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Hello, everyone!!! I wanted to briefly update you all on recent happenings!
I have not been posting lately, mainly due to the fact I am in a band again, after many years away from the scene. Concentrating on my guitar playing, I am serving the triple threat of lead/rhythm and backing dual vocals...we have been in writing mode since late January, and have seven original songs nearly completed. We have plans to play live around Sacramento, California in the early summer.
In addition, the film SOUL is in production now and prinicple photography began early this march, 2011. I am writing and performing the soundtrack for this, and as songs are completed, I will post them on my NEW INFECTION page.
Thank you all for listening to my music and supporting me for the past three and a half years on macjams!!
Allen Dean, 03/2011

The Razor’s Kiss is a three-act concept piece, written in the form of an operatic, melodic metal symphony.
Act one was a eight-song demo I finished late in 2007. At that time, I left it in a way that completed the story in one act.
The premise for act one was as follows; He, my male character, is a man who has never loved. His fear of being hurt, and lack of self worth has kept him from giving of his emotional self to another. He lives in his own shadow, and cannot imagine anyone caring for him in a romantic way. She, my female character, is a young woman scarred by life. Beaten, broken and abused, she lives in a state of hatred toward love, and only gives her emotional self to the blackness in her scarred soul. They meet, and fall madly in love. They try to be together, and help each other overcome their personal demons. His lack of worth, and need to withdraw at the first sign of emotional connection, and her love for the blackness that has been her only companion for so long, causes their love to self destruct. He tries to keep the black from her heart, and almost succeeds. Finally, she gives in to the call of the black, and takes her life while he is away. He fears the worst, trying desperately to call her, only to find she is already dead. He confronts her in a dream, after her funeral, cursing her for taking her life and not taking him with her. Without her he has nothing. He is nothing. In a state of sorrow and self-loathing, he takes his own life to be with her, using the very same, blood-rusted razor.
This was where I originally ended it. An 8-song concept demo, full of pain, anger and the tragedy of love lost, love found. Then, I had a feeling come over me: what if it was not over? What if his pain, and her blackness refused to die? What if the black she used as her only sense of being was a tangible being? A demon that needed the pain and suffering to exist? What if he woke to find he could not die?
The final song in act one became a song called “Buried Alive.” He finds himself in his coffin, deep in the earth, unable to rest, unable to end it all, unable to be with she who loved him most of all.
Act two begins with him. Unable to die, unable to sleep, stealing the souls of the shattered and giving them to the blackness. Unbearable pain and unending suffering the price of non-compliance. The demon must be fed. He cannot die. The demon will not let him. He is cursed. The only way to end his curse is in the form of a manuscript taken off the corpse of a catholic priest following confession. The priest tells him the only way to break the curse is through love. The love of she who conjured the black can set him free by denying the demon. One small problem; she is dead. A suicide no less. He must find a way to cross the threshold of death to be with her. Act three. The redemption of the purest love. I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I enjoy creating them
Allen Dean, 2008

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