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Member Since: Sunday, June 26 2005 @ 11:52 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://tinymaninside.net
Location: DC/NYC, USA
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Song Votes: 86
Forum Posts: 1119
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Mason Wolak - guitars, bass, backing vocals
Bryan Anderson - drums, percussion, production
Huy Dao - vocals, lyrics, saltiness

Mason Wolak is the first member of Tiny Man Inside to join MacJams. In addition to writing/playing/recording/producing for Tiny Man Inside, Mason also posts solo work under the MacJams handle MasonAtom. His primary musical interests center on the engineering, recording, and sound sculpting of guitar tracks. To further this interest, he builds low watt, high gain amplifiers for recording purposes.Information on TMI Amps can be found here. Additional interests include eventually building recording equipment such as tube mic preamps and outboard EQs and Compressors.

Huy Dao's bio coming soon.

Bryan Anderson is a music composition student at Monash University in Australia and posts solo work at MacJams under the handle The Composer. Bryan will be leaving for Sweden in mid-January to complete honors work on his degree.

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Tiny_Man_Inside's Songs (9)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
09.06.13 Zucchini: TMI Amp Giveaway Soundbed #2 0.00 (0) 2029 (0) Rock N/A Active
09.05.13 Cilantro: TMI Amp giveaway Soundbed 0.00 (0) 1968 (5) Rock 09.06.13 Active
02.26.13 Imagined Flight (w/ alackbass, The Composer, and Robert Betrus) 0.00 (0) 2993 (16) Rock 03.03.13 Active
01.07.08 Left to Swing (w/ The Composer) 9.41 (8) 11293 (58) Rock 01.14.12 Active
08.22.07 Why We Travel 9.20 (16) 7969 (52) Rock 04.11.12 Active
11.02.06 Rubicon (w/ The Composer) 8.88 (23) 7824 (43) Rock 10.24.08 Active
05.23.06 Stain on the Flag (w/ The Composer) 8.61 (21) 11870 (54) Rock 12.06.07 Active
01.04.06 DEMO - Nascar MiniVan Redneck 8.35 (13) 9582 (21) Rock 09.06.13 Active
12.13.05 DEMO - Atomic Force Microscopy 8.28 (10) 4549 (18) Rock 09.27.06 Active
Favorite Songs (42)
Title Artist Date Genre
Independence sammydix 04.25.14 Progressive Rock
Photographic sammydix 09.17.13 Acoustic Rock
Jimi's Cloud tsand19151 09.02.13 Rock
Addicted tsand19151 08.19.12 Rock
Blood Is Boiling (By Faeble) The Composer 11.14.10 Metal
Killing in your Own Backyard ronnielong 09.14.10 Punk-Grunge
She Walks Away fasteddie 06.26.10 Hard Rock
Tiny Man Inside (Read Between the Lines) MasonAtom 09.21.09 Rock
Uncorruptible rsorensen 10.27.08 Alternative Rock
Tie (For Battlestar Galactica Fans) falo 09.29.08 Heavy Metal
MURDER 101 (Die for You) feat. rsorensen!! ronnielong 07.29.08 Heavy Metal
Chronicles of a Dysphoric Translator (Pt. I-III) rsorensen 04.28.08 Progressive Rock
The Charlatans Tele omnibus11 12.03.07 Electropop
Horny Husband Blues psexnyc 09.04.07 Funk
Manhattan Hangs (RaceratRedux) echoroom 08.19.07 Alternative Rock
Fault Lines Montgomery California 06.06.07 Heavy Metal
W.I.P Coalesce 3 Pie 04.01.07 Pop (mainstream)
TO TAKE A LIFE ronnielong 02.02.07 Heavy Metal
I Hate this Song rovert10 11.20.06 Rock
Rubicon (w/ The Composer) Tiny_Man_Inside 11.02.06 Rock
Punk Song the_laureate 11.01.06 Punk-Grunge
Or Basic Chemicals theglareofday 10.07.06 Alternative Rock
In The Garden (PV Mix) ledebutant 09.20.06 Dance-Club
Pout grid stalker 09.20.06 Hard Rock
Against the Flow! Gav 09.12.06 Rock
Minister's daughter (w/Didge-ache & 'The Winch') apb 09.02.06 Folk-Rock
Saturnine PV (w ledebutant) perceptualvortex 09.02.06 Alternative Rock
Full Metal Mobile The Composer 07.21.06 Ringtones
Human (Resolution) Hectorious 06.22.06 Alternative Rock
Stain on the Flag (w/ The Composer) Tiny_Man_Inside 05.23.06 Rock
trendsetter (suave uber chic 'THE COMPOSER' remix) loyd vader 05.18.06 Punk-Grunge
Granular Politics (stereo) The Composer 05.15.06 Political
unknown 11 springclock 02.02.06 Alternative Rock
Black (collab with Bizarre) selters 01.26.06 Lo-fi
small room explodes springclock 01.09.06 Alternative Rock
thick as thieves springclock 01.05.06 Alternative Rock
im a player loyd vader 01.01.06 Punk-Grunge
Expect (w/DChapman) packosmokes 12.18.05 Industrial
17/8 Jam Draft The Composer 12.09.05 Open Collaborations
SKULL & BONES (collab w/IVANJS) ronnielong 11.10.05 Hard Rock
The Quick and the Dead (Metal mix Featuring CHATTABOX) ronnielong 10.18.05 Hip Hop-Rap
47,000 Kobolds snowdragon 05.21.05 Rock & Roll
Favorite MacJammers (14)
Fans (38)
Music Background The guitarist (Mason Wolak) is a veteran of two relatively successful college rock bands. The first was called 'Stab' and the second 'Cement Babyhead'. Stab was a three piece punk/metal band. Cement Babyhead was a more polished four piece that featured diverse influences that melded a rap-like vocal style with heavy guitars and trip-hop flavored drums. After playing in college and the three years following graduation, the guitarist enrolled in graduate school and stopped performing and playing for 7 years. He has since gotten back into playing over the last 12 monthes or so, after stumbling upon the Mac program Garageband.
Music Skills Mason - Primary focus is guitar, but can also play bass. Will scream backing vocals if needed. Rudimentary knowledge of writing and sequencing drum patterns. Does all of the tracking and initial production for Tiny_Man_Inside. Huy Dao is the lead vocalist and contributes all lyrical content. He also specializes in arrangement and constructive critiques in the mixing/mastering stage. Bryan Anderson (a.k.a The Composer) does much of the percussion and post-production. Bryan is also a music composition student at Monash University in Australia and due to time constraints is not full-time member of the band.
Music Hardware Mackie Onyx 400F Firewire Interface / JoeMeek SixQ Comp/EQ/Preamp Channel Strip / Gibson Les Paul Studio '98 / Gibson SG '82 / Dean Bass '05 with Dean Markley SJB-3 replacement pickup / Homebuilt TMI 5W Atom Smasher Head / Homebuilt TMI 2W Cyclotron Head / Homebuilt TMI dual tube mic preamp-lineamp (TMI-MILA) / 2 x 12 Marshall Cab / AT2020 condenser mic / JoeMeek JM37 condenser mic / Tannoy Reveal Active monitors / Sennheiser HD280 headphones / Sennheiser e609 mic
Music Software Tracktion, GB2, Reason 3.0, Recycle 2.1, Amplitube, Amplitube 2, Amplitube UNO, Audacity, Waves Trueverb, Waves Musicians Bundle II, Antares Tube, Nomad Factory Analog Signature EQ, Line 6 Gearbox Gold, Crysonic SpectraPhy LE
Keywords Heavy, Tiny_Man_Inside, Tiny Man Inside, tiny man inside, political, rock, Cement Babyhead, Metal, Math Rock, Detonation, Meltdown