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Welcome to the artist page for the MJ Live Aid Challenge. This challenge is the work of MacJams members Lisa Purdy (aka ledebutant) and Joseph Gurner (aka jgurner), both of whom are stuck in the 80s.

After the Woodstock challenge, which focused on the 60s, and the CBGBs challenge, which was heavily 70s oriented, we decided that we needed to keep the ball rolling and do something for the greatest decade in music history - the 80s. And not just any 80s music - Journey need not apply - but the fresh, new sounds coming from "across the pond" (at least from our perspective).

But, what could be the focus? What was one watershed moment from the 80s that could be used as a showcase for this challenge? It was a no-brainer (at least for Lisa. I didn't have a clue) - Live Aid.

The July 13, 1985 concert was, in many ways, the defining musical moment of the decade. It brought together more musicians and more fans world-wide that one could have ever imagined. It was an event which now, almost 23 years later, still looms large in the memories of those of us who stayed glued to their TV screens that entire day.

And, of the venues that participated, Wembly Stadium in London was the only logical choice. It had an incredible mix of pioneers of the New Wave sound and the guardians of the classic British Invasion.

So, that's the challenge we're putting forth. We hope folks will pull on their parachute pants, get a cool asymmetrical hairdoo and join in the fun.
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