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Martin Ball
(Martin Ball)

Member Since: Thursday, July 07 2005 @ 05:13 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.download.com/martinball
Location: Buellton, California USA
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I've been recording music since I was 15. Here are some of my latest creations using GarageBand.

In the early days I just recorded rhythm guitar tracks on a tape and played that back into another tape player with a lead track, or maybe bass. Eventually I graduated to 4-Track and used a Yamaha MT-120 for some years, which served its purpose but still had limitations. A few years ago my friend Kevin invited me down to his place in Santa Monica and had me lay down some mandolin and percussion tracks on some songs he was working on. Keven was recording with ProTools on his G4 at the time and suggested I download ProTools Free for my G3 and give it a whirl. That initiated my full imersion into digital music recording and I haven't looked back. With ProTools giving me such a clean and crisp recording, as opposed to tape, I got on an all-acoustic kick for probably the past 3-4 years. In 2005 I moved on to GarageBand when my dad passed his G4 on to me when he upgraded to a G5. I love recording in GarageBand and as you can hear, have given up the all-acoustic thing, at least for the time being (though I'd point out that my only guitar is the acoustic you can see in the photo, so all "electric" guitars you hear in these songs was all done with my acoustic with the effects added later). If you'd like to hear more of my acoustic music I'd recommend www.download.com/martinball, www.download.com/naturalroots, or www.download.com/orobai.
Martin Ball's Songs (9)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
01.14.06 Stars in My Hands 8.31 (4) 2533 (4) Trance 12.17.06 Active
12.31.05 My Way Home 6.13 (2) 1482 (4) Alternative Rock 01.01.06 Active
09.25.05 Flying 7.88 (2) 2292 (8) Reggae 10.30.05 Active
07.13.05 Open Your Eyes 7.88 (4) 3089 (6) Reggae 10.17.05 Active
07.13.05 Facing No One But Yourself 7.40 (5) 1698 (6) Alternative Rock 07.29.05 Active
07.13.05 Joy 8.33 (3) 1781 (2) Ethnic-International 07.14.05 Active
07.07.05 Mystic Dreaming 7.25 (2) 1676 (1) Alternative Rock 07.08.05 Active
07.07.05 Miriam Down Under (2005) 7.17 (3) 1920 (4) Funk 07.11.05 Active
07.07.05 Mescalero Days (Rainbow Mountain 7.50 (1) 2098 (2) Alternative Rock 07.08.05 Active
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Music Background
Music Skills I play guitar, bass, madolin, ethnic flutes, percussion, keyboards, didjeridu and harmonica.
Music Hardware
Music Software GarageBand 1 and ProTools Free, though I'm doing everything on Garage Band now.