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(Herb Rowland)

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I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, graduated from Little Rock Central in 1961, and majored in music at Arkansas Tech and Little Rock University, now the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, for almost a year and a half before running out of money and serving two years in the Navy as a radioman aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, seven months of it in the South China Sea. After returning home, I finished my B.A., majoring in German and English at the University of Arkansas; had I stayed in music, I would have had to repeat some courses, which was unappealing, and literature was my first love anyway. Following a year of study in Germany I got two advanced degrees in German at the University of Oregon, taught high school for a couple of years on the Oregon coast--the job market at the college level was horrendous--spent eight years at Eastern Washington University, and in 2010 completed my twenty-seventh year at Purdue University. Now I divide my time between my literary research, music, visiting art museums, and having fun with my grandkids.
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10.28.12 Bring Back That Seventies Spirit Now 0.00 (0) 1429 (4) Rock 11.05.12 Active
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Music Background I started out playing clarinet and then sax (bari and bass) in school concert bands, even majored in music on alto for nearly a year and a half before dropping out of college for lack of money and going into the Navy. In my later teens I played baritone sax in one rock band, guitar in two others, and sang baritone and bass and played the guitar in a pop vocal group. I also sang bass in my church choir and, for a while, in a barber shop organization. During this period I wrote over a hundred songs (most of them throw-aways). This was all between about 1958 and 1963, which should give you an idea of what kind of music I was playing and writing. Then came forty-five years or so of college and work, during which I played and sang very little. That began to change in 2005, as retirement neared. I started playing guitar and singing more often, began learning to play the bass, and eventually picked up a sax for the first time in all those years, which was the hardest chore of all, and started salvaging what I could from the songs of the early sixties as well as writing new ones. It was about that time that I discovered GarageBand and began ascending a learning curve, which, continuing on to mastering, I'm still on. My absolutely favorite kind of music is sixteenth-century choral liturgical music, e.g., Palestrina and Praetorius, but my musical taste is very democratic (which may mean that I have none) and embraces everything from bluegrass and blues to many of the different kinds of rock and pop. As a kid I especially favored doo-wop groups like Jerry Butler and the Impressions, Little Anthony and the Imperials, and Dion and the Belmonts, and I will still take a vocal group over a single act and pay more attention to the vocal background than to the lead. During the years I was working I didn't pay nearly as much attention to music as I had earlier, but I still had time for groups like CSN, CCR, the Eagles, and a few other acts from the late sixties through the eighties. After my daughter graduated from high school in '89, I pretty much lost contact with developments in music, but I'm making up for lost time now, at least to a certain extent.
Music Skills I play guitar, bass, and saxophone. I don't play drums in three-dimensional space, but I do so in my head and usually modify my percussion loops, often considerably.
Music Hardware I use an M-Audio Fast Track as an interface and a couple of Shure mics, the SM 58 for vocals and the SM 57 for the saxes. If instruments are considered hardware, I should say that I play a 1960 Gibson ES-300, mostly as a rhythm guitar now, an early eighties Lotus, a Strat knockoff, for lead, a relatively late model Epiphone Embassy Special IV bass, a Yamaha alto sax made in 1994, and a twenties or thirties vintage C-Melody tenor, a stencil probably made by Conn or Buescher.
Music Software I record with GarageBand and master with Peak Pro 7.