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(Junkyard Cutiepie)

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Dustin was wearing a Twizzlers t-shirt the night we met. I thought he looked interesting so I asked him to light my cigarette. We talked for all of 15 minutes before we crossed the subject of music, that we both did and would, and so it went. There was an email exchange, very typical, usually forgotten, but not this time. This time, I decided to contact.
We went to dinner at Lucky Strike in Soho, which turned into drinks, and went back to his place in the Village to give a listen to his work. We fell in music immediately and knew we were meant to make it. Junkyard Cutiepie was officially born Thursday, October 10th at 9:17pm.
“Fascination” was the first song on which Dustin and I collaborated. The music came from his years of vigorous study of musical theory and recording software and the lyrics grew out of an old poem in my collection that had been brushed aside and left for dead until the sweeping sounds of what would become “Fascination” burrowed their way below the crypt and re-awakened the words “Sliding through tunnels…”
Less than a year later, 10 songs have been recorded with many-many more in the hopper. There is a video in production, a live show straining to burst forth from its conceptual womb, not to mention MERCHANDISING! MERCHANDISING! MERCHANDISING! Including, but not limited to, Junkyard Cutiepie the lunchbox, Junkyard Cutiepie the flame thrower (well, it’s a notion), etc, etc.
We come from humble tonal beginnings. I learned to sing, play the drums, the sax and the guitar, in the unlikeliest of places, Columbus, Ohio. I was in the school choir and became a local celebrity due to stunning performances in shows like South Pacific and Annie, of all things. Of course, I wasn’t the girl with curls. I played Burt Healey, the tap dancing radio man, Hey Dapper Dan!
Dustin, a.k.a. Polyphonic, was a 15-year-old DJ working the circuit hard in Green, NY circa 1994. Pimpin’ out his skills old school style proved to be lucrative and soon Poly P. was soaring high above his teenage compatriots with fame and fortune piling up in his pocket. There was a quick stint as a college student which quickly fizzled and sent the budding synth star to try his hand in the big city.
Which brings us to where we are today, two kids breaking their way in the world today with everything we got. We’re putting all our stuff behind the empire to be, heretofore to be known as JUNKYARD CUTIEPIE NATION, a musical endeavor, a place to be cheeky and clever, in short, our very own love child. Stay tuned for all that is still to come…
JunkyardCutiepie's Songs (15)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.18.10 Welcome to the Neighborhood 2010 9.50 (1) 3198 (30) Pop (Alternative) 03.02.10 Active
01.19.08 Love Potion Ω 0.00 (0) 2644 (9) Dance-Club 03.03.10 Active
01.19.08 Hello My Friend 0.00 (0) 2509 (3) Experimental 03.02.10 Active
01.17.08 Heart Attack 8.00 (1) 1945 (2) Dance-Club 01.19.08 Active
03.13.07 Jam in G 8.38 (2) 2330 (3) Rock 03.14.07 Active
05.11.06 Walk Down 27 8.08 (3) 2642 (13) Dance-Club 05.13.06 Active
03.17.06 Illusion Contusion 7.58 (3) 3701 (5) Progressive Rock 03.21.07 Active
03.16.06 Walk Down N Ride 7.83 (6) 1993 (3) Electropop 03.19.06 Active
09.05.05 Buffalo Outlaw 7.80 (5) 2574 (5) Rock & Roll 08.27.07 Active
07.06.05 Head (Revision 1) 7.55 (5) 1461 (10) Dance-Club 07.13.05 Active
02.15.05 Dead in the Eyes 6.84 (11) 2508 (7) Folk (contemporary) 03.13.07 Active
02.15.05 Good Time 6.96 (12) 3418 (7) Rock & Roll 03.22.06 Active
01.17.05 Sweet and Low 4 7.63 (10) 2957 (4) Pop (mainstream) 01.21.05 Active
12.22.04 Welcome 2 the Neighborhood 7.53 (9) 4002 (12) Pop (mainstream) 12.29.04 Active
12.22.04 Sweet and Low 7.68 (10) 2983 (9) Pop (mainstream) 12.28.04 Active
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