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I love hio hop. always have always will. i respect the culture and do my best to add to its ever-evolving aura. all those industry dudes "MAKING HITS" are pop artists. i repeat... pop artists. I aint mad at them. you gotta do what you gotta do to get that money. unfortunately in doin so you sacrifice true creative freedom. hey if you dont mind selling your soul i highly recommend becoming a pop star. i do have a problem with all these thug/red-carpet/drug kingpin/you get the idea calling themselves hip hop. as if being a pop star was uncool back in your hood. this stuff will no longer be tolerated. therefore all my true mc's, lyricists, dj's,graffiti artists, breakdancers and all around b-boys please join me in calling these people out by name. who's first?
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Music Background i've been rhyming since i was 17. i don't write rhymes. i formulate and memorize them in my head. i can't say i remember every rhyme i have done but i do remember my favorite ones including my very first one. weird, huh?
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