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Member Since: Tuesday, May 11 2004 @ 12:02 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.slimmie.co.uk
Location: Slimmieville, UK
Song Comments: 1479
Song Votes: 939
Forum Posts: 428
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Total Points: 4739.46

WebSite: Official Website
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Label: Ultrasonic:

Website: http://www.slimmie.co.uk/

Official Rep and member of VSA Global: Vocalist Songwriters
Alliance : http://vsa-global.com/

Winner of the 2012 48Hrs Film Festival (Machinima)
for Best Sound Design

Reflecting influences from many genres, her vocals, original compositions and overall production sound reflect an intriguing blend of dance and house, with trance and techno overtones.

Credits range from working with Grammy Nominated Dj Andy Moor, Yuri Lima, SMOTE and BlueMotion, airplay on CapitalFM, Sue Marchant, BBC Radio 6 Music - BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson, Radio One and National TV appearances, Podcasts and numerous media publications. A mention in Rolling Stone Magazine, a feature in Sound on Sounds publication 'Performing Musician'

She has performed for the award winning
SecondFest ( The Guardian and Intel)

Also as support for
Jonathan Coulton
The Wiredasies.

Other Concerts
Creative Commons and Popsci
Prince of Wales Trust
Gossip Girl ( USA)
Sports Relief ( Comic Relief)
Orange ( Mobile)

Past and current work also includes Voice Overs/ Radio Jingles and Audio Story Narration and Composition for short films.

Also an Audio consultant for live Broadcast and streaming online.

A big Thankyou to all the many friends I have made here at Macjams Its a COOOL place to be!
Where else would this happen? Macjammers United

SlimGirlFat's Songs (18)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
12.01.11 Waiting For You 'Feat' David Paul Newell & Slimmie 10.00 (1) 4620 (12) Downtempo 01.30.16 Active
10.26.11 Every Day 0.00 (0) 2123 (8) House 10.28.11 Active
06.10.11 Turning Me On (Remix 2011) 9.67 (3) 2602 (12) Trance 08.13.11 Active
04.02.11 Tell me Something 0.00 (0) 2509 (13) Electronic 07.05.12 Active
02.03.11 Intoxication (2011 Remix) 9.75 (1) 2720 (22) Trip Hop 03.30.11 Active
06.30.10 Heaven is Here 10.00 (1) 2575 (8) Dance-Club 08.03.10 Active
02.02.10 Memory ( MJRF2010) Feat Alimar+Peter Greenstone  (---) 4763 (51) Ambient 03.04.10 Active
07.05.09 Not Enough 9.58 (3) 3685 (15) Pop (mainstream) 02.05.10 Active
05.08.09 Look up to the Sky  (---) 3783 (11) Dance-Club 07.20.10 Active
04.26.09 So Real 0.00 (0) 3193 (12) Dance-Club 06.08.09 Active
02.13.09 Rasam Feat B'bay De Munday  (---) 3533 (6) House 07.09.09 Active
02.09.09 Dreams (MJRF) 9.00 (2) 3757 (22) Ambient 02.07.10 Active
02.02.09 Whats A girl Supposed to Do ( MJRF) 9.25 (4) 5223 (27) Pop (mainstream) 02.07.10 Active
06.17.08 Lonely (BlueBoy Club Mix) 9.47 (15) 5743 (26) Dance-Club 02.07.10 Active
07.20.07 Pressure 8.78 (10) 4848 (28) Dance-Club 11.11.10 Active
11.13.05 7Pillars (Dream Mix)-Collab with Pie 8.12 (23) 6971 (41) Rock (instrumental) 02.03.12 Active
03.14.05 Ode To GarageBand 8.11 (38) 7589 (38) Comedy-Satire-Parody 05.17.09 Active
01.05.05 Memory (Featuring Alimar) 8.52 (57) 10970 (43) Ambient 03.13.08 Active
Favorite Songs (559)
Title Artist Date Genre
What Have I Done? feat. LYDIA WARREN ziti 10.22.11 Blues (contemporary)
Coalesce (Radio Edit) Pie 09.12.11 Pop (mainstream)
The Future packosmokes 07.20.11 Electropop
in transition (w/ particledots) Mystified 07.19.11 Other
The Waltz Dizney [Suite] Alimar 06.30.11 Film Scoring
Gotta Feel Something..... Soundhound 06.14.11 Funk
cardboard dancefloor 1.3 ginz111 02.23.11 House
Joanna Sampler (updated) Joanna 06.29.10 Sampler
Joanna Sampler (updated) Joanna 06.29.10 Sampler
Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010) Mcboy 02.07.10 Acoustic
soon (MJRF2010) Cori Ander 02.05.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
i'm a reunion maid MJRF 2010 caroline 02.04.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
McZorro-Live ziti 02.02.10 Latin
Hurt Me (MJRF2010) Gaylen75 02.02.10 Alternative Rock
The Empiric And The Theocrat [MJRF 2010] Alimar 02.02.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ecstasy (Featuring Ramona Graham) Sir Bass 02.01.10 Techno
Gaze v.F+F (MJRF2010) packosmokes 02.01.10 Electropop
Desert Dance II (MJRF2010) Doug Somers 02.01.10 Middle Eastern
Over The Rainbow MJRF2010 Diviner 01.31.10 Trance
Away In Black (MJRF2010) Vic Holman 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
Grave Robbing v2 (MJRF2010) w/ tonestone TobinMueller 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
The Thin Man Dreams (MJRF2010) jiguma 01.31.10 Acoustic Rock
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Riverside Romance Gaylen75 01.28.10 Alternative Rock
End of the Day packosmokes 01.04.10 Electropop
Ding dong (merrily we're high) BrunchandChewy 12.22.09 Holiday
With You packosmokes 08.31.09 Electropop
Carpe Diem packosmokes 08.24.09 Electropop
Believe packosmokes 07.27.09 Electropop
Ember Remembered - Drakonis Open Collab Boundless 06.29.09 Jazz Fusion
wah wah ziti 05.08.09 Blues (contemporary)
Sweet Delight nuvolino 05.08.09 Trance
Lonely boy nuvo (feat Slim Girl Fat) nuvolino 02.17.09 Dance-Club
The Song That Never Was - Imogen Heap Remix SmokeyVW 02.14.09 Pop (mainstream)
A Family Drive (Version 3) thetiler 02.13.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Thou Art More Lovely: Sonnet 18 (MJRF) Postludes Trio 02.09.09 Folk-Rock
clink that link mjrf caroline 02.09.09 Other
We play online (MJ RS er.. MJRF!) ;o) BrunchandChewy 02.09.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Happy Birthday MacJams (featuring Jon Anderson of YES; and Tobin Mueller) Alimar 02.09.09 Progressive Rock
Tell Me Something stevel 02.08.09 Acoustic
Hot Floor (W/LunaTrick and Yohmar) ramonaji 02.08.09 House
Big Bad World - Live 1-16-2009 plus - MJRF ka-klick 02.05.09 Alternative Rock
Sirens - ReMaster (Repost) Alimar 02.04.09 Progressive Rock
Ascend (MJRF) packosmokes 02.04.09 Industrial
Voices in the Ether MJRF kristyjo 02.03.09 Ambient
Free Fall (MJRF) perceptualvortex 02.03.09 Rock (instrumental)
Tecmo Superbowl 2009 w/ Dead End (MJRF 2004) TennesseeVic 02.03.09 Pop (mainstream)
Short Walk In A Desert [2004] (MJRF) iG.STUDiO 02.03.09 Jazz (instrumental)
I Sail On (v2) (MJRF) TobinMueller 02.03.09 Piano
North Atlantic Remix (MJRF) Kicbal 02.03.09 Electronic
Eviction (MJRF) Joanna 02.02.09 Acoustic
When You Wish upon a Star (MJRF) tadashi 02.02.09 Rock (instrumental)
Haecceity (by Alimar) (MJRF) Alimar 02.01.09 Film Scoring
Love Alters Not: Sonnet 116 (MJRF) Postludes Trio 02.01.09 Folk (contemporary)
I Feel Like I'm Falling (MJRF) Dadai.2 02.01.09 Folk-Rock
Mama Cries - Album Version (MJRF) MissChaos 02.01.09 Downtempo
Memories-2009 remix-collab with Iseae (MJRF) Jim Bouchard 02.01.09 Alternative Rock
Amelia “MJRF” mikkinylund 01.31.09 Pop (Alternative)
Meeting The Alien (MJRF) Vic Holman 01.31.09 Rock
Shenandoah (MJRF) Mystified 01.31.09 New Age
Dreams (MJRF) TobinMueller 01.31.09 Romantic
Winter (Aclarke/Mcboy) Mcboy 12.13.08 Acoustic Rock
Kaleidoscope 2008 [Public Beta V2] Pie 10.06.08 Rock
Superlative day apb 09.13.08 Pop (Alternative)
Shine Out MJUK2008 08.05.08 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Online World MJUK2008 08.04.08 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Normandie Blues Jean-Christophe 08.04.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Urban Macjammer MJUK2008 08.03.08 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Being With You E-Frame Wrecker 08.02.08 Acoustic Rock
Autumn Again Thank You springclock 07.03.08 Alternative Rock
The Most Confusing Steamboat Race Complete with Pip, Herbert, Startop, and Magwitch [incomplete] joemcdoane3 06.30.08 Techno
Down The Road (MJCH) J.A.Stewart 06.29.08 Folk-Rock
Rosie's glow (feat. Caroline) apb 06.24.08 Pop (Alternative)
Progulation #1 (w/perceptualvortex and ibstrat, with ziti remaster) Ed Hannifin 06.17.08 Progressive Rock
Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto - 2nd Movement Harmonesque 06.12.08 Classical
Next To Me antonfosh 05.26.08 Pop (Alternative)
Kaleidoscope 2008 [Public Beta V1] Pie 05.15.08 Rock
YOU AND ME w/Karmatoburn thoddi 04.28.08 Funk
Forbidden (W/Alannah & Ibstrat) Macaudion 04.15.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Looking Through The Trees EMP 04.12.08 Drum n Bass
Always Will droop 02.26.08 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Dance With Me E-Frame Wrecker 02.14.08 Acoustic Rock
Without You (w/VicDiesel) aclarke 02.13.08 Folk-Rock
Hunt the Moon/Don't Forget sir dennis crowther 02.07.08 Acoustic Rock
a passing cloud Mystified 02.03.08 Classical
september sky jonx 01.23.08 Alternative Rock
On the way (w/Z293) ktb 12.23.07 Progressive Rock
What might have been sir dennis crowther 12.15.07 Alternative Rock
Define Yourself Peter Greenstone 11.26.07 Acoustic Rock
Ember-assed (w/drakonis/custard) apb 11.11.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Interstellar Racer Pie 09.21.07 Electropop
Free To Be My Self w/apb/slimgirlfat/lee caroline 09.20.07 Other
Future War Baby (w Drew Kopr, echoroom) perceptualvortex 08.30.07 Rock
Fall Down King (Mcboy/RCAndrews) RacerX 08.29.07 Blues (contemporary)
4 Ms. Chaos Mcboy 08.14.07 Acoustic
Minstrel Boy (soundtrack mix) Mystified 08.13.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Adagio in e minor for string quartet djdrshaman 08.07.07 Classical
W.I.P. Coalesce 4 Pie 08.05.07 Pop (mainstream)
THINGS MUST CHANGE w thoddi, Anne Cozean, Alfalpha, Ms jig jiguma 08.02.07 Rhythm and Blues
You Haunt Me thetiler 07.31.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Englefield Green jesushairdo 07.30.07 Alternative Rock
OUTTA MY WAY! (Ft Dave Millard/James Moore) FractalGarden 06.18.07 Hard Rock
June Waltz Mystified 06.16.07 New Age
I Love My Mac - V2 Pie 06.10.07 Alternative Rock
Solar Flare Z293 06.03.07 Rock (instrumental)
Madeliene Mcboy 06.01.07 Jazz Fusion
In the end there is Love legato 06.01.07 Other
Sweet Baby (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 04.28.07 Acoustic Rock
Private gazing moorlandt 04.28.07 Downtempo
Lucille thoddi 04.27.07 Ska
A Secret Trip DGO 04.25.07 Trance
Synthetic Waves DGO 04.23.07 Ambient
What Now? stacey 04.13.07 Jazz (vocal)
W.I.P Coalesce 3 Pie 04.01.07 Pop (mainstream)
Sea Of Green Peter Greenstone 03.15.07 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Poison (Miss Chaos + Regina Zernay) Random 02.18.07 Electropop
Slow Descent Live (Knossos) legato 02.14.07 Middle Eastern
Speak Truth To Power (w/ twon, Darren Chapmen, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 02.13.07 Progressive Rock
Lost at Sea legato 02.06.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Through it all w/ Mimi - Remix Macaudion 02.01.07 Art Rock
Butterflies and Dragonflies guitapick 01.18.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Through it all w/Mimi/Mcboy&Thoddi Macaudion 01.06.07 Art Rock
Waiting for the Other dchapman 01.03.07 Rock (instrumental)
With Me Peter Greenstone 12.24.06 Rock
Remember December (w/MJ choir) apb 12.23.06 Holiday
Let no one stay outside (multi collab) thoddi 12.18.06 Soul
BrassApples timothy devine 12.18.06 Ambient
McBoy's ktb 12.07.06 Jazz Fusion
The scones are not what they seem MJ UK 2006 12.05.06 Acoustic
DOG FIGHT Tadashi Togawa 11.27.06 Jazz Fusion
dEvolve dchapman 11.18.06 Rock (instrumental)
Let me be your man thoddi 11.04.06 Soul
Dang, You're Looking Sexy II (w Hectorious, Karmatoburn, Ledebutant) perceptualvortex 11.03.06 Rock (instrumental)
The Chase FractalGarden 11.03.06 Techno
Ros Theme TalktoWind 11.01.06 Ambient
Neverland borisluxx 11.01.06 Techno
matilda by hilaire belloc caroline 10.15.06 Spoken Word-Poetry
Say you don't love me apb 10.01.06 Pop (mainstream)
W.I.P. Coalesce 2 Pie 09.26.06 Pop (mainstream)
Take me down easy apb 09.17.06 Rock (instrumental)
Bridge of Sighs MissChaos 09.04.06 Downtempo
Minister's daughter (w/Didge-ache & 'The Winch') apb 09.02.06 Folk-Rock
So Where Do The Flowers Grow?? springclock 08.22.06 Alternative Rock
Goin Down Slow ziti 08.22.06 Blues (traditional)
Guantanamo Vacation w Cydniko jiguma 08.16.06 Acoustic Rock
Kensho perceptualvortex 08.08.06 Techno
Dream TalktoWind 08.08.06 Ambient
Blown Away (w ziti) jiguma 08.06.06 Rock
Cry For The Rain Z293 07.13.06 Rock (instrumental)
Blue Skies BareKoala 07.03.06 Open Collaborations
Waiting EMP 07.03.06 Ambient
Happy B-Day Caroline Cameron 06.28.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
blue all over w/macgalver thoddi 06.20.06 Soul
Sunday is a Good Day (for the Blues) ziti 06.09.06 Blues (contemporary)
Sea of June Tadashi Togawa 06.05.06 Jazz Fusion
Say What? (Feat. aclarke & SlimGirlFat) Rolo 05.31.06 Dance-Club
ZigZag(collab: Z293/mcboy) Mcboy 05.28.06 Hard Rock
some go some stay (2006) thoddi 05.27.06 Blues (contemporary)
Running Scared (w/ Ziti) Einarus 05.27.06 Rock (instrumental)
Waiting again moorlandt 05.26.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
how to drown springclock 05.25.06 Alternative Rock
Neverland (w/illuminati) ledebutant 05.25.06 Pop (mainstream)
With Me (live demo) Peter Greenstone 05.15.06 Acoustic Rock
joanna!! s'for you!!! caroline 05.08.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
eyeS (Distorted Reality Vox RemiX) atonalis 05.03.06 Gothic Rock
I Can't Play the Ukulele Joanna 05.03.06 Acoustic
Letting go apb 04.30.06 Ballad
cherry wants my fist xjudson 04.20.06 Alternative Rock
charmed i'm sure xjudson 04.20.06 Alternative Rock
Ruins Of Earth perceptualvortex 04.15.06 Progressive Rock
blues for danny teletwango 04.07.06 Blues (contemporary)
The Kitchen Interviews MJ UK 2006 04.02.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
FRENZY doddster 03.29.06 Drum n Bass
Planet's Theme EMP 03.28.06 Drum n Bass
Forsaken (W/Ronnielong) Sil-VER 03.24.06 Industrial
I'm Not Sure He Knows My Name ziti 03.20.06 Blues (contemporary)
My Hope Scott Carmichael 03.19.06 Folk-Rock
Fireman Song jie 03.19.06 Acoustic Rock
Invisible Member comdotdom 03.19.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
I Have Dreamed In Another TobinMueller 03.18.06 Art Rock
Fireflies MissChaos 03.16.06 Other
The MIddle of July musichead 03.16.06 Acoustic Rock
satellite so bright springclock 03.15.06 Alternative Rock
Obscene Call caroline 03.14.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
The Legend of Drakonis drakonis 03.13.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Cradle aliknott1 03.13.06 Alternative Rock
Kill your speed aliknott1 03.13.06 Acoustic Rock
Idiot Jungle aliknott1 03.13.06 Alternative Rock
what a waste thoddi 03.13.06 Funk
FIRE(COLLAB WITH PERCEPTUAL VORTEX) ThroughRivers 03.12.06 Rock (instrumental)
THE MAN BY THE RIVER ThroughRivers 03.11.06 Folk (contemporary)
The Agency We Did Not Use BareKoala 03.11.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Skinny Sheila Bio Skinny Sheila 03.10.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
The Naming of The Band BareKoala 03.10.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Find you selters 03.08.06 Pop (mainstream)
Into the Deep Einarus 03.05.06 Spoken Word-Poetry
Walk a dog Tadashi Togawa 03.04.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Don't Let Go sometimesthree 03.03.06 Pop (mainstream)
Stay With Me sometimesthree 03.03.06 Pop (mainstream)
dream 2...no.8.. woodguy32 03.02.06 New Age
You and Me. ifmusiconline 03.01.06 Alternative Rock
mouthshredded falo 02.28.06 Heavy Metal
Clairvoyant MissChaos 02.28.06 Film Scoring
stolen springclock 02.26.06 Alternative Rock
Tricky I.G.M. 02.26.06 Blues (contemporary)
Questions (W/Aclarke) Sil-VER 02.23.06 Rock
Promise... once again thoddi 02.22.06 Latin
krtaylo demo I.G.M. 02.22.06 Pop (mainstream)
Lower Wacker Drive stratcat 02.22.06 Blues (contemporary)
Solitario Peter Greenstone 02.20.06 Industrial
Sistema diciamo di costruzione mariusdj 02.20.06 House
Goodbye Tom Atwood 02.20.06 New Age
Interboro iG.STUDiO 02.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
resolution jonx 02.18.06 Alternative Rock
Sunny Beaches (w/zallaz & TEXASFEEL) ledebutant 02.14.06 Pop (mainstream)
Belle Fugue v2 (JP4) drakonis 02.14.06 Classical
My Funny Valentine (w/Caroline) alfalpha 02.13.06 Open Collaborations
The Free & The Brave w/ Jim Bouchard macgalver 02.09.06 Folk (contemporary)
System Failure v3 [TENSE] packosmokes 02.04.06 Industrial
FINAL BATTLE AEROjet 02.03.06 Techno
RawhideDanger(w/rschletty) Sil-VER 02.03.06 Rock
Striped Sweater aclarke 02.03.06 Children's Music
unknown 11 springclock 02.02.06 Alternative Rock
Splasher (V2) (Collab PV EE) Drew Kopr 02.01.06 Funk
Tern (2006) Pie 01.29.06 Rock
Down Time eleveneyes 01.28.06 Alternative Rock
MerryGoRound breezer 01.26.06 Progressive Rock
Black (collab with Bizarre) selters 01.26.06 Lo-fi
Corridor Mystified 01.23.06 Ambient
I promise you this thoddi 01.22.06 Soul
Now and Then chakeres 01.20.06 Hard Rock
Steve and Frances (w ledebutant) perceptualvortex 01.19.06 Alternative Rock
I Am Yours (Last Embrace Behind The Wall) w/ Mystified TobinMueller 01.19.06 Classical
I'm Yours w/ Jim Bouchard macgalver 01.13.06 Rock
small room explodes springclock 01.09.06 Alternative Rock
Unfaithful (W/Aclarke) Sil-VER 01.08.06 Rock
oceans and oceans 13 01.08.06 Ambient
Shufflerbones(ziti,dkopr,pvortex) ziti 01.07.06 Funk
thick as thieves springclock 01.05.06 Alternative Rock
Talk thoddi 01.04.06 Blues (contemporary)
Slam chakeres 01.02.06 Hard Rock
Dance, Dance, Dance J.A.Stewart 12.29.05 Pop (mainstream)
S&M Blues kcsaito 12.29.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Blur Mystified 12.28.05 Dance-Club
The Twelve Days of MacJams Christmas (w/The Bawdies) Epileptic Gibbon 12.21.05 Holiday
Jhonny Silva mandolinquent 12.21.05 Ambient
lime jonx 12.19.05 Alternative Rock
Tensions WellOfWyrd 12.19.05 Ambient
Expect (w/DChapman) packosmokes 12.18.05 Industrial
I G N I T I O N Ghost -05 12.14.05 Downtempo
DEMO - Atomic Force Microscopy Tiny_Man_Inside 12.13.05 Rock
bleed (cover w/alley-oop) ledebutant 12.12.05 Acoustic Rock
Ocean Of Sadness Z293 12.04.05 Rock (instrumental)
Bees and Birds (w/Daphna, McBoy) Joanna 12.03.05 Jazz (vocal)
Red-Shift (w Vac) perceptualvortex 11.27.05 Rock (instrumental)
Fresh Air chakeres 11.26.05 Rock (instrumental)
The Lonely Road (Deserve This) aclarke 11.24.05 Folk (contemporary)
A Different View futzpucker 11.21.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Raise My Glass American Alloy 11.20.05 Rock
7 Pillars [Radioactive Mix] - collab. with SlimGirlFat Pie 11.20.05 Drum n Bass
Check PowerTrio 11.19.05 Rock (instrumental)
B L I S S Ghost -05 11.19.05 Downtempo
Space Elevator(W/pgreenstone) Sil-VER 11.17.05 Dance-Club
The Wild Rover (Macjams Pub Jam!!) ronnielong 11.15.05 Folk (contemporary)
Nunca contigo gumbi Ortiz 11.15.05 Latin
The Blue Elephant Song dane 11.15.05 Acoustic
Mi Veneno aivan 11.15.05 Alternative Rock
A word isnt always what you need selters 11.13.05 Pop (mainstream)
fellthroughyourstatic atonalis 11.12.05 Downtempo
SKULL & BONES (collab w/IVANJS) ronnielong 11.10.05 Hard Rock
Forward MissChaos 11.10.05 Classical
Stranded (w/ Chakeres) Einarus 11.09.05 Rock (instrumental)
Brother Can You Spare a Dime? caroline 11.09.05 Folk (contemporary)
Snake in Paradise w/ Amanda Chapman stevec 11.08.05 Rock
15 Days In Scunthorpe(w/the bawdies) caroline 11.05.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
My friend thoddi 11.05.05 Rock & Roll
Transmission(w/I. SPIKE) Sil-VER 11.05.05 Rock
Caroline's House of Shiny Lights (w/The Bawdies) caroline 11.05.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Emmet Peter Greenstone 11.05.05 Acoustic
Oregon chakeres 10.30.05 Rock & Roll
Poe--The Bells (w/TAtwood) Mystified 10.28.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
Sign BobRoberts 10.28.05 Hip Hop-Rap
Do u know who u R? Candorwien 10.27.05 Alternative Rock
I am sure selters 10.27.05 Alternative Rock
For Tinkerbell alanfraser 10.26.05 Hard Rock
Not Thinking About You syddavis 10.25.05 Pop (mainstream)
Lamb and calf's dances Tadashi Togawa 10.24.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Vox Populi (w magullo and Drew Kopr) perceptualvortex 10.23.05 Rock (instrumental)
Annabel Lee (Edgar Allen Poe) Peter Greenstone 10.22.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
Fragments II (stevel collab) Mystified 10.21.05 Alternative Rock
Code Blue Z293 10.02.05 Progressive Rock
Pedal 2 The Metal Ringo 10.01.05 Rock & Roll
Mexican Wine (Drunken Acoustic Guitar Jam 2005) ronnielong 09.29.05 Latin
t'every caroline 09.28.05 Folk (contemporary)
Happy Birthday aclarke 09.26.05 A Cappella
Dreams III (featuring Woody Mankowski) TobinMueller 09.26.05 Jazz (vocal)
Sopra un raggio d'Inverno rik 09.25.05 Classical
366˚ The Composer 09.25.05 Dance-Club
Pulsed Sensations Audiologic 09.24.05 Dance-Club
ODear The 3 Divas 09.15.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Remember Me guitaraddict 09.15.05 Acoustic
Amazing Grace Mystified 09.12.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
The Years (collab w/Katchoolik) Peter Greenstone 09.12.05 Ballad
Speechless (w/ Katchoolik) blamm 09.11.05 Alternative Rock
Anybody else can play that I.G.M. 09.11.05 Acoustic
Grabblesnaps Einarus 09.09.05 Progressive Rock
Song Of This World - Enhanced Production of an ejh Song J.A.Stewart 09.08.05 Folk-Rock
Chelsea & Westminster [with Rebsie] mandolinquent 09.08.05 Folk (contemporary)
God Breathes gudkarma 09.08.05 New Age
Memories gudkarma 09.06.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
Sally O'Brien (The Life of) Tom Atwood 09.05.05 Acoustic
Those Things 2005 edition thoddi 09.05.05 Alternative Rock
cherry v2.0 jonx 09.05.05 Alternative Rock
Endured Audiologic 09.05.05 Dance-Club
Doxology Radio Bikini 09.04.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Concept |3| (Vocals: CJ Hoose) Audiologic 09.04.05 New Age
Jack and Jill antonfosh 08.31.05 Blues (contemporary)
Falling (Legacy) Pie 08.29.05 Rock
Session Three TalktoWind 08.29.05 Other
Lament To The Fallen Heroes ll (Collab: Tom Atwood) White Hawks 08.26.05 Classical
Crossing The Stars Shimky 08.25.05 Ambient
Lady of the Lake (w/ Mystified) TobinMueller 08.24.05 Classical
Black box -second take weitermitfahrer 08.23.05 Hard Rock
How Many Times dchapman 08.23.05 Pop (mainstream)
inside out(fortunes) ThroughRivers 08.22.05 Folk (contemporary)
Whisper Evermore Peter Greenstone 08.21.05 Ethnic-International
Song for Sale MissChaos 08.19.05 Alternative Rock
Alone God Sufficeth(Tom Atwood collab) Mystified 08.17.05 Classical
Amazing Grace (nylon) Cori Ander 08.17.05 Fingerstyle Guitar
Roundup® the World Tom Atwood 08.14.05 Folk (contemporary)
Kaleidoscope Pie 08.14.05 Rock
Revolution's Son (v2, w/ dchapman, twon, Alimar, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 08.15.05 Progressive Rock
Good Thing fairymagic17 08.13.05 Pop (mainstream)
Wayfaring Stranger ziti & mystified ziti 08.13.05 Open Collaborations
Five Billion Years merkutio 08.11.05 Alternative Rock
The Pain Game Peter Greenstone 08.09.05 Alternative Rock
SlimGirlThat MacJammersUnited 08.08.05 Open Collaborations
Can't see the sea (nuvolino remix) nuvolino 08.07.05 Pop (mainstream)
You & I WorldJazzProject 08.06.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Eccentric Ambient II Reinholt56 08.06.05 Ambient
Bells and Cars Reinholt56 08.06.05 Ambient
Those Things 1994 edition thoddi 08.05.05 Alternative Rock
Morning Walk (Tom Atwood collab) Mystified 08.05.05 New Age
Blackberries (collab w/alley-oop) ledebutant 08.04.05 Acoustic Rock
No Chances Left dented 08.04.05 Alternative Rock
Vanilla & Chocolate Arin 08.02.05 Pop (mainstream)
CRY GIRL ronnielong 08.02.05 Blues (traditional)
Running Gag merkutio 08.02.05 Pop (mainstream)
Your Own Words merkutio 07.26.05 Pop (mainstream)
Summer Ride Z293 07.25.05 Progressive Rock
Stars On My Ceiling Peter Greenstone 07.21.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
On the Edge (Mcboy collab) Mystified 07.19.05 Alternative Rock
Grace (Ziti w/Mystified) Mystified 07.12.05 New Age
Company (includes music from Mungo) breezer 07.11.05 Experimental
Defending Democracy (U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd) Peter Greenstone 07.11.05 Rock & Roll
Majestic aeonoire 07.11.05 Ambient
Changes Drew Kopr 07.11.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Take Me Away (stripped mix) aeonoire 07.10.05 Ambient
*King of the Hill* Collab W/Pgreenstone Sil-VER 07.07.05 Dance-Club
Brazil TalktoWind 07.06.05 Other
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? collab. JOAN caroline 07.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
First Embrace (collab/Swanny) Mystified 07.03.05 Pop (mainstream)
What's Wrong with This World Tom Atwood 07.01.05 Folk (contemporary)
Take Me As I Am (Collab SGF) Drew Kopr 06.30.05 Dance-Club
You MiMi 06.30.05 Pop (mainstream)
MacJammer's Tribute Mr. S 06.28.05 Hip Hop-Rap
No Matter the Weather Peter Greenstone 06.23.05 Alternative Rock
sunstrip candy with Amanda Chapman zallaz01 06.22.05 Pop (mainstream)
Under A Western Sky TobinMueller 06.22.05 New Age
Revolving Door Tom Atwood 06.22.05 Classical
Just Like a Little Girl jenny dove 06.22.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Shame jenny dove 06.22.05 Pop (mainstream)
Mr BIG JOAN 06.21.05 Alternative Rock
you need relax kaimano 06.21.05 Jazz (instrumental)
And from that silence.... Mystified 06.21.05 Classical
Midwinter Night's Fury schroter 06.21.05 Classical
La Noche Cameron 06.20.05 Classical
Planet Z Z293 06.20.05 Progressive Rock
I'm Getting Phat (& Happy) Drew Kopr 06.19.05 Funk
Where Swallows Fly notsosweet 06.17.05 New Age
Blue Sun ziti 06.17.05 Blues (traditional)
This One's Almost Jaco Drew Kopr 06.17.05 Jazz (instrumental)
MUCHTOOBLUESGROOVE Drew Kopr 06.17.05 Blues (traditional)
Traveling Blind eleveneyes 06.15.05 Alternative Rock
Contemplation Mystified 06.15.05 Classical
7 People Concept breezer 06.14.05 Experimental
Rock The Baby With Voodoo (w/Tobin) Suzanne 06.14.05 Ethnic-International
Jenny Get Angrier illuminati 06.13.05 Dance-Club
Pictures in Heat (with Rebsie) mandolinquent 06.13.05 Folk-Rock
At Any Cost blamm 06.13.05 Rock & Roll
I Miss You Swanny 06.11.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Remembrance Einarus 06.11.05 Dance-Club
Tyler O'Toole (remix of One Bad Dude) Joanna 06.10.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
Lunar To Earth trebbia 06.10.05 Alternative Rock
Ophelia's Song pan 06.06.05 Dance-Club
*Safety Word* (Collab.W/Pgreenstone) Sil-VER 06.05.05 Dance-Club
Seek Ye First (Collab: Tom Atwood) White Hawks 06.03.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
Visualisation mwick 06.02.05 Dance-Club
Dagadella ziti 06.01.05 Blues (traditional)
i pretend BlackLily 06.01.05 Alternative Rock
Head JunkyardCutiepie 06.01.05 Dance-Club
Theme-Third Draft basil81 05.30.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Clever Conversation thoddi 05.30.05 Blues (traditional)
Aurora Pie 05.30.05 Rock (instrumental)
Alexa quintesson 05.30.05 Other
Only Child spruce 05.29.05 Dance-Club
G-H-O-T-I spells 'fish.' DeputyDoofy 05.28.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Rebsie's SOS mandolinquent 05.28.05 Folk (contemporary)
IN MY TIME eleveneyes 05.26.05 Alternative Rock
*Waiting* (with Fairy Beth) Sil-VER 05.25.05 Pop (mainstream)
Cuba Street compyellow 05.24.05 Rock & Roll
Rebsie and The Man Next Door mandolinquent 05.24.05 Folk (contemporary)
Banana Land J.A.Stewart 05.24.05 Other
I Sail On (arr: Troy) TobinMueller 05.23.05 Progressive Rock
Lost On The Waves Peter Greenstone 05.23.05 Alternative Rock
Jazz Praise Syncopatient 05.23.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Freedom TalktoWind 05.23.05 Experimental
Desolation DeputyDoofy 05.21.05 Ambient
Trepidation in Jewelry ziti 05.19.05 Jazz (instrumental)
A Simple Sorry Would Do ziti 05.19.05 Blues (traditional)
Victim dchapman 05.18.05 Hard Rock
All the Same twonicus 05.17.05 Rock & Roll
Bach Jazz Collab. John Stebbe 05.17.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Shenandoah Mystified 05.15.05 New Age
Tender nuvolino 05.13.05 Dance-Club
In Between (Collab) ThatNation 05.12.05 Pop (mainstream)
The G4's Last Stand (Maybe) DeputyDoofy 05.12.05 Dance-Club
Broken String Tom Atwood 05.11.05 New Age
His Panic eleveneyes 05.11.05 Ethnic-International
Tompkins Square twonicus 05.09.05 Pop (mainstream)
A Promise (w/ Woody Mankowski) TobinMueller 05.08.05 Rhythm and Blues
Warrior Supergene 05.08.05 Alternative Rock
Segment 3 btransue 05.08.05 Ambient
If You Want...(collab w/LillNisse) Mystified 05.07.05 Folk (contemporary)
Mungo's Number Tom Atwood 05.07.05 Ambient
Last Days of Perfection v2 basco 05.06.05 Pop (mainstream)
lover lay your lies on me twonicus 05.04.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Person Or Persons Unknown Peter Greenstone 05.03.05 Alternative Rock
You Can't Buy It BlackLily 05.03.05 Pop (mainstream)
Music Box guitaraddict 05.03.05 Hard Rock
Reentry Z293 04.30.05 Hard Rock
Derailed MacJammersUnited 04.28.05 Progressive Rock
Swang Thang DigItDirty 04.28.05 Jazz (instrumental)
sweethearts jonx 04.27.05 Alternative Rock
I'd play it for you breezer 04.23.05 Alternative Rock
Daisy's song krismacqueen 04.23.05 Alternative Rock
Let Me Play (w/ McBoy and BBarner) TobinMueller 04.21.05 Jazz (vocal)
Tristezza (Miss Chaos Remix) MissChaos 04.19.05 Downtempo
I Believe spot 04.19.05 Hip Hop-Rap
Lazy Song baki 04.18.05 Ambient
Hungry I. Spike 04.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
Too Fast fairymagic17 04.14.05 Pop (mainstream)
Resolution Mystified 04.14.05 New Age
Premature Recapitulation pooey 04.13.05 Dance-Club
angel of small noises jonx 04.11.05 Alternative Rock
Soul Without A Mate antonfosh 04.11.05 Pop (mainstream)
Will You Find Me (Too) daphna 04.11.05 Jazz (instrumental)
weight jonx 04.08.05 Alternative Rock
black braid jonx 04.08.05 Alternative Rock
Common Bones Tom Atwood 04.08.05 New Age
Same thing that makes u laugh GodSuhn 04.08.05 Hip Hop-Rap
After The Rain Supergene 04.05.05 Alternative Rock
Revolver vs Blair Supergene 04.05.05 Alternative Rock
Surrendered MissChaos 04.04.05 Other
Shut The Door Behind You Orpheus 04.03.05 Ethnic-International
Stones in a Pocket ragurner 04.02.05 Progressive Rock
Shimmering stovis 04.02.05 Ambient
Where Should i send this letter wautz 04.01.05 Folk (contemporary)
The Best Ive Known yellow_monsta 04.01.05 Rhythm and Blues
My Home Long Ago (Dadai & rschletty) Postludes Trio 03.31.05 Celtic
Cold December Nolan 03.31.05 Alternative Rock
Tristezza Mystified 03.31.05 Classical
Italian Waltz core 03.30.05 Classical
Spirit Of Fighter ll White Hawks 03.29.05 Classical
Anymore (live) snowdragon 03.26.05 Folk (contemporary)
Jam 5 (V2) basco 03.26.05 Alternative Rock
Session Two TalktoWind 03.25.05 Ambient
Hide And Seek Truth42 03.22.05 Pop (mainstream)
in the shack out back frml 03.21.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Mixed Nuts MacJammersUnited 03.18.05 Other
Mother (Legacy) Pie 03.16.05 Rock
Endless Journey Swanny 03.14.05 Ambient
(Further) Demented--a remix Mystified 03.13.05 Experimental
Natalina frml 03.09.05 Jazz (instrumental)
*Cyber Love* Sil-VER 03.08.05 Dance-Club
Say It Now Leebo 03.07.05 Pop (mainstream)
Tenor Madness (The Voices In My Head) - (Mcboy/iG.GTUDiO) iG.STUDiO 03.06.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Pretty Stupid jschultz76 03.05.05 Alternative Rock
baggin' frml 03.05.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Can I Turn Now Monophobe 03.03.05 Pop (mainstream)
Conversation syddavis 03.02.05 Folk (contemporary)
Tibetan Gargle gudkarma 03.02.05 Ethnic-International
Freefall (nuvolino remix) nuvolino 03.01.05 Dance-Club
Redwing Tom Atwood 02.28.05 New Age
Won't Let Me Sleep Syncopatient 02.27.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
No Regrets nomaramon 02.27.05 Alternative Rock
My Way Home (revisited) Mystified 02.26.05 Folk (contemporary)
BioHeaven legato 02.22.05 New Age
December Suite (complete) Tom Atwood 02.20.05 Classical
Hegira Cameron 02.16.05 New Age
Summer Song peeg 02.12.05 Alternative Rock
Waiting for Emergance nobunaga 02.12.05 Rock & Roll
What Thou Lovest Well (w/ Packo) TobinMueller 02.11.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
MY RELIGION eleveneyes 02.10.05 Pop (mainstream)
esagono kaimano 02.09.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Happy Birthday MacJams! (part 1) MacJammersUnited 02.07.05 Open Collaborations
My Wish MiMi 02.07.05 Ambient
Let Go bjack 02.06.05 Rhythm and Blues
Land Sharks Z293 02.06.05 Hard Rock
When I See... Sil-VER 01.30.05 Dance-Club
Photographer's Lament Tom Atwood 01.21.05 Folk (contemporary)
Cips potato remix kaimano 01.20.05 Jazz (instrumental)
FZ Z293 01.18.05 Blues (traditional)
Take Your Life Sil-VER 01.17.05 Dance-Club
ONCE IN A WHILE eleveneyes 01.17.05 Alternative Rock
Smooth As Silk (Collaboration w/iGStudio & McBoy) Joanna 01.17.05 Jazz (vocal)
Horny nissim 01.16.05 Dance-Club
She Don't Make Sense public_buildings 01.14.05 Rock & Roll
Heaven Take Me Now Truth42 01.14.05 Alternative Rock
First Movement (from December Suite for Guitar) Tom Atwood 01.05.05 Classical
Mosquito Peter Greenstone 01.04.05 Acoustic
New Directions Z293 12.30.04 Jazz (instrumental)
Connection To The Sun antonfosh 12.29.04 Pop (mainstream)
my problem listen 12.27.04 Pop (mainstream)
Hide and Seek will2 12.19.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Pulse or Minus - remixed oldlibmike 12.15.04 Dance-Club
Hero's Dust thetiler 12.10.04 Classical
Flower fosod 12.10.04 Alternative Rock
Olympus nissim 11.28.04 Dance-Club
Through The Mist Z293 11.26.04 Hard Rock
quattro kaimano 11.25.04 Jazz (instrumental)
ROFYL v2 (collab) packosmokes 11.23.04 Dance-Club
La Mer core 11.19.04 Dance-Club
Vibrations nissim 11.15.04 Dance-Club
Guitar Improv porcupine 11.15.04 Other
My Day Arin 11.08.04 Jazz (instrumental)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 fosod 11.08.04 Alternative Rock
Child Of Time Z293 11.02.04 Hard Rock
Interrupted Sushi Darklighter 11.01.04 Ambient
Estos Días Llevarán Tu Nombre schapiro 10.30.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
AlwaysAWay eleveneyes 10.13.04 Alternative Rock
Feeling Moody Joanna 10.10.04 Jazz (vocal)
funky for me kaimano 10.10.04 Jazz (instrumental)
Dont Walk Away legato 10.09.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
I Know banglove 10.06.04 Pop (mainstream)
Will You Find Me daphna 10.01.04 Jazz (instrumental)
Real Slow (collab) chikoppi 09.24.04 Jazz (instrumental)
viaggiando kaimano 09.24.04 Jazz (instrumental)
Russian Winter Mr. EI Oval 09.21.04 Ethnic-International
Nuclear Power Plant DeputyDoofy 09.21.04 Industrial
Classified Pinoy 09.15.04 Classical
Path of Tears Cameron 09.10.04 Classical
You Don't Know TheWireman 09.01.04 Pop (mainstream)
Sharing a Dream (collab) packosmokes 08.29.04 Pop (mainstream)
Unwashed Mcboy 08.04.04 Rock & Roll
Talk thoddi 07.22.04 Blues (traditional)
Some go some stay thoddi 07.13.04 Blues (traditional)
The Pale (collaboration mix) chikoppi 06.19.04 Hard Rock
Scooby/DC packosmokes 06.15.04 Comedy-Satire-Parody
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