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Member Since: Thursday, June 07 2007 @ 08:12 PM CDT
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I began playing piano at the age of 4 until I was 9 when I became less involved in piano and picked up my saxophone. When I was 12 I learned how to play guitar, bass, and drums. I got interested in recording when I was 14 (last year) and picked up a couple of mics and my PA's mixer that had an AUX output. My first set up was crude, a 4 channel mixer all going into 1 track on garageband, but my studio eventually grew into what it is today. I'm currently working on a few projects right now and I will post the results when I'm finished. I really love music and usually listen to it 8+ hours per day. I really like listening to new styles of interesting music. That's why I love Mac Jams. I may not be the most talented musician out there, but I put a lot of emotion into the songs I write and even though they don't have the most complicated riffs, I still like to think they turn out decent (aside from my crappy singing). I hope you like my music!

GeorgeLikesMusic's Songs (6)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
06.19.07 The Sound of Men Weeping EXTENDED 8.00 (2) 10346 (12) Downtempo 06.24.07 Active
06.19.07 Life According to Sam 7.50 (1) 2228 (7) Experimental 06.21.07 Active
06.18.07 The Sound of Men Weeping 0.00 (0) 3829 (7) Downtempo 06.19.07 Active
06.18.07 Tell Me 8.50 (3) 2553 (3) Acoustic 06.22.07 Active
06.17.07 Mother 7.00 (1) 2614 (11) Acoustic Rock 08.27.08 Active
06.17.07 Get Out Dead 9.08 (3) 2260 (7) Alternative Rock 06.25.07 Active
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Music Background Guitar/Vocals in My High Society
Co-owner/Poducer/Engineer at Motel Records
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4 Years of Drums (1 Year Formal Instruction)
11 Years of Piano (5 Years Formal Instruction)
6 Years Saxophone (3 Years Formal Instruction)
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