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(Chris Jarvis)

Member Since: Monday, March 24 2008 @ 07:57 AM CDT
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Location: York, Yes I am in a bit of a state.. United Kingdom
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I have been here a little while now and have learned more in two years than in in the past thirty. I have seldom played to,or for others,being a reclusive 'bedroom' musician.So I had no idea how to present myself and the music that I play,hence I have turned out some real shi.....poorly performed and presented pieces,having some fun along the way and hopefully raising a wry grin.But now I want to do the same, but with a little bit of polish and a little more attention to detail so if it is poor,please say so,nicely but fairly and firmly.I am not here to be a rock star,but to learn...my ambition is to be able to play a tune or a song and when I have finished for someone to say..'hey,that was okay,play another' that's all......oh, and I love cats.


Jarvoid's Songs (57)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.01.17 Port Arthur Blues 0.00 (0) 2172 (10) Folk (traditional) 04.14.17 Active
07.22.16 Drowsy Maggie ...English ..Scottish...Irish...for folks sake.... 0.00 (0) 1591 (22) Folk (traditional) 04.01.17 Active
09.10.15 Wabash Cannonball 0.00 (0) 3445 (16) Acoustic 12.05.15 Active
08.07.15 Cripple Creek Variations 0.00 (0) 1598 (20) Bluegrass 08.16.15 Active
02.14.14 Where Did You Get That Hat? 0.00 (0) 2892 (30) Comedy-Satire-Parody 05.06.14 Active
10.19.13 Birthday Blues [One Hour Challenge] 0.00 (0) 2395 (28) Blues (traditional) 12.22.13 Active
01.07.13 All Of Me......... 0.00 (0) 2022 (28) Jazz (instrumental) 01.13.13 Active
12.20.12 Jingle Bells 0.00 (0) 1761 (26) Jazz (instrumental) 12.22.12 Active
11.20.12 Hot Tamales and They're Red Hot..... 0.00 (0) 2471 (22) Blues (traditional) 11.25.12 Active
10.25.12 Plaisir D'Amour D'AccordioMandolin 0.00 (0) 2283 (36) Acoustic 08.03.13 Active
08.19.12 Has Anybody Seen My Gal? 0.00 (0) 2242 (28) Acoustic 10.07.12 Active
07.18.12 Sergio Rides Again 10.00 (1) 2542 (33) Cinematic Soundtrack 08.18.12 Active
07.01.12 Silk Purse to A Sows Ear 10.00 (2) 2551 (12) Folk-Rock 07.17.12 Active
04.28.12 The Entertainer -6 String Banjo Plectrum Style 10.00 (2) 2625 (28) Acoustic 06.28.12 Active
04.09.12 Jambalaya Smooth 10.00 (2) 2546 (32) Country-Western 04.19.12 Active
04.04.12 Rattlesnake Waltz with Danse Leviathan 10.00 (3) 2131 (22) Open Collaborations 04.08.12 Active
04.01.12 BeBop Jarricky Kees and Gees - TV Ricky and Jarvo in a Jam 10.00 (2) 2320 (19) Open Collaborations 09.21.13 Active
03.13.12 Lament de L'Amour avec Kassia 10.00 (3) 3227 (56) Open Collaborations 10.12.13 Active
03.08.12 Knifeless Mack 0.00 (0) 2339 (36) Swing 03.17.12 Active
02.06.12 Aloha ' O Ey Up 10.00 (1) 2870 (45) Easy Listening 03.05.12 Active
01.17.12 Muss i' den?..mit der Raj Ovid Toe Lager Blaskapelle 10.00 (1) 3028 (35) Folk (traditional) 03.14.12 Active
01.10.12 Gently Blue 0.00 (0) 2688 (40) Blues (traditional) 01.18.12 Active
01.06.12 Happy Mandolin and a Grim One 0.00 (0) 2492 (22) Experimental 01.27.12 Active
12.17.11 Jingle Bell Jam 0.00 (0) 2459 (24) Easy Listening 12.31.11 Active
12.02.11 Jumbled Layer 0.00 (0) 2456 (31) Country-Western 04.09.12 Active
11.07.11 Floating Far above the Earth (Space Race2 MJ 2011) 0.00 (0) 2717 (45) Twentieth Century 12.02.11 Active
10.20.11 In Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus....and this is the tune about the one next door. 10.00 (1) 2628 (30) Folk (traditional) 01.21.12 Active
09.16.11 Ce qui est cette boîte de bollox 0.00 (0) 2274 (22) Ambient 10.08.11 Active
07.29.11 Zydecorocking All Over The World 9.75 (1) 2848 (48) Folk-Rock 09.15.11 Active
07.21.11 Sweet Home Chicago 0.00 (0) 3272 (50) Blues (traditional) 08.15.11 Active
07.14.11 Freight train 0.00 (0) 2842 (32) Fingerstyle Guitar 09.15.11 Active
06.25.11 Drag Your feet and Your face'll fall off 0.00 (0) 2744 (45) Country-Western 07.16.11 Active
06.14.11 Just For the Hell Of It ! 0.00 (0) 2323 (26) Rockabilly 07.19.11 Active
05.27.11 Brokedown on a Wet Foggy Mountain And Not Happy About It Either ! 0.00 (0) 2709 (46) Bluegrass 07.16.11 Active
05.14.11 Please Yourself Love.............. 0.00 (0) 2894 (34) Fingerstyle Guitar 06.14.11 Active
03.16.11 Kick it Up 10.00 (1) 3219 (46) Fingerstyle Guitar 05.08.11 Active
02.09.11 Cowboy (2 Track x 2011 Challenge Entry ) 0.00 (0) 3400 (71) Country-Western 08.18.11 Active
01.22.11 Who the..wha' the 'eck ? 10.00 (1) 3083 (45) Rock 01.31.11 Active
01.15.11 JazzyOldWay 10.00 (1) 3072 (32) Jazz (instrumental) 01.25.11 Active
12.11.10 Sergio 0.00 (0) 2819 (39) Ambient 06.29.12 Active
11.30.10 Wrecked the Old '97 0.00 (0) 2672 (25) Bluegrass 12.11.10 Active
11.15.10 Winter Rock 0.00 (0) 2254 (29) Rock & Roll 11.29.10 Active
11.03.10 Living and Dying ~ with the Venerable Sloparts 0.00 (0) 2610 (45) Alternative Rock 11.26.10 Active
10.24.10 Nobody Knows You............With Lilmom 0.00 (0) 3014 (50) Blues (traditional) 11.03.10 Active
10.12.10 Banjobreakin Blues 8.88 (2) 2625 (32) Blues (contemporary) 10.28.10 Active
10.04.10 Summer Rock Spring Roll with Lilmom 0.00 (0) 2820 (41) Rock & Roll 10.12.10 Active
09.16.10 Shake the Shack....or the Swamp 0.00 (0) 2412 (34) Blues (contemporary) 07.26.11 Active
09.09.10 Didge Ya Know? 0.00 (0) 2595 (27) Folk (contemporary) 09.21.10 Active
08.23.10 SiestaSambata 0.00 (0) 2719 (27) Latin 09.04.10 Active
07.02.10 I've Got to Get Off of The Farm... 0.00 (0) 3209 (51) Comedy-Satire-Parody 07.14.10 Active
06.13.10 Chinese Laundry Blues 0.00 (0) 2726 (41) Comedy-Satire-Parody 07.16.11 Active
05.12.10 Gonna Catch a Train 10.00 (1) 3094 (46) Blues (traditional) 06.05.10 Active
04.01.10 Me Motorbike and Me Sidecar (the B****y thing won't go) 10.00 (1) 4376 (46) Folk (contemporary) 05.16.10 Active
03.05.10 Ellie May 0.00 (0) 2739 (34) Blues (traditional) 04.26.10 Active
01.11.10 The Expression is Blue 10.00 (1) 3600 (71) Blues (contemporary) 04.04.10 Active
07.26.09 Goldenly Slippered 10.00 (1) 3731 (37) Bluegrass 07.25.11 Active
12.13.08 Moonshine and Motors 9.75 (3) 2923 (16) Bluegrass 02.23.11 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Walkin' Calchas 01.08.19 Rock
Marching Ants grah3am 01.06.19 Cinematic Soundtrack
Spooky Creeps grah3am 08.29.16 Rock
system egobandit 08.27.16 Alternative Rock
Smiling Demo Hickling_Stan 08.27.16 Acoustic
Drunken bakers [08-01] woofer3 08.20.16 Alternative Rock
Breathe in... Breathe out... Philip18 08.12.16 Acoustic
Thunderland Warren Smith 08.10.16 Rock
The View grah3am 07.22.16 Folk (contemporary)
That was Reggae, Nope TheWeirdBrothers 07.14.16 Reggae
Conscience Objection Warren Smith 07.13.16 Country-Western
Side By Side (live) Dadai.2 09.20.15 Acoustic
Variations on a theme by George Winston PeterB7858 09.11.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Alice gadzooks 09.10.15 Alternative Rock
Rainbow Connection (live) Dadai.2 09.09.15 Acoustic
Full Moon VicDiesel 09.09.15 Ambient
Doggone Blues sammydix 09.09.15 Rock
Bad Fish Warren Smith 09.05.15 Blues (contemporary)
Bourée/Beret (Bach's Bourée in E Minor) TobinMueller 09.04.15 Piano
"Days Of Our Lives" abzwork 08.10.15 Jazz Fusion
Tongue Tied Gaylen75 08.06.15 Alternative Rock
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! michaeljayklein 12.18.14 Holiday
MARY JANE 2 KCsGROOVE 08.12.14 Rock
Neon Jam Track Charday 05.04.14 Open Collaborations
'Ancient Tongues' JazzIsTvRicky 04.27.14 Jazz Fusion
Blues Jam Track Charday 04.26.14 Open Collaborations
Leaves of Autumn (with Groove Hounds) Philip18 04.24.14 Smooth Jazz
Sweet Life w/jdholliday ktholliday 03.12.14 Rhythm and Blues
Beethoven Piano Concerto 'Emperor' 2nd Movement davajonah 03.09.14 Classical
Raggedy Ann's Ragtime VicDiesel 03.08.14 Ragtime
Harley David's Son Charday 03.07.14 Rock
Distant England (revised mix) DWL 03.01.14 Folk-Rock
Chasing The Sun musichead 03.01.14 Pop (mainstream)
Chasing The Sun musichead 03.01.14 Pop (mainstream)
Inverloch Morning (with Rok41) Philip18 02.28.14 Smooth Jazz
Decent Girl lengold 02.24.14 Other
Toccatta for Synth & Percussion H3nry 02.23.14 Pop Classical
Toccatta for Synth & Percussion H3nry 02.23.14 Pop Classical
Leap of Faith finkeldink 02.22.14 Acoustic
Where Did You Get That Hat? Jarvoid 02.14.14 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Neon Warning Sign Charday 02.13.14 Blues (contemporary)
the tide turns egobandit 02.13.14 Art Rock
Puttin On the Ritz H3nry 02.13.14 Swing
That 70's Tele stratcat 02.09.14 Rock & Roll
Call my name KCsGROOVE 02.08.14 Rock
for the love of straw woofer3 02.04.14 Acoustic
for the love of straw woofer3 02.04.14 Acoustic
Did You Know rabittwhole 02.03.14 Ballad
SEMI-LIVE from Alphonse's Knuckle Room II michaeljayklein 02.02.14 Easy Listening
A Man in Black (There's more to Life) with SIGMUND and PHILIP18 Franciscus_Henri 01.31.14 Acoustic Rock
Rust'n Bone gadzooks 01.26.14 Folk (contemporary)
Early Morning Train Narad 01.26.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
comedy cycling SuperStarSmith 01.26.14 Punk-Grunge
comedy cycling SuperStarSmith 01.26.14 Punk-Grunge
Skinny Boys/Skinny girls (remix) echoroom 01.26.14 Electronic
Long Way To Go (v2) PeterB7858 01.24.14 Acoustic
JAVA JIVE michaeljayklein 01.23.14 Easy Listening
What's It All About, Alfred? grah3am 01.19.14 Acoustic Rock
Goodbye, Martha (with Davisamerica, Roxylee, jiguma, Vic Holman, scofugate) davisamerica2 01.19.14 Ballad
Me And You Skean 01.18.14 Ambient
Scandal! Skunkwrx 01.18.14 Rock
Flakes VicDiesel 01.17.14 Electronic
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm michaeljayklein 01.17.14 Easy Listening
Roll On (To You)- Them Talking Monkeys Mix aclarke 01.14.14 Acoustic Rock
Roll On (To You)- Them Talking Monkeys Mix aclarke 01.14.14 Acoustic Rock
Doublin' Down on the Blues TommyBlueBoy 01.14.14 Blues (traditional)
The Milkman Cometh grah3am 01.10.14 Pop (Alternative)
Heart Song magnatone 11.21.13 Piano
Heart Song magnatone 11.21.13 Piano
Zombie Love (by Brother Bill) richard13 10.25.13 Romantic
Evening Watch PeterB7858 10.25.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
This is who we are Philip18 10.24.13 Acoustic
WATCHA GONNA DO KCsGROOVE 10.24.13 Blues (contemporary)
Forever and Ever Amen (Finger-style) thetiler 10.23.13 Folk (contemporary)
Little Wing stratcat 10.20.13 Rock
Birthday Blues [One Hour Challenge] Jarvoid 10.19.13 Blues (traditional)
David B owie sung about Cows egobandit 10.18.13 Art Rock
16 Tons thetiler 10.16.13 Acoustic
The Old Man DWL 10.13.13 Political
Under Sail PeterB7858 10.10.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
YOU'RE A HEAVENLY THING michaeljayklein 10.08.13 Easy Listening
Ornamental Featherweight echoroom 10.06.13 Acoustic Rock
oddball ste 10.05.13 Pop (Alternative)
Ninety-One paul f. page 09.29.13 Piano
Train of industrial delight Narad 09.29.13 Ambient
The Bell Train Narad 09.29.13 Ambient
Repercussion Mosaica 09.24.13 Latin
Serenade XCCV Narad 09.23.13 Classical
Don't Wish Your Life Away (H4 Demo) alackbass 09.22.13 Acoustic
Share It grah3am 09.21.13 Pop (Alternative)
a bit egobandit 09.21.13 Electronic
La Rosée Symphony101 09.20.13 Ambient
After Midnight Warren Smith 09.18.13 Rock (instrumental)
Hey Johnny (Big Band version) PeterB7858 09.17.13 Rock
Three Legged Man Llarion 09.16.13 Folk (contemporary)
The COFFEE SONG michaeljayklein 09.14.13 Easy Listening
Slomo Skean 09.14.13 Ambient
Slomo Skean 09.14.13 Ambient
waste some time egobandit 09.13.13 Art Rock
Debbie's Wind Llarion 09.10.13 Smooth Jazz
2996 SmokeyVW 09.10.13 Other
Syria II Narad 09.07.13 Ethnic-International
Northern Lights AJerkin_Progress 09.07.13 Ambient
cleared up egobandit 09.06.13 Open Collaborations
Serenade XCCIII Narad 09.03.13 Classical
Old Friends & Margaritas (Miller-Schletty) Dadai.2 09.02.13 Acoustic
Loan Arranger grah3am 09.01.13 Rock
Pulse echoroom 09.01.13 Pop (Alternative)
oosh ste 08.21.13 Reggae
fold egobandit 08.20.13 Electronic
Buffalo Grass VicDiesel 08.20.13 Native American
Freefall grah3am 08.20.13 Pop (Alternative)
Cool Jazz Reunion - 43 Years Later (Vince Roggio sitting in) Dadai.2 08.19.13 Smooth Jazz
Tropic of Capricorn Narad 08.17.13 Classical
Mustang Plains VicDiesel 08.17.13 Native American
I Mellow Tone Moviz 08.15.13 Jazz (vocal)
Now the Love is Gone, v2, a capella PaulaMunk 08.12.13 Open Collaborations
LET'S GET AWAY FROM IT ALL michaeljayklein 08.12.13 Easy Listening
Piano Vrs Piano(s) MarkHolbrook 08.01.13 Piano
Why? grah3am 07.31.13 Pop (Alternative)
15 second symphony VicDiesel 07.28.13 Classical
Ain't Misbehaving Jarvoid 07.14.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Don't Tell Me We Know w/ Saltaireguru77 Symphony101 07.08.13 Rock
Infinite Combo: Found a Seat in Time. Outtaorbit 07.05.13 Jazz Fusion
Long Last VicDiesel 06.24.13 Ballad
I wanna be like Gary Barlow woofer3 06.24.13 Alternative Rock
OUT HERE AND STRANDED - featuring Mandy Siegel jiguma 06.22.13 Rhythm and Blues
Side By Side with Dadai.2 Joanna 06.22.13 Folk (traditional)
Mr. Sandman thetiler 06.20.13 Easy Listening
Embryo Llarion 06.20.13 Smooth Jazz
Where Has it Gone by Jerry Quinn w/ Ryan, Jeff, ktb & Loob alackbass 06.20.13 Blues (contemporary)
piece it together egobandit 06.15.13 Rock
Fire of love (remixed version) echoroom 06.15.13 New Age
Sailor's Warning w jiguma, Philip18 PeterB7858 06.15.13 Rock
deseree pablatone 06.12.13 Acoustic Rock
Dad's March 5 2013 Doug Somers 06.12.13 Twentieth Century
Folsom Prison Blues thetiler 06.12.13 Folk (contemporary)
Groove (MJCC2013) peacepiano 05.31.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Melif smokey bacon jnr 05.28.13 Downtempo
Nylons and Harp Dadai.2 05.27.13 Acoustic
I Had a Dream (with thetau) Moviz 05.27.13 Folk (traditional)
When Loving Is One-sided, Music by Bob Rodgers Char 05.27.13 Ballad
Asian Mystery Skean 05.22.13 Ethnic-International
Asian Mystery Skean 05.22.13 Ethnic-International
Song of Life gadzooks 05.20.13 Reggae
Shine Your Light Moviz 05.18.13 Pop (Alternative)
My Funny Valentine SylviaD 05.16.13 Ballad
King Kong pablatone 05.08.13 Folk-Rock
Close to Midnight w/ alackbass, rok41, paul f. page, & KyasheMusic Philip18 05.03.13 Acoustic
Blue Moon Of Kentucky thetiler 04.30.13 Folk (contemporary)
Brother Can You Spare A Dime thetiler 04.24.13 Folk (contemporary)
Wandering Blues johnwhitehead 04.21.13 Bluegrass
SUSTAIN w/Michael2 bud 04.17.13 Alternative Rock
SUSTAIN w/Michael2 bud 04.17.13 Alternative Rock
Lonely Generation Symphony101 04.14.13 Alternative Rock
The Last Overtone VicDiesel 04.13.13 Ethnic-International
Woodwind Family Song John Stebbe 04.12.13 Children's Music
Caledonia richard13 04.11.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Old Man Mose is Dead michaeljayklein 04.11.13 Inspirational (contemporary)
The Time of Morris Men Again with Kingbee, Moviz, Bob Rodgers and Stevel, DWL 03.17.13 Folk (traditional)
Orphan Changes alackbass 02.10.13 Open Collaborations
Doors (W/Spitlogic) Skean 02.10.13 Hip Hop-Rap
Friends Moviz 02.10.13 Rhythm and Blues
We Can Dance (with Gadzooks & Loob) Philip18 02.08.13 Pop (mainstream)
Cripple Creek Revised........By Jarvoid and the Banjo Bedraggled Manic Mandolin Accordion Squeezers Jarvoid 02.06.13 Bluegrass
Shades of Grey VicDiesel 02.02.13 Downtempo
Infinity Combo: A Pirates Tale. Outtaorbit 02.01.13 Rock (instrumental)
There and Back richard13 02.01.13 Experimental
Winter gadzooks 01.29.13 Jazz (vocal)
Runnin' Out of Road johnwhitehead 01.27.13 Acoustic
Perfect Storm w crissew//Symphony101/Awigze/Vic Holman Charday 01.27.13 Rock
A Minor Inconvenience Swing Jarvoid 01.26.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Kool Daddy Free/Sax Mr. Fab Daugrin 01.26.13 Jazz Fusion
Never Ends Untill It ends egobandit 01.25.13 Psychedelic
Never Ends Untill It ends egobandit 01.25.13 Psychedelic
Search Of Euphoria Vic Holman 01.25.13 Rock
Spring Henke 01.25.13 Classical
Ice Wind Skean 01.25.13 Ambient
San Antonio Nights (with Rok41) Philip18 01.23.13 Latin Jazz
Wonder If TommyBlueBoy 01.22.13 Folk (contemporary)
Life in the Sixties Warren Smith 01.22.13 Ballad
Words (working title ) musichead 01.20.13 Rock
I'm Feeling Stronger Moviz 01.20.13 Pop (Alternative)
Waiting By the Clearance Rack (At Ann Taylor Loft) alackbass 01.19.13 Country-Western
head on egobandit 01.18.13 Hard Rock
Peking Express Narad 01.15.13 Ambient
Lazy Groove Outtaorbit 01.15.13 Ambient
silica bud 01.15.13 Other
Stan's Tune gadzooks 01.14.13 Rock (instrumental)
Collab Mr. Departure Daugrin 01.13.13 Jazz Fusion
Indian Twist Narad 01.13.13 Ethnic-International
its gonna float egobandit 01.11.13 Electronic
Snow Train Narad 01.11.13 Ambient
We All That! w/ Scofugate and TvRicky awigze 01.10.13 NUjazz
'Unusual Times' -'Master Disciple Collection'-'Evolution On The One' TvRicky 01.10.13 Jazz Fusion
Elective Introspective Hickling_Stan 01.10.13 Acoustic Rock
One More Friend Philip18 01.10.13 Acoustic
Winter Henke 01.08.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
melancholy baby bud 01.08.13 Electronic
They Don't Lie Les_Kloo 01.08.13 Progressive Rock
the snowflake dances Mystified 01.07.13 Classical
domesticity ste 01.07.13 Pop (Alternative)
All Of Me......... Jarvoid 01.07.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Leaving Me Char 01.07.13 Open Collaborations
Music of Emotion gadzooks 01.06.13 Rhythm and Blues
Suspense Narad 01.05.13 Film Scoring
History Repeats Vic Holman 01.04.13 Alternative Rock
Astral Traveling richard13 01.03.13 Electronic
Blew Luv w/ crissew/Jeff Cook Charday 01.07.13 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Liars happyandmeticulous 12.28.12 Hard Rock
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year gadzooks 12.23.12 Acoustic
A Bell in the Valley 2012 (w/ vox) richard13 12.22.12 Holiday
judge mental woofer3 12.22.12 Baroque
BWV 865 - [prelude - JS Bach] woofer3 12.22.12 Baroque
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Philip18 12.21.12 Holiday
Where Can You Be Hiding, Ralph a capella PaulaMunk 12.20.12 Experimental
Happy Holidays(MJ Card) davisamerica 12.20.12 Holiday
Santa Claus Narad 12.20.12 Holiday
'Is it Over?' DoomsDay 2012 TvRicky 12.19.12 Ambient
The Summer before the Dark (DOOM 2012) Henke 12.18.12 Alternative Rock
people get ready (doomsday challenge) egobandit 12.18.12 Art Rock
Be a Window, a capella PaulaMunk 12.18.12 A Cappella
advent (DOOM2012) ste 12.18.12 Pop (Alternative)
Guns n Amerika (Tiny Angels) rabittwhole 12.17.12 Ambient
Mr. Kite Rides Again paul f. page 12.16.12 Other
The Sun Path Narad 12.16.12 Ethnic-International
Quintessence Symphony101 12.15.12 New Age
Butterfly Year (Doom 2012) w/ Sisters, Maure and Billy awigze 12.15.12 Bluegrass
Solar flare hit us (DOOM2012) Skean 12.15.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Silent Night (Notsosweet w Alannah) Alannah 12.15.12 Holiday
"Stompin' Around" abzwork 12.14.12 Jazz Fusion
Judgement Day (Doom 2012) Vic Holman 12.14.12 Rock
Remember the guest Mr Clean egobandit 12.14.12 Psychedelic
When the End Was Near (Doom2012) alackbass 12.14.12 Blues (contemporary)
Da Da Doom Doom (Doom2012) gadzooks 12.14.12 Alternative Rock
B'ak'tun 13 (Doom2012) richard13 12.14.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
SANTA BABY michaeljayklein 12.13.12 Holiday
Let up (Skean & egobandit) Skean 12.12.12 Ethnic-International
The Ice Is Blue PeterB7858 12.11.12 Blues (contemporary)
'Nabru S'reggin Portrait' 'Evolution On The One' TvRicky 12.11.12 Jazz Fusion
Do You Hear What I Hear? SylviaD 12.11.12 Holiday
For Christmas This Year Moviz 12.10.12 Holiday
I can Tell you Something Outtaorbit 12.09.12 Easy Listening
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Philip18 12.09.12 Blues (traditional)
DUST IN THE WIND KCsGROOVE 12.08.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
When You Thought We Weren't Looking (remix) alackbass 12.08.12 Blues (contemporary)
Amelia Hickling_Stan 12.06.12 Acoustic Rock
I Could Write a Book Ibstrat 12.02.12 Solo Instrument
NOVEMBER KCsGROOVE 12.02.12 Acoustic Rock
When You Thought We Weren't Looking alackbass 12.01.12 Blues (contemporary)
O Holy Night richard13 12.01.12 Holiday
Driving To The Sun Vic Holman 11.30.12 Rock
The Angel Sleigh Moviz 11.29.12 Holiday
Serenade CLVII Narad 11.27.12 Classical
Memories of Marrakesh gadzooks 11.26.12 Rock (instrumental)
On y danse VicDiesel 11.25.12 Folk-Rock
Askewed Warren Smith 11.24.12 Punk-Grunge
It's Your Move Skean 11.23.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (new w/Roxylee) Dadai.2 11.20.12 Gospel
One Hundred Years from Today michaeljayklein 11.20.12 Easy Listening
Cabin Fever PeterB7858 11.20.12 Acoustic
Moving to the Centre gadzooks 11.19.12 Art Rock
It Aint Necessarily So SylviaD 11.18.12 Blues (traditional)
And I'm a Kid Again richard13 11.17.12 Electronic
Singing like a dog egobandit 11.16.12 Alternative Rock
Good Night pablatone 11.16.12 Acoustic
A Sound From A Letter Skean 11.16.12 Experimental
Live-Jam-in-Brentonec-01 falcef 11.16.12 Jazz Fusion
'Miles' In A Minute 'Evolution On The One' TvRicky 11.15.12 Jazz Fusion
Ricochet(w-Stan) J_Gretch 11.15.12 Acoustic Rock
Celtic Genes On Hickling_Stan 11.14.12 Acoustic
The Cost Philip18 11.14.12 Acoustic
Milky Way Over a Starlit Lake Doug Somers 11.13.12 Ambient
A Chance To Dream J.A.Stewart 11.13.12 Alternative Rock
background audio woofer3 11.13.12 Alternative Rock
The End (of the world) gadzooks 11.11.12 Acoustic Rock
The Blaydon Races Jarvoid 11.10.12 Folk (traditional)
I Think I Give Up Skean 11.04.12 Electronic
Blackberry's heart Narad 11.02.12 Ambient
Halloween Challenge Six-Nail-Coffin 11.02.12 Hip Hop-Rap
Lucien's Cat by Skean and awigze awigze 11.01.12 Experimental
It's True Moviz 11.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
The Lady is a Tramp michaeljayklein 11.01.12 Swing
Hilltop Haunted Mansion HALLOWEEN2012 Doug Somers 10.31.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
'Simon Barr Sinister" abzwork 10.29.12 Jazz Fusion
_'Whorror'_'Evolution On The One' TvRicky 10.27.12 Indie Rock
Autumn In New York SylviaD 10.27.12 Ambient
let me be egobandit 10.26.12 Art Rock
Cell Phone (Lyrics by Damroze) Moviz 10.26.12 Reggae
Living Dead Love Song in Z minor (HALLOWEEN 2012) ted23 10.26.12 Alternative Rock
Can't Rise Up Char 10.26.12 Open Collaborations
The Trader (Curtain Call- with Loob and egodays) finkeldink 10.25.12 Acoustic Rock
Catalina Sun (with Rok41) Philip18 10.25.12 Smooth Jazz
Can You? by ABMackle- Lyrics by Char awigze 10.25.12 Ballad
Boogieman Boogie Halloween 2012 Demeter7 10.24.12 Jazz Fusion
ChristmasCard davisamerica 10.24.12 Open Collaborations
Fields of Light Parichayaka 10.24.12 Piano
It Was Always Love johnwhitehead 10.22.12 Acoustic
Micawber grah3am 10.20.12 Folk (contemporary)
When Loving is One-sided, a capella PaulaMunk 10.18.12 Open Collaborations
Saturday Night Six-Nail-Coffin 10.17.12 Acoustic Rock
Los Bilbilicos feat Javier Palacios VicDiesel 10.14.12 Renaissance
Old Ned Jarvoid 10.13.12 Acoustic
let up egobandit 10.13.12 Psychedelic
Burning DWL 10.12.12 Psychedelic
FORTH Narad 10.08.12 Ambient
Serenity of Less Hickling_Stan 10.07.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Champagne Cinderella ( lyrics by Damroze) Moviz 10.07.12 Art Rock
She Walks Vic Holman 10.06.12 Alternative Rock
conflation dimm witness 10.06.12 Alternative Rock
America - Under Western Eyes bud 10.05.12 Experimental
Homeless musichead 10.05.12 Rock
Homeless musichead 10.05.12 Rock
SOMEBODY ELSE (2012 REMIX) CIASM_ZENABI_ 10.03.12 Alternative Rock
Through My Window Gaylen75 10.01.12 Alternative Rock
See You in Hell J_Gretch 10.01.12 Rock
Prelude, Chaconne, and Choral VicDiesel 09.29.12 Twentieth Century
Until You Join Me There alackbass 09.29.12 Acoustic
How Did We Let This Happen? (with Songwriterz) Philip18 09.28.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
beautiful surprise egobandit 09.28.12 Psychedelic
Then There Were Four (with Scofugate) Moviz 09.28.12 Art Rock
Pick Yourself Up michaeljayklein 08.24.12 Easy Listening
Moccasin Blues Six-Nail-Coffin 08.23.12 Open Collaborations
Sad so Sad Moviz 08.20.12 Latin
Watchin' Girls Go By richard13 08.17.12 Dub
Legend of the Tall Man Six-Nail-Coffin 08.17.12 Blues (traditional)
whales breathe (woodstock 2012) dimm witness 08.17.12 Acoustic Rock
Nickels not dimes (Woodstock2012) egobandit 08.16.12 Psychedelic
No Roof Blues Six-Nail-Coffin 08.16.12 Blues (traditional)
Hand Me Down My Cane-Woodstock sammydix 08.16.12 Acoustic Rock
Cruisin' gadzooks 08.16.12 Rockabilly
Millions Of Windmills Vic Holman 08.16.12 Art Rock
The Spirit Lives On - by Catherine_B Symphony101 08.15.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
drunk monk ste 08.14.12 Other
(Woodstock Redux No.19__) Change J_Gretch 08.11.12 Rock
Turn Back The Time To 69 (Woodstock 2012)Gadzooks/Alackbass gadzooks 08.11.12 Rock & Roll
The Trickledown Blues (Woodstock 2012) bud 08.10.12 Folk-Rock
Servility grah3am 08.10.12 Art Rock
No U Turn (Woodstock 2012) MJ Band davisamerica 08.10.12 Rock
A More Deserving Man (Woodstock 2012) alackbass 08.10.12 Acoustic Rock
Motherless Child - (Woodstock 2012) Philip18 08.10.12 Folk (traditional)
7:30 In The Afternoon Warren Smith 08.09.12 Art Rock
peter's foundations woofer3 08.05.12 Alternative Rock
Wind on the Steppe Six-Nail-Coffin 08.03.12 Ethnic-International
XXX Skean 08.03.12 Open Collaborations
the Japanese admiral who lives by the sea. woofer3 08.03.12 A Cappella
Foxy Jam Hickling_Stan 08.03.12 Folk-Rock
Coconut Man gadzooks 08.02.12 Jazz Fusion
"Ms. Fancy"" abzwork 07.31.12 Jazz Fusion
In a Mental Way grah3am 07.30.12 Reggae
B E A U T I F U L lengold 07.30.12 Other
Life is a River Moviz 07.28.12 Pop (Alternative)
Opening Ceremony bud 07.27.12 Punk-Grunge
Yeah... gadzooks 07.27.12 Rhythm and Blues
Fuurthur South (Bogata Three) Outtaorbit 07.24.12 Jazz Fusion
Lying to myself J_Gretch 07.23.12 Rock
Bill Grogan's Goat alackbass 07.22.12 Children's Music
Ricky Romance musichead 07.21.12 Acoustic Rock
All I Do is Dream of You michaeljayklein 07.21.12 Easy Listening
Tomorrow by Saltaireguru77 w/ lholden Symphony101 07.20.12 Alternative Rock
Guitars in the Moonlight Philip18 07.20.12 Smooth Jazz
"Centurions" abzwork 07.19.12 Jazz (instrumental)
i don't know dimm witness 07.18.12 Alternative Rock
Sergio Rides Again Jarvoid 07.18.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Burnin" gadzooks 07.17.12 Acoustic Rock
Hurricane Girl Six-Nail-Coffin 07.16.12 Acoustic Rock
At the Orchid Pavillion, all the literati VicDiesel 07.14.12 Other
Sing by Jerry Quinn alackbass 07.14.12 Acoustic Rock
Sparkling train Narad 07.13.12 Ambient
after the love is gone egobandit 07.12.12 Art Rock
Grandma's calling! VicDiesel 07.11.12 Informational
So Cool Skean 07.11.12 Electronic
Cottonmouth Blues Six-Nail-Coffin 07.11.12 Blues (contemporary)
One Day At A Time gadzooks 07.10.12 Acoustic
You Had It Coming Vic Holman 07.10.12 Indie Rock
I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby with IBSTRAT michaeljayklein 07.08.12 Smooth Jazz
Rock ( At The Top of The Park) Ann Arbor ,MI Feter 07.05.12 Rock
cat in the sheepskin hat egobandit 07.05.12 Art Rock
Time is a Healer gadzooks 07.03.12 A Cappella
I'M A BAD ASS Skweryl 06.30.12 Hardcore
A7 by the Seashore bud 06.29.12 Ambient
There'll Be No Loving by Jerry_Quinn w/ Ryan, Dad, ktb, gadzooks, scofugate alackbass 06.29.12 Country-Western
Lord, I'm crazy pablatone 06.29.12 Children's Music
Silence Of Darkness w/ Vic Holman Symphony101 06.28.12 Alternative Rock
Flying gadzooks 06.28.12 Hard Rock
lottery Ticket egobandit 06.27.12 Art Rock
Summertime SylviaD 06.27.12 Blues (traditional)
Enjoy The Ride Philip18 06.27.12 Rock & Roll
Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder michaeljayklein 06.26.12 Swing
Life's a Song grah3am 06.26.12 Rock
The Clockwork Cat grah3am 06.24.12 Ambient
Feels Like Trouble Fredriksen 06.23.12 Alternative Rock
Qaynah VicDiesel 06.23.12 Other
Sacred & Profane alackbass 06.22.12 Acoustic
Star twitter Narad 06.21.12 Experimental
Chester Flatts gadzooks 06.20.12 Bluegrass
Desoloop Demeter7 06.20.12 Ambient
plastic fork egobandit 06.19.12 Psychedelic
Theme from an unfinished lullaby VicDiesel 06.16.12 Ambient
The Broken Swing Philip18 06.15.12 Acoustic
Wolf Song Narad 06.15.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Merrily Down The Stream mrattue 06.14.12 Ambient
The Color of Blue gadzooks 06.13.12 Experimental
undefined egobandit 06.13.12 Art Rock
Rusted Gaylen75 06.13.12 Alternative Rock
Dad's March IV Doug Somers 06.13.12 Twentieth Century
The Sleighride To Hell Six-Nail-Coffin 06.13.12 Acoustic Rock
Nothing You Can Say w/ Jerry_Quinn, Ryan, ktb, & scofugate alackbass 06.12.12 Rock
Do What You're Going To Do Vic Holman 06.10.12 Acoustic
By Now I.G.M. 06.08.12 Acoustic
Twisted neilh79 06.08.12 Acoustic
The Lesson Hickling_Stan 06.05.12 Acoustic Rock
In Trouble (the devil made me do it) with Loob Philip18 06.02.12 Blues (traditional)
Come Back pablatone 05.31.12 Acoustic Rock
_'New Days New Ways'_ TvRicky 05.27.12 Jazz Fusion
Riding with the Son w/ DavisAmerica, scofugate and KTB awigze 05.26.12 Art Rock
White Collar Suburban Blues gadzooks 05.24.12 Blues (contemporary)
one two buckle my shoe egobandit 05.24.12 Art Rock
Step Into My Dream Skean 05.24.12 Electronic
Guitars in Autumn with Rok41 & Scofugate Philip18 05.22.12 Smooth Jazz
"Rockin' The Queen's Castle" abzwork 05.22.12 New Age
Two of a Kind Moviz 05.21.12 Latin
Silence of the Silver Age Vic Holman 05.20.12 Art Rock
Champeen In Love grah3am 05.20.12 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Indian Summer Ibstrat 05.19.12 Solo Instrument
You have no choice Narad 05.19.12 Other
Murder/Suicide (1 Track H4 Demo) alackbass 05.18.12 Acoustic
"Clubz Up" abzwork 05.14.12 Dance-Club
Free Man gadzooks 05.14.12 Folk-Rock
Free Man gadzooks 05.14.12 Folk-Rock
The Colchester Sphinx mrattue 05.13.12 Folk (traditional)
Blessing Of Love kaidavis 05.12.12 Rhythm and Blues
Far Away johnwhitehead 05.12.12 Folk (traditional)
Nobody Knows You (Italian Dance Remix by Andy Fox!) ramonaji 05.06.12 Dance-Club
Rhythmic Pulse gadzooks 05.06.12 Rhythm and Blues
geordie shore -with Lord Kinnock and Prince Philip woofer3 05.06.12 Alternative Rock
Time and time VicDiesel 05.05.12 Downtempo
Winter grah3am 05.05.12 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Lovely Summertime Moviz 05.05.12 Pop (mainstream)
The Eleuthera Way Warren Smith 05.05.12 Reggae
Alone on a River w/ sammydix & kevmikwa alackbass 05.04.12 Hard Rock
"The 5:15" abzwork 05.04.12 Jazz Fusion
On The Verandah Franciscus_Henri 05.04.12 Latin Pop
Don't Leave Doadars Uncle 05.03.12 Acoustic
Pinery Boy Six-Nail-Coffin 05.03.12 Acoustic Rock
_'Ling Ling'_ TvRicky 05.02.12 Ethnic-International
Fast train Narad 05.02.12 Ambient
Arise - Paul F Page and Roxy Lee Feter 05.01.12 Pop Orchestral
Roll Them Bones Six-Nail-Coffin 05.01.12 Acoustic Rock
Space Shuttle Narad 05.01.12 New Age
Rome Express Moviz 04.30.12 Pop Orchestral
Speak Softly Garni 04.30.12 Open Collaborations
The Viconian Cyclist ziti 04.29.12 Art Rock
"Git Dat 2 Me" abzwork 04.29.12 Experimental
L_C_H_T J_Gretch 04.28.12 Experimental
The Entertainer -6 String Banjo Plectrum Style Jarvoid 04.28.12 Acoustic
reaped opportune produced by vicdiesel with vic holman, loob, symphony101 and vicdiesel dimm witness 04.27.12 Alternative Rock
The dream of Icarus Narad 04.26.12 Other
Sun Beats Down gadzooks 04.25.12 Folk-Rock
At The Crossroad Philip18 04.25.12 Blues (contemporary)
Minds Eye neilh79 04.25.12 Acoustic
Can't Change the Weather johnwhitehead 04.25.12 Acoustic Rock
_'77 acid'_Remix TvRicky 04.24.12 Drum n Bass
The Laughing Song Mosaica 04.23.12 Opera
The Laughing Song Mosaica 04.23.12 Opera
New dawn Narad 04.23.12 Ambient
"Love Again" abzwork 04.22.12 Dance-Club
Forever Yesterday Vic Holman 04.22.12 Acoustic Rock
Katyusha...sortov Jarvoid 04.22.12 Folk (traditional)
If Bears Could Waltz paul f. page 04.21.12 Piano
"The Royale Krimpets" abzwork 04.21.12 Jazz Fusion
time out to play dimm witness 04.20.12 Alternative Rock
Own the Problem, Penny alackbass 04.20.12 Acoustic
The Warning Bells PeterB7858 04.20.12 Acoustic
Verbal Waltz (W/spitlogic) Skean 04.19.12 Hip Hop-Rap
If Today Were My Last Day gadzooks 04.18.12 Alternative Rock
ABM SmokeyVW 04.18.12 Acoustic
"Casa de Sol" abzwork 04.18.12 Ethnic-International
FACE ROCKER OPEN COLLAB Skweryl 04.18.12 Open Collaborations
To a Dream musichead 04.18.12 Pop (mainstream)
Ghost Riders In the sky (acoustic) Six-Nail-Coffin 04.17.12 Acoustic
I'll Search For You Moviz 04.17.12 Pop (Alternative)
Night on the Mississippi Narad 04.16.12 Ambient
"A Moment Of Clarity" abzwork 04.14.12 Jazz Fusion
Tempesta Six-Nail-Coffin 04.13.12 Classical
Gladiator Narad 04.13.12 Electronic
dyin to live dimm witness 04.12.12 Electronic
From The Cradle (with Salaireguru77) tf10music 04.11.12 Blues (traditional)
Penguin Rag thetiler 04.10.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
Colors gadzooks 04.10.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Not Now Philip18 04.10.12 Acoustic
Lullaby of the Bones Six-Nail-Coffin 04.10.12 New Age
The Fairytale of Rock Rebellion / Swan Song Lullaby DWL 04.10.12 Progressive Rock
_'How Victory Feels'_ TvRicky 04.09.12 Ambient
Jambalaya Smooth Jarvoid 04.09.12 Country-Western
We'll Meet Again Moviz 04.09.12 Country-Western
top down dimm witness 04.08.12 Alternative Rock
Suffer w/KTB/Scofugate/Rok41/Sig/TylerT Gaylen75 04.08.12 Alternative Rock
Got You Cryin (Loob, Finkeldink, Nacho) ted23 04.08.12 Alternative Rock
"LifeForce" abzwork 04.08.12 Jazz Fusion
of all the days Mystified 04.07.12 Ambient
The Devil's Argument :P crissew 04.07.12 Alternative Rock
_'Make It Up Club'_ TvRicky 04.06.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Ghost Riders in the Sky (live) Six-Nail-Coffin 04.04.12 Heavy Metal
Howlin' Demons gadzooks 04.04.12 Blues (contemporary)
I'm an Irishman who won't set to sea. Outtaorbit 04.03.12 Rock
Light and Shade PeterB7858 04.01.12 Acoustic
Saving You From Yourself ramonaji 04.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
Bill Cheatham/Cherokee Shuffle johnwhitehead 04.01.12 Folk (traditional)
BeBop Jarricky Kees and Gees - TV Ricky and Jarvo in a Jam Jarvoid 04.01.12 Open Collaborations
Searching for Ikhabod Pain... Dadai.2 03.31.12 Art Rock
_'Game'_ TvRicky 03.31.12 Jazz Fusion
They Can't Take that Away from Me michaeljayklein 03.31.12 Showtunes
Be Bop TvRicky Philip18 03.30.12 Smooth Jazz
Giving It All Away jiguma 03.29.12 Acoustic Rock
_'Sunday Jam Sessions'_ TvRicky 03.29.12 Jazz (instrumental)
(House Of The) Rising Sun J.A.Stewart 03.29.12 Blues (contemporary)
Future musichead 03.29.12 Ballad
_'A Whistlers Message'_ TvRicky 03.29.12 Film Scoring
Noddy's Song (In memory of my cat) Garni 03.26.12 Piano
Weird Dreams Skean 03.24.12 Ambient
Your Own Worst Enemy alackbass 03.24.12 Folk (contemporary)
_'La Unidad de Maestro y Discípulo'_ TvRicky 03.24.12 Latin
I GOT RHYTHM michaeljayklein 03.24.12 Jazz (vocal)
_'Racism'_ We must deal with it within our own minds and actions!' TvRicky 03.23.12 Film Scoring
Then She Bleeded DWL 03.23.12 Acoustic Rock
RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE - live KCsGROOVE 03.23.12 Funk
Happy MacJams Day! Philip18 03.23.12 Comedy-Satire-Parody
"Political Dancin' " abzwork 03.22.12 Jazz Fusion
Dolphin song Narad 03.22.12 Experimental
"Bruddahs" feat. sammydix (w/ awigze) richard13 03.21.12 Comedy-Satire-Parody
_'ZipAvenue'Cool'_ TvRicky 03.21.12 Film Scoring
_'It's On! No More Trayvon's!'_ TvRicky 03.19.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
It Might As Well Be Spring with MOVIZ SylviaD 03.19.12 Jazz (vocal)
Mahakaruna Narad 03.19.12 Ethnic-International
_'BeBop Groove'_ Live TvRicky 03.19.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Nana Lives sheilad 03.18.12 Experimental
_'Dragon Time'_ TvRicky 03.18.12 Ethnic-International
_'Dragon Time'_ TvRicky 03.18.12 Ethnic-International
White Lightning J_Gretch 03.17.12 Rock
Dream Experiment gadzooks 03.17.12 Electronic
"Fries And A Shake-SweetCake Mixx" abzwork 03.17.12 Jazz (vocal)
Rattlesnake Waltz Six-Nail-Coffin 03.17.12 Open Collaborations
Bad habits KCsGROOVE 03.17.12 Rock
The Song of the Silver River Narad 03.17.12 Ambient
Oh, Look at Me Now! michaeljayklein 03.16.12 Smooth Jazz
_'Tumaini ni hazina kubwa!'_ TvRicky 03.16.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
The Warts And All paddler 03.15.12 Rock
awakening dimm witness 03.15.12 Electronic
Intimations of Mortality richard13 03.15.12 Experimental
"Garden Of Hope" abzwork 03.15.12 Jazz Fusion
The gate of love Narad 03.15.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
Hand & Heart Philip18 03.14.12 Acoustic
Theme From an Imaginary Bad Movie Ibstrat 03.14.12 Film Scoring
_'Basics & More'_featuring_'A1K3M1' TvRicky 03.14.12 Experimental
What Will Be... (Vic Holman & Jack Miller) Dadai.2 03.13.12 Acoustic Rock
"Guardians Of The Light" abzwork 03.13.12 Experimental
Timeless Fredriksen 03.13.12 Alternative Rock
Alive in Newark set 1 part 1 airportseven 03.13.12 Rock
distortion (w/michael2) Mystified 03.13.12 Other
Homs Narad 03.12.12 Other
Golden Age Relic67 03.11.12 Rock
Got A Man Cold gadzooks 03.11.12 Acoustic Rock
First Prince abzwork 03.11.12 Ethnic-International
_'Dip Layed Groove Experiment'_ 'seliM evoorG' TvRicky 03.11.12 Jazz Fusion
CRAZY DAYS KCsGROOVE 03.10.12 Jazz Fusion
Sweet England mrattue 03.08.12 Acoustic
reaped opportune dimm witness 03.08.12 Acoustic Rock
The Campfire w/ Catherine Symphony101 03.08.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Knifeless Mack Jarvoid 03.08.12 Swing
Deadbeat richard13 03.07.12 Dub
"Da Real Grey Goose" abzwork 03.06.12 Jazz Fusion
The Drift Dadai.2 03.05.12 Smooth Jazz
The Drift Dadai.2 03.05.12 Smooth Jazz
Lament a la Paul Page kassia 03.05.12 Open Collaborations
Come Softly in The Moonlight Outtaorbit 03.04.12 Folk (contemporary)
Mississippi Uptown Ibstrat 03.04.12 Solo Instrument
In A Dream Moviz 03.04.12 Ballad
Observatory grah3am 03.04.12 Bossa Nova
"Da Run Around 2" abzwork 03.04.12 Alternative Rock
_'What's Going On?'_ TvRicky 03.03.12 Funk
Cloudgig (w/ DavisAmerica) awigze 03.02.12 Other
Daylight Fredriksen 03.02.12 Alternative Rock
By Still Waters PeterB7858 03.01.12 Acoustic
Dark Eyes Doadars Uncle 03.01.12 Folk-Rock
Shiny Things Philip18 03.01.12 Acoustic
Wrong Body SmokeyVW 02.29.12 Experimental
it's mine dimm witness 02.29.12 Alternative Rock
Stone Age Skean 02.29.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Swimming to Atlantis richard13 02.29.12 New Age
"As Spring Approaches" abzwork 02.28.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Spring Dance Narad 02.28.12 Other
Curtain Call (featuring Loob and egodays) finkeldink 02.26.12 Alternative Rock
Tell Me... Mosaica 02.25.12 Trip Hop
The Shadow Train Narad 02.25.12 Ambient
The Driver DWL 02.24.12 Punk-Grunge
Me Ears Are Alight grah3am 02.24.12 Reggae
Wanderlust (by FLY) Symphony101 02.23.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Guitars Go Ragtime (with Philip18) PeterB7858 02.22.12 Ragtime
Myopia (w/ michael2) richard13 02.21.12 Trip Hop
Myopia (w/ michael2) richard13 02.21.12 Trip Hop
Two Tracks In One Skean 02.21.12 Experimental
Carneval Narad 02.21.12 Classical
Carneval Narad 02.21.12 Classical
SOMEBODY ELSE CIASM_ZENABI_ 02.19.12 Alternative Rock
A thought gadzooks 02.18.12 Acoustic
Simple Pleasures Bowman 02.18.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nimrod davajonah 02.18.12 Electronic
_'La Relación Maestro Discípulo'_ TvRicky 02.17.12 Latin Jazz
Tryin' to Live Moviz 02.15.12 Rhythm and Blues
Slo-Parts Boogie (w GuyGrooves) Saltaireguru77 02.15.12 Rockabilly
Brother Can You Spare Me Dime thetiler 02.14.12 Folk (contemporary)
Have I Told You How I Feel? richard13 02.14.12 Romantic
It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't got that Swing!) michaeljayklein 02.13.12 Swing
Champeen, the Wonder Cassowary, Episode 1 grah3am 02.12.12 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Bogota Two. (A Night in West Texas)...maybe further south. Outtaorbit 02.12.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lament de L'Amour kassia 02.11.12 Piano
Keys to the City tmcfate 02.10.12 Acoustic Rock
Innercityhood Demo... Dadai.2 02.10.12 Folk-Rock
what you wanted dimm witness 02.10.12 Electronic
little thugs woofer3 02.10.12 Alternative Rock
Green Eyes Philip18 02.09.12 Acoustic
Green Eyes Philip18 02.09.12 Acoustic
_ TvRicky 02.08.12 Ambient
Too Many Whispers Moviz 02.08.12 Rock
Mandos at Dawn w/ Jarvoid neilh79 02.08.12 Folk (contemporary)
WhatIBelieve..... Soundhound 02.07.12 Hip Hop-Rap
_'The Selection of The Time'_ Featuring 'Abzwork' TvRicky 02.07.12 Jazz Fusion
Alright Tonight PeterB7858 02.06.12 Acoustic
Aloha ' O Ey Up Jarvoid 02.06.12 Easy Listening
A _'Wonderless'_Tribute to 'Stevie'_ TvRicky 02.06.12 Funk
DINAH michaeljayklein 02.05.12 Other
Medley: The Shadow Band ShadowofNine 02.05.12 Rock
Celebrity Sin egobandit 02.03.12 Art Rock
I hope that's a exit Outtaorbit 02.03.12 Electronic
Lament For a Loved One richard13 02.02.12 Downtempo
The Coals of Compassion johnwhitehead 02.01.12 Acoustic
The Coals of Compassion johnwhitehead 02.01.12 Acoustic
jam 1.30.12 airportseven 02.01.12 Other
jam 1.30.12 airportseven 02.01.12 Other
Angels Riding the Nightwind (with richard13) Doug Somers 01.31.12 New Age
_'Transistion'_ A 'Looper and Musician Meet' Featuring 'Abzwork' TvRicky 01.30.12 Jazz Fusion
Buddha's bred Narad 01.30.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
Lines on the Antiquity of Microbes (and now for something completely different) Dadai.2 01.28.12 Art Rock
Blue yonder VicDiesel 01.28.12 Ambient
The End (Train Home) w/ Loob, finkeldink, Symphony101 and Sigmund neilh79 01.28.12 Rock
Homeland Narad 01.27.12 Easy Listening
Unentitled SmokeyVW 01.26.12 Experimental
Do we like it Skean 01.23.12 Electronic
Nightmare Narad 01.23.12 Ambient
Love is Strange Moviz 01.22.12 Pop (mainstream)
Wrap your arms/ memory palace echoroom 01.22.12 Rock
Such is Life gadzooks 01.21.12 Acoustic
Guitars visit Havana (with Philip18) PeterB7858 01.21.12 Latin Jazz
Walking Down The Avenue Philip18 01.20.12 Folk-Rock
Yawn Dirk_Gently 01.19.12 Alternative Rock
Everywhere I Go richard13 01.19.12 Downtempo
Rewire (by PaulaMunk) Les_Kloo 01.19.12 Rock
Remember lavalamp 01.18.12 Ballad
In Neptune's eye Narad 01.18.12 New Age
Untold w/KTB Gaylen75 01.16.12 Ballad
"A Morning Sun" abzwork 01.16.12 Jazz Fusion
The magellanic cloud Narad 01.16.12 Ambient
You Will Service Us shavingronaldscar 01.15.12 Drum n Bass
The Circle Game gadzooks 01.15.12 Acoustic
Dream about Me (w/t Ed23) echoroom 01.15.12 Rock
Pull Of Torch (by FLY) Symphony101 01.14.12 Alternative Rock
Broken (W/Spitlogic) Skean 01.14.12 Hip Hop-Rap
another river obscene egobandit 01.13.12 Alternative Rock
" A Mobius Strip" abzwork 01.12.12 Jazz Fusion
Syria Narad 01.12.12 Other
JESSICA jibes 01.11.12 Art Rock
Guitars on the Boulevard (with PeterB7858) Philip18 01.10.12 Smooth Jazz
Only You kaidavis 01.09.12 Rhythm and Blues
Trio in Gm (Ride the Wave) richard13 01.09.12 Classical
Groovy Hepcats Jam composerclark 01.07.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Ejected - Full Suite Doug Somers 01.06.12 Twentieth Century
Ejected - Full Suite Doug Somers 01.06.12 Twentieth Century
Ejected - Full Suite Doug Somers 01.06.12 Twentieth Century
Ejected - Full Suite Doug Somers 01.06.12 Twentieth Century
Ejected - Full Suite Doug Somers 01.06.12 Twentieth Century
Swing Low Sweet Chariot thetiler 01.06.12 Gospel
The Ghost of You CrazeeFlootGrrl 01.06.12 Electronic
Time Clicks Away PaulaMunk 01.06.12 Open Collaborations
Gone Warren Smith 01.05.12 Blues (contemporary)
Intangible w Reggie Pole, improved version 2 Char 01.04.12 Rock
Ruckus thetiler 01.04.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
Diamond pablatone 01.04.12 Acoustic
The Hills Last Night tf10music 01.04.12 Folk (contemporary)
Sisenora falcef 01.03.12 Latin Jazz
Abyss Narad 01.03.12 Ambient
Happy New Year Boogie Blues thetiler 01.03.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
Happy Mandolin!! neilh79 01.02.12 Folk (contemporary)
Waiting on the Greyhound Outtaorbit 01.02.12 Ballad
Square Cars J_Gretch 01.01.12 Rock
Macjams.Com Moviz 01.01.12 Jazz (vocal)
Emma, Reincarnate (by davisamerica) richard13 01.01.12 Trip Hop
Dancing Space Bacteria AJerkin_Progress 12.31.11 Ambient
Beetlybop gadzooks 12.31.11 NUjazz
EFFERVESCENT Skean 12.31.11 Holiday
JAVA JIVE michaeljayklein 12.31.11 Jazz (vocal)
circus dreams (revised) Mystified 12.30.11 Ambient
Streaks of Blue alackbass 12.27.11 Blues (traditional)
Tele Tantrum stratcat 12.27.11 Blues (contemporary)
Your Love Philip18 12.27.11 Country-Western
Belle Aire (for Mandolin Orchestra) drakonis 12.25.11 Holiday
Searchin' richard13 12.23.11 Dub
Jolly Old St. Nicholas John Stebbe 12.22.11 Jazz (instrumental)
harmonium Mystified 12.22.11 Other
Poor Man In Winter City Skean 12.21.11 Ambient
HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING michaeljayklein 12.21.11 Holiday
None of it Means Anything TheReverendAG 12.20.11 Folk (traditional)
What Child Is This? (with Roxylee) Dadai.2 12.20.11 Holiday
Whale Song ShadowofNine 12.20.11 Trance
Button Up Your Overcoat michaeljayklein 12.19.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
Ave Maria w flute v2 Char 12.18.11 Holiday
Blue For You (Acoustic) Saltaireguru77 12.18.11 Acoustic Rock
Hum (VicHolman/Sisters Mix) davisamerica 12.17.11 Rock
Edged Train Narad 12.17.11 Ambient
I'll Be Alright LeisureTime 12.17.11 Acoustic Rock
oh little town of Bethlehem woofer3 12.17.11 Holiday
Silent Night Philip18 12.17.11 Acoustic
Monkey Man Zoo LeisureTime 12.16.11 Bluegrass
here come himmler woofer3 12.16.11 Alternative Rock
Gregorians On The Trail richard13 12.16.11 Other
Quantum Mechanics for Preschoolers richard13 12.15.11 Children's Music
Happy train Narad 12.15.11 Ambient
LET IT SNOW!!! michaeljayklein 12.14.11 Pop (mainstream)
Fire for Eagles (w/KTB & Scofugate) awigze 12.14.11 Pop Orchestral
audio murphy woofer3 12.13.11 Alternative Rock
Heaven Train Narad 12.13.11 Ambient
The end of the road thoddi 12.13.11 Blues (contemporary)
Summertime kaidavis 12.13.11 Rhythm and Blues
Darkness (W/Char) Skean 12.12.11 Electronic
Lulajze Jezuniu with Richard 13 Char 12.12.11 Holiday
Lulajze Jezuniu with Richard 13 Char 12.12.11 Holiday
Jitterbug Waltz Ibstrat 12.10.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Everyday On The Cross (w/ Alannah & Spitlogic) Symphony101 12.10.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Broke and Dying TheReverendAG 12.09.11 Blues (traditional)
Broke and Dying TheReverendAG 12.09.11 Blues (traditional)
Theme #2 kassia 12.09.11 New Age
Dodgy Dulcie in Jubilee Town Square Jarvoid 12.09.11 Folk (contemporary)
Santa Chile ziti 12.09.11 Holiday
Santa Chile ziti 12.09.11 Holiday
Blue Abyss Narad 12.09.11 Ambient
interfere (1 min trailer challenge) dimm witness 12.09.11 Children's Music
What Child Is This? richard13 12.08.11 Holiday
HMX Pancakes Daugrin 12.07.11 Experimental
More Christmas Sickness! michaeljayklein 12.06.11 Holiday
Blind Love (Seeing Heart) - Orchestral Version magnatone 12.06.11 Pop Classical
ASAT Blues PeterB7858 12.06.11 Blues (contemporary)
Santa Claus Narad 12.06.11 Holiday
Summer Rain w/ awigze, gadzooks, Philip18, PeterB7858, michaeljayklein, grahame1956 and SmokeyVW neilh79 12.05.11 Acoustic
Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen ? (Guitar and Vocal Only) thetiler 12.04.11 Folk (contemporary)
Spacebuds! (1 min space trailer challenge) awigze 12.04.11 Children's Music
When the Cat's Away (W/Char) Skean 12.04.11 Experimental
Dollar Store Christmas crissew 12.03.11 Holiday
Weekly Jam in C gadzooks 12.03.11 Alternative Rock
O, Holy Night (trad.) Llarion 12.02.11 Holiday
New - Ejected - Finale SpaceRace 2011 v6 Doug Somers 12.02.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Pussycat trio gets bird trio (W/Char) Skean 12.01.11 Experimental
Summer Nocturne (feat. awigze) richard13 12.01.11 Downtempo
You're the Top! michaeljayklein 12.01.11 Showtunes
Pussycat Trio (1 min trailer challenge) Demeter7 12.01.11 Children's Music
TAJIKISTANI BOP Skweryl 11.30.11 Experimental
The Nightmare Factory Six-Nail-Coffin 11.29.11 Open Collaborations
U R Amazing Warren Smith 11.28.11 Rock (instrumental)
Chanconeta Tedescha VicDiesel 11.26.11 Renaissance
Marche Joyeuse H3nry 11.26.11 Classical
Picture In One's Mind Skean 11.26.11 Art Rock
Thank You Lord for All the Fun richard13 11.24.11 Funk
That Old Black Magic michaeljayklein 11.23.11 Jazz (vocal)
Feeling Free...(MJ Space Race) Soundhound 11.16.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Theme #1 kassia 11.15.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Fall With Me urbnite 11.12.11 Lo-fi
Break'n the Ice W/Paralax (Word Association Challenge) FEEL 11.12.11 Blues (contemporary)
Corroded Lullaby (Spacerace Challenge) michael2 11.12.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Shadow of the Moon(MJ Spacerace 2011) MJG 11.11.11 Alternative Rock
Dream of Stars (incomplete) (mj space race 2011) Bubowski 11.11.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ejected - Final Movement (mj space race 2011) Doug Somers 11.11.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Disappearance of The Earth Army (MJ SpaceRace Challenge) TracyVosh 11.11.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
SR2011 (mj space race '11) bud 11.11.11 Electronic
2012/FINAL FLIGHT (Spacerace Challenge) five_extra_arms 11.11.11 Electronic
Bourrée in E Minor (J. S. Bach) Symphony101 11.11.11 Classical
Time is a groove...... gadzooks 11.11.11 Rock
Vishnu ((mj space race 2011) Narad 11.11.11 New Age
Vishnu ((mj space race 2011) Narad 11.11.11 New Age
The Sentinals(MJ spacerace challenge) RobLeBanc 11.11.11 Progressive Rock
Southern Belle finkeldink 11.10.11 Hard Rock
Saturn to The Sombrero Galaxy (mj space race 2011) MidiOrleans 11.10.11 Experimental
Inner Space (mj space race 2011) SmokeyVW 11.10.11 Experimental
Feel #2 Space Race Challenge classicfeter 11.10.11 Classical
Transmissions (Sapcerace 2011) Six-Nail-Coffin 11.09.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
OuterWorlds (MJ Space Race 2011) Bowman 11.09.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Flying Carpet Narad 11.08.11 Easy Listening
Acoustic Guitar Hoedown thetiler 11.08.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
New Hope (mj space race 2011) richard13 11.07.11 Ambient
the last spoke (spacerace 2011) dimm witness 11.07.11 Electronic
Nibiru Lost (mj space race 2011) virtualruffy 11.06.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
JEEPERS, CREEPERS (in Outer Space) michaeljayklein 11.06.11 Swing
Souvenir of Space (mj space race 2011) Henke 11.06.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Space Marines (MJ-Space Race 2011) davajonah 11.05.11 Industrial
A New Day on Arus (mj space race 2011) SomeMadGirl 11.05.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Fall into a black hole (MJ-Space Race 2011) Skean 11.05.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Martyn and Josephine Hickling_Stan 11.05.11 Acoustic
The 99% March Rag thetiler 11.04.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
I'm Upside Down gadzooks 11.04.11 Smooth Jazz
Astronauts on Asteroid (mj space race 2011) sonic_magpie 11.04.11 Experimental
Xzenite Pulseflows (mj space race 2011) wearebittersweet 11.03.11 Progressive Rock
Song 1.0 From Kepler-10c (mj space race 2011) SmokeyVW 11.03.11 Experimental
monkey on the loose ste 11.03.11 Pop (Alternative)
Starsong Lullaby-Richard13/ic42 (mj space race 2011) ic42 11.02.11 Children's Music
TinTin (mj space race 2011) PatriciaGirl 11.02.11 Ambient
A Lucky Man PeterB7858 11.02.11 Folk (contemporary)
Looking at the surface of Mars through the walls of a Crystal Ship (MJ Spacerace 2011) Abraxas 11.01.11 Electronic
The Stars Run Blindly (MJ Space Race 2011) Ex_Silentio 11.01.11 Ambient
The Hidden (MJ Space Race 2011) Ex_Silentio 11.01.11 Ambient
Cryogenic Dreams [ Space Race 2011 ] aRcTip 11.01.11 Ambient
Into the Void: Spacerace Challenge 2011 Six-Nail-Coffin 11.01.11 Ambient
The Mountain River Reel Six-Nail-Coffin 11.01.11 Ethnic-International
Carina (mj space race 2011) Moviz 11.01.11 Ambient
Here and There (SpaceRace 2011) richard13 11.01.11 Trip Hop
synthetic requiem Mystified 10.31.11 Ambient
rose colored wine glasses dimm witness 10.31.11 Psychedelic
Whales We Need Them Skean 10.30.11 Ambient
Baggage gadzooks 10.29.11 Other
Guitars on the Prairie Philip18 10.28.11 Country-Western
Home by Strangedream w/ awigze awigze 10.27.11 Trip Hop
Omniphobia richard13 10.27.11 Psychedelic
in too deep dimm witness 10.26.11 Alternative Rock
Iteration for Drums and Piano awigze 10.24.11 Jazz Fusion
Of Summers Gone Moviz 10.24.11 Ballad
Where You Belong Gaylen75 10.23.11 Acoustic Rock
Instra gadzooks 10.22.11 Acoustic
Prelude and Jam W/Ibstrat scofugate 10.22.11 Swing
The Curious Case of 64 thetiler 10.20.11 Folk (traditional)
anthem richard13 10.19.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
DOWN with LOVE! michaeljayklein 10.18.11 Political
Toccata Adagio & Fugue in C H3nry 10.18.11 Classical
Crystal Meditation 2 Henke 10.17.11 Ambient
lookin dimm witness 10.16.11 Pop (Alternative)
99% bud 10.16.11 Alternative Rock
I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye gadzooks 10.15.11 Alternative Rock
pulse2 (bud/sloparts/vic holman mix) rabittwhole 10.13.11 Art Rock
soft clean ego dimm witness 10.13.11 Alternative Rock
Solo e pensoso VicDiesel 10.13.11 Renaissance
Breaking Down (the bummer song) - word association challenge bud 10.13.11 Alternative Rock
Breakin' Barriers.( word association challenge) Moviz 10.12.11 Art Rock
Chipmunks way to the carnival Skean 10.12.11 Experimental
Breaking All the Laws of Love (word association challenge) michaeljayklein 10.10.11 Showtunes
The Broken Ground w/Loob mrattue 10.10.11 Acoustic
Con Te Partirò Var. thetiler 10.08.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Cat Came Back alackbass 10.08.11 Children's Music
Cha Cha Girl musichead 10.08.11 Alternative Rock
The Bird of Paradise (epilogue) Narad 10.07.11 Ambient
Under the Raven's Eye Six-Nail-Coffin 10.06.11 Heavy Metal
Over a moonbeam VicDiesel 10.05.11 Native American
My Friends SmokeyVW 10.05.11 Acoustic Rock
Snowfall Symphony101 10.05.11 Acoustic
Funkin' Yeti richard13 10.05.11 Funk
Eagle Narad 10.05.11 Other
Pulse1(char_Vic Holman_Moviz Mix) rabittwhole 10.04.11 Ambient
Shannon Come Back johnwhitehead 10.03.11 Acoustic Rock
Kansas City story_lori 10.06.11 Acoustic Rock
Boo! 2 Six-Nail-Coffin 10.02.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Autumn Calls Moviz 10.02.11 Latin Pop
Summer 11 Henke 10.02.11 Electronic
Killer Miller w/musichead crissew 10.02.11 Folk-Rock
sugar? ste 10.02.11 Pop (Alternative)
Vampire Valentine! Six-Nail-Coffin 09.29.11 Punk-Grunge
Vampire Valentine! Six-Nail-Coffin 09.29.11 Punk-Grunge
mahaseven airportseven 09.28.11 Alternative Rock
Canon for Timpani richard13 09.27.11 Classical
Honest Son (MedicineShowBand) davisamerica 09.25.11 Art Rock
Unable w/ Rok41 crissew 09.21.11 Acoustic Rock
Faeries in the Glen Llarion 09.20.11 Smooth Jazz
El Strato Loco stratcat 09.20.11 Blues (contemporary)
Grim Grinning Ghosts Six-Nail-Coffin 09.20.11 A Cappella
Nuevo Manana w/ Maure awigze 09.19.11 Bluegrass
Nuevo Manana w/ Maure awigze 09.19.11 Bluegrass
Chameleon gadzooks 09.19.11 Acoustic
Breaking Out w/ Symphony101 (Word Assoc Challenge 11) neilh79 09.19.11 Acoustic Rock
Breakin' Barriers. Moviz 09.18.11 Art Rock
All The Pretty Little Horses John Stebbe 09.18.11 Folk (traditional)
HadLove.... Soundhound 09.18.11 Rhythm and Blues
Sweetly Sings The Donkey alackbass 09.17.11 Children's Music
Three cats having an enlightening discussion in a dark deep night Narad 09.15.11 Opera
In The Shadow Of Saturn w/awigze bud 09.13.11 Jazz Fusion
The Bronze Gate Narad 09.13.11 Other
The Spirit is Willing michaeljayklein 09.12.11 Film Scoring
pulse4/changes(Project Track) rabittwhole 09.12.11 Experimental
I Saw w/ lyrics by Siobhan Rattue mrattue 09.12.11 Children's Music
memory gadzooks 09.12.11 Acoustic
Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye michaeljayklein 09.12.11 Easy Listening
Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye michaeljayklein 09.12.11 Easy Listening
Nobody Knows You ramonaji 09.11.11 Pop (Alternative)
lazenby ste 09.11.11 Pop (Alternative)
Las Vacas VicDiesel 09.10.11 Renaissance
Las Vacas VicDiesel 09.10.11 Renaissance
Trimming The Wick Hickling_Stan 09.10.11 Ethnic-International
Butterfly Warren Smith 09.09.11 Ballad
mud dimm witness 09.09.11 Alternative Rock
The Delphic Oracle Narad 09.09.11 Ethnic-International
Remember 9-11 J_Gretch 09.07.11 Rock
Why do You Gaze at my Picture? Moviz 09.06.11 Other
The Pride of New York City by J. D. Holliday w/ crissew & S101 Symphony101 09.06.11 Acoustic Rock
Seafaring Narad 09.06.11 Film Scoring
Pulse/3(Project Track) rabittwhole 09.05.11 Art Rock
Walking My Baby Back Home michaeljayklein 09.05.11 Easy Listening
In My Mind Skean 09.04.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ember (Far Eastern Seaboard Mix) VicDiesel 09.03.11 Downtempo
Ember (Far Eastern Seaboard Mix) VicDiesel 09.03.11 Downtempo
Ballad of the Gunslinger sewer rod 09.03.11 Rock
Breezin' Along Dadai.2 09.03.11 Acoustic Rock
Mankind Narad 09.03.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
Little Miss Muffet (Has the Blues) alackbass 09.02.11 Children's Music
In These Turbulent Times gadzooks 09.02.11 Alternative Rock
St Louis Blues Mosaica 09.02.11 Blues (traditional)
Pictish Reel Six-Nail-Coffin 09.01.11 Celtic
Bells and Drums Improv Doug Somers 08.31.11 Experimental
I TAUT I TAW A PUDDY TAT! michaeljayklein 08.31.11 Children's Music
Falcef-in-Barcelona falcef 08.30.11 Downtempo
Rabbit Dance Narad 08.30.11 Ethnic-International
Irene Dub w/michael2 & particledots bud 08.29.11 Reggae
The Kids are Alone (Finkeldink & Loob) ted23 08.29.11 Rock
insanity plea dimm witness 08.29.11 Alternative Rock
The Blackbird (Lyrics H. Haines) mrattue 08.27.11 Ballad
Tim's Trip Narad 08.27.11 Ambient
Eds Theme - With Feter,Anne,Paul MarkHolbrook 08.26.11 Other
Lonely Nights, Lonely Songs (w/sloparts-Ed Wemmerus sitting in) Dadai.2 08.25.11 Country-Western
tuesday first up airportseven 08.25.11 Psychedelic
Goodnight Irene W/ The Trashcan Assclowns Six-Nail-Coffin 08.25.11 Ballad
Marley's Heavy Metal michaeljayklein 08.25.11 Metal
eMpty crowdeD stReets Macaudion 08.24.11 Art Rock
Chicken Skin gadzooks 08.24.11 Funk
fun summer dimm witness 08.24.11 Alternative Rock
That Wotwozit Eyeblink Boogie michaeljayklein 08.23.11 Lo-fi
This Love Six-Nail-Coffin 08.23.11 Acoustic Rock
I Got the Fried Monkey in the Face Blues michaeljayklein 08.23.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Leave it alone jibes 08.22.11 Rock
Hey Francine Hickling_Stan 08.22.11 Acoustic Rock
misery dimm witness 08.22.11 Alternative Rock
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (w. A. McPike, T. Mischibobb, J. Cribblecobblis) michaeljayklein 08.21.11 Swing
Deep Sorrow Skean 08.19.11 Experimental
I Will Not Crawl finkeldink 08.18.11 Acoustic Rock
Tilt-A-Whirl Rave Six-Nail-Coffin 08.18.11 Electronic
Presence of Loa /kindafishy sammydix 08.18.11 Rock
hassel off woofer3 08.17.11 A Cappella
Something Comes Orchestral extended version Six-Nail-Coffin 08.17.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
always losing w/m2 and particledots bud 08.16.11 Psychedelic
Guitars on a Sunny Day Philip18 08.16.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
beyond the clouds (w/ particledots) Mystified 08.16.11 Ambient
Perfect Illusion Plus Dadai.2 08.15.11 Rock (instrumental)
Black Hole Blues Six-Nail-Coffin 08.14.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Something comes Six-Nail-Coffin 08.14.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Live from the Hotel Tip-Top (Part III) michaeljayklein 08.14.11 Easy Listening
Die Katzen Pfote VicDiesel 08.13.11 Renaissance
Living on the Fringe w/ Ryan, gadzooks, ktb, & Loob alackbass 08.12.11 Country-Western
Hiroshima Baby Gaylen75 08.12.11 Acoustic Rock
The I Don't Care Who You Are That's Funny Boogie michaeljayklein 08.09.11 Smooth Jazz
Five Minutes More michaeljayklein 08.08.11 Swing
animal crackers woofer3 08.08.11 Other
Acoustic Therapy PeterB7858 08.08.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Bite Me SmokeyVW 08.07.11 Rock
Summer Rain by Neilh79 w/Awigze & Gadzooks gadzooks 08.07.11 Experimental
Mungo's Lost Night Dadai.2 08.07.11 Rock (instrumental)
time to roll -- smokey vw redone by dimm dimm witness 08.07.11 Alternative Rock
Quack's Blues sloparts 08.05.11 Blues (contemporary)
recipe ste 08.05.11 Pop (Alternative)
And Then Some johnwhitehead 08.05.11 Country-Western
tattoo (from 1983) dimm witness 08.04.11 Electropop
Shake Them Pennies Out (revised) Six-Nail-Coffin 08.04.11 Swing
No Dancing Please with cchaplin lengold 08.01.11 Other
Pulse/Track 1 rabittwhole 07.31.11 Experimental
Is Anybody There Moviz 07.31.11 Romantic
CRAMP (Alannah, BTransue) with additions of a piece of ("Loser" - Alannah, Scofugate) Alannah 07.30.11 Other
20 Years Joanna 07.30.11 Ballad
Suffer Gaylen75 07.30.11 Alternative Rock
Astral Tune gadzooks 07.30.11 Acoustic
For All The Many Things (w/Roxylee, R. Schletty, snowdragon) Dadai.2 07.30.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
Broken Hearts michaeljayklein 07.29.11 Swing
A Collision rsorensen 07.29.11 Lo-fi
City Elegy tf10music 07.29.11 Indie Rock
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Music Background I picked up the ukulele at about 12 years of age and picked up the piano at about the same time.The ukulele is a far smaller instrument and did not give me a hernia.
Music Skills Self Taught.
Music Hardware SB XFi from a Zoom Mrs 8 being used only as an interface ..cos I snapped some of the buttons cos they are really poor quality and I might have poked them a leetle bit too hard......
Music Software CubasisVST 3
Keywords Restday,Pussycat,Beer,Music,Playing,Food,Perfect