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Ex_Silentio's Songs (26)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.18.18 Submerged  (---) 714 (3) Ambient 04.24.18 Active
05.03.15 Speak Memory  (---) 2320 (23) Ambient 12.10.17 Active
05.16.14 UnRavel (Bolero)  (---) 2952 (20) Rock 04.08.15 Active
11.25.13 Sandur Plain  (---) 2504 (28) Ambient 04.15.14 Active
11.02.13 Incident at Malapert (SRC2013)  (---) 2624 (38) Progressive Rock 11.12.13 Active
11.02.13 The Mountain of Eternal Light (SRC2013)  (---) 2329 (22) Ambient 11.08.13 Active
09.02.13 The Far Sky  (---) 1922 (17) Ambient 12.29.13 Active
08.10.13 The Gods Wait  (---) 2202 (18) Ambient 08.16.13 Active
08.07.13 Dead Ends and Doorways  (---) 2079 (24) Ambient 08.13.13 Active
07.23.12 Moonset  (---) 2376 (23) Ambient 04.14.13 Active
03.10.12 Trackless and Forever  (---) 2162 (7) New Age 03.29.12 Active
01.23.12 The Mighty Alexander (rmx)  (---) 3034 (9) Progressive Rock 02.19.12 Active
01.21.12 Frost and Shimmer (rmx)  (---) 1869 (8) New Age 03.24.12 Active
11.01.11 The Stars Run Blindly (MJ Space Race 2011)  (---) 2723 (18) Ambient 11.14.11 Active
11.01.11 The Hidden (MJ Space Race 2011)  (---) 2604 (16) Ambient 11.26.11 Active
06.29.10 Beyond the Fire Circle  (---) 3862 (18) Ambient 11.01.11 Active
05.04.10 The Secret Earth  (---) 2559 (11) Ambient 08.17.11 Active
04.06.10 Rakshasa Walk  (---) 4917 (22) Progressive Rock 04.29.10 Active
03.11.10 Shorelight  (---) 3035 (26) Ambient 06.11.11 Active
10.07.09 Loneliness Becomes Pandora (MJ Space Race 2009)  (---) 3933 (36) Ambient 09.16.11 Active
10.04.09 Passage (MJ Space Race 2009)  (---) 3368 (25) Ambient 10.21.09 Active
08.31.09 Terrarum Ellipticus  (---) 4005 (41) Ambient 07.31.11 Active
06.27.09 Cosmic Fear  (---) 3771 (33) Ambient 10.22.09 Active
05.03.09 Day of the Zebra  (---) 3746 (38) Cinematic Soundtrack 06.11.11 Active
02.22.09 Safe Harbor  (---) 4134 (47) Ambient 06.11.11 Active
01.21.09 The Tundra Swan  (---) 3336 (23) Ambient 06.19.09 Active
Favorite Songs (723)
Title Artist Date Genre
Bird Courtship Narad 01.16.19 Ambient
Christmas Has Been Ruined And It's all Your Fault Davis Gloff 12.06.17 Other
Monodrone VicDiesel 12.06.17 Ambient
Earthquake Narad 11.26.17 Experimental
I'm Not Buying It (A Black Friday Mix) Reinholt56 11.24.17 Ambient
A Fait Accompli davajonah 12.17.16 Ambient
Poseidon Narad 09.29.15 Ambient
Drumbeats off Jupiter Bubowski 06.15.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Daydream2 Hydrogen3 06.14.15 Ambient
Sanctus dirigent 06.14.15 Electronic
Golliwog's Cakewalk MidiOrleans 06.13.15 Classical
Train Over Narad 06.12.15 Ambient
Gemini Narad 06.01.15 New Age
Borealis II Narad 05.20.15 New Age
Symphony No.88 IV-Haydn MidiOrleans 05.01.15 Classical
For Your Glory Narad 04.02.15 Classical
Child of Yesterday Mystified 03.30.15 Folk (contemporary)
My Egon falcef 03.26.15 Ambient
Bio-Duck Narad 03.24.15 Ambient
Usha Express Narad 03.17.15 Ambient
Voyager (NASA & Mr. Spock) HOKEY POKEY 03.02.15 Ambient
Novastation Narad 12.01.14 Ambient
Evaporation SpiresVortex 10.23.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
She Moved Through the Fair Laluna579 10.17.14 A Cappella
Heaven's Gate Narad 10.15.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Cut-Off Narad 09.12.14 Ambient
Dad's March 2014 Doug Somers 07.31.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Tekkin' a Waalk davajonah 07.11.14 Ambient
Rising Planets Narad 07.06.14 New Age
Patience SpiresVortex 07.05.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Guadalupe River VicDiesel 06.28.14 Ambient
Solar Wind II Narad 06.26.14 New Age
Power Express III Narad 06.24.14 Ambient
Distant Sounds SpiresVortex 06.22.14 Ambient
Gone with the Wind Narad 05.30.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ether blisshole 05.20.14 Ambient
Shiva-Shakti Narad 05.19.14 Spoken Word-Poetry
Floating on hopeless clouds Skean 05.17.14 Experimental
Rising gadzooks 05.16.14 Ambient
CWS Parichayaka 05.15.14 Electronic
The Kid Who Wanted To Be A Cowboy [FINAL] Alimar 05.15.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Aufzug (elevator) Narad 05.09.14 Ambient
Au Lac de Wallenstadt davajonah 05.05.14 Classical
Gladys' Garden s_1344 05.01.14 New Age
Tightbeam Quazilift Theorising (A Distant Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 05.01.14 Electronic
The Force That (Extended Mix) Reinholt56 04.25.14 Ambient
Still Dreaming (an Old Space Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 04.22.14 Ambient
Train Speed Narad 04.01.14 Ambient
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Doug Somers 03.30.14 Easy Listening
Funeral March of a Marionette MidiOrleans 03.29.14 Classical
Under the waving trees VicDiesel 03.29.14 Ambient
The irresistible train Narad 03.25.14 Ambient
Beethoven Piano Concerto 'Emperor' 2nd Movement davajonah 03.09.14 Classical
Interlude Reinholt56 03.08.14 Ambient
Drifting In Clean Water (feat particledots) Skean 03.06.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Broken IV s_1344 02.17.14 Ambient
Me And You (w/Skean) Morning Light 02.14.14 Ambient
Mount Parnassus Narad 12.10.13 Ambient
Abe and Stanton (An Historical Simulacra Mix) Reinholt56 12.09.13 Ambient
Ammirazione LSP2 Doug Somers 12.05.13 Twentieth Century
Rise Parichayaka 11.26.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ever since I can remember Narad 11.26.13 Easy Listening
I reach the angel Skean 11.25.13 Ambient
After This Moment aRcTip 11.23.13 Electronic
This Moment aRcTip 11.23.13 Electronic
Echo In The Wind paul f. page 11.23.13 Native American
Serenade CCI Narad 11.23.13 Classical
Have You Seen the Stars Tonight? richard13 11.22.13 Ambient
Heart Song magnatone 11.21.13 Piano
A forest, far, far, away HOKEY POKEY 11.19.13 Ambient
17 Years oldlibmike 11.18.13 Ambient
Indian Romance Narad 11.17.13 Ethnic-International
The Cybermen (An Ambient Childhood Nightmare Mix) Reinholt56 11.15.13 Ambient
Lament Jayrodd 11.13.13 Ambient
time/space (Belated Space Race 2013) Abraxas 11.13.13 Pop (Alternative)
Approaching Mars(SCR2013) rabittwhole 11.12.13 Ambient
Into Space (SRC 2013) Fire_Angel 11.10.13 Electropop
Eternal(SRC2013) groovehounds 11.09.13 Acoustic Rock
Once Upon a Time Was the Space (SRC 2013) Narad 11.09.13 Ambient
silent movie on a ufo SRC2013 egobandit 11.08.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Europa (src2013) SmokeyVW 11.08.13 Experimental
Orrery (SRC2013) richard13 11.08.13 Ambient
Junction [SRC 2013] davajonah 11.08.13 Ambient
The New Dawn (SRC2013) Skean 11.07.13 Experimental
CAPTAIN MIZUKI (SRC2013) Bowman 11.06.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Homeward Bound (src2013) Henke 11.05.13 Ambient
The Unknown Knowns (An Ambiental Conspiracy Mix) Reinholt56 11.05.13 Ambient
Tannhäuser Gate [SRC 2013] Alimar 11.04.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Parsec to Parsec MannequinRaces 11.03.13 Ambient
Homage(SRC2013) sschedra 11.03.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Matterhorn oldlibmike 11.03.13 Ambient
Way out (src2013) Henke 11.03.13 Easy Listening
Mystery Train Narad 11.03.13 Ambient
Birth SRC2013 Doug Somers 11.03.13 Twentieth Century
(SRC 2013) SECCHI A CME0054 Corporal Beef 11.02.13 Experimental
Stardust SRC2013 bud 11.01.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Adrift Near Andromeda (SRC13) richard13 11.01.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Oh oh (src2013) SmokeyVW 11.01.13 Other
Binary Matins oldlibmike 10.31.13 Ambient
Perceived Reality (A Can You Hear Me Mother Mix) Reinholt56 10.31.13 Ambient
Erosion of Liberties (A Fascist Diktat Mix) Reinholt56 10.23.13 Ambient
The Relentless (A Journey Into Fascism) Reinholt56 10.19.13 Ambient
Come Home Morning Light 10.18.13 Ambient
Colossal Seed Parichayaka 10.17.13 Electronic
Ghost Station Narad 10.14.13 Ambient
Tunnel Narad 10.13.13 Experimental
Relentless train Narad 10.07.13 Ambient
Eyes Wide Open... LouisLacey 10.06.13 Ambient
Interstellar Journey (A Standard Space Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 09.21.13 Ambient
Voyager II Narad 09.14.13 Ambient
Voyager I Narad 09.13.13 Ambient
Overdrive paul f. page 09.09.13 Piano
Fons Vitae Narad 09.08.13 Ambient
Syria II Narad 09.07.13 Ethnic-International
Northern Lights AJerkin_Progress 09.07.13 Ambient
Penny for your thoughts Parichayaka 09.05.13 Solo Instrument
Icarus II Narad 09.04.13 Electronic
The Koolaide Mix (A Barry and John Production) Reinholt56 09.03.13 Ambient
Broken Part 4 s_1344 08.27.13 Ambient
Contact is made cormacbrenock 08.24.13 Film Scoring
Petroglyph Rock VicDiesel 08.24.13 Native American
Aquarium MidiOrleans 08.24.13 Classical
Then There Was Light Reinholt56 08.22.13 Ambient
Hero Narad 08.20.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
UFO Narad 08.18.13 Electronic
806 DrToasty 08.17.13 Ambient
Tropic of Capricorn Narad 08.17.13 Classical
Whale Calf Narad 08.14.13 Ambient
We Do What We Do antonfosh 08.14.13 Trip Hop
Where are we heading Skean 08.13.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Comet Narad 08.12.13 Electronic
After August notsosweet 08.11.13 Piano
Eighty-Seven paul f. page 08.10.13 Piano
Doxey Fields grah3am 08.08.13 Reggae
The Song of the Lost Fire_Angel 07.27.13 Ambient
Ambient Beginnings Raquielle 07.12.13 Ambient
Serenade XCCII Narad 07.04.13 Classical
Cathedral XVIII Narad 07.02.13 Ambient
ambien e-waste 05.22.13 Ambient
Mr. Kite Rides Again paul f. page 12.16.12 Other
The Sun Path Narad 12.16.12 Ethnic-International
Distrans Reinholt56 12.16.12 Ambient
Dark-ness (A Hoot for the Howlers Mix) Reinholt56 12.14.12 Ambient
Morning celebration Narad 12.05.12 Ambient
Starry Way Narad 11.24.12 Ambient
Milky Way Over a Starlit Lake Doug Somers 11.13.12 Ambient
The Wonder of the Universe Reinholt56 11.13.12 Ambient
Flux #2 (An Experimental Ambient Drone Mix) Reinholt56 10.09.12 Ambient
FORTH Narad 10.08.12 Ambient
Arabesque davajonah 10.07.12 Classical
Leaving Narad 09.26.12 Ambient
Stars Skean 09.22.12 Ambient
Der Erlkönig Narad 09.20.12 Film Scoring
Meditation #1 kassia 09.20.12 New Age
Home straight Narad 09.18.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
The Summit ShadowofNine 09.15.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Steam power train Narad 09.15.12 Ambient
The Tears of St Lawrence Reinholt56 09.08.12 Ambient
And so on Narad 09.03.12 Ambient
Memories of Aldebaran vmabus 09.02.12 Ambient
Forever Open Road aRcTip 08.30.12 Electronic
Dhalgren Variant Reinholt56 08.27.12 Ambient
Underground Train Narad 08.21.12 Ambient
Ghorph's Awakening - Part 1 [WIP] Alimar 08.17.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Alien Prison vmabus 08.17.12 Ambient
Firebird Narad 08.16.12 Classical
Transfixing train Narad 08.14.12 Ambient
Struggle and Strive Skean 08.07.12 Ambient
Electrovoxhumana failteband 07.24.12 Electronic
A Voyage Into Space aRcTip 07.23.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sounds of a Shade Tree 1rwhite1 07.22.12 Ambient
Olm MotherofMeursault 07.15.12 Ambient
Sparkling train Narad 07.13.12 Ambient
drone beanen first 25 min m1 07.12.12 Ambient
grannadeanna condensemike 07.10.12 Ambient
Underworld Narad 07.09.12 Ambient
stops for transit Mystified 07.09.12 Other
All is Well davajonah 07.05.12 Ambient
Descend (World of Dreams) aRcTip 06.30.12 Ambient
Angels Riding the Nightwind Mosaica 05.28.12 New Age
Derelict PatriciaGirl 05.16.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Hudson River projectionarts 05.03.12 New Age
Space Shuttle Narad 05.01.12 New Age
Night on the Mississippi Narad 04.16.12 Ambient
Relative Calm After The Storm (An Ambient Drone Mix) Reinholt56 04.11.12 Ambient
A Fait Accompli davajonah 04.04.12 Ambient
Wild Ride Narad 03.27.12 Ambient
Sunshine PatriciaGirl 03.27.12 Piano
Desert Night Walk kassia 03.26.12 Other
A Study Parichayaka 03.24.12 Film Scoring
The gate of love Narad 03.15.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
Dependancy Arising Reinholt56 03.06.12 Ambient
Lament a la Paul Page kassia 03.05.12 Open Collaborations
The Shadow Machine DJShadowkat 03.03.12 Ambient
Metropolis 2510 (A Contemplative Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 03.03.12 Ambient
On the road Narad 03.01.12 Ambient
Who Dreams Above the Waves? Morning Light 02.29.12 Ambient
Nimrod davajonah 02.18.12 Electronic
Lament For a Loved One richard13 02.02.12 Downtempo
The Garden of Earthly Delights Six-Nail-Coffin 01.31.12 Ambient
Angels Riding the Nightwind (with richard13) Doug Somers 01.31.12 New Age
Buddha's bred Narad 01.30.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
Searching Reinholt56 01.30.12 Ambient
Do we like it Skean 01.23.12 Electronic
Nightmare Narad 01.23.12 Ambient
Bubble Narad 01.21.12 Ambient
Nothing Left But Pipe and Wit Reinholt56 01.20.12 Ambient
In Neptune's eye Narad 01.18.12 New Age
Japanese Dreams Reinholt56 01.15.12 Ambient
Contrasting Moods Reinholt56 01.12.12 Ambient
The Last Gate Narad 01.11.12 Ambient
The Asteroid Belt Narad 01.09.12 Ambient
Ejected - Full Suite Doug Somers 01.06.12 Twentieth Century
Breathless davajonah 12.31.11 Ambient
Poor Man In Winter City Skean 12.21.11 Ambient
Blue Abyss Narad 12.09.11 Ambient
North of the wall Gato 11.19.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Sombrero Galaxy v2 MidiOrleans 11.18.11 Ambient
yuki (snow) PatriciaGirl 11.17.11 Piano
Gamma Rays SmokeyVW 11.14.11 Ambient
Chromatic Aberration (An Ambiental Mix) Reinholt56 11.11.11 Experimental
Vishnu ((mj space race 2011) Narad 11.11.11 New Age
Saturn to The Sombrero Galaxy (mj space race 2011) MidiOrleans 11.10.11 Experimental
Inner Space (mj space race 2011) SmokeyVW 11.10.11 Experimental
Transmissions (Sapcerace 2011) Six-Nail-Coffin 11.09.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sirius (MJ Space Challenge) Moviz 11.08.11 Spoken Word-Poetry
Flying Carpet Narad 11.08.11 Easy Listening
Souvenir of Space (mj space race 2011) Henke 11.06.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Space Marines (MJ-Space Race 2011) davajonah 11.05.11 Industrial
A New Day on Arus (mj space race 2011) SomeMadGirl 11.05.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Magellanic Clouds (SpaceRace 2011) MotherofMeursault 11.05.11 Ambient
Fall into a black hole (MJ-Space Race 2011) Skean 11.05.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
intellectual frenzy ( space race challenge) egobandit 11.04.11 Experimental
Astronauts on Asteroid (mj space race 2011) sonic_magpie 11.04.11 Experimental
Song 1.0 From Kepler-10c (mj space race 2011) SmokeyVW 11.03.11 Experimental
Starsong Lullaby-Richard13/ic42 (mj space race 2011) ic42 11.02.11 Children's Music
TinTin (mj space race 2011) PatriciaGirl 11.02.11 Ambient
Looking at the surface of Mars through the walls of a Crystal Ship (MJ Spacerace 2011) Abraxas 11.01.11 Electronic
Cryogenic Dreams [ Space Race 2011 ] aRcTip 11.01.11 Ambient
Ullulations Reinholt56 11.01.11 Ambient
Into the Void: Spacerace Challenge 2011 Six-Nail-Coffin 11.01.11 Ambient
Carina (mj space race 2011) Moviz 11.01.11 Ambient
Here and There (SpaceRace 2011) richard13 11.01.11 Trip Hop
The Ectoplasm Party Reinholt56 10.24.11 Ambient
Ynys Enlli Rebirth [w Kate Dilemma] davajonah 10.24.11 Ambient
Crystal Meditation 2 Henke 10.17.11 Ambient
Fir(e) tree Narad 10.13.11 Ambient
Codex of Possibilities (An Ambient Speculative Mix) Reinholt56 10.08.11 Ambient
The Bird of Paradise suite Narad 10.07.11 Ambient
Mind As Wind Chimes (A Lack of Oxygen Mix) Reinholt56 09.30.11 Ambient
Intro ccjordan 09.29.11 Ambient
Void Six-Nail-Coffin 09.26.11 Ambient
Avataria (A Pandorean Dream) Reinholt56 09.23.11 Ambient
Home Narad 09.23.11 Easy Listening
No 33 Andrew7102 09.19.11 Experimental
Zazen #8 Reinholt56 09.19.11 Ambient
Open The Gate Skean 09.17.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Three cats having an enlightening discussion in a dark deep night Narad 09.15.11 Opera
The Evolution of Spiders SomeMadGirl 09.11.11 Electronic
Cora... Can You See The Wind ? LouisLacey 09.09.11 Ambient
The Delphic Oracle Narad 09.09.11 Ethnic-International
Too Far Away SeanLawrence 09.06.11 Ambient
Mankind Narad 09.03.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
To Dream of Stars (An Imaginary Journey Mix) Reinholt56 09.02.11 Ambient
Tyrolean Dream davajonah 08.28.11 Ambient
Spinners Reinholt56 08.28.11 Ambient
Shivers of Loneliness antoniosimone 08.27.11 New Age
Tim's Trip Narad 08.27.11 Ambient
The Escape (The Patty Mix) Reinholt56 08.22.11 Ambient
The Place Inside Corporal Beef 08.15.11 Experimental
India at 64 shakthi 08.14.11 Classical
After All These Years jazzman1 08.14.11 New Age
Toccata and Fugue in D minor davajonah 08.14.11 Electronic
Mix and Match (An Abstract Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 08.14.11 Ambient
Shinkansen JetSmith88 08.02.11 Techno
The Bird Of Paradise II Narad 06.22.11 Ambient
Drifting (The Extended Mix) Reinholt56 06.22.11 Ambient
Origins Henke 06.20.11 Ambient
Wakamatsu Park davajonah 06.06.11 Ambient
Drifting on the Swell davajonah 06.01.11 Ambient
The Bird Of Paradise Narad 05.31.11 Ambient
The Boundaries of Reality Reinholt56 05.28.11 Ambient
Mission to the Unknown Narad 05.28.11 Ambient
Vapor cjhoose 05.26.11 Ambient
Cathedral II Narad 05.25.11 Ambient
The Aura of that windy night PatriciaGirl 05.17.11 New Age
World of the Dream filmscoremike 05.16.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
No Boundaries (Video) Einarus 05.16.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Open your heart Narad 05.16.11 Ambient
Flight From The Ashes [WIP v3.0] Alimar 05.15.11 Film Scoring
Forgiveness jazzman1 05.15.11 New Age
Clusters paul f. page 05.14.11 Piano
Saturday loop VicDiesel 05.14.11 Experimental
Chant Beat Doug Somers 05.14.11 Ethnic-International
The Bird of Paradise IV Narad 05.14.11 Ambient
Where Time Meets Space Reinholt56 05.13.11 Ambient
Postlude (Fairy Castle Part Two XXI) Narad 05.09.11 Classical
a scrapbook SpiresVortex 05.08.11 New Age
Flight From The Ashes [WIP v1.0] Alimar 05.08.11 Film Scoring
Unspoken Words jazzman1 05.07.11 New Age
The End of the Beginning Reinholt56 05.07.11 Ambient
Last Train Narad 05.06.11 Ambient
Anathema PatriciaGirl 05.05.11 Piano
Peace 1 HOKEY POKEY 05.03.11 Other
The awakening of the dragon Narad 05.02.11 Ethnic-International
The Rune Stone Six-Nail-Coffin 05.01.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Vagaries Reinholt56 04.30.11 Ambient
Tornado Narad 04.29.11 Experimental
Whale Canto IX Narad 04.16.11 Experimental
Homecoming crazykeyman 04.14.11 New Age
Earthquake Narad 04.13.11 Experimental
The sound of peace and wonder Narad 04.09.11 Ethnic-International
Salve davajonah 04.05.11 Ambient
Zazen #29 (A Contemplative Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 04.03.11 Ambient
Into the Abyss (corrected stereo) Maurice7 03.30.11 Ambient
Alpha Train Narad 03.26.11 Ambient
Gamut #1 (An Experimental Ambient Soundscape) Reinholt56 03.25.11 Ambient
The White Knight Narad 03.23.11 Other
final prayer Macaudion 03.22.11 Film Scoring
The Knightly Accolade Narad 03.21.11 Classical
The Land of the Rising Sun Narad 03.19.11 Ethnic-International
Octopus rocky55 03.18.11 New Age
The Speech of the King Narad 03.18.11 Classical
Belle Nuit, O Nuit d'Amour Mosaica 03.16.11 Opera
The Round Table Narad 03.16.11 Classical
Sailing the 7 Seas lilgeek 03.16.11 Film Scoring
For the People 867-5309 03.15.11 Piano
The Treasure Chamber Narad 03.15.11 Ambient
Windchime Scene Magnificent_Miles 03.14.11 Ambient
Swan ShadowofNine 03.13.11 Classical
The Chamber of the Queen Narad 03.13.11 Classical
bitter-sweet-bitter Mystified 03.10.11 Ambient
Secrets Corporal Beef 03.09.11 Experimental
The Dance of the Fairies Narad 03.09.11 Classical
Symphony No 46 Aurora Borealis - 3rd Movement (Hope) christopherpsly 03.07.11 Classical
The Day of the Knights Narad 03.07.11 Classical
Postcard from a Dream 1rwhite1 03.06.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Evening Train Narad 03.06.11 Ambient
The Gas Giant Reinholt56 03.05.11 Ambient
Memories Einarus 03.02.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
the road less traveled (2trx2011) Mystified 02.28.11 Piano
Long Lost AndrewL 02.27.11 Ambient
Footsteps AndrewL 02.23.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
WHITE TRI∆NGLES - Absence ectoplasm 02.20.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
WHITE TRI∆NGLES - Cold ectoplasm 02.20.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
WHITE TRI∆NGLES - Clipd Cascade ectoplasm 02.20.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Zazen #13 (A Contemplative Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 02.20.11 Ambient
Voi, che sapete Mosaica 02.19.11 Opera
Andromeda Narad 02.18.11 Ambient
COLD CLOUDS - Frozen Fire ectoplasm 02.17.11 Other
COLD CLOUDS - HØßØ ß£U€ †Ø؆H ectoplasm 02.17.11 Other
Zazen #3 (An Ambient Contemplation Mix) Reinholt56 02.16.11 Ambient
Danti Hobri - Track 10 (AMB01) dantimmermans 02.15.11 Ambient
Spanish Rhapsody in red Narad 02.15.11 Other
WHITE TRI∆NGLES - Waves ectoplasm 02.13.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ra Herakti (Horus of the Horizon) Reinholt56 02.12.11 Ambient
crystalline telecaster29 02.10.11 Ambient
Trailer: Lunacy Chimalus 02.06.11 Ambient
Lucid Dreaming ShadowofNine 02.03.11 Ambient
A Knight's Lament pinkyrv 02.03.11 Ambient
Ynys Enlli [remix] davajonah 01.31.11 Ambient
Dawn SmokeyVW 01.29.11 Film Scoring
Bangalore w/particledots bud 01.28.11 Ambient
Cocentric Circles AndrewL 01.26.11 Ambient
Gestalt Prime (The Tunnel at the End of the Light Mix) Reinholt56 01.26.11 Ambient
Kalenda-Maya falcef 01.23.11 Ambient
New waves matan 01.17.11 Ambient
This Dark Night (W/My wife) Skean 01.13.11 Ambient
Jaded Dawn psampson 01.13.11 Ambient
Eleven Jellyfish (rev) richard13 01.10.11 Ambient
Ynys Enlli davajonah 12.25.10 Ambient
Tree Of Life (Video) ShadowofNine 12.21.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dancing Monks [davamix] by Kassia davajonah 12.21.10 Electronic
A Ray of Sunshine (on a Cloudy Day) Reinholt56 12.18.10 Ambient
Terra Nova Narad 12.18.10 Ambient
Voyage of the Pretentious [WIP v5.0] Alimar 12.18.10 Film Scoring
He Moves Through The Fair w Doug Somers & Caitlin Somers Char 12.17.10 Celtic
Ikarus richard13 12.16.10 New Age
First Snow Narad 12.15.10 Ambient
2012(DOOM2012) - K'inich Janaab edpdx 12.14.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
unreal HOKEY POKEY 12.14.10 Psychedelic
5 Legs 4 Ams rdalin 12.13.10 Electronic
The Mindnumb Effect (A Donkey and Coconutshell Mix) Reinholt56 12.13.10 Ambient
Six Mystified 12.13.10 Other
Dancing Monks kassia 12.13.10 New Age
dreammamm matan 12.09.10 Ambient
Christmas Cheer Guardianxf 12.08.10 Holiday
Pipe Dream filmscoremike 12.08.10 Ambient
Sicut Rosa VicDiesel 12.07.10 Renaissance
Pretentious Concerto [WIP v2.0] Further Development Alimar 12.06.10 Film Scoring
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Scott Carmichael 12.05.10 Holiday
Pilchuck Corporal Beef 12.04.10 Experimental
I Saw Three Ships davajonah 12.03.10 Holiday
Unicorn rdalin 12.01.10 Electronic
Ember – Symphonic Flow Chimalus 11.30.10 Ambient
Atmospheres H3nry 11.28.10 Ambient
Underwater Scenery Narad 11.25.10 Ambient
Hungarians... matan 11.21.10 Ambient
The Rock and Feather Mix (An Ambiental Mix) Reinholt56 11.21.10 Ambient
untitled airportseven 11.17.10 Ambient
Critical Orbit Narad 11.15.10 Ambient
AndeeScott (aka Phunker) - Itineris AndeeScott 11.11.10 Ambient
Whale Canto VII Narad 11.11.10 Ambient
NovaEmber or, Ember's Glow richard13 11.09.10 Downtempo
Serenade XC Narad 11.09.10 Classical
Iris davajonah 11.07.10 Ambient
Baobab Narad 11.07.10 Ethnic-International
Sequence Two Parichayaka 11.06.10 Film Scoring
The Voices (An Ambient Loonybin Mix) Reinholt56 11.05.10 Ambient
Highway Of Tears ShadowofNine 11.04.10 Ambient
Wake Up obbster 11.01.10 Ambient
dirty vampire emma dimm witness 10.31.10 Ambient
Playing Tricks With My Mind (A Space Ambient Halloween Mix) Reinholt56 10.31.10 Ambient
A season in hell II (halloween freebie) Narad 10.26.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Drifting (A Space Ambient Halloween Mix) Reinholt56 10.24.10 Ambient
Harp Weaver rdalin 10.18.10 Film Scoring
Imagination (An Inner Journey Mix) Reinholt56 10.17.10 Ambient
Summer 10 Henke 10.07.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Cloud Hopping (An Ambiental Mix) Reinholt56 10.06.10 Ambient
Genbek rdalin 10.03.10 Experimental
Danti Hobri - AMB100919 dantimmermans 10.03.10 Ambient
Water Locomotive Narad 10.01.10 Ambient
When you meet your Saviour (Poem, Arthur Rice) WharmtonRise 09.29.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Softer Than Silk - w Ravens & Tim Wenzel ShadowofNine 09.29.10 New Age
Atonis Narad 09.29.10 Classical
Phase Realities (An Elastic Coloured Jello Mix) Reinholt56 09.27.10 Ambient
Hot-air balloon Narad 09.26.10 Ambient
Scarborough Fair elfdaughter 09.26.10 Folk (traditional)
Winter, Fire and Snow Dragonas 09.26.10 Celtic
Gettin' On SmokeyVW 09.26.10 Other
The Return Journey Reinholt56 09.24.10 Ambient
Transitional Realities Reinholt56 09.22.10 Ambient
The Picture Moves elfdaughter 09.21.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Return to Nowhere Corporal Beef 09.15.10 Ambient
A Little Bit Lost ( An Ambiental Mix) Reinholt56 09.15.10 Ambient
Machu Picchu Narad 09.15.10 Ambient
Particle accelerator Narad 09.04.10 Ambient
Danti Hobri - AMB100823 dantimmermans 08.30.10 Ambient
Stellar Nurseries (A Cosmic Process Mix) Reinholt56 08.27.10 Ambient
The Nevernever Six-Nail-Coffin 08.18.10 Ambient
Above The Cloud Skean 08.14.10 Ambient
Eccentric Ambient II (Revisited) Reinholt56 07.20.10 Ambient
Sunlight on a Ruined Castle by the Sea tf10music 07.19.10 Ambient
FRAGILE (chillout) MUSICAL_FIDELITY 07.19.10 Ambient
The Big Push Evil_Genius 07.19.10 Ambient
The Birth of Aum Reinholt56 07.16.10 Ambient
For U K.I.S.KISMET 07.13.10 Techno
Extra Solar Part3 AndrewL 07.11.10 New Age
The Beat of the Cosmos Reinholt56 07.10.10 Ambient
Glacier Bells Parichayaka 07.06.10 Piano
kampuchea rain redux desakota 07.03.10 Ambient
Hypersleep Six-Nail-Coffin 06.30.10 Ambient
The Shores of Desire Reinholt56 06.27.10 Ambient
Downtown Desolation AndrewL 06.10.10 Electronic
Perihelion kassia 06.09.10 New Age
Requiem rabittwhole 06.02.10 Ambient
The Abyss AndrewL 05.21.10 Ambient
The Monkey Forest Adventure Yordbear 05.20.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Limitless Light Reinholt56 05.20.10 Ambient
Ghost Train: Homage to Narad. Six-Nail-Coffin 05.18.10 Ambient
Cloud Dreams Reinholt56 05.15.10 Ambient
Waving the Sky Doug Somers 05.13.10 Ambient
Coalition of Convenience (The Nick and Dave Show Mix) Reinholt56 05.12.10 Ambient
Into the Blue AndrewL 05.11.10 Ambient
Perfect Blue : open Collab Six-Nail-Coffin 05.09.10 Open Collaborations
Fantasy ShadowofNine 05.08.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Solar Flare (The Brown-Clegg-Cameron Mix) Reinholt56 05.08.10 Ambient
A Haunting ShadowofNine 05.06.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sea of Japan AndrewL 05.06.10 Ambient
All Turns To Mist, with Ralph PaulaMunk 05.06.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Glacier Ride (Piano Solo) magnatone 05.05.10 Piano
City Butterfly Yordbear 05.05.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Railway to Heaven Narad 05.04.10 Ambient
Succubus Six-Nail-Coffin 05.03.10 Experimental
Extra Solar Part 2 AndrewL 05.02.10 Ambient
Arctic Tern davajonah 05.02.10 Ambient
Morning Song paul f. page 04.30.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Summoning Six-Nail-Coffin 04.27.10 Ambient
Ghosts of Thailand (w-Kassia) ShadowofNine 04.27.10 Ambient
In the mystic cavern Narad 04.27.10 Ambient
Shadow- open collab Six-Nail-Coffin 04.26.10 Ambient
Fax2Fax (The Machines Can Talk Mix) Reinholt56 04.24.10 Ambient
Eyjafjallajökull Six-Nail-Coffin 04.23.10 Ambient
B.A.D. Gato 04.23.10 Ambient
Hang #1 kassia 04.22.10 Open Collaborations
Rigels Twin (The Dark Binary Mix) Reinholt56 04.21.10 Ambient
Ghost train Narad 04.20.10 Ambient
sequence3 - expambient ic42 04.18.10 Ambient
Trying To Get Home (The Volcanic Ash Mix) Reinholt56 04.16.10 Ambient
Autumn Jakub 04.29.10 Ambient
Deep Kev3136 04.12.10 Ambient
Pelicans davajonah 04.07.10 Ambient
Leaf & Snow dantimmermans 04.07.10 Ambient
Whisper in the night Narad 04.07.10 Classical
Railway to Hell Narad 04.06.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sunday Walk Skean 04.04.10 Ambient
CAP mixdown of T61 Vaisvil 04.04.10 Ambient
Cosmic Horizons Reinholt56 04.04.10 Ambient
Peacock davajonah 04.02.10 Ethnic-International
Recapitulation (A Darkness and Light Mix) Reinholt56 03.26.10 Ambient
Crazy Night (A Space Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 03.23.10 Ambient
The Power Express Narad 03.23.10 Ambient
Around the World Honza 03.21.10 New Age
Jonah in the Whale Vaisvil 03.19.10 Ambient
Beach Walk kassia 03.19.10 New Age
On orbit Narad 03.19.10 Ambient
Outerloop, the new Frontier Demeter7 03.16.10 Ambient
Abyss:Reclamation Six-Nail-Coffin 03.14.10 Ambient
Comes The Dawn paul f. page 03.14.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dreams of Aragon Gato 03.14.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Padmini's Jewel davajonah 03.14.10 Ambient
A Million, Billion Stars (Opera Gig) richard13 03.14.10 Electropop
Abyss: Leviathan Six-Nail-Coffin 03.13.10 Ambient
Abyss: Deadlights Six-Nail-Coffin 03.12.10 Ambient
Advent Song 01 Bensonofone 03.09.10 Ambient
Song of Mbira (Updated) Bubowski 03.04.10 Ethnic-International
Chinese night Narad 01.11.10 Ethnic-International
Since I Was a Little Kid Vaisvil 01.07.10 Ambient
Geisha Narad 01.04.10 Ethnic-International
Christ Child Lullaby chestnut 12.24.09 Folk (traditional)
Acoustic Caravan thetiler 12.24.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Waiting for a Smile from a Moonchild Jim Bouchard 12.23.09 Ambient
Cosmic Journey Reinholt56 12.23.09 Ambient
O Holy Night magnatone 12.22.09 Piano
Goodbye May Lam sschedra 12.20.09 Film Scoring
Queen B VicDiesel 12.19.09 Ambient
AVATAR Narad 12.19.09 Progressive Rock
Guillô, Pran ton Tamborin Doug Somers 12.17.09 Ethnic-International
Instant Karma 1 - Whorls of Barsoom Bubowski 12.16.09 Ambient
Don't Cry sonic_magpie 12.14.09 Ambient
Let Me In ShadowofNine 12.14.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
un attimo di... Parichayaka 12.13.09 Piano
Mellow Mind Diviner 12.09.09 Ambient
Seek Deep Skean 11.30.09 Ambient
Ambient Soundscape #1 Reinholt56 11.25.09 Ambient
Celestial Mechanics #2 Reinholt56 11.21.09 Ambient
Yours K.I.S.KISMET 11.20.09 Experimental
Space Soundscape #1 Reinholt56 11.20.09 Ambient
Whale canto II Narad 11.20.09 New Age
Legend obbster 11.19.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Deep Majesty kassia 11.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Falling Star ShadowofNine 11.17.09 Pop Orchestral
Of Leaf and Stream Vaisvil 11.16.09 New Age
Desert Stars VicDiesel 11.14.09 Ambient
Northern Lights Mark Hudson 11.14.09 New Age
Ray of hope Narad 11.13.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
STS-75 (The Broken Tether Mix) Reinholt56 11.11.09 Ambient
Gandhi Vaisvil 11.10.09 Piano
and one... bud 11.10.09 Ambient
JKCS041 Reinholt56 11.08.09 Ambient
Pavlov's Dog davajonah 11.08.09 Ambient
The Antibody mtransue 11.06.09 Ambient
The flying carousel Narad 11.06.09 Ambient
Brentonicana falcef 11.04.09 Ambient
violbient matan 11.01.09 Ambient
Mendel's Ratio davajonah 11.01.09 Ambient
See You Weren't Looking Jim Bouchard 10.25.09 Ambient
a sense of hope cormacbrenock 10.21.09 Ambient
spectrographic cornfields recursively Vaisvil 10.20.09 Ambient
Hanging Around Reinholt56 10.18.09 Ambient
"Kyrie" - A Vocal Collab With Mystified LonePineMusic 10.17.09 A Cappella
revisionist phiters Vaisvil 10.15.09 Ambient
A season in hell Halloween Challenge Narad 10.11.09 Classical
Pulsar Encounter [Space Race Challenge 2009] davajonah 10.10.09 Ambient
Metamorphosis - NGC6302 (MJ SpaceRace Challenge) ic42 10.10.09 Ballad
Overture In Space (MJ SpaceRace 2009) Skean 10.10.09 Experimental
Summer night Narad 10.10.09 Ambient
The Orion Express - MJ Space Race 2009 by Bowman Bowman 10.10.09 Ambient
Delta Pavonis Blues Reinholt56 10.09.09 Ambient
The Other Place - SpaceRace 2009 sloparts 10.07.09 Other
Jabber SmokeyVW 10.07.09 Spoken Word-Poetry
Planetfall (Macjams Space Race 2009) Reinholt56 10.07.09 Ambient
Amazonian forest Narad 10.07.09 Other
The Normalization of Deviation (space race) apod 10.07.09 Ambient
Honeymoon on Mars - MJ Space Race 2009 tonestones 10.05.09 Progressive Rock
The Long Sleep (Macjams Space Race 2009) Reinholt56 10.05.09 Ambient
Forever Voyaging (space race 2009) Mystified 10.05.09 Ambient
Heading for Alpha Centauri (mj space race 2009) Henke 10.04.09 Ambient
Avogadro's Number davajonah 10.04.09 Ambient
Cerberus (Macjams Space Race 2009) Reinholt56 10.04.09 Ambient
Millenium Space Race Challenge Narad 10.04.09 New Age
Desiree (MJ Space Race 2009) Doug Somers 10.03.09 Ambient
Big Bang Theory - Halloween 2009 Challenge sloparts 10.03.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Terminus III Reinholt56 10.03.09 Ambient
Milky way Narad 09.29.09 New Age
Tess Speaks georgeptingley 09.23.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Fairy magic Narad 09.23.09 Classical
f12 Parichayaka 09.15.09 Downtempo
Carla's Second Ember carlajpatterson 09.15.09 Jazz Fusion
Transformationality Alimar 09.15.09 Film Scoring
Ghost Dance Vaisvil 09.24.09 Ambient
Descent Doug Somers 09.11.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Movimiento 1 Joxe 09.15.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Footprints in the Sand WharmtonRise 09.07.09 Film Scoring
GanymedeVI Gato 09.07.09 Ambient
Planck's Constant davajonah 09.06.09 Ambient
nebula spin 0x01 ic42 09.05.09 Ambient
The Oort Shuffle (An Ambientle Mix) Reinholt56 09.05.09 Ambient
Merlin at work suite Narad 09.01.09 Experimental
ghost fish sonic_magpie 09.01.09 Ambient
Cathedral Narad 08.30.09 Experimental
Rara Avis halcyon 08.30.09 Ambient
Crystal Meditation LIOLI 9 Henke 08.22.09 Ambient
Schrodinger's Cat davajonah 08.16.09 Ambient
Stargazing stviemr 08.15.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lost (On That Crazy Island) jfisenne 08.15.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Indian Ocean WharmtonRise 08.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sunrise at Glimmermere Henke 08.02.09 Ambient
Mars Orbit Insertion Reinholt56 08.02.09 Ambient
Aegus Gato 07.29.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Last Dynasty Gato 07.29.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Semblance of Order Reinholt56 07.29.09 Experimental
Summer 09 Henke 07.28.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Henry's Dream davajonah 07.27.09 Experimental
Lost at Sea Apathetic_Chill 07.25.09 Ambient
From The Centre davajonah 07.24.09 Ambient
In The Cave dirigent 07.23.09 Ambient
Into The Tunnel kassia 07.22.09 Experimental
Hilbert Space (Not Quite the Cauchy Mix) Reinholt56 07.20.09 Ambient
Whitby T_Being_esq 07.19.09 Ambient
Wolf Pack on a Flow - collaboration by ic42 and Daug ic42 07.18.09 Ambient
New Opera? Skean 07.18.09 Experimental
Watching the World Float By Reinholt56 07.18.09 Ambient
In Memory (on Kurt Cobain) KDB91 07.14.09 Ambient
STICKY K.I.S.KISMET 07.14.09 Experimental
The Augur Revisited WharmtonRise 07.09.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sun and Shade (Journey of the Lizard) (song 3) DdBob 07.09.09 Ambient
Northern Lights AJerkin_Progress 07.09.09 Ambient
Make The Heart Beat davajonah 07.05.09 Ambient
flow a 0x01 ic42 07.04.09 Ambient
Aural Nonchalance Reinholt56 07.04.09 Ambient
Into the Sky DonStevens 07.01.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
H Narad 06.29.09 New Age
A Time For Reflection Reinholt56 06.26.09 Ambient
Hercules in the fight with the Lernaean Hydra Narad 06.25.09 New Age
Temple with Peace Magnificent_Miles 06.26.09 Ambient
Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep ShadowofNine 06.20.09 Other
The World Is Watching Reinholt56 06.20.09 Ambient
Irish Garden Narad 06.19.09 Celtic
No man's land Narad 06.18.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Drift a drift btransue 06.17.09 Ambient
Rest not Parichayaka 06.16.09 Downtempo
Windchime Experiment michael2 06.16.09 Open Collaborations
Kali's dance II Narad 06.14.09 Ethnic-International
Maelstrom (The Mixing Pot Mix) Reinholt56 06.12.09 Experimental
Jamais vu dantimmermans 06.07.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
M87 Narad 06.03.09 New Age
Ra Narad 06.02.09 New Age
Celestial Phenomenon #3 Reinholt56 06.01.09 Ambient
Temporal Tantrum (Video Soundtrack) drakonis 05.29.09 Open Collaborations
Nebula Reinholt56 05.26.09 Ambient
River at Night (Jonk/Tokai) ktb 05.25.09 Ambient
the fat lady dances rabittwhole 05.21.09 Ambient
The Wormhole #1 Reinholt56 05.21.09 Ambient
After the storm neil ice 05.18.09 New Age
Dance Of The Prairie Wind kassia 05.16.09 Classical
The Asteroid Miners (Extended Version) Reinholt56 05.13.09 Ambient
ROSE (close your eyes) doc_elvis 05.10.09 Ambient
Canis Major (A Symphonic Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 05.09.09 Ambient
Crawl yrp 04.29.09 Art Rock
Davy Jones Locker (The Bathysphere Mix) Reinholt56 04.28.09 Ambient
The Abyss (007 mix) WharmtonRise 04.27.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sunrise Song kassia 04.26.09 New Age
Beyond The Rings of Saturn (A Choral Mix) Reinholt56 04.26.09 Ambient
Giggle Gigue - the Loop Station series Boundless 04.21.09 Ambient
The Crew Reinholt56 04.20.09 Ambient
kuroi 0x01 ic42 04.18.09 Electropop
Life Courses Through My Veins Reinholt56 04.16.09 Ambient
Swimming Through the Kelp davajonah 04.16.09 Ambient
Venusphere lollop 04.14.09 Ambient
Distance Trance T_Being_esq 04.14.09 Ambient
A Tiny Obsession With Space (The Hint of a Choir Mix) Reinholt56 04.04.09 Ambient
Golden (Tomorrow Will Shine) kassia 04.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Does It Rain In Osaka? (A World Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 03.31.09 Ambient
Synth Experiment #1 BobAnonyMous 03.28.09 Experimental
A Silver Lining davajonah 03.28.09 Ambient
Flyby's and Other Trajectories (The TC Mix) Reinholt56 03.28.09 Ambient
Mountainside(I.G.M.) Char 03.27.09 Ballad
The Diametric Inclination Of Being Alimar 03.24.09 Film Scoring
The Last Day (Diva mix) WharmtonRise 03.23.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Dormant Volcano dadgarus 03.23.09 Downtempo
Nowhere fathom 03.25.09 Ambient
Close The Door michael2 03.21.09 Indie Rock
Ravaged Heart (Live to Tape) blindsidedpoets 03.20.09 Acoustic
Deep Blue Sea WharmtonRise 03.17.09 Ambient
The Shoulder of Orion Reinholt56 03.17.09 Ambient
Looking Down davajonah 03.15.09 Ambient
Star to Star (The Dark Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 03.15.09 Ambient
Call of Cthulhu smokey bacon jnr 03.08.09 Art Rock
Subterranean WharmtonRise 03.07.09 Ambient
Somber Rain Moal 03.06.09 Ambient
Shining Deep Take a Ride (W/Doug Somers) Skean 02.28.09 Ambient
The Ambienteer (The First Kiss of Nature Mix) Reinholt56 02.27.09 Ambient
Bedtime Story joutsen 02.24.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Extra Solar pt5 WharmtonRise 02.22.09 Ambient
people don't know fremsley 02.21.09 Ambient
Star Maker Reinholt56 02.21.09 Ambient
Tranquility Base 1.02 (w/Bud) michael2 02.21.09 Ambient
Adoration Fetish Muse Ritual 02.17.09 Ambient
Follow the Star (So we may live) feat. Lori Cunningham WharmtonRise 02.11.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Mountain (Glacial Remix) Severini 02.09.09 Ambient
The Rift davajonah 02.08.09 Ambient
EBGBeez #1 (The Tension Mix) Reinholt56 02.08.09 Ambient
Gongyo SGI a - Hobenpon CeXa 02.07.09 Experimental
Meditation Pour La Cosmos Reinholt56 02.06.09 Ambient
Voices in the Ether MJRF kristyjo 02.03.09 Ambient
Random Thoughts 3# Knqulear_Shift 02.03.09 Ambient
Indigenous Space (w/kristyjo) michael2 02.02.09 Ambient
Elder Haven WharmtonRise 02.01.09 Ambient
Cosmic Radiation #1 (Bare Bones Mix) Reinholt56 02.01.09 Ambient
The Endless Dance WharmtonRise 01.30.09 Ambient
Joy of Rings thetiler 01.29.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Sailing Away fabien0784 01.28.09 New Age
Still, She Weeps (Ember-CharMix) Char 01.29.09 Ballad
Under gray clouds fabien0784 01.24.09 Ambient
Dolphinium Reinholt56 01.21.09 Experimental
Myngos davajonah 01.18.09 Electropop
Battle - Introduction (From an Imaginary Movie) obbster 01.17.09 Film Scoring
notes of christmas past ic42 01.10.09 Ambient
Myriad Thoughts av01der 01.05.09 Ambient
Sand Flower (The Gaza Mix) Reinholt56 01.01.09 Ambient
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings dreadmon 12.18.08 Holiday
Confession Arpeggio Confounded 12.16.08 Ambient
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Music Background My musical background is 180 degrees away from the music I'm attempting here. In over my head? You bet ... and loving it.
Music Skills I've often wondered about that. I will have to get back to you.
Music Hardware Boring.
Music Software Logic Pro X, Zebra 2, Ozone 3, Audacity, Addictive Drums, and always in the market for new stuff.
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