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This Loop It Or Lose It Challenge, Round 7 used Apple GarageBand Loop 80s Rock Guitar 01, and is now closed. Links to all entries are listed in "Favorites" below, with links to the previous six rounds of Loop It Or Lose It.

MacJamming Heroes Save City
(MacJams News)

It’s a bright new day in MacJams City; for the dark and sinister spectre of evil Dr. Lioli has been vanquished by the team of MacJammers known throughout the land as the Super Loopers. As cheers echoed throughout the town and guitar solos rang from the rooftops, MacJams City prepared to celebrate the defeat of the sinister Doctor Lioli - who had planned to rid the town of all music save polka versions of Miley Cyrus hits.

It was only a little over three weeks ago, when the earth-tone-suited Lioli appeared out of nowhere, seizing control of MacJams City with a single Loop that was possibly the most terrible Loop ever created. “A repulsive, unnecessary sound,” is how Super Looper Micheal2 of Los Angeles put it three weeks ago – an opinion shared by many. Convinced that no MacJammer had the ability to use that ‘repulsive, unnecessary sound’ in an actual piece of music, the evil Lioli taunted the MacJammers endlessly, feeling that they would slink away in defeat. But fate would deal a very different hand indeed.

Super Loopers

A hint of what was to come came shortly afterward, when MacJammer SmokeyVW began openly insulting and abusing Dr. Lioli in public, and others followed suit - Kenta, Doug Somers, Micheal2 , Bud, DJ French Toast and more. Then came rumours that they were beginning to actually use the fearsome Loop created by Lioli to craft musical pieces that would rend the sinister doctor’s plans asunder. And afterward came even more incredible news - whispers that this group were forming a team to liberate the beleaguered city. A group known… as the Super Loopers.

“He was warned,” said ‘Captain’ Slo-Parts, head of the MacJams Central Intelligence Agency. Slo-Parts was believed to have said “Lioli was the stupidest person on earth if he thinks he can defeat us.” But was this just brave talk?

The Battle Begins

On the Friday night of March 28th, the offensive began as the first of what would prove to be a torrent of songs crafted by the Super Loopers began lobbing into MacJams City. Even hardened, cynical listeners were stunned at what this band of Loopers had created with what had previously been thought of as ‘an impossible noise.’ Rock, Hip-Hop, Experimental, Industrial, Heavy Metal, Ambient, Twentieth Century, Funk, Dance-Club, Indie-Rock, Comedy-Satire… the variety of genres was staggering. “Lioli never knew what hit him,” said one dazzled resident of MacJams City. “These Super Loopers are AWESOME!” And by Monday night, it became clear – the Loopers had retaken MacJams City.

But Where's Dr. Lioli?

But those who were eager to bring Dr. Lioli to task for his deeds were to be disappointed. In the last hours of the battle, a photograph of Lioli, stunned and dazed, was leaked to MacJams press and his capture seemed imminent. But Lioli somehow managed to slip out of his abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town on a stolen moped and rode into the night at a blistering 12 mph. While MacJams City was safe, there was no sign of the evil Doctor. Yet this fact doesn’t seem to worry many of the Super Loopers, who are enjoying the incredible music they all created to defeat Lioli. It’s widely believed that Lioli, overwhelmed by the sheer amazingness and quantity of that music – a record twenty-eight entries – has gone into permanent exile, never to be seen again. Perhaps they’re right. A city of partying MacJammers think so.

But if not… could he return someday? “If he does”, reply the Super Loopers, “we’ll be here!”

Huge thanks to the Super Loopers who dazzled the world and defeated Dr. Lioli: The Orbiting, five_extra_arms, peacepiano, rabittwhole, mikey_d, Doug Somers, Rik Berryere, Kenta_and_Linda_Rocks_together. easytbird, Mystified, Morning Light, Dj French Toast, stooey, Rocha Malhada, announcer, sloparts, datafunk, chikoppi, Skean, gregd, JupiterMusik, michael2, SmokeyVW, bud, Diviner, elmopedo, WillyB, Stride.

Also… special thanks to Bud and SmokeyVW for the advice and assistance, and Chikoppi for the encouragement. Loop It Or Lose It FOREVER!

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And if you're interested in discovering where LIOLI has been before and getting an idea of exactly how creative MacJammers have been with each round's 'secret ingredient', check out the earlier Loop It Or Lose It Challenges listed here...

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Round 5: Desert Flute with Assorted Beathive Loops
What began as the 1st Official MacJams Site version of LIOLI ended up as the fifth grassroots challenge with 17 entries hosted by Bud.

Round 6: The Pirate Challenge
Avast! A selection of MIDI loops head to the high seas as 9 entries walk the plank in Round 6 hosted by Li Oli.

LIOLI7's Songs (1)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
03.04.08 Dr. Lioli: Intro for LIOLI 7  (---) 2218 (1) Informational 03.04.08 Active
Favorite Songs (22)
Title Artist Date Genre
SIREN SONG TO DR. LIOLI stacey 04.03.08 Rock & Roll
Wake Up (LIOLI7) The Orbiting 03.31.08 Pop (Alternative)
Go Turtle Go! LIOLI 07 (with Justbase) five_extra_arms 03.31.08 Experimental
Double Time Double Dutch peacepiano 03.30.08 Alternative Rock
Battle for Ratings Pick Hill [LIOLI7] rabittwhole 03.30.08 Rock
Headbanger 5 (LIOLI 7) Doug Somers 03.29.08 Rock
Take a ride DR.LIOLI (LIOLI 7) Kenta_and_Linda_Rocks_together 03.29.08 Alternative Rock
LIOLI7--Industrielle #1--Capture Mystified 03.29.08 Experimental
Lioli 7 Dj French Toast Dj French Toast 03.29.08 Hip Hop-Rap
Loop It Oldfieldlian stooey 03.28.08 Twentieth Century
Suddden Thunder (LIOLI 7) announcer 03.28.08 Rock (instrumental)
Dr Lioli vs the seven blender army (feat Dr Lioli as himself) datafunk 03.28.08 Other
BadLoopsGetBeat15x [LIOLI7] chikoppi 03.28.08 Industrial
Kick Dr LIOLI away (LIOLI 7) Skean 03.28.08 Experimental
Dancing (On LIOLI's Grave) JupiterMusik 03.28.08 Electropop
What's In The Air? (LIOLI) michael2 03.28.08 Indie Rock
RIP DR LIOLI7 SmokeyVW 03.28.08 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Requiem for Dr. L (LIOLI7) bud 03.28.08 Alternative Rock
Here I come to save the Day (LIOLI7) Diviner 03.28.08 Trance
LIOLI 7 - leather pants and mopeds elmopedo 03.28.08 Rock
Toying With the Good Doc (LIOLI 7) WillyB 03.28.08 Experimental
Stride abstractreality 03.08.08 Funk
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