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(Roxanne Smith)

Member Since: Wednesday, November 23 2005 @ 08:01 PM CST
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Location: Catskill, NY USA
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I was born in 1953 in Peekskill, NY and have lived in the Hudson River Valley all my life. Music has always been a top priority to me, and until I got GarageBand, I'd never written any. This is fun! Jesus saved my soul at age 26. Everything in my life is woven around that. Music is vital for well-being, so I tend to listen to music that uplifts my soul. Worship songs, funny parodies, and acoustics are my favorites, though I occasionally compose strongly worded social commentary or opinionated songs. I enjoy doing backup harmony, and it's cool that you guys ask me to sing with you. I'm constantly reminded at he depth of talent and friendship in this place.

While I love to comment,I don't rate songs in here, and I'd like you to know why. MacJams has many "real" musicians with highly trained ears, who can grade a song accurately. I can't- I only go by "Hey, i like this- It sounds good and makes me feel something. I don't think it would be fair of me to make a rating based upon my feelings or my affinity for the particular musician's work. I know relatively little about about the technical aspects of of music production; for example, I don't read notes or have training in music theory. Therefore, my number ratings may not be accurate. That said, you are all 10's in my book. :-)

Collabs or songs I'm featured on:

Davisamerica2 - I Thought That you Should Know, Erika, No Holding Onto You, Wings on the Wind, Vinyl, Pocket Dreams, Song of Broken Promises, The One That I Adore
SJB-Take a Chance
Davisamerica- Going Down, Shine, Grow Old with Me, Emma
Socorro:As All Good Friends, Sirocco
Calchas-Goin' Coastal
Paul F. Page- Arise (Feter cover)
Chestnut- You Got the Pocketbook
DiamondValley- various Scriptures set to music
Moviz- The Singer
Ren-Tin-10- A Welcome to Spring
Dadai2- Drifting Today, Front Porch Interlude, Hard Times, Acoustiv Morning Song (TFP)
Postludes Trio- Lead Me To Calvary
Awigze-Light of Bethlehem
Thetiler-Wedding Song
DustyAttic- Your Moonlight
Ted23- The Way You Say Goodnight, Hermit Crab
BigFinish- giant collab, parts here & there
Richard Schletty-HFH harmony bits
Woodstock MJ- Down In the River to Pray
Feter & The McBlues Band- Rain of Love
Feter McBlues- Barbara Allen, Hope, Simple Gifts, Jangling Conversation, The Secret, Give Me Your Confidence, Arise, Meadow Song, Conversation Song, Let's Go, Babe, Into your Arms
Dadai- O Holy Night, From His Hand, A Brighter Day, As You Walk With Me
Dadai & the Dadwin Hawkins Singers--For All the Many Things
Drakonis- Dulce Amor, Mosquito Song, Yev-Ember, Toxic Desire
Some MJ party animals- Happy Birthday to Drak
Cori Ander- Oceans Are Crying
EMP- Electric Yev-Ember vocal
Smokeyvw- Peaceful Sunrise 2
RickW--God of Wonder
KristyJo-- Shining Down on Me
Obstructions w M. Wark- The Last Great War
Heidi_E-Acoustic Mystery

Thank you for checking out my songs. :-)
Roxylee's Songs (47)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
10.10.10 Emma, by davisamerica 9.08 (3) 6718 (91) Art Rock 10.16.16 Active
09.05.10 A Bell in the Valley, by SmokeyVW 0.00 (0) 3657 (48) Inspirational (contemporary) 03.28.13 Active
04.26.10 Covered-poem by Jack Miller, added vocals by Rich Schletty 8.00 (3) 3957 (40) Inspirational (contemporary) 05.28.10 Active
03.13.10 Mercy and Grace 10.00 (2) 3492 (44) Folk (contemporary) 12.10.11 Active
12.12.09 FWIW w Awigze and Dadai2 8.67 (3) 4638 (76) Blues (contemporary) 02.15.11 Active
09.10.09 Sweet Grace 8.35 (5) 4286 (58) Acoustic 12.03.09 Active
06.08.09 Smile, by Feter (C to C) 10.00 (3) 4763 (78) Acoustic 09.16.09 Active
05.22.09 Her Answer (Feter: C to C) 8.58 (3) 4187 (71) Folk (traditional) 11.02.10 Active
04.09.09 Front Porch Interlude-Roxylee/Dadai.2 (TFP) 9.38 (2) 4580 (61) Folk (contemporary) 01.19.13 Active
03.09.09 Travelin' Shoes w Feter 9.60 (5) 5026 (61) Folk (contemporary) 04.30.13 Active
02.09.09 Maker of Heaven and Earth remix (MJRF) 8.81 (4) 5470 (60) Inspirational (contemporary) 06.24.09 Active
01.21.09 Get Out of the Pulpit 9.15 (5) 8141 (58) Folk (contemporary) 06.19.09 Active
11.05.08 Conversation Song, by Feter 9.25 (4) 7033 (71) Folk (contemporary) 10.12.09 Active
10.21.08 Psalm 8 9.75 (3) 3941 (26) Spoken Word-Poetry 03.21.09 Active
10.02.08 Meadow Song, w Feter 9.19 (9) 4785 (73) Folk (contemporary) 02.25.09 Active
07.29.08 Lay It Down 8.67 (13) 4283 (56) Inspirational (contemporary) 01.06.09 Active
06.27.08 His Yoke is Easy (MJ Coffeehouse) 9.05 (14) 5989 (62) Inspirational (contemporary) 01.06.09 Active
04.30.08 I'm Stayin' 9.30 (11) 4880 (70) A Cappella 07.01.09 Active
04.29.08 Walkin Away From the Blues 8.89 (7) 6891 (49) Blues (contemporary) 09.11.09 Active
03.25.08 Jangling Conversation-Woodstock, w Feter 9.17 (12) 4488 (60) Folk (contemporary) 04.28.08 Active
02.17.08 Simple Gifts w Feter 9.08 (13) 6299 (83) Folk (traditional) 08.25.08 Active
01.31.08 Hope (collab w Feter) 9.19 (12) 5247 (75) Classical 07.28.09 Active
01.17.08 Instr/Barbara Allen, with Feter 9.41 (11) 10485 (99) Folk (traditional) 01.06.09 Active
10.19.07 Autumn 9.25 (6) 4652 (56) Pop Classical 04.26.10 Active
08.04.07 As You Walk With Me-Collab w Dadai 9.27 (13) 5776 (79) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 01.18.09 Active
07.23.07 Break Out 8.90 (13) 6526 (69) Folk (contemporary) 11.13.08 Active
06.15.07 The Last Great War 8.68 (10) 4079 (54) Spoken Word-Poetry 04.01.19 Active
02.10.07 Happy Birthday, Drakonis! 9.00 (14) 7567 (46) Acoustic Rock 02.11.10 Active
12.14.06 My Hesitation Blues 8.08 (13) 5754 (44) Blues (contemporary) 01.29.09 Active
11.14.06 Yev-Ember 8.47 (8) 4935 (36) Spoken Word-Poetry 02.19.09 Active
11.04.06 Peaceful Sunrise 8.56 (8) 4787 (36) Open Collaborations 07.02.07 Active
11.02.06 Oceans Are Crying, by Cori Ander 8.69 (8) 4054 (29) Other 08.21.08 Active
10.24.06 Maker of Heaven and Earth 8.73 (10) 4229 (28) Inspirational (contemporary) 02.05.09 Active
10.19.06 Four Hymn 8.36 (7) 3541 (22) Classical 06.02.08 Active
09.25.06 Whimsy 8.55 (10) 3953 (49) Classical 04.07.08 Active
09.02.06 Clean The House 8.00 (4) 4012 (21) Comedy-Satire-Parody 03.12.08 Active
07.08.06 Bring Me Home 8.80 (10) 3885 (35) Acoustic 02.05.09 Active
06.17.06 Lord, Let Me 8.81 (9) 4485 (37) Inspirational (contemporary) 07.08.08 Active
04.18.06 Praise Round remix 8.78 (8) 3563 (30) Inspirational (contemporary) 03.12.08 Active
04.17.06 Praise Round 8.45 (5) 3415 (12) Inspirational (contemporary) 03.12.08 Active
04.14.06 Dulce Amor - Roxyvox 8.66 (8) 5660 (34) Folk (traditional) 04.19.10 Active
03.30.06 Goodbye, Joe 8.25 (5) 3331 (19) Spoken Word-Poetry 02.28.10 Active
03.29.06 Delight Yourself 8.96 (6) 4481 (27) Inspirational (contemporary) 09.08.08 Active
01.30.06 Joy 8.25 (4) 3400 (28) Experimental 02.23.10 Active
01.20.06 Christian Apology 8.25 (4) 3194 (10) Spoken Word-Poetry 07.15.09 Active
01.19.06 A Matter of Choice? 8.36 (9) 4074 (24) Political 04.13.08 Active
01.02.06 Dreamjazzd 7.98 (11) 3203 (11) Experimental 04.08.08 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Poor Wayfaring Stranger Calchas 05.22.19 Folk-Rock
The Crossing (farewell to Phil) Dadai.2 01.25.19 Folk-Rock
Freedoms' Child (Slight Return) Calchas 11.25.17 Rock (instrumental)
The Trailing Car / with Roxylee davisamerica2 09.04.15 Ballad
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (live) Dadai.2 08.25.15 Acoustic
Playing In The Rain paul f. page 08.22.15 Piano
Summertime (live) Dadai.2 08.13.15 Acoustic
Blue Moon (live) Dadai.2 07.31.15 Acoustic
Vivian davisamerica2 07.27.15 Ballad
A Brighter Day (Roxylee, R. Schletty) Dadai.2 07.03.15 Folk (contemporary)
Moving On/ with Bob Rodgers davisamerica2 06.29.15 Ballad
Moving On/ with Bob Rodgers davisamerica2 06.29.15 Ballad
I'll Fly Away (Roxylee, Richard Schletty, Jack Miller) Dadai.2 05.19.15 Gospel
Silk and Shade (tenor sax improv) Dadai.2 05.04.15 Smooth Jazz
When You Wish Upon A Star Dadai.2 02.13.15 Easy Listening
Second Chances Dadai.2 01.01.15 Folk-Rock
Just For You / with Davisamerica, Sisters, & BirdmanWayne94 davisamerica2 09.02.14 Ballad
The Looker / with davisamerica, Roxylee, FEEL, jgurner, scofugate, & awigze davisamerica2 07.30.14 Blues (traditional)
Homestead/with Roxylee,John Kaplan,Guygrooves,Jiguma,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.22.14 Country-Western
Goodbye, Martha (with Davisamerica, Roxylee, jiguma, Vic Holman, scofugate) davisamerica2 01.19.14 Ballad
Why Do I Remember? / With DWL & Davisamerica davisamerica2 01.17.13 Country-Western
I'll Just Sing Another Song Dadai.2 01.12.13 Rock & Roll
Happy Holidays(MJ Card) davisamerica 12.20.12 Holiday
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by Julia Grace Dadai.2 11.30.12 Children's Music
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (new w/Roxylee) Dadai.2 11.20.12 Gospel
ChristmasCard davisamerica 10.24.12 Open Collaborations
Praise To The Lord LIVE John Stebbe 10.03.12 Gospel
Guide track rabittwhole 09.29.12 Open Collaborations
Your Moonlight (2012) w/Roxylee, Feter, Henri Roger Dadai.2 08.19.12 Acoustic
Rock ( At The Top of The Park) Ann Arbor ,MI Feter 07.05.12 Rock
Lord, I'm crazy pablatone 06.29.12 Children's Music
Singin" Glory Glory pablatone 06.25.12 Children's Music
The Snake Song pablatone 06.22.12 Children's Music
I'm Gonna Go With Jesus pablatone 06.20.12 Children's Music
Smelly Shoes pablatone 06.18.12 Children's Music
Arise - Paul F Page and Roxy Lee Feter 05.01.12 Pop Orchestral
Waiting In The Rain Bob Rodgers 04.19.12 Acoustic
Searching for Ikhabod Pain... Dadai.2 03.31.12 Art Rock
(House Of The) Rising Sun J.A.Stewart 03.29.12 Blues (contemporary)
What Will Be... (Vic Holman & Jack Miller) Dadai.2 03.13.12 Acoustic Rock
The Drift Dadai.2 03.05.12 Smooth Jazz
Madeline Dadai.2 03.03.12 Acoustic
Cloudgig (w/ DavisAmerica) awigze 03.02.12 Other
Shiny Things Philip18 03.01.12 Acoustic
Green Eyes Philip18 02.09.12 Acoustic
Lines on the Antiquity of Microbes (and now for something completely different) Dadai.2 01.28.12 Art Rock
This One That I Adore (with Roxylee,Jiguma,Scofugate,& Paul Page) davisamerica2 01.22.12 Ballad
Gläns över sjö och strand Cori Ander 12.23.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
What Child Is This? (with Roxylee) Dadai.2 12.20.11 Holiday
Hum (VicHolman/Sisters Mix) davisamerica 12.17.11 Rock
I'm Still Gonna Love You (with Jiguma, Loob, & Awigze) davisamerica2 12.13.11 Blues (contemporary)
O Holy Night (with Roxylee) Dadai.2 12.08.11 Holiday
Engage poodyglitz 09.30.11 Electronic
From His Hand - V2 (Roxylee, futzpucker, dadai) Dadai.2 09.27.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
From His Hand - V1 (Schletty, Feehan, & Miller) Dadai.2 09.26.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
Honest Son (MedicineShowBand) davisamerica 09.25.11 Art Rock
Happy Birthday Jack - Again! MarkHolbrook 08.05.11 Children's Music
Lonesome Luke (with Jiguma, Loob, & Paddler) davisamerica2 08.01.11 Ballad
Pulse/Track 1 rabittwhole 07.31.11 Experimental
For All The Many Things (w/Roxylee, R. Schletty, snowdragon) Dadai.2 07.30.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
PIO2011/stage 3 davisamerica 07.29.11 Art Rock
You Can't Get To Heaven... Dadai.2 07.22.11 Blues (contemporary)
When You Are Near paul f. page 07.22.11 Romantic
It Won't Last... Dadai.2 07.13.11 Blues (contemporary)
Forever And A Day Dadai.2 06.23.11 Acoustic
Brother of Mine Dadai.2 06.09.11 Acoustic
Farming Town (With Roxylee, Awigze & Scofugate) davisamerica2 05.25.11 Ballad
Black Forest Dance, take 3 drakonis 05.22.11 Classical
On My Way (maybe I'm just weary) Dadai.2 05.21.11 Acoustic
Overflow (w/Sisters/Jiguma/Loob davisamerica2 05.13.11 Acoustic Rock
Last Sail (Goodwillys crew-mates/Vic Holman, Calchas, jiguma, Schletty, Dancy) Dadai.2 05.07.11 Folk-Rock
Prize Winning Rose (With LilMom & Awigze) davisamerica2 05.07.11 Easy Listening
Wondrous Clay - voice, piano, choir RichardSchletty 04.15.11 Gospel
Wayfaring Stranger (2011) Dadai.2 04.14.11 Acoustic Rock
Wondrous Clay (badly mastered) RichardSchletty 04.04.11 Gospel
Dreamers Like Me 2011 (Furner, Schletty, Miller) Dadai.2 04.02.11 Pop (mainstream)
Election Year 2008 RichardSchletty 04.01.11 Political
Wondering Why (loose change w/ziti, futz, jiguma, & pv) Dadai.2 04.01.11 Blues (contemporary)
Just Smile Moviz 03.28.11 Pop (Alternative)
Smackdown 3 w/awigze & scofugate magnatone 03.27.11 Pop Orchestral
PIF for Grand Organ paul f. page 03.26.11 Classical
Rhythm Of The Jungle thetiler 03.20.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Family Tie (With PickQuickRecords,awigze,MarkHolbrook and davisamerica2 Texas_Jam_July_2010 03.15.11 Rock
shakes ste 03.13.11 Pop (Alternative)
I'll Always Love You gail60 03.04.11 Piano
The South Wind (2trx2011) Ren-Tin-10 02.28.11 Celtic
Sleep Walkin' Moviz 02.28.11 Rhythm and Blues
My Fantasy World Mackie 02.27.11 Pop (Alternative)
tiny2/pandora rabittwhole 02.24.11 Other
Song of Broken Promises/with Roxylee, Maureen, awigze, VicDiesel, jgurner, & davisamerica davisamerica2 02.18.11 Ballad
mjStinger'11 2 SmokeyVW 02.18.11 Other
Tell Me by Shannon Savage pablatone 02.18.11 Acoustic
Gates Return (Last of the Dogmen) thetiler 02.16.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Yellow Stinger (Stinger'11) MarkHolbrook 02.16.11 Ambient
A Brief Moment (mjStinger'11) BirdmanWayne94 02.15.11 Acoustic
MJStinger'11 Farm Train awigze 02.15.11 Children's Music
mjStinger'11 - Tarantula Hawk Ren-Tin-10 02.14.11 Rock (instrumental)
mjStinger'11 - Tarantula Hawk Ren-Tin-10 02.14.11 Rock (instrumental)
Fifty Dollars thetiler 02.13.11 Folk (contemporary)
LET THE RIVER CARRY ME SISTERS 02.13.11 Easy Listening
Fancy Car w/TERRAPLANE sammydix 02.12.11 Blues (contemporary)
Hey, Cool Water pablatone 02.09.11 Acoustic
Confluence (Piano Solo) magnatone 02.08.11 Piano
Two Tracks 2trx2011 DavidConnell 02.09.11 Other
Take a Chance (with Roxylee) SJB 02.07.11 Acoustic
She Seems So Real MarkHolbrook 02.05.11 Progressive Rock
I Think Of You (with Paddler) Moviz 01.26.11 Ballad
The Lost Chickmonk awigze 01.21.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Ecchymoses au jardin blaky smith 01.21.11 Pop (mainstream)
All About Sheila's awigze 01.20.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
The Joy of Grace (acoustic) RichardSchletty 01.20.11 Gospel
Don and Gunnit Bail Bonds awigze 01.19.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Texas Dragon Rentals and Breeding awigze 01.19.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Rooster (Guitar Solo Version) thetiler 01.16.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
E Lucevan Le Stelle sschedra 01.16.11 Opera
Rooster thetiler 01.16.11 Folk-Rock
Ibstrat's BirdmanWayne94 01.12.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
so much more 2011 Scott Carmichael 01.12.11 Acoustic Rock
MJCC11 LOTR by Feter (Collab) davisamerica 01.12.11 Rock & Roll
MJCC11 Things I Love (Written by Paul F. Page) davisamerica2 01.12.11 Romantic
God Be With Ye SmokeyVW 01.02.11 Other
How Do You Say Goodbye? awigze 01.01.11 Piano
She's Like The Wind (2005 revisited) Dadai.2 12.30.10 Acoustic
Please Help (With DA#1 and Sloparts) davisamerica2 12.30.10 Country-Western
3. I Long To Be Free (Take Courage! musical) Lardo 12.21.10 Gospel
Looking for a song SJB 12.20.10 Acoustic Rock
Tale of Two Sons (w/Scott Carmichael & Richard Schletty) Dadai.2 12.19.10 Folk-Rock
Nola Scott Carmichael 12.15.10 Piano
Know Me (w/strangedream, cyrus0302, birdmanwayne94, paddler, vicdiesel) crissew 12.15.10 Pop (Alternative)
Abby's Gotta Dance / With (Too many to mention) davisamerica2 12.14.10 Rock
Silent Night thetiler 12.12.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Forgive Me, I (w/ Symphony101, Sigmund, alackbass, kevmikwa) RAVENS 12.10.10 Rock
Gloria In Excelsis Deo (Angels We Have Heard On High) Dadai.2 12.09.10 Holiday
Felix and dad Cori Ander 12.08.10 Acoustic
No Key (Featuring RubyDubidoux) thetiler 12.07.10 Folk (contemporary)
Time Passing Me By (2010) Dadai.2 12.06.10 Folk (contemporary)
Celebration Lardo 12.04.10 Gospel
Bible verses sung without restraint Lardo 12.04.10 Gospel
Christmas, Christmas. Moviz 12.01.10 Holiday
Fat Man's Blues (Flash Jam 2) Ren-Tin-10 11.30.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Regrets SmokeyVW 11.29.10 Piano
for samantha rabittwhole 11.26.10 Acoustic Rock
Tenor Sax Reflections* Dadai.2 11.21.10 Smooth Jazz
Einbruch der Nacht SmokeyVW 11.19.10 Film Scoring
Pocket Dreams (with Roxylee & Paul Page) davisamerica2 11.19.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
A Vision By Night Soulman4270 11.16.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
cover rabittwhole 11.16.10 Rock & Roll
cover rabittwhole 11.16.10 Rock & Roll
At Work (by Andre van Haren, mastered by Schletty) Lardo 11.15.10 Classical
Winter Carousel gail60 11.15.10 Piano
Without You (w Dadai.2) Lardo 11.15.10 Rock & Roll
You Are Lardo 11.14.10 Art Rock
Without You* Dadai.2 11.11.10 Rock & Roll
For Armistice Day Moviz 11.10.10 Spoken Word-Poetry
Yesterday Won't Go Away* Dadai.2 11.06.10 Acoustic
This life of mine. jibes 11.05.10 Rock & Roll
This life of mine. jibes 11.05.10 Rock & Roll
ssshhhh rabittwhole 11.04.10 Other
Fall Rising magnatone 11.03.10 Pop Orchestral
Return of the Phoenix (full piece) drakonis 10.31.10 Classical
A Mell in the Valley Ren-Tin-10 10.29.10 Experimental
game the system 0x01 ic42 10.29.10 Electropop
A Beautiful Sky Moviz 10.27.10 Other
Planxty Irwin Ren-Tin-10 10.25.10 Celtic
Blue Skies Dadai.2 10.24.10 Acoustic
You got yer Honey jibes 10.23.10 Art Rock
my name is emma (w/ davisamerica) Mystified 10.22.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
TANGERINE michaeljayklein 10.22.10 Easy Listening
Tiger's Symphony 867-5309 10.18.10 Classical
Follow the Drinkin' Gourd jibes 10.16.10 Folk (traditional)
Waiting SmokeyVW 10.16.10 Film Scoring
With A Few Words BirdmanWayne94 10.15.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
One For The Sheep paul f. page 10.14.10 Piano
In My Life Moviz 10.13.10 Other
You're the Top michaeljayklein 10.12.10 Jazz (vocal)
Banjobreakin Blues Jarvoid 10.12.10 Blues (contemporary)
Strum of Grief (revised version) Rayelise 10.11.10 Acoustic
Emma (davisamerica) crissew 10.11.10 Indie Rock
Emma Haunting (Rabittwhole + Alannah + Emma) Alannah 10.10.10 Art Rock
Dirty World Outtaorbit 10.08.10 Experimental
The Reason I Sing dancedivine 10.08.10 Folk-Rock
Not a Love Song (w/ JDHolliday, Crissew & awigze) awigze 10.08.10 Rock
Song for New Venice w/Five Extra Arms bud 10.05.10 Film Scoring
Fall into me gail60 10.03.10 Piano
Patricia's Walk Outtaorbit 10.01.10 Jazz (vocal)
A Song For You (w Luca Frappola) Lardo 09.30.10 Pop (mainstream)
When you meet your Saviour (Poem, Arthur Rice) WharmtonRise 09.29.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Did Ya Know? RAVENS 09.29.10 Ballad
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (iPod Touch mic) Dadai.2 09.28.10 Gospel
Can't Let Go (w Steiner and Anselm) Lardo 09.28.10 Folk (contemporary)
Amazing Grace (w Paul F. Page) Lardo 09.26.10 Gospel
Biyu Banter sschedra 09.20.10 Film Scoring
John 1 - by Olivia dancedivine 09.19.10 Folk-Rock
I'm A Nut John Stebbe 09.11.10 Children's Music
Kickoff2010 (NFL Films) sschedra 09.09.10 Film Scoring
Kickoff2010 (NFL Films) sschedra 09.09.10 Film Scoring
Didge Ya Know? Jarvoid 09.09.10 Folk (contemporary)
Five Forty-Five paul f. page 09.09.10 Easy Listening
Loading Zone (w/alackbass, kevmikwa, rgpaddler, ktb, rok41, & sigmund davisamerica2 09.07.10 Blues (contemporary)
Loading Zone (w/alackbass, kevmikwa, rgpaddler, ktb, rok41, & sigmund davisamerica2 09.07.10 Blues (contemporary)
Incognito Dadai.2 09.06.10 Rock
You Alone Are My King Soulman4270 09.06.10 Gospel
Smokey's Bell in Another Valley richard13 09.06.10 Pop Orchestral
Amalgam SmokeyVW 09.05.10 Psychedelic
Willow 867-5309 09.05.10 Folk (traditional)
childhood dreams 0x02 ic42 09.04.10 Ballad
Soul Song Soulman4270 09.02.10 Gospel
You're Getting to be a Habit with Me michaeljayklein 09.02.10 Easy Listening
Home Moviz 09.01.10 Ballad
Dark Walk(awigze,ShadowofNine,Spitlogic) davisamerica 09.01.10 Experimental
He's a Hard Workin' Cowboy - An Old Saddle Tramp - with davisamerica2 sloparts 08.31.10 Country-Western
Wake Me Gently paul f. page 08.29.10 Easy Listening
Easy Come, Easy Go w/Anne & paddler alackbass 08.29.10 Rhythm and Blues
You Know You've Got The Blues Dadai.2 08.28.10 Rhythm and Blues
Horse Race thetiler 08.28.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Pennies from Heaven michaeljayklein 08.26.10 Jazz (vocal)
Awakening paul f. page 08.23.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Summer Sizzle (T4S) w/ SISTERS awigze 08.21.10 Ballad
Angelika Lives Two Houses Down From Me (With Bob Rodgers) davisamerica2 08.14.10 Ballad
Sucka Free (Music by Angela Hope) sschedra 08.13.10 Rhythm and Blues
Maybe He'll Get Lucky - 2010 sloparts 08.08.10 Country-Western
childhood dreams 0x01 ic42 08.07.10 Ballad
Earthbound Scott Carmichael 08.07.10 Acoustic Rock
Earthbound Scott Carmichael 08.07.10 Acoustic Rock
Salome (Schletty & Furner) - remix Lardo 08.06.10 Gospel
Just Being With You* Dadai.2 08.03.10 Folk-Rock
The Voice Of The Lord Soulman4270 08.02.10 Gospel
Weather or Not? by Jim Bouchard w/awigze awigze 07.31.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Dulce's DADication - Instrumental drakonis 07.31.10 Acoustic
Be Thou My Vision Soulman4270 07.30.10 Folk (traditional)
Driving From The Lake Feeling Good thetiler 07.28.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Starry Sky 867-5309 07.26.10 Children's Music
Get Right With God Soulman4270 07.25.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Forever, For Always RAVENS 07.25.10 Ballad
Love, Love. Moviz 07.25.10 Latin Jazz
Fiesta thetiler 07.24.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Falling In Love With You paul f. page 07.23.10 Ballad
Texas Jam (sloparts band mix) davisamerica 07.22.10 Country-Western
Late Nite Spaghetti Sauce... Dadai.2 07.17.10 Smooth Jazz
Them Pickers, Grinners, Losers, Winners (Ain't nothin' hotter than Texas) sloparts 07.12.10 Country-Western
Texas Jam Sampler 1 MarkHolbrook 07.11.10 Other
No Telling What I Might Do featuring RAVENS alackbass 07.10.10 Blues (contemporary)
Hymn of Love (Down Slow 2 w/Feter, DavisAmerica, FEEL) evolvweb 07.10.10 Rock
Tempest kassia 07.10.10 Piano
Irrational Exuberance magnatone 07.06.10 Pop Classical
I Saw Stars chestnut 07.06.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
To See Another Day Soulman4270 07.04.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Cat Mama Blues (With Roxylee, Davisamerica, Awigze, Feter) davisamerica2 07.02.10 Blues (contemporary)
Another Long Day (featuring Awigze) rok41 06.30.10 NUjazz
Summer Emo PaulaMunk 06.28.10 A Cappella
Change (jdholliday, scofugate, Jeff Sawyer) dave_b 06.28.10 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Abby's Gotta Dance (Open Collab) davisamerica2 06.26.10 Open Collaborations
But I Will* (2010) Dadai.2 06.25.10 Folk-Rock
Marital Bliss (w/RG Paddler) davisamerica 06.21.10 Art Rock
Late Night Sax* Dadai.2 06.17.10 Smooth Jazz
Late Night Sax* Dadai.2 06.17.10 Smooth Jazz
Fool For Love gail60 06.12.10 Piano
Your love for me Heidi_E 06.12.10 Gospel
Her Blue Eyes BirdmanWayne94 06.10.10 Acoustic
VINYL With Roxylee, Davisamerica, Ziti, Awigze, Jiguma davisamerica2 06.10.10 Blues (traditional)
She's Mine Godchaser 06.09.10 Other
Perihelion kassia 06.09.10 New Age
The King's Dance 867-5309 06.07.10 Renaissance
Willow Weep For Me (with Lilmom and Awigze) Moviz 06.06.10 Blues (contemporary)
On the Shore jibes 06.05.10 Easy Listening
Just Go (with thoddi) * Dadai.2 06.04.10 Folk-Rock
The Fancy Fiddler 867-5309 06.02.10 Classical
Requiem rabittwhole 06.02.10 Ambient
Chickmunk in Space PaulaMunk 06.01.10 Ambient
Sea Of Life Moviz 05.30.10 Pop (mainstream)
Death of the Phoenix (orchestral interlude) drakonis 05.30.10 Classical
The House Of The Lord Soulman4270 05.29.10 Gospel
The Bear Safety Song michaelkoppenheffer 05.28.10 Reggae
That's How It Goes * Dadai.2 05.27.10 Folk-Rock
5 4 all - Tempis Fuguettes ic42 05.22.10 Baroque
The Big Question - Open Collab MarkHolbrook 05.22.10 Open Collaborations
Wings on the Wind/ with Roxylee & Davisamerica davisamerica2 05.21.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Morning Cup of Tea Cori Ander 05.21.10 Acoustic
After All This Time chestnut 05.20.10 Acoustic
Waltzing Mitilda in China thetiler 05.19.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Someone to Watch Over Me 867-5309 05.18.10 Jazz (vocal)
I Will Praise Him Ren-Tin-10 05.17.10 Solo Instrument
Limelight 867-5309 05.14.10 Piano
Don't Drag Me Down by S. Kindel pablatone 05.13.10 Acoustic
I'm Gonna Be An Overcomer (Joel's Song) Dadai.2 05.10.10 Gospel
Phrygian Etude 867-5309 05.10.10 Piano
Moving 'Forward'... (MissChaos cover) BirdmanWayne94 05.09.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
All Turns To Mist II (Featuring Reggie_Pole) Char 05.08.10 Pop (Alternative)
leave me alone pablatone 05.08.10 Acoustic
Amazing Grace (live at St. Mary's) Lardo 05.07.10 Gospel
Like Getting Smashed In The Head With Sugar-Coated Lead Pipes StrainsOfCaine 05.07.10 Industrial
Suspended 867-5309 05.06.10 Folk (contemporary)
Everything Is Words michaelkoppenheffer 05.06.10 Acoustic
Shandoah kristyjo 05.05.10 Folk (traditional)
Glacier Ride (Piano Solo) magnatone 05.05.10 Piano
After The Rain paul f. page 05.03.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Softly and Tenderly thetiler 05.03.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Unseen Foundation (WIP) blindsidedpoets 05.02.10 Acoustic
It's The Wond'rin' Moviz 05.01.10 Rhythm and Blues
It's The Wond'rin' Moviz 05.01.10 Rhythm and Blues
Morning Song paul f. page 04.30.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sweet Pickin' (Feter, Roxylee, Dadai.2) The_Front_Porch 04.29.10 Folk (contemporary)
That's Where I Cross Over michaelkoppenheffer 04.29.10 Folk-Rock
Jesus Lover of my Soul Ren-Tin-10 04.27.10 Gospel
AMSTERDAM jiguma 04.27.10 Alternative Rock
Ghosts of Thailand (w-Kassia) ShadowofNine 04.27.10 Ambient
Ghosts of Thailand (w-Kassia) ShadowofNine 04.27.10 Ambient
My Home ted23 04.25.10 Alternative Rock
Candy Clothing thetiler 04.23.10 Jazz (instrumental)
la Cour de mon Ecole blaky smith 04.23.10 Blues (contemporary)
Quixotic Dreams v2 (Maureen on Guitar) drakonis 04.22.10 Folk (traditional)
Hang #1 kassia 04.22.10 Open Collaborations
Covered (my take on a Dadai poem) Lardo 04.19.10 Gospel
You're The Cream In My Coffee chestnut 04.19.10 Easy Listening
Have You Any Room for Jesus / There Is a Fountain Ren-Tin-10 04.18.10 Gospel
Lo...A Rose? paul f. page 04.16.10 Other
Moonlight Serenade kassia 04.16.10 New Age
Acoustic Meditation (w/Dadai) Lardo 04.07.10 Acoustic
You And You Alone Moviz 04.04.10 Romantic
Peace In The Valley thetiler 04.04.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Acoustic Byways (guitar instrumental) Dadai.2 04.02.10 Acoustic
No Holding Onto You w/Roxylee, Futzpucker, Vic Holman, Scofugate, Jiguma davisamerica2 03.29.10 Country-Western
Polymnia at the Fair Lardo 03.28.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Timing paul f. page 03.27.10 Ballad
Knock Upon Your Door (3rd Movement) Lardo 03.26.10 Gospel
Out of Focus thetiler 03.24.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
A Round and Bach Again, version 5 (New Bass sound) drakonis 03.23.10 Baroque
Half Over Now (Goodwillys ride again w/Holman, Wark & Dancy) Dadai.2 03.21.10 Rock
As I Walked Through The Meadows chestnut 03.21.10 Folk (traditional)
The Road W/Coriander hackneybloke 03.20.10 Acoustic
Playin In The Backyard thetiler 03.19.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Beach Walk kassia 03.19.10 New Age
Smoking or Non (w/ Daugrin) awigze 03.18.10 Political
Goodbye Fess ! thetiler 03.18.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Pianos on Erinome SomeMadGirl 03.16.10 Ambient
Rocky Road To Dublin sschedra 03.14.10 Folk (traditional)
Comes The Dawn paul f. page 03.14.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
THIS TIME w Newton Bach SISTERS 03.13.10 Easy Listening
Well That's an Idea BigFinish 03.11.10 Informational
The Moss Cori Ander 03.10.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door (live) Lardo 03.08.10 Gospel
Don't Let It Slip Away (w/thetiler-Bill Furner) Dadai.2 03.07.10 Folk-Rock
Smokin' Pickin' BirdmanWayne94 03.07.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Confluence magnatone 03.05.10 Pop Classical
Texas 2010 MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.01.10 Blues (contemporary)
Pilgrim Honza 03.01.10 Pop Classical
Sirocco Socorro 02.27.10 Art Rock
To The Feynman Point SmokeyVW 02.26.10 Experimental
Hiya sheila and chris rabittwhole 02.26.10 Blues (contemporary)
Seafood Gumbo w/ AngelaHope TobinMueller 02.25.10 Jazz (vocal)
A Beautiful World Moviz 02.24.10 Hawaiian
A Day In Her Life (dadai vox remix) Dadai.2 02.21.10 Acoustic
Porsche thetiler 02.19.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Wholesome Treasures (for Lent) Lardo 02.17.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Rolling Down To Old Maui Lardo 02.17.10 Folk (traditional)
Valentine (Remix) StrainsOfCaine 02.16.10 Electropop
Angel Eyes (MJRF2010) jiguma 02.15.10 Acoustic
What About Me? by Sisters, sax added awigze 02.14.10 Funk
l'antidote (MJRF2010) blaky smith 02.13.10 Blues (contemporary)
As All Good Friends - Final Cut (CollabBlab Challenge) Socorro 02.12.10 Folk (contemporary)
Rise Up, Cowboy Lardo 02.10.10 Folk (contemporary)
Nonesuch too (w/ awigze) VicDiesel 02.10.10 Downtempo
Clarion's Bell (FSC) awigze 02.09.10 Experimental
whynot rabittwhole 02.08.10 Acoustic Rock
Sometimes I Get To Wondering...MJRF2010 Dadai.2 02.07.10 Acoustic
labores solis (awigze collab) ic42 02.06.10 Ambient
Mists (MJRF2010) Scott Carmichael 02.06.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Light of Bethlehem (w/ mawigze and Roxylee) MJR2010 awigze 02.06.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
soon (MJRF2010) Cori Ander 02.05.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
La Casa Ruidosa / Be Quiet / The Lady Greensleeves (FSC) Ren-Tin-10 02.05.10 Progressive Rock
Notes 'n Thoughts (MJRF2010) BirdmanWayne94 02.04.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
i'm a reunion maid MJRF 2010 caroline 02.04.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Cold Winter's Morning chestnut 02.03.10 Folk (contemporary)
FINE LOVE SISTERS 02.03.10 Pop (mainstream)
The Light Blue Cori Ander 02.03.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
I'm a Dreamer( MJRF2010) Moviz 02.02.10 Rock & Roll
The Empiric And The Theocrat [MJRF 2010] Alimar 02.02.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Inland Sea Lardo 01.31.10 Romantic
Glacially Inevitable Music Video (MJRF2010) ic42 01.31.10 Ambient
Never So Lonely (Rebsie vocal) Dadai.2 01.29.10 Acoustic
Angelina thetiler 01.29.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Table Five (Collab. w/Sisters, Ziti, Jiguma, Awigze, Kevmikwa) davisamerica2 01.28.10 Ballad
Happiness Calling (w Feter McBlues) Lardo 01.27.10 Classical
Ukulele Dreams... Dadai.2 01.24.10 Acoustic
Eine kleine Pianomusik VicDiesel 01.24.10 Country-Western
As All Good Friends Collabblab -vers.3 Socorro 01.24.10 Open Collaborations
Deep Deep Dream daibhre 01.21.10 Folk (contemporary)
Love Is Moviz 01.16.10 Pop (Alternative)
The Expression is Blue Jarvoid 01.11.10 Blues (contemporary)
No More Stars michaelkoppenheffer 01.06.10 Folk-Rock
Ghost Riders (2 cameras) YouTube thetiler 01.06.10 Folk (contemporary)
The New Mown Hay SJB 01.05.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
The joy of Finally Getting Over The Pain thetiler 01.03.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Mom's Favorites BirdmanWayne94 01.02.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
A Heart of Stone Made Flesh awigze 12.30.09 Jazz Fusion
Fillmore Fantasy (instrumental) Dadai.2 12.29.09 Blues (contemporary)
I Met The Lord At The Cross Soulman4270 12.28.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Concerto-EG9 segiperkasa 12.28.09 Classical
Danielle Wants to Be Your Friend michaelkoppenheffer 12.27.09 Electropop
The Harley Drew Kopr 12.27.09 Trip Hop
Child of Eternal Love (viola, flute, piano) w/André van Haren Lardo 12.27.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Sleep, Baby, Sleep (viola and piano) w/André van Haren Lardo 12.27.09 Gospel
The Journey To Bethlehem thetiler 12.24.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Another Day for 3 Friends awigze 12.24.09 Piano
Christ Child Lullaby chestnut 12.24.09 Folk (traditional)
Acoustic Caravan thetiler 12.24.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Tribal Love [featuring Jon Anderson] Alimar 12.23.09 Other
O Holy Night magnatone 12.22.09 Piano
Goodbye May Lam sschedra 12.20.09 Film Scoring
Lilly Child jibes 12.19.09 Alternative Rock
Waiting jibes 12.18.09 Blues (contemporary)
Guillô, Pran ton Tamborin Doug Somers 12.17.09 Ethnic-International
Shine (MJ Collab) davisamerica 12.17.09 Ambient
tikipod w/awigze and APOD bud 12.15.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Allezone SmokeyVW 12.14.09 Progressive Rock
Intangible Bud mix Char 12.13.09 Blues (contemporary)
Silent Night (with RCA) Dadai.2 12.13.09 Holiday
Heart on the Road (w/ feter, johnwhitehead, roxylee, crissew, tonestones, daugrin, komrad k, brian) tonestones 12.13.09 Bluegrass
shine2 rabittwhole 12.12.09 Ambient
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence / O Holy Night Ren-Tin-10 12.12.09 Holiday
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen rsorensen 12.12.09 Holiday
The Phoenix magnatone 12.11.09 Pop Classical
Les, Me, and Magic GB... Dadai.2 12.09.09 Blues (contemporary)
Get Your Mango On kassia 12.06.09 Pop Orchestral
LOST IN LOVE SISTERS 12.06.09 Easy Listening
You Make The Difference Dadai.2 12.05.09 Acoustic
Grow Old With Me(MedicineShowBand) davisamerica 12.05.09 Folk-Rock
Old & New 2010 thetiler 12.05.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Pure Simple Day (with Feter) Lardo 12.04.09 Classical
Colorado River--Better Mix michaelkoppenheffer 12.02.09 Acoustic
Doctor Jazz chestnut 12.02.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Cold December kristyjo 12.02.09 Holiday
Grace Greater than Our Sin bowens 12.01.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
VocalShine davisamerica 11.30.09 A Cappella
Blue For You sschedra 11.28.09 Blues (contemporary)
Away in a Manger Ren-Tin-10 11.27.09 Holiday
Angels We Have Heard on High Ren-Tin-10 11.27.09 Holiday
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Ren-Tin-10 11.26.09 Solo Instrument
I Wonder as I Wander Ren-Tin-10 11.26.09 Solo Instrument
Little Drummer Boy Variations thetiler 11.26.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
MORNING SUNRISE SISTERS 11.26.09 Folk (contemporary)
It's Been A While thetiler 11.25.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Just A Kid rabittwhole 11.25.09 Holiday
Joy to the World Ren-Tin-10 11.25.09 Holiday
O Come All Ye Faithful Ren-Tin-10 11.25.09 Holiday
Silent Night Ren-Tin-10 11.25.09 Holiday
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks Ren-Tin-10 11.25.09 Holiday
Coventry Carol Ren-Tin-10 11.24.09 Holiday
On Christmas Night Ren-Tin-10 11.24.09 Holiday
If I Could bowens 11.23.09 Acoustic
Schon Rosmarin diamondvalley 11.23.09 Classical
For the Beauty of the Earth Mystified 11.22.09 A Cappella
One For Me SmokeyVW 11.20.09 Acoustic
Against Your Will (The Trail of Tears Story) Lardo 11.20.09 Folk (contemporary)
You're the One - w/David Gomez (magullo) Lardo 11.20.09 Alternative Rock
Alma Mahler Sings to P. Diddy michaelkoppenheffer 11.19.09 Pop (Alternative)
Deep Majesty kassia 11.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Chorus (with Shannon) Lardo 11.18.09 Folk (contemporary)
HOW WOULD I KNOW SISTERS 11.16.09 Easy Listening
Gonna Miss You - a cappella Lardo 11.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
We Three Kings / What Child is This? (unplugged) Ren-Tin-10 11.15.09 Holiday
Gonna Miss You - guitar Lardo 11.15.09 Folk (contemporary)
Labor of Love michaelkoppenheffer 11.14.09 Acoustic
Love's Fingers Fall sschedra 11.13.09 Easy Listening
This Mystery diamondvalley 11.13.09 Gospel
Heal the Night Lardo 11.13.09 Gospel
Father Time Mystified 11.12.09 Folk (traditional)
Sur le sable (w Jiguma) blaky smith 11.12.09 Acoustic
Lullaby for the Inner Child drakonis 11.11.09 Ballad
The Fair chestnut 11.08.09 Folk (contemporary)
SUNDAY MORNING SISTERS 11.07.09 Pop (mainstream)
Here to Hear - collab Boundless 11.04.09 Jazz (instrumental)
A Soldiers Dream (Remix/record) Moviz 11.03.09 Pop Orchestral
The System Finds a Way to Stay the Same michaelkoppenheffer 11.02.09 Folk (contemporary)
Weather or Not w/awigze Jim Bouchard 11.01.09 Jazz Fusion
futatsu 0x01 ic42 11.01.09 Film Scoring
Billy Don't You Go To the Fair michaelkoppenheffer 11.01.09 Acoustic
All Through the Night Ren-Tin-10 10.31.09 Holiday
A La Nanita Nana Ren-Tin-10 10.25.09 Rock (instrumental)
Keishmul's Galley chestnut 10.25.09 Folk (traditional)
I got a gal pablatone 10.24.09 Acoustic
Salvation Is The Son Soulman4270 10.23.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
After Loving Anne (w/jiguma, SISTERS, Komrade K and Scott Carmichael) Ed Hannifin 10.23.09 Folk (contemporary)
The Heavens Declare diamondvalley 10.23.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Harbour Of Days Gone By chestnut 10.22.09 Folk (contemporary)
Warm Silver Moon Moviz 10.20.09 Folk (contemporary)
No Son(egobandit band) davisamerica 10.16.09 Art Rock
Never Say Goodbye (So They Say) - Bond Challenge sschedra 10.15.09 Film Scoring
Rock Creek Park michaelkoppenheffer 10.14.09 Folk (contemporary)
Magnify The Lord Soulman4270 10.13.09 Gospel
Lets Take a Holiday musichead 10.13.09 Pop (mainstream)
I'll Miss Florida michaelkoppenheffer 10.12.09 Acoustic
Symphonic Smackdown magnatone 10.12.09 Pop Orchestral
Autumn dirigent 10.12.09 Film Scoring
Temporal Tantrum (Sister Savage Mix) drakonis 10.11.09 Gothic Rock
Metamorphosis - NGC6302 (MJ SpaceRace Challenge) ic42 10.10.09 Ballad
The Riverside (with Ed sloparts sitting in) Dadai.2 10.06.09 Folk (contemporary)
YOU BRING THE DANCE SISTERS 10.06.09 Pop (Alternative)
Bye Bye Blackbird chestnut 10.06.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
uwin rabittwhole 10.04.09 Informational
Desiree (MJ Space Race 2009) Doug Somers 10.03.09 Ambient
Fools Forever in the Dark rsorensen 10.03.09 Indie Rock
The Other Side guitapick 10.03.09 Other
Never Say Goodbye - James Bond Theme Challenge sloparts 10.03.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Pigeon voyageur blaky smith 10.03.09 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Two of a Kind Moviz 09.27.09 Latin Pop
You're the One - w/Paul Page Lardo 09.26.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Acoustic Morning Song (Roxylee & Dadai.2) The_Front_Porch 09.25.09 Acoustic
Wouldn't Change a Thing michaelkoppenheffer 09.25.09 Folk (contemporary)
We got to Jive in Blues by (Feter) awigze 09.24.09 Blues (traditional)
The Foggy Dew (All-Guitar Version) Ren-Tin-10 09.23.09 Celtic
Qodesh, Qodesh - Part 1 b0rn2w0rsh1p 09.23.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Instead I'll Sing [2009] Featuring Mystified Alimar 09.23.09 Downtempo
Magic Menu (Food Food Food) daibhre 09.22.09 Children's Music
I Think You Rule michael2 09.19.09 Indie Rock
What a Friend We Have in Jesus kristyjo 09.18.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Without The Sun Vic Holman 09.17.09 Rock
Sorry (Bracelet of Hope Version) blindsidedpoets 09.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Under My Skin jiguma 09.16.09 Rock
How The West Was Won The Fritters 09.15.09 Country-Western
f12 Parichayaka 09.15.09 Downtempo
William And Nancy's Parting chestnut 09.15.09 Folk (traditional)
hard times (are passing on) rustykangaroo 09.14.09 Alternative Rock
Sweet September gail60 09.13.09 Piano
Acoustic Starlight (guitar instrumental) Dadai.2 09.12.09 Acoustic
One-eye, Lefty and Ginger chestnut 09.12.09 Children's Music
States SmokeyVW 09.09.09 Film Scoring
Then There Were Four (with Scofugate) Moviz 09.09.09 Alternative Rock
Prayer Prelude b0rn2w0rsh1p 09.09.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Honey, We're Home daibhre 09.08.09 Folk (contemporary)
Tell It to Jesus Ren-Tin-10 09.07.09 Gospel
let me fly paralax 09.07.09 Acoustic Rock
Already Gone rustykangaroo 09.07.09 Acoustic Rock
nebula spin 0x01 ic42 09.05.09 Ambient
Fragile Flyers guitapick 09.04.09 Acoustic
The Everlasting Postludes Trio 09.03.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Breath That Heals Postludes Trio 09.03.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
A Night With Feter feat'(Roxylee sloparts crissew johnwhitehead and Yamin AL Yamani ) Feter 09.03.09 Acoustic
The Only Way to the Cross Soulman4270 08.31.09 Gospel
Get Up Reach Out Move On (a hopeful dirge) pablatone 08.31.09 Rock
My Saviour For Eternity Soulman4270 08.31.09 Gospel
If Only We Could... daibhre 08.31.09 Folk (contemporary)
I Can't Go On Now (with Vic Holman & sloparts) Dadai.2 08.30.09 Rock
Love Goes On lisashaye 08.25.09 Gospel
World of Wonders kassia 08.24.09 Experimental
bells of lioli 9 ic42 08.22.09 Electropop
Asleep Last Night - LIOLI9 awigze 08.21.09 Jazz (vocal)
WHAT R U WAITING 4 (LIOLI 9) SISTERS 08.21.09 Electropop
Majestic Waters LIOLI w/Davisamerica gail60 08.21.09 Piano
Spaghetti Sunrise sschedra 08.20.09 Film Scoring
In This Moment b0rn2w0rsh1p 08.26.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Paul & Silas diamondvalley 08.19.09 Children's Music
Origins Demo 2 BigFinish 08.19.09 Informational
Get Out of Here FEEL 08.16.09 Alternative Rock
You Got The Pocketbook (with Roxylee) chestnut 08.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
When Is The Day? (Woodstock remembrance) Dadai.2 08.15.09 Folk (contemporary)
Little Guitar Tune Mackie 08.15.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Guitar test - OM28 Marquis Cori Ander 08.14.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Let Your Blues Come Down (w/ziti and jiguma) Ed Hannifin 08.13.09 Blues (contemporary)
Bleeding Ears - LIOLI-9 MarkHolbrook 08.13.09 Other
Guitar test - Martin HD28 Cori Ander 08.13.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Origins Demo 1 BigFinish 08.11.09 Other
Acoustic Morning Dew (guitar instrumental) Dadai.2 08.11.09 Acoustic
Used To Be chestnut 08.08.09 Acoustic Rock
Rocha w/ Daugrin awigze 08.07.09 Jazz Fusion
Happy Birthday Jack MarkHolbrook 08.05.09 Other
Simple Gifts (wRoxylee and kappy) Feter 08.04.09 Folk (traditional)
Bad Old Song (w/jiguma) Ed Hannifin 08.02.09 Folk-Rock
Revive us again trad. pablatone 07.30.09 Bluegrass
Feter's O Babe 2009 [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 07.29.09 Folk-Rock
Drift (re-mix)w/ The Pilot michael2 07.29.09 Indie Rock
If It Rains All Night (w/ziti and jiguma) Ed Hannifin 07.26.09 Folk-Rock
You Talk Too Much rsorensen 07.26.09 Indie Rock
xyzzy 0x01 ic42 07.26.09 Electropop
Oh Summer chestnut 07.26.09 Acoustic
Home Today Moviz 07.26.09 Folk (contemporary)
Ya Know I ain't seen him (wawigze & yamenyamani)(Woodstock MJ II) Feter 07.24.09 Blues (contemporary)
The Riverside Dadai.2 07.23.09 Folk (contemporary)
Pay Up Moocher SmokeyVW 07.23.09 Rock
The Road Cori Ander 07.23.09 Acoustic
Strong and Free rsorensen 07.23.09 Indie Rock
Houses Made of Glass w/ Char awigze 07.22.09 Experimental
July 2009 Cori Ander 07.20.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
DAY BY DAY SISTERS 07.20.09 Other
See To It (with Roxylee) diamondvalley 07.19.09 Gospel
I Know My Babe chestnut 07.19.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Wolf Pack on a Flow - collaboration by ic42 and Daug ic42 07.18.09 Ambient
Railroad Jazz John Stebbe 07.16.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Burn Down Blues(Bob Rodgers) Feter 07.16.09 Blues (contemporary)
Topo's Revenge (remix) michael2 07.15.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
'More than Enough' Heidi_E 07.15.09 Easy Listening
Ukulele Boogie Cori Ander 07.14.09 Twentieth Century
Life's a Rollercoaster timothy devine 07.12.09 Acoustic Rock
Black Mountain Rag pablatone 07.12.09 Bluegrass
bury me beneath the willow- trad. pablatone 07.10.09 Bluegrass
MAINLAND SISTERS 07.10.09 Folk-Rock
final hello rabittwhole 07.09.09 Other
sit down [kassia Band] davisamerica 07.09.09 Other
Drawn Into The Light* Dadai.2 07.07.09 Blues (contemporary)
Blue Note MT sloparts 07.06.09 Jazz (instrumental)
A Different Shade Of Moonlight mowguy3 07.05.09 Acoustic
flow a 0x01 ic42 07.04.09 Ambient
TURN YOUR HEAD w/Mark Deskin SISTERS 07.04.09 Pop (mainstream)
I Can't Imagine michael2 07.03.09 Indie Rock
hellotrack6[sax/harmony] rabittwhole 07.02.09 Other
Devil-Eyed Woman daibhre 07.02.09 Folk-Rock
Drowsy Maggie daibhre 07.02.09 Folk (traditional)
All The Words In The World daibhre 07.01.09 Country-Western
A Simple Faith daibhre 07.01.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
boredom blues (wDadai.2 PickQuickRecords yamenyamani) Feter 06.30.09 Blues (contemporary)
Bye Bye SmokeyVW 06.30.09 Other
Schizophrenia sloparts 06.30.09 Other
Remember the Former Things diamondvalley 06.30.09 Gospel
Duya diamondvalley 06.29.09 Ethnic-International
BLUTO AND OLIVE SISTERS 06.28.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Jesus Came Down cthayes 06.26.09 Rock
hellotrack5[end pre/pro] rabittwhole 06.25.09 Other
Holy Is Your Word Soulman4270 06.25.09 Gospel
hellotrack4[blocking] rabittwhole 06.24.09 Other
If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love chestnut 06.24.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Peace Within gail60 06.23.09 Piano
Ember-A Heart of Stone Turns to Flesh (The Drakonis Collab) awigze 06.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
hellotrack3[goodmorning] rabittwhole 06.22.09 Other
hellotrack2[lyrics] rabittwhole 06.22.09 Other
The King's Heart diamondvalley 06.22.09 Gospel
Windchime Experiment with Electric Guitar (by Michael2) Ren-Tin-10 06.21.09 Experimental
hello track rabittwhole 06.20.09 Ballad
The World Will Call It a Twin (Feter Cover) Lennon714 06.20.09 Alternative Rock
"Down by the Riverside" by Feter and Roxylee w/ Jgurner awigze 06.19.09 Gospel
Save Me (wBob Rodgers,yamenyamani) Feter 06.19.09 Blues (contemporary)
Turn Around (with Richard Schletty) Dadai.2 06.18.09 Folk (contemporary)
Look for the Rainbow - unplugged sloparts 06.18.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Happy Water Buffalo (live) kappy 06.18.09 Acoustic
All These Dreams daibhre 06.18.09 Pop (mainstream)
Rest not Parichayaka 06.16.09 Downtempo
Windchime Experiment michael2 06.16.09 Open Collaborations
Nasty Little Things [ramonaji/awigze mix] davisamerica 06.15.09 Trip Hop
Possibly Maybe thekurtisproject 06.15.09 Electropop
She Thinks I Still Care chestnut 06.15.09 Country-Western
Nobody Knows (acoustic) w/michael2 rsorensen 06.14.09 Indie Rock
With Me Forever Soulman4270 06.14.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
East Blues sloparts 06.14.09 Blues (contemporary)
Everything I Learned About Life I Learned From My Video Games (w/ Elevator Funk, AJ and Shannon) awigze 06.13.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Dad's March Doug Somers 06.13.09 Twentieth Century
Tea and Scones damiengh 06.12.09 Art Rock
The Bluebird Cafe (with two other guest) thetiler 06.12.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
MagnaFlight magnatone 06.12.09 Pop Orchestral
Hard Times (Roxylee mix) Dadai.2 06.11.09 Folk (contemporary)
An Undiscovered Hero sloparts 06.11.09 Country-Western
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (Pink Dulcimer Version) Ren-Tin-10 06.11.09 Gospel
Jonk's Express 2 sloparts 06.10.09 Open Collaborations
On The Loose! daibhre 06.10.09 Bluegrass
A Ways To Go daibhre 06.10.09 Acoustic Rock
Mow The Lawn! daibhre 06.09.09 Country-Western
We Need Time To Love daibhre 06.09.09 Folk (traditional)
We Grew Up Together guitapick 06.09.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
My Dear Lady (Feter Cover) five_extra_arms 06.09.09 Indie Rock
Polonaise Brilliant No. 2 in A Major, Op. 21 by Wieniawski diamondvalley 06.08.09 Classical
A Big Melancholy Drew Kopr 06.07.09 Acoustic
Into your Arms (Roxylee,Relic67,kappy) Feter 06.07.09 Acoustic
Remodel SmokeyVW 06.06.09 Experimental
Dreams mowguy3 06.06.09 Acoustic
C C Rider chestnut 06.06.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
A Little Alleluia kassia 06.06.09 Classical
Hard Times Dadai.2 06.05.09 Folk (contemporary)
Folk Singer daibhre 06.08.09 Folk (contemporary)
Bach Bach Black Sheep drakonis 06.02.09 Children's Music
clint's song/remix [gail60] davisamerica 06.01.09 Ballad
Temporal Tantrum (Video Soundtrack) drakonis 05.29.09 Open Collaborations
The Beast bud 05.29.09 Alternative Rock
Amazing Grace (Multi-Collab) magnatone 05.29.09 Blues (contemporary)
Redwing kappy 05.29.09 Bluegrass
Wayfaring Stranger (alternate key) Ren-Tin-10 05.28.09 Gospel
It's Out Giusepppe 05.28.09 Country-Western
Back Door Blues (featuring Feter and Yamen al yamani) Dadai.2 05.27.09 Blues (contemporary)
Hallelujah, Amen rsorensen 05.25.09 Acoustic
Tuscan Morning Doug Somers 05.25.09 Classical
My Oh My! thekurtisproject 05.24.09 Folk-Rock
Glenlivet Beer House chestnut 05.24.09 Folk (traditional)
Heart Cries MarkHolbrook 05.23.09 Ballad
My DeLorean Relic67 05.22.09 Pop (Alternative)
Pioneers of Faith diamondvalley 05.22.09 Children's Music
FETER Blues Alannah 05.22.09 Blues (traditional)
Woodwinds snowdragon 05.21.09 Acoustic Rock
Misplaced apb 05.21.09 Open Collaborations
I Never Climbed a Mountain Moviz 05.20.09 Ballad
Drift thepilot 05.18.09 Pop (Alternative)
Annie Laurie (feat. John Kaplan, banjo) Ren-Tin-10 05.18.09 Folk (traditional)
Dance Of The Prairie Wind kassia 05.16.09 Classical
Do We Really Get Wings? (TFP) awigze 05.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Tropical Island 2 thetiler 05.14.09 Pop Classical
Walking MarkHolbrook 05.11.09 Alternative Rock
no other thing Mystified 05.11.09 Other
Two Traditional Tunes chestnut 05.06.09 Celtic
Morning Sunshine / YouTube thetiler 05.06.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Recording With Betsy and Company thetiler 05.04.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
iphone busking davisamerica 05.04.09 Experimental
Timsons Theme V1 MarkHolbrook 05.01.09 Classical
The First Of May chestnut 04.30.09 Folk (traditional)
A Prayer (Feter with Doug) HJP Doug Somers 04.28.09 Classical
Another Light Goes Out jiguma 04.27.09 Reggae
Sleep gail60 04.27.09 Piano
Sunrise Song kassia 04.26.09 New Age
The Singer (with Roxy) Moviz 04.26.09 Folk-Rock
Prelude (Dedicated to the Father of the Classical Guitar) Andre Segovia thetiler 04.24.09 Classical
Deepest Love chestnut 04.23.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Little Buddha davisamerica 04.23.09 Experimental
Soft Day SmokeyVW 04.22.09 Other
Good Morning Scott Carmichael 04.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
No Eden Here (w/ Andy-bm & Char) tweaked awigze 04.22.09 Jazz (vocal)
Its Not A Lie musichead 04.21.09 Pop (mainstream)
It's Lonely Here davisamerica2 04.21.09 Acoustic Rock
Heart Cries gail60 04.20.09 Piano
Lets Go Babe colab w/feter,roxylee, bug 67, and yamen tireiron 04.19.09 Acoustic Rock
Muddy Water BridgeCreek 04.18.09 Blues (contemporary)
kuroi 0x01 ic42 04.18.09 Electropop
Smokey's *Lunar Eclipse* Revival TERRAPLANE 04.17.09 Jazz (vocal)
She Used To Stand There KenneSilva 04.17.09 Acoustic Rock
Spring Break w/awigze bud 04.17.09 Funk
Let's Go Babe ( bug67,tireiron,Roxylee) Feter 04.17.09 Rock
Heartbeat KenneSilva 04.16.09 Acoustic Rock
Tango with Orchestration (A Tribute To Mantovani) thetiler 04.14.09 Pop Classical
Phrygian Verse MidiOrleans 04.14.09 Baroque
Fram altan (w/dadai.2) (TFP) apb 04.14.09 Acoustic Rock
Speak To Me Gently kassia 04.14.09 Piano
seasons Mystified 04.12.09 Piano
lament ste 04.13.09 Pop (Alternative)
Gloria(TFP) sschedra 04.11.09 Acoustic Rock
Feel The Beat w Anne Cozean jiguma 04.11.09 Rhythm and Blues
Love's Out of Hand w musichead Char 04.10.09 Rock
A Welcome to Spring (w/Roxylee Vocals) Ren-Tin-10 04.10.09 Folk (traditional)
Enniskillen Air (TFP) Ren-Tin-10 04.10.09 Celtic
Morning-Evening Dadai.2 04.10.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Dangerous/Alannah [jiguma/damiengh/apocafunk] davisamerica 04.09.09 Jazz (vocal)
Rag-time thetiler 04.09.09 Ragtime
Skydiving rsorensen 04.08.09 Open Collaborations
Crazy Heart (vocals by Richard Schletty) MisterFrap 04.08.09 Rhythm and Blues
Food And Drink MarkHolbrook 04.08.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Classical Smackdown magnatone 04.08.09 Piano
Broken gail60 04.06.09 Piano
Since We Are Surrounded diamondvalley 04.05.09 Children's Music
My Faith Looks Up to Thee kristyjo 04.05.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Bach's Gavotte with Variations on Acoustic Guitar thetiler 04.04.09 Classical
Golden (Tomorrow Will Shine) kassia 04.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Abide with Me Ren-Tin-10 04.04.09 Gospel
I've got a crush on you-take 2 sloparts 04.03.09 Smooth Jazz
Drifting Today (with Roxylee) V2 Dadai.2 04.01.09 Folk (contemporary)
A Welcome to Spring Ren-Tin-10 03.29.09 Solo Instrument
what if? paralax 03.28.09 Rock
Jesus and The Little Children thetiler 03.27.09 Children's Music
Crawl - TEXASFEEL with blamm FEEL 03.26.09 Rock
Skyline tireiron 03.24.09 Jazz (vocal)
Without Faith diamondvalley 03.23.09 Children's Music
Bluebell Forrest thetiler 03.22.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Drifting Today Dadai.2 03.21.09 Folk (contemporary)
Close The Door michael2 03.21.09 Indie Rock
The Wedding Soulman4270 03.20.09 Gospel
I'm Bleeding feter,ziti,& pipetones ziti 03.17.09 Blues (contemporary)
Dargan's Dance Dadai.2 03.17.09 Celtic
Ambition mitra 03.16.09 Pop (mainstream)
Yember (Yeman Ember Mix) drakonis 03.15.09 Downtempo
Never Share MarkHolbrook 03.14.09 Alternative Rock
Lead Me to Calvary (Dadai.2, Roxylee, Schletty) Postludes Trio 03.13.09 Gospel
Innocence Project [w/ Dj French Toast/damiengh/outtaorbit] davisamerica 03.12.09 Art Rock
Marfa Lights w/Paddler Cori Ander 03.12.09 Alternative Rock
Heaven's A Bar chestnut 03.12.09 Folk (contemporary)
Shiloh (Rev1) Bowman 03.11.09 Classical
Bahama Blues thetiler 03.11.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Shenandoah SmokeyVW 03.11.09 Film Scoring
Salvation Song Soulman4270 03.10.09 Gospel
The Refugee Blues by Feter with Jiguma Joe Brady 03.09.09 Blues (contemporary)
The Refugee Blues by Feter with Jiguma Joe Brady 03.09.09 Blues (contemporary)
Veniae kassia 03.08.09 New Age
Try To Remember dirigent 03.06.09 A Cappella
Why? Moviz 03.02.09 Pop (mainstream)
Light of Bethlehem (w/ Roxylee) awigze 03.01.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
major penta 0x02 ic42 02.28.09 Experimental
A Story(Drama) Feter 02.26.09 Classical
Returning to the Nest (with Gail60) warden 02.24.09 Classical
Tenor Sax/Guitar Evening Mix Dadai.2 02.22.09 Smooth Jazz
The Lament Acoustic Guitar Concerto thetiler 02.21.09 Classical
I See You SmokeyVW 02.21.09 Other
Alleluia Holy Is The Lord Soulman4270 02.21.09 Gospel
Going Down [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 02.19.09 Folk-Rock
major penta 0x01 ic42 02.19.09 Experimental
Defining Moment RickB1 02.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Everlasting cthayes 02.18.09 Rock
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps... ( 3MEXGUITARS, Live Concert ) lazy mexi-can 02.17.09 Latin
Short tune SJB 02.17.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Won't You Be Good Man thetiler 02.17.09 Film Scoring
Mia Cafe dreadmon 02.17.09 Ethnic-International
FALLING FOR YOU SISTERS 02.17.09 Easy Listening
Dual Tapestry (w/kassia) magnatone 02.17.09 Piano
Road To Nowhere or (Syria Ain't Got Me Babe Blues) Dadai.2 02.15.09 Blues (contemporary)
Doing The Eggshell Walk (MJRF) w ziti, ktb, kevmikwa jiguma 02.15.09 Alternative Rock
Awareness (MJRF) Alannah 02.14.09 Folk-Rock
The Song That Never Was - Imogen Heap Remix SmokeyVW 02.14.09 Pop (mainstream)
A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square dirigent 02.14.09 A Cappella
Open mindfield apb 02.14.09 Pop (Alternative)
From Shetland to Syria v4 MJRF Doug Somers 02.14.09 Celtic
Sunshine Lady Patriotpizzaman 02.14.09 Acoustic Rock
sequence 0x03 (mjrf) ic42 02.13.09 Ambient
Evo-Devo SmokeyVW 02.11.09 Film Scoring
Picture of Perfection RickW 02.11.09 Folk (contemporary)
Renew Me cthayes 02.11.09 Rock
A Family Drive thetiler 02.10.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Curieux Territoire (MJRF) blaky smith 02.10.09 Blues (contemporary)
clink that link mjrf caroline 02.09.09 Other
We play online (MJ RS er.. MJRF!) ;o) BrunchandChewy 02.09.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Rainstorm 2009 with iG.STUDiO - (MJRF) Dadai.2 02.08.09 Soul
Coming Home - variation on a theme by David Kneupper Doug Somers 02.08.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Morning Mist On Still Lake (MJRF) futzpucker 02.08.09 Film Scoring
Såren läker (MJRF) Cori Ander 02.08.09 Acoustic
Rain of Love (Dadai.2, Jiguma, Roxylee, Vicholman) (MJRF Mix) Feter 02.08.09 Acoustic
In His Room thetiler 02.07.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Rainy March (MJRF 2009 recharge mix) drakonis 02.07.09 Game Soundtrack
My Mom kinane 02.06.09 Children's Music
and god said[w/ Nightshade Syndicate & Outtaorbit] davisamerica 02.05.09 Experimental
Another Golden Autumn (MJRF) Moviz 02.02.09 Pop (Alternative)
Across the Wire (MJRF) dajama 02.01.09 Rock
I Feel Like I'm Falling (MJRF) Dadai.2 02.01.09 Folk-Rock
Gone - (reflection on the great times I had with my GPS) thetiler 02.01.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Find Him (MJRF) Scott Carmichael 01.31.09 Rock
Constant emotion (w/stevel/Feter/musichead/Estella) (MJRF) apb 01.31.09 Ballad
Tomorrow with Emily Rohm Gilmore (MJRF) FEEL 01.31.09 Pop Orchestral
Macjams Re-Uni' Parade (MJRF) Moviz 01.31.09 Other
Sammy Tubbalardo SmokeyVW 01.30.09 NUjazz
What If cthayes 01.29.09 Rock
Joy of Rings thetiler 01.29.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
When The Rains Came Down Dadai.2 01.28.09 Acoustic
Glory - acoustic version cthayes 01.27.09 Acoustic Rock
Face To Face cthayes 01.24.09 Rock
Still, She Weeps (Ember-CharMix) Char 01.29.09 Ballad
I Sing J-Roe 01.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Survivor(wBob Rodgers) Feter 01.21.09 Blues (contemporary)
Retreat of the Dragons (Mark Holbrook Collab) drakonis 01.19.09 New Age
Days To Come - Woodwinds by Feter, arrangement:sschedra sschedra 01.17.09 Classical
The Math Song thekurtisproject 01.17.09 Pop (Alternative)
black coat john [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 01.16.09 Bluegrass
Say a Prayer Moviz 01.11.09 Ballad
Legacy for the Living awigze 01.10.09 Smooth Jazz
notes of christmas past ic42 01.10.09 Ambient
A Tale Of Two Pianos (w/magnatone) kassia 01.09.09 Piano
Starting Out 2 thetiler 01.09.09 Film Scoring
Heart On The Road (w/Bob Rodgers) Feter 01.08.09 Blues (contemporary)
All Who Are Thirsty schroter 01.05.09 Acoustic
Cuzzin-Cozean's Loopicidal Barn Dance damiengh 01.02.09 Bluegrass
Keep On Running (with jiguma, snowdragon) Remix 2009 Dadai.2 01.01.09 Folk-Rock
Come Home Babe Feter 12.28.08 Blues (contemporary)
Three Kings-Emmanuel Variations (playing this at church tomorrow =Sunday)) thetiler 12.28.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Caught in the Light FEEL 12.26.08 Ballad
Emmanuel Variations 2 thetiler 12.25.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
More Snowfall sonic_magpie 12.24.08 Ambient
The Christmas Child chestnut 12.24.08 Acoustic
Winter White (w/ Birdman Wayne) Mystified 12.24.08 Classical
O Come Emmanuel Variations thetiler 12.23.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Tuck me in tonight - multicollab thoddi 12.23.08 Open Collaborations
Throw Your Shoes + MJ Pub Chorus jiguma 12.23.08 Alternative Rock
More Than a Story diamondvalley 12.23.08 Holiday
Light a Single Candle kristyjo 12.21.08 Holiday
Silent SmokeyVW 12.21.08 Holiday
Silent Night (Jazz Trio Version) Less Bass John Stebbe 12.21.08 Holiday
The Wedding (Featuring Roxy) thetiler 12.20.08 Ballad
Rejoice cthayes 12.20.08 Rock
Dragon Scales - story drakonis 12.19.08 Spoken Word-Poetry
I Wish You A Merry Christmas ! thetiler 12.19.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night Mystified 12.19.08 Holiday
Zenith timothy devine 12.19.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Abracadabra blaky smith 12.19.08 Folk (contemporary)
Throw Your Shoes jiguma 12.16.08 Alternative Rock
It's Christmas Moviz 12.16.08 Holiday
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus kristyjo 12.14.08 Holiday
Your Moonlight (Roxylee, Feter, Henri Roger, Dadai) Dadai.2 12.13.08 Acoustic
Moonshine and Motors Jarvoid 12.13.08 Bluegrass
Homeland Scott Carmichael 12.13.08 Acoustic
In Eternity awigze 12.09.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
So Long To Goodbye jiguma 12.09.08 Folk-Rock
Days To Come Feter 12.08.08 Classical
happy water buffalo kappy 12.10.08 Acoustic
Silent Night notsosweet 12.07.08 Holiday
Little Mohee chestnut 12.07.08 Folk (traditional)
Sarah's Song mowguy3 12.07.08 Acoustic
Stepping Back From The Edge Dadai.2 12.04.08 Acoustic
just a kid davisamerica 11.29.08 Holiday
Feter's "O Babe" Doadars Uncle 11.29.08 Acoustic
Oh Come Emanuel Scott Carmichael 11.29.08 Holiday
Gabriel's Message kristyjo 11.28.08 Holiday
Chetrix thetiler 11.27.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Railroad Bill chestnut 11.26.08 Folk (traditional)
And Then Comes the Night Again (In Progress) EEFliess 11.25.08 Pop (mainstream)
Anna Maria (w/Feter) Mystified 11.25.08 Classical
The Giant and Sugar Plum thetiler 11.23.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Runaway (Feat EEFliess) MarkHolbrook 11.23.08 Rock
OnlyU FEEL 11.21.08 Rock
The Giant & The Sugar Plum Fairy Vr. 2 thetiler 11.21.08 Solo Instrument
Harvest Joy kristyjo 11.20.08 Native American
Birdman Wayne MarkHolbrook 11.20.08 Jazz (vocal)
Someday kassia 11.19.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
a bell in the valley of space ic42 11.19.08 Holiday
Let Us Draw Near diamondvalley 11.19.08 Children's Music
Picture Perfect Dadai.2 11.17.08 Folk-Rock
Tailor Made (final mix) guitapick 11.17.08 Jazz (vocal)
Safe In You saved777 11.16.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
The World Call it a Twin (w/ henri roger) Feter 11.15.08 Folk (contemporary)
Iron Clouds kristyjo 11.12.08 Native American
BLOW OUT THE MOON by rtcooper jiguma 11.08.08 Folk-Rock
Lunch Plans poodyglitz 11.08.08 Film Scoring
No rewards apb 11.08.08 Pop (Alternative)
Quel Fromage poodyglitz 11.08.08 Experimental
Running Scared Vr.2 thetiler 11.08.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Good Morning Baby - NotSoSweet (feat. Alannah) Alannah 11.08.08 Downtempo
Running Scared thetiler 11.06.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
gold at my feet Mystified 11.06.08 New Age
Among The Trees kassia 11.06.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Can You Spare Some Change? fambroski 11.05.08 Acoustic
Angels We Have Heard On High feat. Solomon Keal lisashaye 11.04.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Gentle Breezes- Johanek Trio instrumentation kristyjo 11.04.08 Classical
miscommunication sonic_magpie 11.04.08 Other
Lullaby Cori Ander 11.04.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Take A Look Around by LeftySheSwills featuring the Mark Holbrook Singers EEFliess 11.03.08 Pop (mainstream)
Till the end Metamorpheu 11.02.08 Experimental
Clayton St. Job thetiler 11.02.08 Folk (contemporary)
Mystic Midnight Dance - Acoustic Instrumental Dadai.2 10.28.08 Celtic
Take Time To Be Holy Mystified 10.28.08 A Cappella
Therefore Prepare diamondvalley 10.25.08 Children's Music
Montana fambroski 10.23.08 Spoken Word-Poetry
Wait For Your Rain fambroski 10.21.08 Romantic
Gånglåt från Kärrtorp Cori Ander 10.20.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
We Dined by Candlelight kristyjo 10.19.08 New Age
Drift As A Leaf SmokeyVW 10.16.08 Classical
Best Friends (for Magnatone and Waverly) drakonis 10.16.08 New Age
Trapdoor w/ Micheal_Wark dajama 10.16.08 Rock
walk with me... Mystified 10.15.08 New Age
Everything to lose MarkHolbrook 10.13.08 Alternative Rock
Smile ( Our House Coffehouse) Feter 10.11.08 Acoustic
when you found me pablatone 10.11.08 Acoustic
Acoustic Nightshade (guitar instrumental) Dadai.2 10.11.08 Acoustic Rock
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging dirigent 10.11.08 A Cappella
Crystal Land Scott Carmichael 10.11.08 Folk-Rock
Tell Me Moviz 10.10.08 Jazz (vocal)
The Farmer & The Bell thetiler 10.09.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Peace, Hope and Prosperity thetiler 10.07.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Unto the Least of These diamondvalley 10.07.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Simple Feelings Enrique Gil 10.05.08 Classical
Apples w/iG.STUDiO timothy devine 10.04.08 Jazz (instrumental)
High Ground kristyjo 10.04.08 Classical
That Look (Run Away) SmokeyVW 10.03.08 Rock
Lava dirigent 10.02.08 Experimental
Stack Come Down (v24) Postludes Trio 10.01.08 Folk (contemporary)
I Think I Can w/ Paul F. Page Vocals davisamerica 10.01.08 Ballad
Why We're Alone rsorensen 09.30.08 Acoustic
Gettin Along thetiler 09.30.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Track14 Take a Bow BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track13 Inferno BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Afraid of the true thoddi 09.30.08 Soul
Track12 I Should Have Read More Dante BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track11 Well ... Hello? BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track10 Falling Awake BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track9 Flying Through a Storm BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track8 Intermission with Karen BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
track7 Not Like Me BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track6 We Offered Them Leases BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track5 Sex Is Power BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track4 What Jessie Heard BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track3 No Free Ride BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track2 Sunrise BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track 1 See How They Run BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
More Lime Cori Ander 09.29.08 Acoustic Rock
charming - a lullaby for the inner child (with char singing) ic42 09.25.08 Ballad
Stormcrow pablatone 09.23.08 Acoustic
In Memory of Wooden Heart thetiler 09.20.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Love Her So (Collab w/blamm) FEEL 09.20.08 Ballad
Blues for McBlues(w/evolvweb) Feter 09.19.08 Blues (contemporary)
River O' Sweet Honey catsoundspub 09.18.08 Gospel
Move Along Blues Dadai.2 09.18.08 Blues (contemporary)
charming - a lullaby for the inner child ic42 09.12.08 Children's Music
The Longing (w/Dadai) Feter 09.08.08 Acoustic
Letter of a Heart (by Feter) michael2 09.01.08 Indie Rock
El Jinete Solitario guitapick 09.01.08 Classical
This City - Doadar's Uncle (Rabbitwhole Alannah 08.30.08 Art Rock
On The Road To Nauset Beach SmokeyVW 08.30.08 Other
maru 0x01 ic42 08.30.08 Ambient
Old Friends notsosweet 08.29.08 Piano
Close Your Eyes w ledeb + Jim Bouchard jiguma 08.28.08 Acoustic Rock
Sunny Smile davisamerica 08.28.08 Art Rock
Loss (Dadai poem read by RSchletty) Miller-Schletty 08.28.08 Spoken Word-Poetry
FeterBlues evolvweb 08.26.08 Rhythm and Blues
Arise(w/Roxylee) Feter 08.25.08 Acoustic
Not Like Me davisamerica 08.25.08 Other
Acoustic Jungle thetiler 08.22.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Vacancy Blues (w/Mystified) Feter 08.21.08 Blues (traditional)
Lifted Up cthayes 08.20.08 Rock
Betweeness Peter Greenstone 08.17.08 Acoustic
These Odds rsorensen 08.15.08 Indie Rock
To This Heart pablatone 08.13.08 Acoustic
MINES OF MIRAK by davajonah jiguma 08.13.08 Alternative Rock
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Music Background My mom would sing to the radio or with her guitar, and we kids would sing along. That's how I got my love of harmony and got interested in playing acoustic guitar. I started writing songs after joining MacJams. I also have fun singing on other people's songs and making up lyrics to instrumentals.
Music Skills singing- harmony vocals are my forte, acoustic guitar (way out of practice), percussion- bongos, tapping my fingers on any flat surface I find front of me.
Music Hardware AKG Perception 200 mic Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface MDR-V6 cans
Music Software Garageband
Keywords Roxylee, worship, spoken, poetry, Christian, social commentary, harmony, praise, a cappella, collabs.