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The Infinites
(The Infinites)

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So......ehmmm...I forgot my sign in details about 4 years ago...

The Infinites's Songs (25)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
08.21.15 Divorce  (---) 1848 (11) Informational 09.01.15 Active
01.25.11 Again  (---) 5580 (37) Rock 08.21.15 Active
11.13.10 Rain Rain (Head In The Clouds Mix) w/ OSW  (---) 2536 (26) Open Collaborations 01.22.11 Active
08.25.09 Day-Glo  (---) 3314 (26) Electropop 11.01.10 Active
08.14.09 Company  (---) 2587 (19) Other 10.06.10 Active
05.16.09 Heart Like A Drum  (---) 2802 (18) Downtempo 07.21.09 Active
12.11.08 The Real Lazarus  (---) 3286 (32) Dub 04.30.10 Active
11.20.08 Johnny Nothin' (Longer Version)  (---) 4371 (10) Other 11.20.08 Active
11.18.08 Johnny Nothin'  (---) 2667 (12) Alternative Rock 06.17.09 Active
10.12.08 Not A Perfect Day  (---) 3285 (21) Pop (Alternative) 11.15.08 Active
10.03.08 Ciderlung  (---) 3415 (17) Alternative Rock 10.16.08 Active
09.06.08 New York Day  (---) 3277 (23) Ambient 08.22.15 Active
09.01.08 Closer (original 'Ethylene Hodgepodge' by 5EA)  (---) 3707 (15) Ballad 04.30.10 Active
05.02.08 Bowery Boys  (---) 4078 (23) Punk-Grunge 08.06.09 Active
04.16.08 First & Final  (---) 2829 (24) Other 05.01.08 Active
02.02.08 Double Low Heaven  (---) 2769 (16) Cinematic Soundtrack 04.02.08 Active
01.26.08 Take Up The Slack  (---) 3027 (23) Other 04.30.10 Active
12.28.07 Pavement  (---) 2641 (15) Other 01.01.08 Active
09.28.07 Mean Sun  (---) 3976 (29) Other 12.07.07 Active
08.14.07 Space Forest  (---) 2995 (24) Other 09.28.07 Active
05.14.07 Pink Dress (Punk Dress)  (---) 5522 (18) Open Collaborations 02.02.11 Active
05.11.07 5 Ninth Meltdown  (---) 2941 (25) Alternative Rock 12.19.07 Active
02.06.07 God Has Favoured  (---) 3105 (12) Punk-Grunge 05.05.07 Active
11.25.06 BIG  (---) 2762 (10) Country-Western 06.24.07 Active
08.26.06 Saturnine Ecosse  (---) 4058 (11) Open Collaborations 09.03.06 Active
Favorite Songs (276)
Title Artist Date Genre
peter's foundations woofer3 08.05.12 Alternative Rock
God (part iii) c4rson 06.28.12 Alternative Rock
Sinning Souls c4rson 09.04.11 Alternative Rock
Again The Infinites 01.25.11 Rock
Waterfall neilh79 01.07.11 Acoustic
Please Deactivate Catalina22 12.14.10 Spoken Word-Poetry
Led Astray bud 12.05.10 Open Collaborations
untitled airportseven 11.17.10 Ambient
Saw The Girl (with egobandit) five_extra_arms 11.16.10 Other
Journey to Nirvana Moviz 11.15.10 Other
Rain Rain (Head In The Clouds Mix) w/ OSW The Infinites 11.13.10 Open Collaborations
Tactual Sensation W/ jibes RosaLinda 11.09.10 Acoustic Rock
Let It Go onesweetworld 11.07.10 Dance-Club
Billy The Kid Re-al 11.04.10 Pop (Alternative)
I'M A MAN five_extra_arms 08.09.10 Electropop
Summer Glaze (With cchaplin) DarkPlanet 07.02.10 Alternative Rock
Shadowland (w/Awigze) Plumefall 04.11.10 Alternative Rock
Live With Me Plumefall 02.10.10 Alternative Rock
Heading for Alpha Centauri (mj space race 2009) Henke 10.04.09 Ambient
There's No Tomorrow Moviz 08.25.09 Pop (mainstream)
Bad Robot Heroin_Marys 08.23.09 MuzaK
Bad Robot Heroin_Marys 08.23.09 MuzaK
What Did You Do This Summer? - LioLi 9 five_extra_arms 08.22.09 Electropop
The Loop (lioli9) bud 08.20.09 Psychedelic
By The Sea DarkPlanet 08.26.09 Alternative Rock
Bordertown (LIVE) Re-al 08.16.09 Rock
no smoke ste 08.12.09 Pop (Alternative)
You're Driving Me Mad (But I'm Not Crazy) Heroin_Marys 08.06.09 Indie Rock
shortbus spaceship (feat. the Flying Monggz from the Ninth Planet) by the Monggz cjdaley 08.03.09 Rock
Metropolitanne (with Paddy Navin) tempie 08.03.09 Pop (Alternative)
Cherry tempie 07.23.09 Rock & Roll
Abracadabra lengold 07.20.09 Alternative Rock
Let It Go Vic Holman 07.15.09 Indie Rock
Relief For Sale Vinylhack 07.15.09 Downtempo
Peace Love Liberty Re-al 07.13.09 Pop (mainstream)
Metal & Math tempie 06.30.09 Pop (Alternative)
I Never Climbed a Mountain Moviz 05.20.09 Ballad
That's Life Three_Below_ZeroZ 05.17.09 Alternative Rock
Feed Me (w/Char) bud 05.14.09 Alternative Rock
Water Slide (On The Lake Of Fire) five_extra_arms 04.17.09 Other
Simple Song bud 03.25.09 Pop (Alternative)
lost bud 03.20.09 Psychedelic
Above and Beyond Davidking 03.08.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Sex lengold 02.20.09 Alternative Rock
Three Below Zeros (MJRF - 2005/06 & 09) Three_Below_ZeroZ 02.01.09 Open Collaborations
Tundra bud 01.29.09 Open Collaborations
21st Century/Megan/ Fox echoroom 01.27.09 Alternative Rock
Limb from limb kingbee 01.15.09 Acoustic Rock
WRONG GUY five_extra_arms 01.12.09 Electropop
Not the One airportseven 01.10.09 Alternative Rock
MAID OF METAL (MIRx/michael2) five_extra_arms 12.23.08 Other
Everything's new kingbee 12.13.08 Pop (Alternative)
Hi-Fi (with 5 Extra Arms) tempie 12.08.08 Pop (Alternative)
Tears Re-al 12.05.08 Pop (mainstream)
Port In A Storm Re-al 11.27.08 Pop (mainstream)
In All Our Days paddler 11.27.08 Ballad
Confused edpdx 11.26.08 Experimental
So Much Time michael2 11.21.08 Psychedelic
Dream ruler kingbee 11.21.08 Alternative Rock
Road Trip! tempie 11.20.08 Alternative Rock
Angel and Me Re-al 11.21.08 Pop (mainstream)
Think Of Me TG 11.21.08 Pop (Alternative)
My Beautiful Crutch five_extra_arms 11.20.08 Electropop
An Offering to The MacJams Community awigze 11.19.08 Open Collaborations
Nya Nya Nya... bud 11.19.08 Other
Pond (Reprise) steveg 11.19.08 Other
for you that80sboy 11.19.08 Pop (Alternative)
Better Days lavalamp 11.19.08 Alternative Rock
Boulevard bud 11.15.08 Rock
Particular Charisma lengold 11.15.08 Alternative Rock
Good Moon Relic67 11.15.08 Acoustic Rock
Hang Tight tempie 11.14.08 Rock
I Wanna' Be This Way lavalamp 11.09.08 Alternative Rock
No rewards apb 11.08.08 Pop (Alternative)
Swing State bud 11.07.08 Swing
Feedback (Analogapalooza) Nick_Flash 11.01.08 Punk-Grunge
Red Moon (Our House) dajama 10.30.08 Acoustic Rock
The Sausage Factory of Fame DWL 10.28.08 Electropop
Hand Colored Photograph (w/Lavalamp) five_extra_arms 10.28.08 Alternative Rock
SEVENTEEN five_extra_arms 10.20.08 Indie Rock
Stay still forever kingbee 10.19.08 Acoustic Rock
Everything Available In Your Hand dolby 10.19.08 Alternative Rock
Ego Forty Two five_extra_arms 10.18.08 Alternative Rock
Mosquito (with The Infinites) lengold 10.15.08 Alternative Rock
Everything to lose MarkHolbrook 10.13.08 Alternative Rock
All The Same (CBGB) (Last Chance Challenge) Peter Bauckham 10.12.08 Punk-Grunge
Never Wanna Be Like Them DeathArrow 10.12.08 Alternative Rock
Laura five_extra_arms 10.11.08 Electropop
Don't Wait So Long Relic67 10.10.08 Indie Rock
Euro Slicer bud 10.10.08 Open Collaborations
Tell Me Moviz 10.10.08 Jazz (vocal)
Dude! Ibstrat 10.08.08 Funk
Storyville Remark80 10.07.08 Acoustic Rock
Doom's Retreat Henke 10.04.08 Ambient
That Look (Run Away) SmokeyVW 10.03.08 Rock
Crazy Like a Rabid Mule. Dennis James 10.03.08 Rock
You're No Different Than Anybody Else tempie 10.03.08 Pop (Alternative)
Repeat After Me dolby 10.03.08 Alternative Rock
River To The East Vic Holman 09.29.08 Alternative Rock
Get Away With Murder Eyes (LioLi 8) five_extra_arms 09.29.08 Electropop
Jukebox kingbee 09.29.08 Rock
Augustus P. versus Dr. L (lioli8) bud 09.27.08 Reggae
Rock'N'Roll Dad (Electro Pop) five_extra_arms 09.25.08 Electropop
What the Devil Says tempie 09.25.08 Rock
Instantly bonnieprincejohnny 09.24.08 Pop (mainstream)
I'll walk away BeccaJohnson 09.24.08 Electropop
Here Again Moviz 09.22.08 Jazz (vocal)
Diamond Eyes c4rson 09.20.08 Alternative Rock
Ummm VicDiesel 09.19.08 Rock
Angela bonnieprincejohnny 09.15.08 Rock
Relief c4rson 09.14.08 Alternative Rock
Shoe Show tempie 09.12.08 Pop (Alternative)
Quiet Time c4rson 09.10.08 Alternative Rock
Monster Miss lengold 09.09.08 Alternative Rock
Old Raw Deal c4rson 09.08.08 Alternative Rock
Give Me Time c4rson 09.06.08 Alternative Rock
Rising Up Through The Sky lavalamp 09.06.08 Alternative Rock
Shut Up! c4rson 09.04.08 Alternative Rock
Spectator Lens (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 09.03.08 Alternative Rock
Fly Birdie Fly (DJ FT) - MJ Covers Challenge bud 09.02.08 Downtempo
hyperboreal (the hamlet machines cover) rsorensen 09.01.08 Alternative Rock
Sea-Foam Green (MJ Cover Challenge) Vic Holman 09.01.08 Alternative Rock
STUCK (MJ Covers Challenge) five_extra_arms 09.01.08 Electropop
If I Could Live Long Enough - by Tobin Mueller MJCC sloparts 09.01.08 Folk-Rock
Memory MarkHolbrook 08.07.08 Alternative Rock
Tokyo One (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 07.28.08 Indie Rock
This is the Place Remark80 07.26.08 Acoustic Rock
All Together Remark80 07.19.08 Acoustic Rock
What's Inside Remark80 07.02.08 Acoustic Rock
Black Star (MJ Live Aid w/jgurner) ledebutant 06.16.08 Alternative Rock
She's the One (MJ Live Aid) Nick_Flash 06.13.08 Pop (Alternative)
Cloud You Fell From (MJ Live Aid) w/5 Extra Arms & Bud Vic Holman 06.13.08 Rock
Star-Bound (MJ Live Aid) J.A.Stewart 06.13.08 Rock & Roll
Dirty War (MJ Live Aid) dajama 06.13.08 Pop (Alternative)
Every Day (MJ Live Aid) jgurner 06.13.08 Pop (mainstream)
WeAreStars (MJ Live Aid) w/michael2 and echoroom bud 06.12.08 Twentieth Century
Sea of Life Moviz 06.03.08 Pop (mainstream)
I Thought That You Should Know[w/ Roxylee and Paul Page] davisamerica2 05.20.08 Ballad
Better Still Remark80 05.12.08 Acoustic Rock
Little Baby Razorblade (CBGB collab) echoroom 05.05.08 Alternative Rock
Rain Rain (acca) onesweetworld 04.30.08 A Cappella
Rain Rain onesweetworld 04.28.08 Jazz (vocal)
The Hardest Thing Moviz 04.22.08 Blues (contemporary)
Club of the Moment (Collab with The Infinites) Remark80 04.19.08 Acoustic Rock
Bed and Mook (ft. Savage Beast) Go_Turtle_Go 04.17.08 Hip Hop-Rap
ok barcode 04.16.08 Ambient
having a good day for... it bonnieprincejohnny 04.16.08 Psychedelic
Phenomenon bud 04.14.08 Other
In the Stone w/Echoroom racerat 04.05.08 Art Rock
Ms K /With TOM WOUNDED bonnieprincejohnny 04.01.08 Rock
Go Turtle Go! LIOLI 07 (with Justbase) five_extra_arms 03.31.08 Experimental
Walk Away Remark80 03.30.08 Acoustic Rock
We only have Today gail60 03.25.08 Piano
Scarborough Barbara woofer3 03.25.08 Rock & Roll
Change 8piscean8 03.06.08 Indie Rock
Say A Prayer With Extra Arms(michael2 and 5X) five_extra_arms 03.05.08 Alternative Rock
PoW! WhiteStar 02.26.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Puzzle City (AUDIOCRACY) TobinMueller 02.26.08 Progressive Rock
Worries michael2 02.25.08 Indie Rock
My Love is True gail60 02.24.08 Piano
I Thought I Told You davisamerica 02.24.08 Ballad
What Will You Do? (w/michael2) ledebutant 02.21.08 Alternative Rock
You Won't Break Me onesweetworld 02.19.08 Techno
Ornamental Featherweight (w/t Estellie) echoroom 02.16.08 Pop (mainstream)
Brian's Teeth #3 helenmorris 02.14.08 Experimental
Losing it WhiteStar 02.07.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Thank You for the Morning WhiteStar 02.06.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Dreamers w/ davisamerica dajama 02.04.08 Psychedelic
For Allen Dean lengold 02.02.08 Heavy Metal
I Really Loved Her Moviz 01.31.08 Latin Pop
Son of Life Davidking 01.18.08 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
It Can Bite Moviz 01.12.08 Country-Western
Deep (w/t Racerat) echoroom 01.08.08 Ballad
Thanking you, for, the morning. WhiteStar 01.07.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Clint's Song gail60 01.04.08 Piano
I Could Go To Bed (w/Bud) michael2 01.01.08 Indie Rock
THEY NEVER FELL IN LOVE (michael2/estellie) five_extra_arms 12.27.07 Alternative Rock
Chromatisome Swing (tribute to Oscar Peterson) TobinMueller 12.26.07 Piano
Gimme Something bud 12.15.07 Alternative Rock
The Wrong Sky (w/t Racerat & Michael2) echoroom 12.14.07 Alternative Rock
Ornamental Featherweight (w/echoroom) five_extra_arms 12.13.07 Alternative Rock
Christmas, Christmas. Moviz 12.12.07 Holiday
MIA (EchoRatKopr) echoroom 12.01.07 Art Rock
Next Wave Rocker (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 10.09.07 Alternative Rock
... and I will have my revenge on Chicago (w/t Biba Nova) echoroom 09.28.07 Experimental
Dysfunktion FrankAxtell 09.28.07 Jazz Fusion
With Friends Like... bud 09.25.07 Electropop
NO CURE ***itiswotitis*** 09.25.07 Alternative Rock
Just Smile Moviz 09.22.07 Pop (mainstream)
Sally bud 09.22.07 Pop (Alternative)
Don't Be Jealous Of Me God TripeWagon 09.01.07 Dance-Club
harlequin (by the hamlet machines) cjdaley 09.01.07 Alternative Rock
harlequin (hamlet machines vs 5 extra arms) cjdaley 09.01.07 Alternative Rock
Skankland The Brave! TheSkankBrothers 08.31.07 Other
Behind Sorrow onesweetworld 08.23.07 Ambient
Manhattan Hangs (RaceratRedux) echoroom 08.19.07 Alternative Rock
Lovely Summer Days Moviz 08.16.07 Country-Western
Tallahassee Tartan TheSkankBrothers 08.14.07 Indie Rock
Revelation GermanGhost 08.14.07 Piano
Dontcha Think? five_extra_arms 08.08.07 Alternative Rock
Like Breathing Water (w/t Racerat) echoroom 08.07.07 Ballad
He's the Jazzman Moviz 08.03.07 Disco
A New Face In Town TheSkankBrothers 07.31.07 Rockabilly
Minstrel Boy w/Rebsie (Girl Version) five_extra_arms 07.30.07 Experimental
The Minstrel Boy (V4C01) w/ rschletty dajama 07.27.07 Open Collaborations
Sail Away (w/Racer X) ledebutant 07.26.07 Ballad
Vocal Salad Dj French Toast 07.26.07 A Cappella
Gartan Mother's Lullaby ceilidh 07.25.07 Folk (traditional)
Minstrel Boy (with Rebsie) DWL 07.25.07 Open Collaborations
Minstrel Boy A Go-Go w/ R.Schletty alfalpha 07.25.07 MuzaK
The Minstrel Boy five_extra_arms 07.24.07 Open Collaborations
The Minstrel Boy Sudra 07.24.07 Trip Hop
Minstrel Medley w/Richard Schletty peacepiano 07.24.07 Folk (traditional)
The Minstrel Boy Jim Bouchard 07.24.07 Folk (traditional)
Minstrel Boy [featuring Richard Schletty] (DJ Remundo) (V4C01) JohnnyCalling 07.24.07 Ambient
Minstrel Boy V4C01 lengold 07.23.07 Reggae
The Minstrel Boy (Rebsie Vocal Mix) VicDiesel 07.23.07 A Cappella
The Minstrel Boy w/ Rebsie and R. Schletty bud 07.22.07 Open Collaborations
R2D2,C3PO+V4C01 w/ rschletty + rebsie Diviner 07.22.07 Experimental
The minstrel boy (V4C01) w/Rebsie apb 07.21.07 Dance-Club
The Minstrel Boy illuminati 07.20.07 Electropop
Window No. 8 five_extra_arms 07.14.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Crashed (w/t OneSweet World) echoroom 07.02.07 Alternative Rock
The Finish GermanGhost 06.23.07 Piano
Torn Vic Holman 06.19.07 Acoustic Rock
OTTO Cori Ander 06.17.07 Acoustic
Our Sun Set onesweetworld 06.15.07 Downtempo
Dark Isis Lizard*Whistle 06.17.07 Ambient
Manhattan Hangs echoroom 06.09.07 Indie Rock
Mother GeorgeLikesMusic 06.17.07 Acoustic Rock
Get Out Dead GeorgeLikesMusic 06.17.07 Alternative Rock
retox (By the Monggz) cjdaley 06.07.07 Rock
Hillbilly Satellite Removal TheSkankBrothers 05.24.07 Celtic
Knee-High Boots bud 05.23.07 Electropop
FIVE NINTH five_extra_arms 05.23.07 Alternative Rock
Black House Dakota TheSkankBrothers 05.21.07 Other
the last of the redskins (by the hamlet machines) cjdaley 05.17.07 Ska
THE ONLY REASON/YOU DON'T WANT ME five_extra_arms 05.15.07 Alternative Rock
You Make My Heart Skip A Beat TobinMueller 05.14.07 Piano
Naseer 2nd tune STK 05.08.07 Acoustic
10 Believe in Me silentspirals 05.07.07 Alternative Rock
It's Real STK 05.02.07 Art Rock
Magdalene STK 05.01.07 Art Rock
12 CityLife silentspirals 05.01.07 Alternative Rock
Novena Song STK 05.01.07 Rock
Indian Rocks five_extra_arms 04.21.07 Alternative Rock
Mexican Girl (w/cjdaley) five_extra_arms 04.17.07 Alternative Rock
Feeding The Sharks Vic Holman 04.10.07 Alternative Rock
LOVE-RIDE (with Rinca) BAMPOT 04.07.07 Rock
W.I.P Coalesce 3 Pie 04.01.07 Pop (mainstream)
They Come with Smiles (collab w/t Pengui) echoroom 03.25.07 Indie Rock
Can't Handle It onesweetworld 02.18.07 Jazz (vocal)
You're Moving five_extra_arms 01.31.07 Alternative Rock
The Pill five_extra_arms 01.17.07 Alternative Rock
See When You Believe jesushairdo 12.03.06 Rock
Sturmovik Strut Youra 11.23.06 Techno
W.I.P. Coalesce 2 Pie 09.26.06 Pop (mainstream)
Idiot Saviour echoroom 09.24.06 Electropop
Caterpillar fosod 09.23.06 Lo-fi
Sugar and Spice onesweetworld 09.19.06 Ambient
Mechanical Schoolmarm ledebutant 09.19.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Acoustic Rush thetiler 08.28.06 Acoustic
Saturnine (electro estate mix) The Orbiting 08.25.06 Alternative Rock
Saturnine The Orbiting 08.07.06 Alternative Rock
You Could Say - At The Risk five_extra_arms 06.28.06 Alternative Rock
Neverland (w/illuminati) ledebutant 05.25.06 Pop (mainstream)
Pink Dress five_extra_arms 11.03.05 Alternative Rock
Monstrosity Alabama five_extra_arms 10.18.05 Experimental
Away The Raven five_extra_arms 10.04.05 Alternative Rock
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes [with rschletty] ceilidh 09.19.05 Folk (contemporary)
Willow and the Wolf five_extra_arms 09.10.05 Experimental
Ethylene Hodgepodge five_extra_arms 09.09.05 Trance
Lasko boze lasko ceilidh 09.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
In the Garden (Remix) ledebutant 07.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
I See(v3) thetiler 04.30.05 Pop (mainstream)
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