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I'm a wife, mom of two, and business professional who likes to make cool music come out of her computer when I get the time.

I work in GarageBand with my Kawai piano. I make my studio in the basement (after kicking the toys out of the way.) My husband has given up having a normal computer area that isn't littered with MIDI and microphones cables and sheets of paper with notes scribbled all over them. I think he's also given up on having a normal wife!

My musical background: I have been singing since 7th grade. I have no formal voice training but I’ve been told I’m not bad. ;-) I taught myself how to play piano by ear at a young age. Later I took two years of piano lessons but struggled to unlearn the way I had always done things so I gave that up. I sing in a church worship band and have been cast in several community theater musicals, favorite roles being Grace Farrell in "Annie" and Lady Larkin in "Once Upon a Mattress."

A couple of my songs feature vocals but only in an instrumental fashion; no lyrics. People ask me why I don’t sing more in my songs and the answer is that I can’t stand the way it sounds! I am a perfectionist in the worst way! I am starting to experiment with compression and the vocal settings in GarageBand, to hopefully get to a point where I am happy with the way my voice sounds recorded.

I have a lot to learn, so I am always open to comments and suggestions.
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09.11.11 The Evolution of Spiders  (---) 5590 (58) Electronic 12.21.11 Active
08.29.11 Sample Simon  (---) 3005 (49) Electronic 12.21.11 Active
04.17.10 Muad'Dib  (---) 6272 (40) Cinematic Soundtrack 11.05.13 Active
03.16.10 Pianos on Erinome  (---) 4047 (43) Ambient 11.05.13 Active
03.07.10 Rama  (---) 2997 (28) Ambient 11.05.13 Active
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