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The alter egos of jdhollidy and crissew
Skweryl's Songs (9)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
06.30.12 I'M A BAD ASS 7.50 (4) 3947 (14) Hardcore 07.06.12 Active
11.30.11 TAJIKISTANI BOP  (---) 2901 (37) Experimental 01.31.12 Active
11.22.11 WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT SKWERYL?  (---) 3234 (59) Experimental 12.02.11 Active
06.14.11 ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!!!!!!! 7.05 (5) 4565 (26) Rock 11.28.11 Active
06.07.11 THE SKWERYL IS LAZY! (AS CAN BE!) 6.55 (5) 2959 (39) Experimental 08.16.11 Active
06.04.11 YOU BETTER STOP LOOKIN' AT MY PRETTY LADY WITH YOUR CROSS EYED POCKED PALE FACE! 6.45 (5) 3404 (42) Experimental 12.20.12 Active
05.29.11 I'M GETTIN' ANGRY! (AT MY TV) 6.75 (3) 3093 (57) Rock 08.16.11 Active
05.21.11 FIERY DEATH!!!!!!!!!! 7.25 (4) 3919 (81) Experimental 05.29.11 Active
05.20.11 Orient Yourself 7.92 (3) 3359 (59) Experimental 09.24.11 Active
Favorite Songs (252)
Title Artist Date Genre
Cass Corridor : Skunkwrx: SoloMe-O J_Gretch 06.22.14 Rock
Shifting Sands PeterB7858 06.22.14 Acoustic
A MORNING RIDE Bowman 06.22.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Distant Sounds SpiresVortex 06.22.14 Ambient
Already Gone (with alackbass) Philip18 06.22.14 Blues (contemporary)
Preacher 2nd mix w/bass yo! Charday 01.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
Everybody Cries jiguma 01.18.13 Acoustic Rock
Self Indulgence gadzooks 12.30.12 Alternative Rock
Blew Luv w/ crissew/Jeff Cook Charday 01.07.13 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Funky Funny Bunnies Skweryl 12.30.12 Progressive Rock
Time Of Mourning Fire_Angel 12.30.12 Piano
A Bell In The Valley sonnyjim 12.28.12 Holiday
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year gadzooks 12.23.12 Acoustic
A Bell in the Valley 2012 (w/ vox) richard13 12.22.12 Holiday
Happy Holidays(MJ Card) davisamerica 12.20.12 Holiday
Off With Their Heads Bent_Axis 12.20.12 Hard Rock
I Can't - With James Holliday, Chris Flyn, Mike Watkins, Matt Smith speedonl 08.05.12 Indie Rock
Canto I: Devotions (A Proem) tf10music 06.26.12 Folk (contemporary)
reaped opportune produced by vicdiesel with vic holman, loob, symphony101 and vicdiesel dimm witness 04.27.12 Alternative Rock
SpaceOdyssey j4nne 04.26.12 Electronic
Lost in Rio DarienLHernandez 04.19.12 Acoustic
From The Cradle (with Salaireguru77) tf10music 04.11.12 Blues (traditional)
Inside the Out (Those Guys) Cheese Pantz 01.26.12 Rock (instrumental)
Streaks of Blue alackbass 12.27.11 Blues (traditional)
Fruit Dirk_Gently 12.27.11 Alternative Rock
Drown (Like New Plaster) tf10music 12.27.11 Indie Rock
Do You Know Where You're Going To ? 867-5309 12.27.11 Classical
a Good Year for Pat w/scofugate awigze 12.25.11 Experimental
Don't Turn Out the Light Estella 12.22.11 Acoustic
Everyday On The Cross (w/ Alannah & Spitlogic) Symphony101 12.10.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Tokyo Sunset Franciscus_Henri 12.08.11 Ballad
Dollar Store Christmas crissew 12.03.11 Holiday
Who's Gonna Love Me - w/strangedream, rok41 & kevmikwa Sigmund 12.02.11 Rock
Lullaby Charlie D 12.02.11 Acoustic
heaven and hell rickru1 12.01.11 Rock
Robots Like to Break it Down aRcTip 12.01.11 Electronic
Moodiness musichead 12.01.11 Rock
The Band Is Back Together w/ Gadzooks, Loob & JP Philip18 12.01.11 Blues (contemporary)
Waiting For You 'Feat' David Paul Newell & Slimmie SlimGirlFat 12.01.11 Downtempo
Snowjade kickthemoon626 12.01.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Pussycat trio gets bird trio (W/Char) Skean 12.01.11 Experimental
Analog Friends jobu 12.01.11 Acoustic Rock
Pussycat Trio (1 min trailer challenge) Demeter7 12.01.11 Children's Music
Twinkle (from Enovox) michael2 12.01.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nothing Means of Everything TheReverendAG 11.30.11 Acoustic
All As One EEFliess 11.30.11 Rock (instrumental)
TAJIKISTANI BOP Skweryl 11.30.11 Experimental
Everything billykirsch 11.29.11 Shoegazer
Camel Walk 867-5309 11.29.11 Holiday
Grunge Jam saSHguitAR 11.29.11 Acoustic
White Boy Speaks of Rivers geschwarztes 11.29.11 Acoustic
P.O.M./Sammy dix/Ktb/Awigze tokai 11.28.11 Art Rock
Plastik Jazz(retitled) oldlibmike 11.27.11 Jazz Fusion
The Arms Of Eternity-Master AllenDean 11.27.11 Acoustic
Sweat Siphon shavingronaldscar 11.27.11 Trance
Onsluaght Jscott 11.27.11 Hard Rock
Asteroid Drive-by Reinholt56 11.27.11 Electronic
Chanconeta Tedescha VicDiesel 11.26.11 Renaissance
Marche Joyeuse H3nry 11.26.11 Classical
Symphony of the Night PrototypeEightyOne 11.26.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Measure EEFliess 11.26.11 Rock (instrumental)
clear day magic matt 11.26.11 Art Rock
Picture In One's Mind Skean 11.26.11 Art Rock
The Immortality Scripts groovsh8ker 11.26.11 Alternative Rock
Amazing Grace - For Someone Alannah 11.26.11 A Cappella
OuterWorlds: THE LAST DAY Bowman 11.25.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
OCCUP THE WORLD buryya 11.25.11 Rock
Wonkcheese shavingronaldscar 11.25.11 Dance-Club
me and you egobandit 11.25.11 Psychedelic
SlaveMentality.... Soundhound 11.25.11 Spoken Word-Poetry
Metamorphosis gadzooks 11.25.11 NUjazz
Shadow of the Moon II (Studio) MJG 11.24.11 Alternative Rock
Fall tmcfate 11.24.11 Alternative Rock
Make Your Own News Pete_NB 11.24.11 Rock
Last To Wince Gets Out Alive tf10music 11.24.11 Blues (contemporary)
Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen? thetiler 11.24.11 Folk (contemporary)
Little Drummer Boy 867-5309 11.23.11 Holiday
Earlier In The Set ( A Robot Done Got No Soul Mix) Reinholt56 11.23.11 Experimental
Why. Dennis James 11.23.11 Folk-Rock
Ultra Garni 11.23.11 Pop (Alternative)
As Much As I Try to Relax Maximum_Lux 11.23.11 Electronic
WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT SKWERYL? Skweryl 11.22.11 Experimental
The Tale of Christmas Frog cwispas 11.22.11 Holiday
A Walk in the Rain (OPEN FOR COLLABORATION) shakthi 11.22.11 Ethnic-International
Cosmic ShadowofNine 11.22.11 Electropop
My Love (Barb's song) Dadai.2 11.21.11 Ballad
Good Wife five_extra_arms 11.21.11 Alternative Rock
Haul Away Rosie Six-Nail-Coffin 11.21.11 A Cappella
Cleanse Us White As Snow Soulman4270 11.20.11 Gospel
Tender the Moment when Flowers Begin [duo] davidsmith99 11.20.11 Classical
Action Hero In My Own Little World EEFliess 11.19.11 Rock
that dang ol mailman Chief Thunder Bear 11.18.11 Hip Hop-Rap
pick up the pieces egobandit 11.18.11 Psychedelic
Those Doggone Blues gadzooks 11.18.11 Blues (contemporary)
Snark Les_Kloo 11.17.11 Progressive Rock
Its All Good musichead 11.16.11 Rockabilly
Wreck lavalamp 11.16.11 Alternative Rock
Passion 2 2_Daves 11.14.11 Hard Rock
Fall With Me urbnite 11.12.11 Lo-fi
Break'n the Ice W/Paralax (Word Association Challenge) FEEL 11.12.11 Blues (contemporary)
Fixated Heart ShadowofNine 11.12.11 Rock
Corroded Lullaby (Spacerace Challenge) michael2 11.12.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
How great it is to be a song egobandit 11.11.11 Electronic
SR2011 (mj space race '11) bud 11.11.11 Electronic
2012/FINAL FLIGHT (Spacerace Challenge) five_extra_arms 11.11.11 Electronic
Transient Parichayaka 11.11.11 Downtempo
Bourrée in E Minor (J. S. Bach) Symphony101 11.11.11 Classical
Vishnu ((mj space race 2011) Narad 11.11.11 New Age
One of Jupiter's moons (mj space race 2011) sonic_magpie 11.11.11 Ambient
Southern Belle finkeldink 11.10.11 Hard Rock
OuterWorlds (MJ Space Race 2011) Bowman 11.09.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
badblooz Uncle Blood 11.08.11 Blues (contemporary)
Sirius (MJ Space Challenge) Moviz 11.08.11 Spoken Word-Poetry
New Hope (mj space race 2011) richard13 11.07.11 Ambient
the last spoke (spacerace 2011) dimm witness 11.07.11 Electronic
Xzenite Pulseflows (mj space race 2011) wearebittersweet 11.03.11 Progressive Rock
I Just Want To Tell You (It Ain't Love) nyakki 11.01.11 Pop (mainstream)
Speed Freak Bent_Axis 10.27.11 Experimental
Snowfall Symphony101 10.05.11 Acoustic
Chop The Groove (funk challenge with Elevator Funk) michael2 10.05.11 Funk
Come In Funky (Funk Challenge) - draft1 TobinMueller 10.01.11 Funk
My 911 MarkHolbrook 09.12.11 Acoustic Rock
The Pride of New York City by J. D. Holliday w/ crissew & S101 Symphony101 09.06.11 Acoustic Rock
Guitars on a Languid Afternoon (with Philip18) PeterB7858 09.03.11 Smooth Jazz
Beer and Wings Evil_Genius 08.19.11 Romantic
Anwar's Jam (Eat Somethin') shavingronaldscar 08.16.11 Drum n Bass
Meet the Dissidents/ Sax Mr. Fab Daugrin 08.11.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Looking at the television billykirsch 07.27.11 Psychedelic
BAD MAN (Sigmund, Alackbass, KTB, Dashriprock) rok41 07.15.11 Rock
Walmartville FatherTime 06.27.11 Rock
Leon (new version) Lightman- 06.27.11 Pop (mainstream)
FIREY DEATH!!!!!!!!!! (symphwitness 101 remake) dimm witness 06.15.11 Hardcore
ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!!!!!!! Skweryl 06.14.11 Rock
End of the Trouble w/steve hix hackneybloke 06.10.11 Acoustic
INTROSPECTIVELY AbstractVision 06.09.11 Electropop
Sailing toward Cres rocky55 06.09.11 Jazz Fusion
Cellar Dweller -Live Recordings sewer rod 06.09.11 Lo-fi
Part Time Lover (wStevel) Bob Rodgers 06.09.11 Blues (contemporary)
Swing no Céu (Quando os Deuses Dançam) marcellocorreia 06.09.11 Rock (instrumental)
5X4 by ShadowofNine (w/organ+synth) TobinMueller 06.09.11 Progressive Rock
walkin thru the windows dimm witness 06.08.11 Alternative Rock
06082011 a sketch SCJohnson59 06.08.11 Rhythm and Blues
Soul to Sell W/NewInfection strangedream 06.07.11 Alternative Rock
The Edge finkeldink 06.06.11 Hard Rock
Aus Versehen - Guilty Salad Cyanescens 06.05.11 Funk
Karma Ride (w Gaylen75, rok41 & scofugate) Sigmund 06.04.11 Rock
Walking Down The Street_w/Sigmund mvh9591 06.03.11 Downtempo
Get Happy michaeljayklein 06.03.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
Vikings in my soup oldlibmike 06.03.11 Electronic
First Fruit egobandit 06.03.11 Rock
Plotting Armageddon (new version) sewer rod 06.03.11 Heavy Metal
California Gold Mckenzie 06.02.11 Ambient
a song i havent came up with a title yet gweaterman 06.02.11 Rock
Teflon Silhouette w/ scofugate, finkeldink, Symphony101 and michaeljayklein neilh79 05.31.11 Indie Rock
Girl/Boy/Toy BoiAfrica 05.29.11 Acoustic
I'M GETTIN' ANGRY! (AT MY TV) Skweryl 05.29.11 Rock
Personality michaeljayklein 05.28.11 Swing
Don't Tell Me Who I Can Kiss w/ Alannah and Outtaorbit awigze 05.28.11 Bebop
Serving Time 867-5309 05.27.11 Jazz (instrumental)
NEED A SAX PLAYER! bigdaddycee 05.27.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Lucky skindel 05.27.11 Folk (contemporary)
Brokedown on a Wet Foggy Mountain And Not Happy About It Either ! Jarvoid 05.27.11 Bluegrass
Hands of Plague sewer rod 05.27.11 Heavy Metal
Why Don't You Stop Trippin' Out? in progress SCJohnson59 05.27.11 Open Collaborations
The Recital…(live) PatriciaGirl 05.26.11 Classical
mixed down outs 1 16-19 m1 05.26.11 Experimental
Alone Llarion 05.26.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Deep In The Eyes Daniel 05.26.11 Easy Listening
Never Really (Live) roz 05.26.11 Acoustic Rock
Relax Into My Love in progress SCJohnson59 05.26.11 Open Collaborations
When I Go tf10music 05.26.11 Blues (contemporary)
Best Friends Loob 05.26.11 Folk (traditional)
Guitar + Bass + Drums = ?? Elevator_Funk 05.26.11 NUjazz
Nine Lights Vic Holman 05.25.11 Alternative Rock
Old Fashion Romance..... Soundhound 05.25.11 Romantic
Farming Town (With Roxylee, Awigze & Scofugate) davisamerica2 05.25.11 Ballad
Don't tell me why... gator4040 05.25.11 Alternative Rock
Tempest Lullaby Six-Nail-Coffin 05.25.11 Acoustic Rock
Ain't That Strange?! (with Loob & MVH9591) Saltaireguru77 05.25.11 Alternative Rock
A Bridge Too Far PeterB7858 05.25.11 Acoustic
test after live dimm witness 05.25.11 Electronic
IN THE RED CAFE jiguma 05.25.11 Acoustic Rock
we the one percent, for the one percent by the one percent egobandit 05.24.11 Rock (instrumental)
Four Scenes Einarus 05.24.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Demon (featuring Reggie_Pole) finkeldink 05.23.11 Progressive Rock
5X4 ShadowofNine 05.23.11 Progressive Rock
BR1 stevel 05.23.11 Alternative Rock
One Body - a duet TobinMueller 05.23.11 Piano
Inside the Inside UberCoolKungfu 05.23.11 Industrial
Colored Aristocracy johnwhitehead 05.22.11 Folk (traditional)
The Road to Pontian segiperkasa 05.22.11 Rock (instrumental)
Insomnia in progress SCJohnson59 05.22.11 Rhythm and Blues
it's all over dimm witness 05.22.11 Electronic
Throw Me billykirsch 05.22.11 Punk-Grunge
The Hell Within (PickQuickRecords + Alannah) Alannah 05.21.11 Metal
On My Way (maybe I'm just weary) Dadai.2 05.21.11 Acoustic
Argue FatherTime 05.21.11 Electropop
FIERY DEATH!!!!!!!!!! Skweryl 05.21.11 Experimental
Ah! Hum (LIOLI 10) Skean 05.21.11 Electronic
Baby, I Love Your Smile yohmar 05.21.11 Other
Bambalino [LIOLI 10] davajonah 05.21.11 Trip Hop
hey mister dimm witness 05.21.11 Electropop
Asian Girl cwispas 05.20.11 Folk (contemporary)
Bailey's Song kassia 05.20.11 Piano
Saved Gaylen75 05.20.11 Acoustic Rock
I lived In an Apartment Building gadzooks 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
Abby Llarion 05.25.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Harvard or Yale? w/Loob & Feel, Hix, Romanowski hackneybloke 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
Late At Night I Like the Possibilities lyzak 05.20.11 Open Collaborations
modern guitar (lioli 10) bud 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
LIOLI_10 i'm dreamin tonight dimm witness 05.20.11 Electronic
Say My Name (LIOLI) michael2 05.20.11 Electropop
Who Needs You LIOLI 10 NanaCabanaStudios 05.20.11 Ballad
Song #3 roz 05.19.11 Acoustic Rock
Never In My Wildest Dreams open collab SCJohnson59 05.19.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Menuet in G Minor Symphony101 05.19.11 Classical
Slave_4 Your Comfort..... Soundhound 05.19.11 Downtempo
In The Joy Despair kickliquid 05.19.11 Alternative Rock
Deep Within mrattue 05.19.11 Acoustic
SpanishLady (Live) spannerotoole 05.18.11 Celtic
Big Muff Dragonas 05.18.11 Alternative Rock
Orient Yourself Skweryl 05.20.11 Experimental
morning cafe jottdee 05.18.11 Soul
When the Wind Come Round Six-Nail-Coffin 05.18.11 Acoustic Rock
Order Amidst Chaos Reinholt56 05.18.11 Ambient
Key Of M FourOFour 05.20.11 Ambient
Isolation CounterHarmony 05.17.11 Metal
The Aura of that windy night PatriciaGirl 05.17.11 New Age
Bring It Up (in a song) Dadai.2 05.16.11 Funk
Lookin Up w/The Fabulous Mr. Vizard (Moviz) sammydix 05.15.11 Ethnic-International
Everybody has an Angel JonMShaw 05.15.11 Acoustic
Spec elmopedo 05.14.11 Hard Rock
She Was So Insane bronco 05.14.11 Rock & Roll
"The Little Blue Dog" Daugrin 05.12.11 Experimental
Anew gator4040 05.18.11 Metal
Why! (remix) neilh79 05.03.11 Acoustic
Don't be Concerned, w/GuyGrooves sloparts 04.25.11 Country-Western
Clear as Mud Evil_Genius 04.22.11 Renaissance
Herbert The Human five_extra_arms 04.19.11 Alternative Rock
Lu Orang Memang Splentot (Karaoke) segiperkasa 04.12.11 Hard Rock
Just For You/ vocals musichead 04.04.11 Pop (mainstream)
Happy Little Rainbows* Evil_Genius 04.04.11 Alternative Rock
Use Once and Destroy Spiderland 03.21.11 Hard Rock
My Broken Sky racerat 03.12.11 Downtempo
Rejected (Angry Version) with loopage Char 02.25.11 Jazz (vocal)
Away,Away,Away From You ShadowofNine 02.23.11 Hard Rock
There Isn't Anything w/ Alackbass & Scofugate hackneybloke 02.13.11 Jazz (vocal)
TOO FAST FOR... doc_elvis 01.06.11 Hardcore
Hands Full of Rain stevel 08.29.08 Blues (contemporary)
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