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Being the only one of 7 children not to take piano lessons from a young age, I expressed an interest in playing drums, but ended up learning guitar just before high school. After about half a year of lessons, I didn't touch an instrument in any serious way until I was about 16, when I took it upon myself to take piano lessons. Once again, after six months the lessons stopped (but much was learnt!) and I switched to guitar again and haven't looked back since. While never being strong on music theory, I have learnt enough over the years to get by, but I rely heavily on playing and creating by ear.
The inexplicable quality of a great "sound" has always fascinated me as well, hence further study in Audio Engineering and a subsequent career as a Sound FX editor for film and TV. I've gained any experience in writing songs from listening to great songwriters, and have a special interest in what is quickly becoming a lost concept - the Album! The way a suite of songs fits together, complimenting and juxtaposing, can be truly thrilling and sometimes quite moving. Having said that, I still tend to hit "shuffle" on my iPod...
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