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The LIOLI6 round is closed.

The tradition continues!




Scroll down for the songs in the Favorites list.

Scroll down even more for the Rules we used.

thanks for your interest

Li Oli
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In no way is this meant to replace the official MacJams LIOLI - this is simply one more round while admin works on the official version.

Many thanks to Chikoppi, Bud, and MacJams admin for the previous LIOLI rounds!


Loop It Or Lose It Challenge Round Six

Listener Rules

1) On or before LIOLI Day, visit the MIDI songs page. Listen to a few of the MIDI songs (they are only about 30 seconds each). Not so good? Think you could do better? Well, here is your chance! See the Entrant Rules coming up next.

2) On LIOLI Day, go to the LIOLI6 page to find all the challenge entries.

3) Each of the Entrants has created a new song based on one of the MIDI songs found at the MIDI songs page. Listen to what the Entrant did with the song. If you wish, comment on the entry.

Things to listen for and comment on:

a. Can you identify the original song? If not, challenge the Entrant to explain themselves.

b. Do you think the new song was an improvement, or an entirely new creation?

c. And most importantly: could you find any reference to Pirates in the song? If not, challenge the Entrant to explain themselves.

4) If you happen upon a LIOLI Entry before LIOLI Day, please just move on to another song, please don't listen, please don't comment. Ideally, LIOLI songs should not be visible until LIOLI Day, but there is no way to do that today, so we are relying on the honor system.

Entrant Rules

1) Read the Listener Rules carefully, or you'll have lots of explaining to do come LIOLI Day.

2) Preview the songs found on the MIDI songs page. Select ONE song and download it. Drag the downloaded song into GarageBand. It will automatically expand into several separate tracks.

3) You can use the tracks however you like. You can change the types of instruments that play each of the tracks. You can simply loop them, or you can change the pitch and tempo, layer on effects, cut them into pieces, add other loops, play live instruments with them, add vocals, whatever. You may use any software at your disposal to create your song. You can also use small parts of the other songs from the MIDI songs page.

Unlike previous challenges, you are also allowed to open the loop to change the individual notes. In fact you are encouraged to use that Pencil Tool in GarageBand (or equivalent). You may change the pitches, or the timing, or both.

You are not limited to 30 seconds. Your song can be whatever length you like.

Be as creative as you like. But this is not a complete free-for-all because of the Listener Rules. Remember, your audience MUST be able to identify the original song, or you'll have lots of explaining to do come LIOLI Day.

4) Take note of Listener Rule 3c. It can simply be in the title, or a musical theme or treatment, in the lyrics, in the song picture, whatever you like. But it MUST be in there somewhere, or you'll have lots of explaining to do come LIOLI Day.

5) Post your song on LIOLI Day.

a. You must have a membership (it's free) at MacJams.com in order to participate. Your MacJams membership includes free hosting for your original MP3 files.

Note: If your LIOLI Challenge Entry will be your first post to MacJams you should post it several days early. There is a delay for approval of a member's first song post.

b. WAIT until LIOLI Day before you post your completed song to MacJams. You may post your entry any time during LIOLI Day. Make sure LIOLI is contained somewhere in your title, for example, "Avast You Scurvy Dog (LIOLI)". Please try to wait for LIOLI Day, this helps ensure that no one is inadvertently influenced by someone else's work.

If you will not be able to post your song on LIOLI Day, no problem! Just post your song as late as you can. We will rely on the honor system to ignore it until LIOLI Day arrives. Early entries will not appear on the LIOLI6 page until LIOLI Day.

c. ONE SONG per composer. But no one will be checking. Be reasonable or you'll have lots of explaining to do come LIOLI Day!

When is LIOLI Day?

This LIOLI Day is September 19, 2007.

Entries MUST have a posting Date on or before 09/19/07, as determined by the MacJams servers.

These dates appear all over site, be sure you understand when LIOLI Day will happen at your location. It appears that the MacJams servers use USA "Central Daylight Time". Check any recent Forum posting to verify this for yourself. If you're still not sure, post a day early.

Last Rule

There is no winner selected. There are no prizes. Your reward is to learn, enjoy, and share in the experience.

Have fun everyone!

            Li Oli


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