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(Mack Danger)

Member Since: Wednesday, June 04 2008 @ 12:35 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/mackdaniels70
Location: St. Louis, MO United States
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Dropped off to planet earth in 1970, Mack was made for music. As early as age 5 he played drums, but got his first real set at age 10. About the same time, he heard a young guitarist named Randy Rhoads who was playing for one of his idols, Ozzy Osbourne. He fell in love with guitar. Trading the drums for guitar, he picked it up instantly and has played to this day, performing with many bands, as well as solo, and has recorded under the name "Former" for many years. Now that Former has passed, the "Dead Cowboy Rebellion" has begun.
Look for the debut album, "The Dark Half" coming in 2014!!!

"Mack is also the brainchild of the new Electro-Metal / Industrial / Grudge - Slunge projekt known as "ANDROID SUICIDE", one half of the mysterious "Cloak+Dagger" Techno duo, and has also done remixes for Nine Inch Nails, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, to name a few. He also composed and performed the soundtrack for the Indie Horror Mockumentary "Zombie Epidemic" in which he also had a small role as a mad scientist. With many irons in several different fires, Mack seems to be the mad scientist in his audio laboratory, always creating something monster." - Andy Beta 3.1
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12.29.11 Possessed To Kill 0.00 (0) 1912 (7) Metal 12.31.11 Active
07.31.08 Corporate America #4 8.75 (3) 2999 (9) Heavy Metal 09.07.08 Active
07.22.08 Girlfriend 8.63 (2) 2458 (6) Heavy Metal 09.07.08 Active
06.09.08 Within 8.79 (7) 3268 (16) Heavy Metal 09.07.08 Active
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Music Background Everything from classical, to country, to industrial, to death metal. Love The Beatles, NIN, Rush, Oomph!, Clutch, Ozzy / Randy Rhoads, Helmet, Megadeth, Slayer, Ministry, Tim McGraw, Black Sabbath, Angelspit, BabyMetal, Liars, KMFDM, Strapping Young Lad, Kill Creek, Coven, Diamanda Galas, Zeni Geva, John Zorn, FNM, The Ramones, Nirvana, Kansas, David Bowie, MCR, Dead Kennedys, Melvins, Cocteau Twins, Deadcandance, REM, Muse, Radiohead, Tool, Foo Fighters, Acid Bath, Eisbrech, Kasabian... I could go on forever...
Music Skills Fluent on drums, lead & rhythm guitars, bass guitars,Analog Synths & Audio Treatments, Sonic Illusions, Programming & Sequencing, Percussive Explosions and vocalism.
Music Hardware Weapon of choice: 1993 Jackson Stealth custom with EMG pickups & Floyd Rose double locking trem. It plays better than a wet dream, or any freaky sex scene. Sound Machine: Digitech RP250 & GNX4 Drums: Superior!!!
Music Software Shit that records.
Keywords Mack Danger, Music, Radio, Audio, Madness, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Thrash, Punk, Funk, Retro, Futuro, Blutero, Comedy, Rant, Rave, Talk, Etc Blah Blah Blah