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(Matthew Scheck)

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I'm an automation engineer by day and a freelance writer and music enthusiast the rest of the time. I love writing about music and do so quite a bit on my blog, The Journal of Doubt, which is listed here. When I was younger I loved making what I called "Teutonic Synth Perfection," very tight and precise dance rhythms and sonicscapes that only the mighty electron can produce in all its magical glory.

With my new MacBook Pro and Logic Pro software I finally have the tools to make music that once required a room full of keyboards, drum machines, analog pots, modulators, sequencers, patch cords, and immeasurable time to lay down all the tracks manually. The time is now! My early pieces will be just about experimenting with the software to feel my way around, and as I get more familiar the soundscapes should improve and have more color and flavor. It will be fun to watch my progress as the muse grips me and inspires me to push the new technology as I once did the old analog stuff so many years ago. I spend my days making huge industrial machines and systems bend to my will, and I hope in some humble way I can harness this brilliant modern music-making technology to entertain people and make them smile and think. And shake their booties!

After browsing the work of so many artists on here, I recognize I'm in no way as talented and polished as so many of you, so I welcome any and all comments and critique that will help me become as accomplished as so many of you. I am deeply humbled by so much brilliant and cool talent! I love all forms of music and I promise to give all your work the due attention and respect such incredible music deserves.

The following was my first piece I composed rather quickly using GarageBand's quite stunning Apple Loops, which to an old 80s synthesist bring a slight tear to the eye for so many of their retro sounds. I had yet hooked up my keyboard and was just noodling with the software, and while it only took me about an hour to make this song, I realized something like this back in the 80s would have taken WEEKS to produce. I knew what I wanted to do here and the Apple Loops provided the sonicscapes I needed to make this song bounce and bend and crank. I was so excited I quickly made a video just to give the music a visual feeling. All this took maybe two hours. I cannot imagine what I can do when I take more time and really harness these magnificent tools on the Mac! I will tart this song up in Logic Pro when I get the chance. The mp3 I submitted here is already vastly superior to the version I uploaded on this video.

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Music Background I've been a synthesist since 1983. I started out using a Yamaha 20M mono analog synth and a Lowery Micro Genie, then just kept buying synths and other electronic music-making thingies to make and record some wild, strange, and yet highly danceable stuff, being heavily influenced by Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy, et al. I became an automation and controls engineer and programmer because making synth music back then was such a long, tedious, and arduous process that was as much about taming the technology as it was about music. What now takes a few clicks of a mouse to cut, paste, move, and alter loops once took weeks just to get the analog synths to sound right. We live in a glorious age for composing, arranging, and recording electronic music, my friends. Let us savor and enjoy the brilliant array of modern tools the digital age has given us.
Music Skills Keyboards, synthetics, songwriting, arranging, producing
Music Hardware Yamaha PSR-510 MIDI, Polk Audio Monitors, Bose QuietComfort3 headphones (so the neighbors don't kill me)
Music Software Logic Pro, GarageBand
Keywords Electronic Body Music, Techno, Retro 80s, Synth Pop