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Born in Buffalo, New York - Schooled @ Ithaca College in the Finger Lakes - Resident of NYC ever since.
Married - two children - ages 6 & 9 Emma & Ryan. My son seems to be the budding music producer in our clan, at least of electronica (The Band Is Rocking).

Writing songs since I was eight but never confident enough to pursue them any further, despite having been a radio deejay with access; go figure. Anyway, just recently noticed that my songs are showing their age - in other words, making some comments on the serendipity nature of life, mine anyway. They seem less drawn from the inner journey, as in the past, and are tempered with some hard-won wisdom, if I may be allowed. Other than that the fiction melds a hell of a lot better with the fact these days! And I feel as though it's now or never - so, here goes......
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11.19.08 Living in the Shadow 8.88 (2) 1730 (4) Pop (Alternative) 11.28.08 Active
11.04.08 Dance To The Beat 0.00 (0) 1483 (0) Electropop N/A Active
10.30.08 Damn, Well Here I Am 10.00 (1) 1360 (2) Pop (Alternative) 10.30.08 Active
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Music Background Mostly on the radio side - deejay, business of music aficianado - lots of artist contact and interviews.
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