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I call myself an assembly musician mainly because I just play by ear, record everything and then slice it all up into parts and reassemble it into something I hope is listenable. I enjoy the process but never seem to have the time to really be as meticulous as I'd like to be. Still, it's great fun for me hearing a tune come together and a great joy when it touches a chord with someone.
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08.12.15 What the Hell is Wrong With Everyone? 0.00 (0) 2259 (19) Rock 01.06.17 Active
09.24.09 Will Justice Be Done? 10.00 (1) 2818 (11) Rock 08.13.15 Active
12.19.07 Contented 0.00 (0) 2762 (7) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 02.11.11 Active
08.01.07 Another World (1996) 0.00 (0) 2797 (4) Pop (mainstream) 01.05.12 Active
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Music Background No musical training. I can't read music or truly "play" an instrument. The keyboard is wonderful because it allows me to express myself through other instrument sounds without having to play those instruments. I know that this tends to raise the hackles of real musicians, all this electronic music, but it allows me to create where I otherwise could not. I figure if I write something that catches somebody's ear, then perhaps the true musicians can take it further and make it into what it should really be.
Music Skills Play keyboard by ear. Have some decent drum chops/instincts for someone who doesn't have a drum set (just midi drum pads). Took some piano lessons way back but didn't have a piano to practice on at the time so it really wasn't a situation conducive to learning.
Music Hardware Korg M1, Digidesign M-Box, Lacie external drives, Midiman Mini-Mixer, Audio Technica condenser mic, M-Audio Midisport USB midi interface 1x1, various other dongles, etc.
Music Software Garageband, Soundtrack Pro... Looking to purchase Applied Accoustic's Strum Electric for more realistic guitar sounds (since I am just a one-man "band")