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First of all I am not a professional musician or singer at all, just think it's fun to play around and see if I can make something out of my ideas anyway. A way to do something different than I usually do with my band "Gråsuggorna" (If you're into punk you might want to check us out on Macjams to).

Mainly use my fender strat copy, an electric bass and an old alesis HR-16 drum machine for the songs, software is cubase sx3 which I am still a beginner at.

I also have done the vocals on what I've done so far except on "Sacrifice" where I only do some chorus. Take it or leave it but I do appreciate any comments or tips, constructive criticism can only hurt that much :-).
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Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
08.15.07 Spancil hill 8.50 (2) 2884 (3) Folk-Rock 08.25.07 Active
07.24.07 Där fiskgjusen jagar (in Swedish) 7.88 (2) 2653 (8) Ballad 08.29.07 Active
05.31.07 Sacrifice 8.60 (5) 2964 (11) Hard Rock 06.07.07 Active
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