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(Thomas Thelin)

Member Since: Thursday, May 27 2004 @ 04:05 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.familjenthelin.se
Location: Lerum, Göteborg sweden
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Old Hard Rocker From Sweden that loves all kind of Music......
Music for and of the people!!
Thompa's Songs (8)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
06.05.07 Warcrime 9.29 (6) 5991 (37) Heavy Metal 12.20.10 Active
04.17.07 come alive 8.38 (4) 4227 (13) Inspirational (contemporary) 04.21.09 Active
02.20.06 Tjautjas 8.46 (13) 5741 (19) Folk (contemporary) 06.04.07 Active
11.16.05 I Know 8.19 (12) 4163 (24) Pop (mainstream) 11.29.06 Active
06.09.05 Guoktelogiovcci 8.58 (12) 8702 (26) Ethnic-International 07.27.08 Active
04.25.05 Dreamin Eyes 8.11 (16) 5314 (18) Pop (mainstream) 03.17.06 Active
03.23.05 Deanu Majja 8.16 (19) 7424 (16) Folk (contemporary) 02.06.06 Active
03.15.05 Deanu Majja 2 8.69 (13) 5044 (10) Ethnic-International 11.06.06 Active
Favorite Songs (21)
Title Artist Date Genre
Storming heaven (w/echoroom/Ian Baird) apb 02.10.08 Heavy Metal
Stackars lilla Jösse 1976 Cori Ander 09.12.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Dream flute DJ ia 06.12.07 Dance-Club
Through the Eyes of a Child Axgrinder 05.11.07 Other
Voices of Arctic Insomnia (ft. I. Spike) MissChaos 01.11.07 Other
Dear My Colleagues jesushairdo 02.14.06 Alternative Rock
Striped Sweater aclarke 02.03.06 Children's Music
P.C.1/Tcha/ Guitar thetiler 12.22.05 Acoustic
Cori Ander Remix: Gläns över sjö och strand II (Shine Over Sea and Shore) Noel Project 11.21.05 Holiday
Urban Soldier Morphman 06.20.05 Folk (contemporary)
21st Century Blues Cori Ander 06.15.05 Blues (contemporary)
Setting Sun krismacqueen 06.03.05 Alternative Rock
Song for Big John ziti 05.17.05 Blues (traditional)
I Won't Go...(collab w/ JimBouchard) Emily Rohm 05.16.05 Alternative Rock
Dreamers Like Me (rschletty, dadai, & thetiler) Postludes Trio 05.08.05 Folk-Rock
Warrior Supergene 05.08.05 Alternative Rock
Irene Peter Greenstone 12.29.04 Rock & Roll
Jag vill leva mer Cori Ander 12.13.04 Fingerstyle Guitar
Guilty [TENSE] packosmokes 10.28.04 Industrial
Pilgrim of the Return TobinMueller 10.23.04 Folk-Rock
One Two Blues Ringo 06.27.04 Blues (traditional)
Favorite MacJammers (2)
Fans (17)
Music Background Had my own Heavy Metal band back in the late eighty,s. But told a record company to F--k themselves. After that i decided that i had enough and being a rockstar was nothing for me. (i having troubble to kiss ass!!) After that i played covers for some years and earned my living from that. Then the asskissing problems came back so now i am playing for my self and my son. And soon i hope my daughter will sing somethings with me.
Music Skills I have played the guitarr for many yers but fiddlin around with other instruments a well.
Music Hardware F-CONTROL AUDIO Firewire 2 in 2 out soundcard
Music Software Garageband, Logic express , Reason.
Keywords Folk,sami,sweden,pop,reindeer,metal,sweden