little World Garni 12.17.12 Pop (Alternative)
Mr. Kite Rides Again paul f. page 12.16.12 Other
The Sun Path Narad 12.16.12 Ethnic-International
Distrans Reinholt56 12.16.12 Ambient
Quintessence Symphony101 12.15.12 New Age
The First Candle VicDiesel 12.15.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
Doomsday Challenge entry (Quintet for Piano and Strings) djdrshaman 12.15.12 Classical
Coriolis Flip [DOOM2012] Les_Kloo 12.15.12 Progressive Rock
Butterfly Year (Doom 2012) w/ Sisters, Maure and Billy awigze 12.15.12 Bluegrass
Solar flare hit us (DOOM2012) Skean 12.15.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Judgement Day (Doom 2012) Vic Holman 12.14.12 Rock
Baume Les Dames jiguma 12.14.12 Acoustic Rock
When the End Was Near (Doom2012) alackbass 12.14.12 Blues (contemporary)
Beer and Wings (Doom 2012) Evil_Genius 12.14.12 Cha-Cha
Pakaluni's Tiki Bar (DOOM2012) SmokeyVW 12.14.12 Other
Da Da Doom Doom (Doom2012) gadzooks 12.14.12 Alternative Rock
The Doomsday Polka (DOOM2012) jgurner 12.14.12 Polka
B'ak'tun 13 (Doom2012) richard13 12.14.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
SANTA BABY michaeljayklein 12.13.12 Holiday
We Three Kings davajonah 12.12.12 Holiday
For Christmas This Year Moviz 12.10.12 Holiday
2012 [DOOM2012] Aemyn 12.09.12 Metal
A Dance For Frances. Fire_Angel 12.09.12 Piano
A Taste of Dark-ness (A Dark Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 12.09.12 Ambient
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Philip18 12.09.12 Blues (traditional)
You Tonight.... Soundhound 12.07.12 Downtempo
Flute Chorale paul f. page 12.07.12 Classical
Morning celebration Narad 12.05.12 Ambient
When You Thought We Weren't Looking alackbass 12.01.12 Blues (contemporary)
O Holy Night richard13 12.01.12 Holiday
Driving To The Sun Vic Holman 11.30.12 Rock
Londonderry Air with The Trio Jarvoid 11.28.12 Folk (traditional)
Memories of Marrakesh gadzooks 11.26.12 Rock (instrumental)
On y danse VicDiesel 11.25.12 Folk-Rock
Askewed Warren Smith 11.24.12 Punk-Grunge
One Hundred Years from Today michaeljayklein 11.20.12 Easy Listening
Cabin Fever PeterB7858 11.20.12 Acoustic
Cabin Fever PeterB7858 11.20.12 Acoustic
Moving to the Centre gadzooks 11.19.12 Art Rock
skull/Sir Bass tokai 11.17.12 Rock
And I'm a Kid Again richard13 11.17.12 Electronic
Earth Two ( An Immersive Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 11.17.12 Ambient
Who Would Have Guessed? paul f. page 11.17.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Singing like a dog egobandit 11.16.12 Alternative Rock
Good Night pablatone 11.16.12 Acoustic
A Sound From A Letter Skean 11.16.12 Experimental
Bubble Machine VicDiesel 11.15.12 Twentieth Century
night/Skean tokai 11.14.12 Other
The Cost Philip18 11.14.12 Acoustic
New Orchestral Thing (2) XMaramena 11.13.12 Film Scoring
A Chance To Dream J.A.Stewart 11.13.12 Alternative Rock
The Wonder of the Universe Reinholt56 11.13.12 Ambient
Miles' In A Minute 'Evolution On The One' TvRicky 11.13.12 Jazz Fusion
Reactor XMaramena 11.11.12 House
At Dawn (with Symphony101) Mosaica 11.11.12 Classical
The End (of the world) gadzooks 11.11.12 Acoustic Rock
The Blaydon Races Jarvoid 11.10.12 Folk (traditional)
Tuned train Narad 11.10.12 Ambient
Infinite Combo:The Dirge Outtaorbit 11.09.12 Jazz (vocal)
mass egobandit 11.09.12 Electronic
The Force That....( A Poetical Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 11.08.12 Ambient
short egobandit 11.07.12 Art Rock
Night Theme elektronix 11.07.12 Piano
Bad Blood by The Speakeasy Sway Gaylen75 11.07.12 Alternative Rock
Archaeology SmokeyVW 11.04.12 Experimental
I Think I Give Up Skean 11.04.12 Electronic
They Came (A Classical Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 11.04.12 Ambient
The Yard Bent_Axis 11.03.12 Alternative Rock
The End w/ strangedream & rok41 Sigmund 11.02.12 Pop (Alternative)
Silver Tongues and Golden Boys Vic Holman 11.02.12 Art Rock
Silver Tongues and Golden Boys Vic Holman 11.02.12 Art Rock
The Edge PeterB7858 11.02.12 Acoustic
Blackberry's heart Narad 11.02.12 Ambient
Halloween Challenge Six-Nail-Coffin 11.02.12 Hip Hop-Rap
I Hope One Day Diviner 11.02.12 Dub
Nero's Funk oldlibmike 11.01.12 Jazz Fusion
Lucien's Cat by Skean and awigze awigze 11.01.12 Experimental
Wasiwasi SmokeyVW 11.01.12 Film Scoring
Cloven Hoof Dance Reinholt56 11.01.12 Electronic
It's True Moviz 11.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
The Lady is a Tramp michaeljayklein 11.01.12 Swing
Metric XMaramena 10.31.12 Twentieth Century
A Waltz paul f. page 10.31.12 Piano
Halloween Sounds (Halloween Challenge) lavalamp 10.31.12 Other
Halloween Sounds (Halloween Challenge) lavalamp 10.31.12 Other
Electric Beast w/Gaylen - Halloween Challenge 2012 - PrototypeEightyOne 10.30.12 Experimental
Underworld III (Halloween 2012) Narad 10.30.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Forced Suicide (Halloween 2012) sewer rod 10.30.12 Metal
Nightmare HALLOWEEN 2012 jgurner 10.29.12 Alternative Rock
Inferno XMaramena 10.29.12 Trance
The Black Cat kristyjo 10.29.12 Children's Music
Scintillations ( An Ambiental Mix) Reinholt56 10.29.12 Ambient
Trick or Treat Halloween 2012 jfisenne 10.28.12 Acoustic
Not a Witch oldlibmike 10.28.12 Experimental
Perfect Peace aRcTip 10.28.12 Ambient
Emotional Distance( W/ Mr Sax) HALLOWEEN2012 Skean 10.28.12 Holiday
_'Whorror'_'Evolution On The One' TvRicky 10.27.12 Indie Rock
Still Within Grasp (Overture) Alimar 10.27.12 Film Scoring
Emma (davisamerica rexmix) HALLOWEEN 2012 jgurner 10.27.12 Alternative Rock
let me be egobandit 10.26.12 Art Rock
Cell Phone (Lyrics by Damroze) Moviz 10.26.12 Reggae
A Gown of Seaweed Green elfdaughter 10.26.12 A Cappella
Can't Rise Up Char 10.26.12 Open Collaborations
Plaisir D'Amour D'AccordioMandolin Jarvoid 10.25.12 Acoustic
Catalina Sun (with Rok41) Philip18 10.25.12 Smooth Jazz
Disconnect Les_Kloo 10.24.12 Progressive Rock
Boogieman Boogie Halloween 2012 Demeter7 10.24.12 Jazz Fusion
ChristmasCard davisamerica 10.24.12 Open Collaborations
Mississippi Drink Gaylen75 10.24.12 Acoustic Rock
Fields of Light Parichayaka 10.24.12 Piano
Story Time.... Soundhound 10.24.12 Funk
dance score - final mix bud 10.21.12 Experimental
SUN CHASER Bowman 10.21.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
October Moon richard13 10.20.12 Ambient
Tiny Dreams edpdx 10.15.12 Electronic
Lightyears Away Reinholt56 10.13.12 Ambient
Burning DWL 10.12.12 Psychedelic
Flux #2 (An Experimental Ambient Drone Mix) Reinholt56 10.09.12 Ambient
Serenade for Strings No. 1, XMaramena 10.07.12 Classical
Flux (An Ambiental Mix) Reinholt56 10.07.12 Ambient
Arabesque davajonah 10.07.12 Classical
Arabesque davajonah 10.07.12 Classical
Scream the Sky Les_Kloo 09.20.12 Progressive Rock
Meditation #1 kassia 09.20.12 New Age
The Tears of St Lawrence Reinholt56 09.08.12 Ambient
The wren song gadzooks 09.08.12 Ambient
AWake Parichayaka 09.06.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
It's Just as Well (Gaylen75, Sigmund, Ritter) rok41 08.05.12 Rock
B E A U T I F U L lengold 07.30.12 Other
Moonset Ex_Silentio 07.23.12 Ambient
Moonset Ex_Silentio 07.23.12 Ambient
Rock ( At The Top of The Park) Ann Arbor ,MI Feter 07.05.12 Rock
All is Well davajonah 07.05.12 Ambient
yes you told me (that you're cynical) michael2 06.26.12 Indie Rock
i'm still here Parichayaka 06.23.12 Electronic
The Broken Swing Philip18 06.15.12 Acoustic
"Cosmic Transport" abzwork 06.12.12 Downtempo
Do What You're Going To Do Vic Holman 06.10.12 Acoustic
The Secret Lives of Mischievous Imps Alimar 06.09.12 Film Scoring
A Quiet Town Bowman 06.08.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Fifty-One paul f. page 06.04.12 Piano
Row II apb 06.02.12 Folk-Rock
Angels Riding the Nightwind Mosaica 05.28.12 New Age
Requiem for Choir Silky5 05.26.12 Classical
Derelict PatriciaGirl 05.16.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Eight paul f. page 05.13.12 Piano
How It Seems alackbass 05.12.12 Acoustic
The Golden Path Reinholt56 05.09.12 Ambient
My winged guitar Narad 05.07.12 Acoustic
Nobody Knows You (Italian Dance Remix by Andy Fox!) ramonaji 05.06.12 Dance-Club
Improvisation for Piano & Clarinet UnderThePianoMan 05.05.12 Classical
Lovely Summertime Moviz 05.05.12 Pop (mainstream)
Alone on a River w/ sammydix & kevmikwa alackbass 05.04.12 Hard Rock
Out Of Control paul f. page 05.04.12 Piano
_'Ling Ling'_ TvRicky 05.02.12 Ethnic-International
Arise - Paul F Page and Roxy Lee Feter 05.01.12 Pop Orchestral
The Triple Man Les_Kloo 05.01.12 Progressive Rock
Breathe You aRcTip 05.01.12 Downtempo
Space Shuttle Narad 05.01.12 New Age
The Anachronism - Sqai Tihn Gönthin Aéis [REFINED] w/download (Celebrating 8 Years at MacJams) Alimar 04.30.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Different Moon Bowman 04.29.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Entertainer -6 String Banjo Plectrum Style Jarvoid 04.28.12 Acoustic
Sun Beats Down gadzooks 04.25.12 Folk-Rock
The Laughing Song Mosaica 04.23.12 Opera
The Warning Bells PeterB7858 04.20.12 Acoustic
No Damn Cradle Les_Kloo 04.15.12 Progressive Rock
Universal Greeting - Fresh Master Def (2nd Byte of the Apple) Diviner 04.13.12 Electronic
Relative Calm After The Storm (An Ambient Drone Mix) Reinholt56 04.11.12 Ambient
Penguin Rag thetiler 04.10.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Fairytale of Rock Rebellion / Swan Song Lullaby DWL 04.10.12 Progressive Rock
The Fairytale of Rock Rebellion / Swan Song Lullaby DWL 04.10.12 Progressive Rock
Jambalaya Smooth Jarvoid 04.09.12 Country-Western
We'll Meet Again Moviz 04.09.12 Country-Western
of all the days Mystified 04.07.12 Ambient
Dream Becomes Reality Reinholt56 04.07.12 Ambient
Prelude to Battle Fire_Angel 04.04.12 Film Scoring
Phase Me Out aRcTip 04.02.12 Psychedelic
The Anachronism - Sqai Tihn Gönthin Aéis [WIP v11] FINAL DRAFT Alimar 03.31.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
They Can't Take that Away from Me michaeljayklein 03.31.12 Showtunes
Everything Changes w/ strangedream & rok41 Sigmund 03.30.12 Pop (Alternative)
Giving It All Away jiguma 03.29.12 Acoustic Rock
The Anachronism - Sqai Tihn Gönthin Aéis [WIP v9.0] Alimar 03.28.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
"A Mother's Tears" abzwork 03.28.12 Jazz Fusion
Sunshine PatriciaGirl 03.27.12 Piano
Desert Night Walk kassia 03.26.12 Other
A Study Parichayaka 03.24.12 Film Scoring
Slip of the Tongue (w. hackneybloke, Loob & Philip18) PeterB7858 03.24.12 Acoustic Rock
Weird Dreams Skean 03.24.12 Ambient
Robot Dreams Reinholt56 03.24.12 Ambient
Your Own Worst Enemy alackbass 03.24.12 Folk (contemporary)
Small Child paul f. page 03.23.12 Other
Who Are They That Come Vic Holman 03.23.12 Alternative Rock
Then She Bleeded DWL 03.23.12 Acoustic Rock
Then She Bleeded DWL 03.23.12 Acoustic Rock
Happy MacJams Day! Philip18 03.23.12 Comedy-Satire-Parody
"Political Dancin' " abzwork 03.22.12 Jazz Fusion
Lucid aRcTip 03.22.12 Downtempo
Out There Reinholt56 03.22.12 Ambient
Symphony No 33 4th Movement christopherpsly 03.21.12 Classical
"Bruddahs" feat. sammydix (w/ awigze) richard13 03.21.12 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Symphony No 33 3rd Movement christopherpsly 03.20.12 Classical
Yes No Dub davajonah 03.19.12 Dub
Symphony No 33 2nd Movement christopherpsly 03.18.12 Classical
Dream Experiment gadzooks 03.17.12 Electronic
Symphony No 33 1st Movement christopherpsly 03.17.12 Classical
Rapture gcjjones 03.16.12 Acoustic
Lament de L'Amour avec Kassia Jarvoid 03.13.12 Open Collaborations
Trackless and Forever Ex_Silentio 03.10.12 New Age
Every People Know w/Rok41, KTB, Scofugate & Sisters hackneybloke 03.09.12 Political
Short Story paul f. page 03.08.12 Classical
Verbing Common Noun Les_Kloo 03.07.12 Progressive Rock
Lament a la Paul Page kassia 03.05.12 Open Collaborations
Maybe its a Pop Song peacepiano 02.29.12 Pop (mainstream)
Who Dreams Above the Waves? Morning Light 02.29.12 Ambient
Passage paul f. page 02.28.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Life's Sweet Melody Silky5 02.27.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Tell Me... Mosaica 02.25.12 Trip Hop
The Driver DWL 02.24.12 Punk-Grunge
Simple Pleasures Bowman 02.18.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Oh Dear Life w/Les Kloo hackneybloke 02.17.12 Art Rock
Nuances de la Musique aRcTip 02.13.12 Electronic
Lament de L'Amour kassia 02.11.12 Piano
Alright Tonight PeterB7858 02.06.12 Acoustic
Aloha ' O Ey Up Jarvoid 02.06.12 Easy Listening
DINAH michaeljayklein 02.05.12 Other
Cut Glass dashriprock 02.07.12 Folk-Rock
IL PORTO (© 1983) CharlyDeeCynthius 02.05.12 Classical
Asteroid Excursion (Shorter Mix) Reinholt56 02.05.12 Ambient
That's All I Can Say lavalamp 02.05.12 Alternative Rock
Roll your own thunder lazernation 02.04.12 Ambient
Stack Come Down RichardSchletty 02.03.12 Folk (contemporary)
I hope that's a exit Outtaorbit 02.03.12 Electronic
Repetative Strain Syndrome Diviner 02.03.12 Electronic
Never jgurner 02.03.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
The fall and rise of man Narad 02.03.12 Other
AClarke's LEAD WITH YOUR HEART ziti 02.02.12 Rock
YOU AND I KCsGROOVE 02.02.12 Funk
Lament For a Loved One richard13 02.02.12 Downtempo
BIG CAR - NO SHOES PBGB 02.02.12 Rock
The Coals of Compassion johnwhitehead 02.01.12 Acoustic
No Place Like Home TobinMueller 02.01.12 Smooth Jazz
Techno Beat Skean 02.01.12 Dance-Club
The Garden of Earthly Delights Six-Nail-Coffin 01.31.12 Ambient
Bj's song gcjjones 01.30.12 Acoustic Rock
_'Transistion'_ A 'Looper and Musician Meet' Featuring 'Abzwork' TvRicky 01.30.12 Jazz Fusion
"Character" abzwork 01.30.12 Jazz Fusion
Buddha's bred Narad 01.30.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
Searching Reinholt56 01.30.12 Ambient
Undertow (in Toplitz) timothydevine2 01.29.12 Jazz Fusion
Having a Ball musichead 01.29.12 Lo-fi
The Spell with Hadass Pal Yarden ShadowofNine 01.29.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Quiet Moments simonlau 01.28.12 Easy Listening
Lines on the Antiquity of Microbes (and now for something completely different) Dadai.2 01.28.12 Art Rock
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You SylviaD 01.28.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Once Upon a Time in the East DWL 01.28.12 Rockabilly
Blue yonder VicDiesel 01.28.12 Ambient
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Music Hardware M-Audio Keystation 32 portable controller, Akai MPK-49, M-Audio Fast Track Pro (new for 2007!), Roland U-20 (yeah, that's ancient!), Roland SC-88 Sound Canvas that also doesn't get much use anymore.
Music Software Garageband, Logic Studio, Soundtrack Pro, EWQL Symphonic Choirs, EWQL Symphony Orchestra, Ra, Goliath; Native Instruments Kontakt 3, 4, 5, Kore 2 Player, Session Strings, Absynth 5, Reaktor 5, FM 8, Guitar Rig, Massive; Synthology Ivory; QL Silk, QL Gypsy, QL Pianos, QL Stormdrum Pro, QL Voices of Passion, QL Ministry of Rock; Tonehamer Forgotten Voices; SoundIron Requiem Light, Cylindrum, Propanium, Bowed Piano; Heaviocity Evolve; Camel Audio Alchemy + preset packs;
Keywords Minimalist, bombastic, epic, cinematic, orchestral, humourous, choral, march, space, ambient, heroic, journeys, stories, fusion, world, celtic