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MJ UK 2006

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Picture the scene - it's April 2006 and websicians from across the UK are making their way to an organic Pie and Mash restaurant in Gloucestershire.
Fuelled by dreams of writing the first electronic track to be approved by the soil association, the jammers assemble enough computing power to plan a moonshot.
Three different flavours of Mac, 12 different flavours of pie and a bewildering profusion of genres all mixed together to produce the signature sound of the UK Macjammers convention : laughter.
An evening with friends from around the world courtesy of Skype, a few hours sleep and then day two saw us firmly press our noses to the grindstone as we ploughed through another fabulous meal at Caroline's House of Shiny Lights.
Music was even recorded, and we may well have surpassed ourselves producing a chorus with only eight letters and an @ sign.
New (first life) friendships have been cemented, and a lot of fun has been had ...
until the next one !
MJ UK 2006's Songs (4)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
12.05.06 The scones are not what they seem 7.94 (4) 3576 (6) Acoustic 12.21.06 Active
04.13.06 Scone Crazy 8.16 (8) 3891 (15) Hard Rock 05.14.07 Active
04.05.06 Jam and Scones  (---) 3851 (8) Acoustic 04.19.06 Active
04.02.06 The Kitchen Interviews 8.22 (8) 3747 (22) Comedy-Satire-Parody 10.05.06 Active
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