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I've never been in a band. I've never gigged. Up until very recently, I've never played live before anyone besides immediate family. And yet, a few years ago, I bought a Mac and started writing and recording. And the bands I've never been in, and the gigs I've never done, really didn't matter. I was suddenly making music with complete strangers all over the world who had the same musical yearning as me. Who woulda thunk it?

I find the process of collaborating to be the real joy of making music. The end product with other artists contributing to my music, or me to theirs, creates this magic that's hard to describe to someone who hasn't done it before.

I've shared music here on MacJams as part of the Fractal Garden project. This page has my other music. I'm a guitarist and a songwriter, I gravitate mostly towards melodic rock/metal, and I am always open to collaborations. Hope you find something you like.

Thanks for listening.

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05.29.08 Fit to Be Tied (a quintet collab)  (---) 2119 (5) Hard Rock 06.02.08 Active
03.24.08 New Year's Day (a trio collab)  (---) 2928 (8) Rock 05.29.08 Active
03.13.08 Goldtop  (---) 2789 (3) Rock (instrumental) 03.14.08 Active
02.22.08 A Million Tears (a quartet collab)  (---) 10378 (2) Ballad 03.14.08 Active
02.10.08 My Shameless Insanity (a trio collab)  (---) 5436 (9) Heavy Metal 04.01.08 Active
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