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Jungle Movement is a project comprised of heart and soul of Nick Fingers.

I have been apart of many bands in my life and have my musical roots grounded primarily in Old-school Punk Rock and Reggae. I have always taken my interest in music very seriously and it has never been my own personal goal to appeal to anybody. It has always given me great pleasure to create soundscapes which implement sounds that are the most desirable to the ear and form otherworldly sensations.

As an experiment it combines elements of industrial, reggae dub and Goa Trance (psytrance). Electronica is used as a means of connecting the two genres. The goal of this project is to fuse the natural world and the industrial age together for the only sake of feeling bass frequencies permeate and penetrate your whole body.

Your only choice is to dance. It is now an involuntary reaction to the music. It is in your nature. You have entered the realm and jurisdiction of the Jungle Movement and are under its control.

The background image and the banner below are illustrations that I have drawn myself. If you like them and you are interested in me doing some custom artwork, email me at nicksouin@optonline.net

Artist Mission

First and foremost, I am making this music because i love to do it. Although I am fairly new to the industry (as a solo artist at least) I am diligently putting my skills out there and I am building a fan base in my immediate local area. I hope to expand and share my music far beyond the borders of my suburban hometown. So far I have the internet helping me self-promote, hopefully you can.

P.S. I want to make it clear that if any agent perhaps finds me, the music I write comes from my soul. If I am asked to do anything contrary to what I'm feeling, you are wasting your time. This is natural music, body music expressed through electronics.
JungleMovement's Songs (6)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
12.07.09 No Guns 10.00 (1) 2749 (7) Reggae 12.09.09 Active
04.02.09 Timewave Zero 0.00 (0) 2416 (8) Trance 07.09.09 Active
03.20.09 pure Love 10.00 (1) 2379 (5) Trance 04.11.09 Active
03.20.09 Utterly Geschonkenflaaped 8.00 (1) 2304 (7) Trance 05.05.09 Active
03.20.09 Space Exodus 0.00 (0) 1569 (2) Trance 03.20.09 Active
03.20.09 Conundrum 3.50 (1) 2172 (8) Psychedelic 03.24.09 Active
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