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(Hunksten Proudfoot)

Member Since: Tuesday, December 14 2004 @ 06:38 PM CST
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Homepage: http://www.hunksten.com
Location: London, United Kingdom
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Hunksten Proudfoot - consumed by my alter ego, part nickname, all me. Poet, story teller, writer ,musicmaker, and navel-gazer... as "Hunks", I discovered the joy of creativity firstly through short story writing. Switching to become a Mac user 4 years ago, has led me to find a new medium in which to paint a picture, tell a story, intepret a feeling or translate experiences in my life to a musical form.

Along with the awesomely talented artist "Slappytwac", I refer to my brand of electronica as "Thinktronic". In recognition that all imagination and creativity comes from the Mind to be shared with other Minds.

I use a variety of music software and hardware thru the Mac platform, but it's Garage Band that I approach as a new breed of musical instrument.. to be played with, toyed and teased with, strummed, bashed and shaken, pumped with passion and dream... But I never turn down the odd marmoset, cardboard box or old boot ..everything is an instrument... Music is the Fifth Element..

In the Autumn of 2004, an early release, "Budapest Wiv Horns" was awarded iCompositions.com's Runner Up in one of the many iCompose-iWin contests, by a popular vote of worldwide members.

Use-by Date graces the pages of Hollywood 's VideoHeadShots.com website, the launch pad for 1000's of actors.

Electronica with chill-out, off-kilter and manic touches, I have been told my music is "disturbingly uplifting" - a discription I proudly embrace.

I create for the need to respond to that which invokes expression, and seek meerly the exchange of ideas, feelings good will . Enthusiasm for life, creating instead of destroying, and making connections with each other is most powerful gift we can give to a stranger .

I make music as a response to an emotion, an idea, a visual stimuli, or just any facet in my life that demands some form of creative birthing.

A grateful regular on Mugradio.com and KSVY-FM's Virtual playlist shows on FM and Internet radio, I have recently forged a close relationship with London's Thirteen[rec] and am currently working on my first official album release "Walk The Earth".

I hope you find a song or 2 in my collection that adds to your good experience here . And ask nothing more than u grant me a chance to reveal a thought or two for your consideration in the doing.
HunxtenProudfoot's Songs (16)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
08.22.05 Another Kurnel Panic! 7.71 (6) 3590 (14) Dance-Club 11.20.05 Active
08.02.05 CBTM - the hard way 7.55 (5) 2251 (5) Dance-Club 08.04.05 Active
04.29.05 The Fremantle Doctor 8.17 (3) 3998 (9) Ambient 11.20.05 Active
04.28.05 POPE HUNKSTEN THE 1ST 7.03 (8) 3194 (6) Dance-Club 05.03.05 Active
02.27.05 Drip Feed Reality 6.60 (5) 2500 (4) Dance-Club 06.08.05 Active
01.20.05 Use-By Date 7.42 (3) 2458 (6) Dance-Club 05.03.05 Active
01.07.05 Unconscious On The U-bahn 6.75 (3) 2367 (4) Dance-Club 02.07.05 Active
12.19.04 I'll Show U Mine 6.13 (2) 2859 (0) Dance-Club N/A Active
12.19.04 Electric Trainset Love Song 6.95 (5) 3192 (5) Ambient 05.14.05 Active
12.19.04 One Eye Open 6.67 (3) 2225 (1) Ambient 11.20.05 Active
12.18.04 Good Hair Day 7.47 (8) 3422 (10) Dance-Club 05.01.05 Active
12.17.04 Kurnel Panic! 7.21 (7) 3183 (12) Dance-Club 12.24.04 Active
12.17.04 Watching the Faraway Storm 6.45 (5) 2273 (0) Ambient N/A Active
12.15.04 careful what u wish for 6.50 (3) 2714 (2) Ambient 12.16.04 Active
12.14.04 Budapest Wiv Horns 5.70 (5) 3025 (4) Ambient 05.14.05 Active
12.14.04 Lullaby for the Baby andROID 7.06 (4) 3264 (4) Ambient 02.26.05 Active
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Music Background bath-tub virtuoso tenor everything in my music collection from stevie wonder, the stones, the kinks, souxsie & he banshees, the creatures, durutti coloumn, wolfgang press, die fantastichen vier, inxs, skyhooks, split enz, depenche mode, kraftwerk, blondie and a zillion more, both maintream and way off the beaten asteroid..
Music Skills minimally self taught guitar and keyboards... 25 years of clubbing and concerting, travelling and meeting more people than most humans get the chance to.
Music Hardware midi, mic, bells, whistles, sticks, marmosets, and a collection of assorted Gnu's and other grazing and/or hopping animals, and a guitar
Music Software Reason, GB, Logic, CuBase, Soundtrack, Audacity,