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(Anthony Finfrock)

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[U-D-R] began it's existence as a remix project dating back to 1996. I used an old "mod" editor called Meditor to remix songs by Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM and LeƦther Strip. I tried to write some original compositions in that program, but found it very difficult. I had only two successes. One was built entirely from sampled instruments from other industrial music. The other was made entirely with sampled sounds from a Casio Tone-Bank 650. I tried doing vocals, recorded through a friend's guitar distortion pedal. Those two songs weren't very good to say the least.

I wouldn't give up on my aspirations to become a musician however. I rewrote one of those songs on a Performa 475, running Studio Vision Pro. I had used the GM bank on a pretty nice, though consumer level, Yamaha keyboard. I got the chance to take that file into a real studio and record vocals. It wasn't the worst song in the world. But it was close.

Still determined, in 1997 I got a new PowerComputing PowerWave 604|120Mhz computer and got Logic Audio 1.0. I invested in my trusty old Alesis QS6 synth which I still use today. It was at this time, [U-D-R] was officially born. My equipment grew and my talent was still lacking. But I improved as time went on.

In 1998, I was on to Logic Audio Platinum 3.5 and a much wider array of equipment. By now, I had finished 2 albums and 1 ep. I also played my first few shows at a local goth/industrial club. I invited two of my friends to play keyboards and guitars during my live appearances. They both worked their way back to the studio to record another ep.

In 1999, I met my ex-wife and added her vocal talent to the mix. The guitars were gone and the angsty industrial music flowed forth. The album we were working on never did find completion, though there was probably enough tracks to make one. We played more live shows, made many friends, added more musicians to our live gigs. Then one day, it all just sort of stopped.

In 2000, a friend of mine and I started the "encode" project. We gathered up lots of fancy synths, drum machines, Logic Platinum 4.8.1, a big shiny mixer, grabbed my keyboardist and cranked out 16 delightful instrumentals. For one reason or another, vocals never did get recorded.

In 2001, my friend who was working with me on the encode project opened up his own nightclub. We pretty much ended the encode project at that time and focused on getting the club open. For the next two years, working at the club and DJing prevented most of our musical aspirations.

In 2003, I left the DJing behind and decided to join the Army. I left for Basic in May and wouldn't see my studio again until April of 2004. I started writing music again and I'm hoping it's getting better with each go at it. In May of 2004, I had to return to Iraq for a 90 day extension. I think it only ended up being about 70 plus 2 weeks in Kuwait. Fortunately, I made it home again. Now it's back to business as usual and writing more music.

I realized there's a 2 year gap here... after I left Germany, I went to Ft. Drum, NY. Froze my butt off. Reenlisted to get to Ft. Lewis, WA. Much nicer place. Though they sent me off to Iraq for 5 months. At least that time I was in Tal'Afar. Which is in the middle of nowhere with not much going on. Kinda like an extended summer camp ; )

In 2010, the Army decided I needed to visit Korea. No sir, I don't like it.

2013 Update: I'm living in Seattle, back in school after getting out of the army. I put together an album of old material that I reworked with new software and instruments using the existing vocals, while I was in Korea. I'm still working on music (including a new side project), so I will eventually have something to post here again.

2014-2017 Update: I moved back to Tucson 3 years ago and haven't done anything useful since. I did get my studio set up and it's rather functional again (finally?). My hope is to get back into writing music again or at least finishing what I started over the past 7 years (or more).
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01.30.12 Clear and Present Danger (2012 - short) 10.00 (1) 2111 (2) Industrial 02.08.12 Active
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07.28.09 Cleanse the sun 9.25 (1) 2162 (2) Electropop 08.01.09 Active
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07.28.09 The Game 0.00 (0) 1934 (0) Industrial N/A Active
07.28.09 Cease Fire (version 1.0) 0.00 (0) 2111 (0) Industrial N/A Active
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01.17.05 Forever in Time 8.10 (23) 5394 (30) Ambient 04.10.06 Active
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Music Background I didn't really do a whole lot with music prior to 1996. My mom always told me I played around on the piano and this goofy little drum set when I was a baby though.
Music Skills My previous job with the US Army Europe Band & Chorus had me running live sound for an 18 person chorus with a 4 piece band, sound support for a full concert band and marching band. I also work with ProTools in their studio and have recorded both the chorus and concert band live and in our rehearsal hall. I've done some remix work on my own. I was in school at the Art Institute of Seattle for their Audio Design Technology program. I learned some fun stuff and then realized I'm not good at school.
Music Hardware Focusrite Saffire 40 I/O. Mackie 824 mk2 monitors. Alesis QS6 and Supernova 2 synths.
Music Software Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10, some romplers and various other plugins.
Keywords industrial, ebm, goth, electro, elektro, dance, techno, synth-pop